tagIncest/TabooHow I Became Addicted to my Nephew

How I Became Addicted to my Nephew


I lie here on my back wondering how I got to this point. My senses are on overload. The smell of raw animalistic sex permeates the room. Most of my body is cold as the sweat produced by heated lovemaking dries. My pussy feels warm, however, as some of his juices flow out of me. I become aware that it is only some of his juices. I dread that most of his sperm is fighting its way into my unprotected and fertile womb. I hear two sets of breathing. I open my eyes to see my naked body forty-six year old body. Then I look next to me. The naked man who is now asleep is not my husband. The naked man, who minutes ago came inside me, is my eighteen year old nephew, Tommy...

My name is Mary. My husband, Daniel, and I had been married and living in a small college town since we were eighteen. A virgin when we met, I had remained faithful to Daniel. Faithful that was until this summer. At 5'4" tall and 135 pounds I was your typical suburban housewife. We were still trying to acclimate ourselves as empty nesters. Daniel and I had sex about once a week or every other week. With our children grown, I had expected more...much more. It wasn't that we were unhappy, it's just that life had become routine and stale.

One day, my sister, Dana called me up for a favor. It turned out that her son, Tommy, had decided to attend college where we lived. Dana wanted to know if Tommy could spend the summer with us to familiarize himself with the town before moving into the dorms in August. No one gave it a second thought. Of course Tommy could stay with us.

Tommy arrived the first week of June. At eighteen years old, he was the picture of masculine youth. He enjoyed spending time in our pool. So, on the first weekend he was with us, I peered through our kitchen window, and got a good look at his tall slender frame. He looked like a young Adonis with his 6'+ height, blonde hair, and sleek, yet muscular, physique. I didn't realize I was staring at him until suddenly I realized he was looking back at me. I quickly looked away in shame and tried to pretend that I wasn't gawking at him. For crying out loud, he was only eighteen and he was my nephew!

The next day I was cleaning the house and collecting the trash. As I began to empty the trash in Tommy's room I caught a strong and familiar scent coming from his trash. Looking down, I found several clusters of wadded up tissue. It took me only a moment to realize that the tissues were full of Tommy's semen. Immediately my mind was inundated with visions. In these visions, Tommy was lying on his bed, on his back, with his cock in his hand. From the tip of his cock, I envisioned spurt after spurt of sperm jetting out into a pool on his young tanned belly and chest. I knew that the tissues had been used to clean up his mess. Instinctively, I reached into the trash and pulled out the tissue wad on top. It was still moist. I recognized that strong familiar smell that drew me in was, in fact, sperm. Suddenly, I heard footsteps, so I dropped the tissue back into the trash and hurried out of the room.

The footsteps had been Tommy's coming back into his room from the shower. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I could hardly look him in the eye. As we passed, I looked back at him. I couldn't believe what I saw. As Tommy entered his room, he was already removing the towel, and I caught a glimpse of his pale tight ass. I was so hot at that point I didn't know what to do with myself. Daniel was out, so I rushed into my bedroom, shut and locked the door, stripped down, and proceeded to use my fingers to try and relieve my suddenly pent up horniness. I finally brought myself to orgasm with incestuous visions of Tommy's ass in my mind, and the memory of his masculine scent in my nose.

As the days passed, I began getting more and more infatuated with Tommy and curious about his body. I was in a permanent state of horniness now, but at the same time disgusted with myself about what I was thinking and doing. I was constantly trying to get glimpses of Tommy's body. Worse yet, on a daily basis I was going into his room and removing the wad of tissues from his trash in order to indulge my sense of smell that was now seemingly addicted to Tommy. I found myself trying to figure out when it was that he was masturbating. I finally decided that he was masturbating every night after going to bed, and other random times as well.

I found myself lying in bed at nights, next to my husband, wondering if Tommy was making himself cum in the room across the hall from ours. I also found myself, during the infrequent times my husband and I made love, thinking about Tommy. No, that wasn't quite accurate. I wasn't just thinking about Tommy, I was wishing he was somehow the one satisfying me.

One particular night after a short love-making session with Daniel, I lay awake thinking again about Tommy. I could no longer take wondering what was happening in his room. I slowly crept out of my bed, while being careful not to wake Daniel. Quietly, I walked across the hall to Tommy's room. He slept with his door slightly ajar. I found myself peering through the opening to discover that Tommy was asleep. I crept into his room. Tommy was completely covered by the sheet. I wanted to remove it but feared waking him. I really hadn't thought about what I would do when I got into the room until I realized that Tommy had probably already had his masturbation session. I quietly approached the trash and found the wad of tissue that I thought I would find. Surprisingly it was still slightly warm and really soaked. He must have just finished and went to sleep. I really, really, really, wanted to taste what was in the tissue but couldn't bring myself to it. Suddenly, Tommy stirred. I got out of the room as fast as I could and back into my bed.

The entire next day I was fully disgusted with myself. However, once again that night I found myself lying awake and thinking of Tommy. Despite my self-loathing, I found myself once again making the trek across the hall to his room. I peered in the door and found that Tommy was lying on his side with his back to me. This time however, the sheet was down to his midsection. His snoring signaled that I could enter his room undetected. As was becoming my habit, I immediately went to the trash and found the warm remnants of his self-gratification. Only this time, I began thinking about the young cock and balls that produced all that seed while I gazed at him sleeping. I wanted to see more of his body, so I carefully pulled down the sheet from his body. I found him wearing tight white underwear that clung to that muscular ass that I had caught a glimpse of previously. I started to walk around the bed to view his front side, but damn if he didn't stir, so I got out of the room as quickly as possible.

Back in my own bed I couldn't sleep. My pussy was soaking wet, but my fingers weren't satisfying me. I tossed and turned for probably fifteen minutes before my curiosity got the best of me again, and once again I headed for Tommy's room. I peeked in and saw that Tommy was now lying on his back. The sheets were down below his knees where I early had early placed them. Quietly, I approached Tommy. I looked down and for the first time saw the outline of his cock through the underwear. I had to know what it felt like, so I reached down and ever so gently ran the tip of my finger across the outline of his soft cock. He didn't flinch. I reached down into my panties with my left hand and inserted a finger into my wetness. With my right hand, I again ran the tip of my finger across Tommy's protrusion. Only this time, I kept my finger on him as I gently caressed his penis through the material.

I had to have been a sight to see standing there in nothing but panties, with one hand in my panties, and my other hand on my nephew's penis. Suddenly, I realized that his cock was reacting to my touch. He was still soft, but larger. As I kept rubbing him, his cock quickly hardened and the head began to appear from beneath the waist band. At that point, I wanted so badly to wrap my lips around the protruding cock head that I don't know how I resisted. Amazingly, Tommy never moved as my fingers massaged the outline of the thick vein of his cock. I completely lost track of time in my state of lust for my nephew, when I realized his cock was throbbing. Oh shit, I thought to myself, as I realized Tommy was ejaculating. Sperm was shooting from the tip of his cock onto his belly.

I pulled away and ran from the room. This time I didn't return to my bedroom. I stayed at Tommy's door watching his twitching cock finish. Amazingly, Tommy never moved, so once again I snuck back into his room. Tommy was now lying there with a pool of his sperm that I had coaxed out of him on his nearly hairless belly and chest. The head of his cock had rescinded back into his underwear as his cock softened. Hesitantly, I dipped my index finger into the largest pool of sperm on his belly, and placed my finger between my lips. Tommy tasted a little different than Daniel. Tommy's sperm had more a sweet taste. I stood there with one finger feeding myself my nephew's sperm and another finger in my swollen and wet pussy. A few minutes later, my body was beset into one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever felt.

The next morning Tommy's reaction to me seemed different. He seemed to be more enthusiastic and more attentive to me. I became terrified that he was not asleep while I jerked him off the previous night. Because of that, I forced myself to stay away from his room at night for more than a week. Just because I stayed away doesn't mean I didn't think of Tommy. I still lay in bed at night thinking of his young cock.

The next time that Daniel and I made love, I was desperate to achieve orgasm. It had been nearly ten days since our last lovemaking session and my mind, as we made love this time, was fully fixated on Tommy. Once again, however, Daniel only lasted about fifteen minutes before unloading inside me. As is his custom, he rolled over and went to sleep.

In my tortured state, I found myself making that now too familiar trip down the hall to Tommy's room. Peeking in, he appeared to be asleep so I crept inside. His snoring encouraged me to once again approach him. I carefully removed the sheets that covered him, this time to find he was sleeping on his side, and in the nude. I was feeling giddy about the fortuitousness of finding Tommy already completely naked. I reached down and took his flaccid cock in my hand. I was mesmerized by its warmth as it began to harden. I looked back up to make sure Tommy was still asleep. My heart literally flip-flopped inside me as I discovered Tommy looking back at me with a smile on his face.

"I was hoping you would come back, Aunt Mary." Tommy whispered.

I couldn't believe my ears. Tommy had been awake the last time I was in his room. "Please don't tell Daniel." I begged him as I released my grip from his now firm cock.

"I won't tell." Tommy responded as his hand reached out and took my hand. "Please finish."

I sat down on his bed and together we once again wrapped my small hand around his large penis. Tommy laid back, placed his hands behind his head, and smiled at me as I began moving my hand up and down his cock. With the air between us cleared, I began to relax and enjoy the sensation of giving pleasure to this young, hard cock I found myself with. With my free hand I reached out and caressed Tommy's firm chest and belly, and then his muscular thighs as well. It didn't take long to achieve what my hands were attempting to do. Tommy's cock swelled and then began to throb in my hand. Soon it was firing out sperm all over his chest and belly as I worked hard to completely drain his balls. When he was finished, I went over to the nightstand and gathered up a handful of tissues, and then carefully cleaned Tommy up.

"This is wrong. We can never do this again." I told him.

"Don't be angry, Aunt Mary." Tommy pleaded. "This was just between us."

The next day was a Saturday. I was home in the morning while Daniel was working a half day at his office. When Tommy awoke it was nearly noon. Neither of us really knew what to say to each other so we more or less avoided what we did the night before. The rest of the day was uneventful. At around midnight, Daniel and I decided to go to bed. Tommy made it a point of telling us that he would be going to bed soon as well. Daniel's back was turned, so he didn't see Tommy smiling at me when he said it. I tried as best I could to covertly shake my head no in response to Tommy's silent overture.

I may have shaken my head no to Tommy, but I knew better. As soon as Daniel was asleep, I found myself in Tommy's bed with his cock in my hand. Clearly, Tommy knew I would be there as well because this time there was no feigning sleep, no pretense of what I was there for, and his penis was already hard as a rock when I arrived. My nephew's cock was now a syringe, his semen was heroin, and I was an addict. Since Tommy had already been working on himself, shortly after my hand began its work, a small pool of precum appeared at the tip. Without thinking, I leaned forward and removed it with my tongue. Tommy moaned.

Between the faint taste his semen left in my mouth and the warm sensation of his cock on my tongue as I removed the precum, I knew I had to have more. Once again, I leaned forward and licked the tip. This time I didn't stop. I licked down and then back up the full length of his shaft along his enlarged vein. Then I wrapped my mouth around its engorged head and began covering his shaft with my lips, then my mouth, and eventually my entire throat. His pubic hairs tickled my nose when he was fully impaled. I began moving my lips up and down Tommy's cock causing him to squirm in pleasure beneath me. Soon, Tommy was thrusting his hips against my movements to increase his pleasure. Then, without warning, Tommy stopped, and my throat was inundated with warm cream. Although I was surprised, I managed to swallow every bit of the liquid Tommy rewarded me with. As his orgasm came to an end, I pulled my head back up towards the tip so my tongue could also experience the wonder of his sweet nectar. My head was spinning to the point that I was surprised I didn't pass out.

When it was over and I had swallowed all of Tommy's ejaculate, I leaned forward, gave him a small kiss on his lips, and began to leave. I was surprised to find Tommy holding me back by my hand. "Do you have to leave?" He asked. "I can please you too, if you let me."

I sat back down to take a moment to decide what to do. My head told me to leave, but my hormones were screaming to stay. In my incredibly horny state I had no other choice than to take Tommy up on his offer. I climbed up, swung my leg over him, and straddled his mid-section. Tommy was completely naked, but I was still wearing my nightgown and panties. I took Tommy's hand and led him to my panty-covered pussy. He took over from there. Soon his fingers were in my panties and on my wet, burning sex.

I was beginning to feel incredibly hot as Tommy's young hand worked a finger inside me, so I removed my nightgown. Tommy's other hand immediately found its way to my breasts. I tried hard to cum quickly, but was unable to. I soon discovered that Tommy's youthful cock was growing hard again, only this time I was sitting on it. Without thinking, I began shifting my hips slowly forward and back so my panty-protected pussy rubbed back and forth across his growing shaft. Soon Tommy seemed to grimace and his hands grabbed my thighs to stop my movements. "I'm sorry, Aunt Mary. Your panties are kind of scratchy on me." He said.

Reluctantly, sort of anyway, I knew what I had to do. I got off Tommy, removed my panties, and then climbed back onto his midsection. His cock was pointing straight up in front of me, and was pressing against my pubic region. As much as I wanted him inside me, I was able to at least claim some semblance of fidelity. While, holding his cock firmly, I cautioned him, "We have to be very careful, Tommy. You understand? You can't put this inside me." Tommy was perfectly willing to go wherever I was taking him as he just shook his head, yes.

I lifted myself up and pushed Tommy's cock down. Then, I carefully sat back down, while making sure that his cock stayed down and could not enter me. I was now a fully naked married woman, sitting on her fully naked nephew, with his cock pinned between his belly and my vaginal juice soaked labia. Slowly and carefully I once again began moving my hips back and forth causing my pussy to slide back and forth across Tommy's cock. Tommy's eyes rolled back in his head as he placed his strong young hands on my thighs and enjoyed the sensation of my pussy on top of his cock.

I started increasing the speed of my motion trying to make myself cum. In doing so, I got careless once and felt the tip of Tommy's cock nearly force its way in. Somehow I perceived that as my last bastion of faithfulness to Daniel and wasn't ready to surrender it. The fact that I was trying to achieve orgasm with another man didn't seem to matter. I stopped, rearranged our genitalia, and once again began my movements. Finally, it happened. My body was convulsing in orgasm. I wanted to scream out, but was able to control it. Little by little, my pleasure subsided. I looked down to find that Tommy's belly covered in sperm. I was relieved yet disappointed at how close his cock was to filling me with that sperm. I wanted badly to clean up his belly with my lips, but my sexual high was gone. I quickly threw on my panties and nightgown, and then headed back to my husband and our marital bed.

Tommy and I were hooked. We continued some form of this little game of coaxing orgasms from each other every night for the next week. Tommy's cum had been filling my mouth, covering my breasts, splashing across my vagina, but was never in my womb. The next Friday night we broke the routine. Or at least, I broke the routine. That night in bed, Daniel wanted to make love, but I declined. Once he reluctantly went to sleep I wanted to go to Tommy, but was torn with guilt for not letting my own husband have me. I lay awake for hours feeling dreadful about my husband while my pussy begged for orgasmic relief with Tommy.

On Saturday morning Daniel went into the office for a half day of work. I stood alone in the kitchen feeling horribly conflicted over the illicit yearnings for my young nephew sleeping upstairs. My refusal of sex with both Daniel and Tommy the night before was winning over the conflict. My body was begging for relief and there was only one man in the house to deliver it. I walked upstairs and into my bedroom. I removed my nightgown and panties, and then stood in front of the mirror. There I saw a mature and naked woman that was about give in to her most forbidden desire.

I walked down the hall and into Tommy's room. I crept inside and pulled back the sheets. Tommy lay there naked and asleep. I crawled into my nephew's bed and cuddled up against his slender body. Tommy immediately awoke and turned to face me. I think he knew at that moment what I wanted. I think he knew that this time I wasn't there for just a little play. Our lips met and our tongues explored. Our hands caressed each other's bodies.

Tommy rolled me onto my back and took his place atop me. His cock was already fully engorged, and pressing against my vaginal lips in our now familiar faux fuck position. Tommy slowly began sliding his wonderful cock between my wet labia as we resumed our kissing, but only for a few moments. Unexpectedly, Tommy pulled his lips from mine and stopped his movements. We were looking into each other's eyes and into each other's souls as Tommy first pulled his hips back, and then pushed forward. In doing so, I felt the head of Tommy's cock slide past my vaginal lips and begin its descent into me. This time there was not going to be any resistance from me and Tommy knew it. Little by little my nephew's cock filled my married pussy until it was fully inside, and his cock head was firmly seated against my cervix.

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