tagLoving WivesHow I Became a Cuckold Ch. 02

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 02


Dear Readers: Thank you for your feedback. Your suggestions about a locked door and the cuckold's chin-rest helped me make this story better.


It was several months after Jim's wedding that Carol and I had a frank conversation on the patio after several drinks and a joint. She had been depressed and now she seemed troubled, deep in thought. Then suddenly she asked me a question.

"Jerry, do you still fantasize about watching me fuck Jim?"

"Of course I do. Hell he fucked you for three years. He was here at least once a month. He always fucked you three times a night."

Carol chuckled. "Jesus, when you say it like that, it sounds like you were keeping score."

"I was keeping score," I said. "Shit! He was fucking you more than I was!"

Carol burst out laughing -- that musical, titillating laugh of hers, that had been so rare in the past few months. "Yeah, it was a lot of fucking. But don't forget that you jerked off every time -- that's a lot of pounding your pud, baby. Sometimes that pecker of yours got black and blue."

I laughed. She was right. And she was right about me fantasizing about Jim. I still remember that intense jealousy mingled with passionate sexual arousal - so hard for me to explain - but so very powerful when I felt it as I watched them.

"You miss it, don't you?" Carol asked quietly -- serious now.

"Yes I do. It still excites me when I think about you two fucking. Me laying right beside you - watching - and jerking off. God it excites me. I guess I'm a ... well you know ... "

"Is voyeur-cuckold the word you're looking for?"

"I think the word on the porn sites is voyeur-cuck."

"Oh! So you've been visiting porn sites?"

"Well ... yes. I didn't mention it but I have visited some in the last few months."

Carol nodded. "And you visit the ones where a guy is watching his wife get fucked?"

"Well ... yes ... but ..."

"But nothing! Jerry, do you want to look for somebody else?" Carol chuckled, but I could see that she was serious.

"That's risky," I said. "We don't know anyone who is as close a friend as Jim was."

"What about a married guy?" Carol asked. "He'd have as much to lose as we would if our dirty little secret got out."

"Yeah, that might work."

"Look Jerry, I hate to say this, but you don't fuck me any more. After you watched Jim and me, you'd be banging me every night for a week before you slowed down. Then after Jim's next visit it was like the batteries in your balls got charged up again. Since Jim got married, you hardly fuck me at all. The last time was three weeks ago."

"You're right. Carol, I gotta tell you something embarrassing. I've been going on the web and getting turned on and then jerking off in the bathroom thinking about you and Jim. That's the sorry truth. That's the reason I haven't been fuckin you."

"Oh shit! We do have a problem -- dirty websites and bathroom masturbation and no fucking your wife. Jerry we've got to find someone to take Jim's place. You need it and I gotta get laid. Face it baby, I'm so horny that I'm gonna be easy meat if some guy hits on me. We gotta find somebody to replace Jim."

"Any suggestions?" I asked.

"Now that you ask, it happens that I do," said Carol. "You know Ray and Joan. We see them at the club a lot."

"Ray? You want to fuck Ray?"

"Well, he's a big hairy guy with big hands and you know what they say ... "

"Oh shit Carol! Surely you don't believe that old wives tale about a guy's dick being big if he's got big hands."

Carol laughed. "You never know. Why does everybody say it's true if it's not?"

"Has he made a pass at you?"

"Oh no. Never. But, he always looks at my tits at the club pool and, you know, Joan's got little tits, so maybe ..."

"Do you want to screw him? I mean, does he turn you on?"

"Not especially. He's a tall muscular guy with lots of body hair and that's kinda sexy. But what turns me on is you jerking off while you watch me getting laid. Watching me fuck Jim charged your batteries. You're a much better husband when your batteries are charged."

I didn't say anything. She was making sense. It was clear that she needed to get laid as much as I needed to watch. And she's gonna spread her legs for somebody soon if I don't get her laid.

Carol looked at me slyly and chuckled. "You're getting turned on just talking about it. Aren't you?"

She got up and came over to my chair. She reached down and grabbed my crotch. I had half a hard on. She knelt down massaging it and said, "Think about laying next to me and Jim, and listening to those wet squishy sounds of a horny pussy getting what it needs."

Damn! She sure knew how to turn me on. I started to get harder.

"Imagine that it's Ray shoving the biggest cock you ever saw into me," she said.

I thought about that and got even harder.

"Your dick's getting hard as a rock. You're a voyeur-cuck! You'd like to watch Ray fuck me!"

I sighed deeply, thinking of her trembling orgasms as I laid beside her and watched her lift her ass up to meet Jim's thrusts.

"Shit! You got me drunk and made me say it. Yeah, I guess I would like to watch you fuck just about anybody."

Carol started laughing and shaking my hard dick. "So all we have to talk about is how to get Ray over here. Honey, if it makes you feel any better I'm starting to get horny too. My pussy is gettin' wet right now. Let's go inside. I need to get laid!"

We went into the house and fucked like newly weds. The next Saturday we were at the club pool hoping to see Ray. Carol put on the smallest bikini she could wear and still be respectable and we lucked out. Ray and Joan were there.

"Honey, go talk to Joan. Distract her somehow."

I walked over and smiled. "You been playing any golf?"

"Oh yes but that reworked 18th green is a real pain when they put the pin in the back right," Joan responded.

"It's the new slope they put on the upper level," I said. "Let me show you how to play it. Grab your robe and lets walk in that direction."

We put on our beach robes and walked over toward the 18th green, which was just across a narrow strip of water from the pool.

"You see the trap closest to us?" I asked.

"Yeah," Joan responded.

"You need to land your ball behind it on the upper tier or chip up there. You can see the way the green slopes from here. Put the ball there and it'll roll right down close to the hole."

"Wow!" Joan said. "I can see it from this angle. Thanks Jerry, that's good advice."

We sat down on a bench looking out at the course and had a friendly conversation about golf, with me wondering all the time about Carol and Ray. Of course I didn't mention that Carol was over at the pool flashing her tits at Ray.

When we got back to the pool, Ray and Carol were sipping tall drinks, talking, and laughing. Carol joined me and we headed back to the locker rooms. In the car on the way home Carol told me what happened.

"Ray kept sneaking looks at my tits so I asked him to rub on my lotion. I laid on my stomach and he unhooked my bikini top. He rubbed lotion on my back. Then when he rubbed it on my sides he sneaked a feel of my tits. I laughed and told him his hands felt good but he'd better not let Joan see him do that. He's got really big hands."

I nodded. "Enough with the big hands already. So you think he's interested."

"I know he's interested. We got a couple of drinks and sat there and talked. I asked if he smoked pot."

"What did he say?"

"He said that he liked a joint now and then, but Joan wouldn't get close to the stuff so he had to smoke somewhere else. I told him both you and I liked pot and he was welcome to join us any evening he could get away. He seemed real interested and said that Friday night was his lodge night when he always went out alone. That's when I said it."

"Said what?" I asked.

"I said something like, 'Well, with a little booze and a little pot and the three of us getting really high, you never know what might happen.' His eyes just lit up and then he looked down at my tits. I threw my shoulders back, smiled, and let him look. He smiled from ear to ear."

"Sounds like you got him hooked," I said. "Did you invite him next Friday?"

"I did and he said yes. Now Jerry, are you sure you want to go through with this? If he comes over to our house, he's gonna fuck me."

"I'm sure! Are you sure?"

Carol laughed. "If you weren't driving I'd show you my pussy. It's wet. But remember honey, he's not Jim. Jim treated you nice. Ray might treat you a lot different. I hope you can handle that. I went on some of your websites and I saw a lot of bulls. I think Ray might turn out to be a bull. And bulls don't go easy on cucks."

The week went by very slowly. Carol and I fucked a lot and talked a lot. She kept reminding me that Ray might be different from Jim. Finally Friday night arrived and with it -- promptly at seven o'clock -- Ray pulls into the drive. Carol and I decided to use the family room. There was a soft rug on the floor. We had the lights down and the music soft. Joints and booze were ready.

Carol was wearing a miniskirt -- thigh high -- and a tank top. No bra or panties. Spike heels, of course, to make her legs look great. She had that horny look on her face and I could tell she was eager to spread her legs. I had on the usual sport shirt and slacks as did Ray.

The first drink and joint went well. We laughed and told a few off-color stories. Then Carol asked Ray to dance and snuggled up close. He didn't reach for her ass so we had another drink and more grass and she danced with him again. This time she rubbed her pussy on his leg and he played with her ass when he thought I couldn't see him. The third dance was the charm. When he reached for her ass Carol said it plain.

"It's okay Ray. Jerry likes to watch."

With that Ray started to play with her ass and reached for her tits. Carol stepped back and whipped off the tank top saying, "These are what you want to see!"

Then she started to unbutton his shirt and when that came off she reached for his belt. He took off his pants and shorts. Carol was right about the hands. He had the largest cock I had ever seen in my life. It got hard real fast. It had to be close to ten inches. I was staring at it so hard that I didn't even see Carol step out of her miniskirt and pose naked in spike heels for Ray's pleasure.

Ray's eyes moved slowly over her body. Carol has a magnificent body. Five six, 115 pounds, big firm tits with large nipples and a big, thick, hairy beaver at the apex of fabulous legs. Her skin is bronzed from the sun except where a tiny bikini left her breasts and butt creamy white. Just a strip of white skin above her beaver stretching around to the twin white triangles on her ass.

I felt those familiar emotions again -- just like with Jim: the sexual turn-on and the jealousy. He was gonna to fuck her and I was gonna to watch him do it. I was almost trembling with eagerness.

Carol laid down in the middle of the rug and spread her legs wide, knees up in the air. I could tell she was horny because her pussy was dripping wet and her big inner pussy lips were hanging out and spread. She had been looking forward to this fuck and that turned me on even more.

Ray stood there naked with that big cock sticking straight out. He was a muscular, hairy man just over six feet. He looked down at her wet pussy and wasted not a second dropping to his knees between her legs. Carol grabbed that enormous cock and guided it into her pussy, looking over at me when she did it, and silently mouthing 'I love you.' Then she lifted her ass as he shoved that monster in deep.

"Oh my God!" Carol cried as he entered her. "Oh Jesus it's big! Fuck me!"

Ray started to pound her hard. He was a strong man. Carol's eyes were clenched tight and her body arched as she lifted her tits up to that hairy chest. I stripped and lay on the rug next to her -- my erection was rock hard. As I stroked it I realized it was less than half the size of Ray's mammoth organ and I wondered what Carol was feeling taking that big ten inch cock deep. His huge low hanging balls were slapping her ass.

Ray was not gentle. He pounded her hard. She reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight, just like when she was fucking Jim. I had my dick in my other hand jerking off and before I knew it I was ejaculating gobs of goo onto my belly. Damn, I thought, that was fast. Watching her get fucked really turns me on. God I needed this!

I turned her head toward me and she opened her eyes briefly but she just stared off into space seeing nothing. She was pumping her ass furiously and suddenly she started to tremble and groan and I knew that her orgasm had begun. It was a long one. When it was over she just laid there quietly for a minute, then she turned toward me, smiled, and winked. Ray just kept pounding her with the same rhythm, his eyes closed, his teeth clinched tight. Then Carol's smile slowly changed and her eyes glazed over. She started to hump her hips and moan.

"Oh my God! I can't help it. I'm gonna come again." Her nails squeezed into my hand and she started pumping her ass furiously. She really needed this fuck! God this was good for her! I got hard again immediately. All three delicious emotions racked my body -- the painful jealousy in my gut, the fierce arousal in my groin, and the total helplessness in my head. All I could do was lay there, watch my wife get fucked, and play with my dick.

Ray started to grunt like an animal and his rhythm changed. He pounded deeper into Carol's pussy and I knew he was pumping a big load deep inside her. Carol's body started to tremble with her second orgasm only a couple of minutes after her first. Ray collapsed on her sweating body and then rolled off and she just laid there, legs spread wide, gasping for air.

Then I did something I had only seen on porn sites. I rolled over between Carol's legs, my face just above her pussy. Carol has a really big pussy -- Jim had used it hard for years -- and this bull had just now stretched it out. Her pussy lips were gaping wide and I saw massive globs of thick, creamy white semen dripping out of her. I buried my face in that sticky wetness and started to suck up his cum. I lifted up her ass with my hands and pushed my tongue deep inside her, sucking out the delicious mixture of their juices. Then I took each big inner pussy lip into my mouth and sucked it clean.

When both her pussy lips were clean I sucked the juice out of that rim of curly hair that came down from her thick, hairy beaver and surrounded her pussy and then I moved down to her asshole where a generous amount of Ray's cum had collected. Licking that out, I shoved my tongue into her and felt her hands grip my head tightly. She humped and groaned as my tongue slipped in and out of her asshole. Finally, I put my chin on the "cuckold's chin-rest" between her asshole and pussy and slowly sucked out the rest of Ray's cum. I licked that big gaping pussy until it was completely clean.

Ray watched patiently until I finished, and then he stood up and pulled Carol to her feet and they walked naked into the master bedroom. He closed the door and when I heard him lock it, sick jealousy gripped my gut. Oh sweet Jesus, I can't do a damn thing. I ran over and put my ear to the door and heard muffled talking. Then Carol laughed. Ray said something I couldn't understand and Carol started to giggle.

What the hell was that bastard telling her that was so funny? Ray mumbled something else and this time Carol burst out in loud musical laughter. Shit! I thought, what the hell is he saying. My hard cock started to throb. Ray kept talking and Carol kept laughing for some time. Then there was a long silence until suddenly I heard her yell.

"I can't do that. I've never done that!"

Oh my God I thought. What the hell is he doing to her? He mumbled something and she started to chuckle.

"Okay, but just a little and stop if I tell you to," she said.

I heard them move in the bed. Then I heard Carol cry out.

"Oh my God! Oh! Ahhh!"

Then I heard rhythmic movements in the bed. What the hell was happening to my wife? I was masturbating furiously as I listened to them have sex. Shit! I was gonna come again -- and I did, squirting my juice on the locked door, wishing I could watch whatever the hell they were doing.

When my orgasm was finished I heard her cry out again. "Oh yes. Yes! Just that way! Oh God Ray I love it!"

He was pounding her slowly and rhythmically and I heard Carol start to moan softly and encourage Ray to keep doing it the same way. My ear was to the door and my dick got hard again and I masturbated. Whatever he was doing, she liked it and I felt helpless. They did it for ten or fifteen minutes and the only thing I could do was play with my dick. Then, with pictures in my head of what they might be doing, I felt my balls tingle and lift up and I ejaculated again onto the door.

That horny bastard was having his fun with her, but Carol was having her fun too. I thought about that hairy bastard in bed with my naked wife behind that locked door and my dick started to get hard again and I played with it. I remembered the cucks I'd seen on that website. This is what they do. I played with my dick and waited helplessly for Ray to finish her off. Her orgasm, when it came, was loud and long. He came along with her, grunting like an animal as before.

Then there was silence marred only by heavy breathing. Finally, he mumbled something to her and she started laughing again. Every time I heard that titillating laugh I felt painful jealousy in my gut. They laid in bed talking and laughing for a half hour while I stood outside with a hard on. At last they came out of the bedroom arm in arm.

"I told you you'd like it," Ray said.

"I didn't believe you," Carol replied. "I thought it would hurt. But you were so gentle. Damn it was good!"

Carol was covered with sweat and Ray's massive cock was soft now, hanging down, and swinging as he walked. His dick was much bigger than mine even when he was soft. He was finished with her now and I felt embarrassed that my erection was still sticking straight out and throbbing. I knew it looked silly. Ray glanced at it briefly and chuckled.

Carol came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said "Thank you baby," just like after she fucked Jim. But Ray was not Jim. Ray was a bull. And he was hung.

"I better get going," Ray said glancing at his watch. "Lodge is letting out about now."

He dressed and walked to the door. Then he turned to me. "Do you want me to come back next Friday?"

"Well ... " I hesitated, wanting to say something about that locked door.

"Yes we want you to come back next Friday," said Carol enthusiastically, as she joined Ray at the door.

Ray knew why I hesitated so he said to me, "Okay, but understand something. I'll let you watch me fuck her once but then we're gonna have our private fun behind that locked door. Understand?"

Carol was standing next to him, still naked, and he put his arm around her waist and then moved his hand down and began to caress a creamy white triangle of skin on her ass.

I paused. Finally I nodded. Feelings of helplessness and humiliation flooded my body.

"Do you agree?" Ray asked more forcefully.

I paused. "Yes, I agree," I said weakly, realizing that he wanted to make me say it in front of Carol, like a helpless cuckold. As I said it, Carol started to giggle. Shit! The horny bitch was looking forward to it. Ray patted her naked ass before he walked out the door.

After he left, I turned to Carol. "What the hell did he do to you in there?"

"He told me not to tell you," she replied.

"Not to tell me? No way! Tell me!"

"I can't tell you. It's private."

"Tell me!"

Carol chuckled. "You were listening at the door weren't you?"

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