How I Became "Butt Sniffer"


I saw Annie that next morning at breakfast, looking hungover as ever. My cock stirred thinking about what was under her shorts, as my face was buried in her ass just hours earlier. I was very content that I had that opportunity, but now I wanted more, and it just wasn't that easy. The panty stealing and sniffing provided temporary respite, but what I really wanted was to sniff a girl's ass, with her being into it, as opposed to lying asleep while I did it. I was borderline obsessed with this, and began to become withdrawn as it occupied my thoughts. I had a hard time dealing with girls, as I was consumed by thinking about their panties and how they would smell. As time passed, this was easier to deal with, as I realized how improbable it was to find a girl who liked this as much as I did. It was one thing to sneak a couple sniffs while eating a girl out, but full on sniffing just seemed like something that was impossible to ask for, so I often drifted in fantasy land, thinking about it.

Spring Break rolled around and just about everybody either went home for the week, or went on the annual trip to Mexico. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't go on a trip like that, and after a couple days at home, I decided to return to school and get some quite time alone. Although my social life wasn't going so great, my schooling was doing very well, as studying occupied a lot of my mind, and I wasn't always thinking about sniffing panties, or fantasizing about the real thing. It was mid-week and I was wandering around campus, smoking some pot. There was a small wooded area that kids would hang out in to drink or smoke, and I walked there to see if anyone was around, and who should I find – Shannon. She was sitting in a grassy clearing, reading. She had on a springy sundress and looked so hot. Shannon and Lindsay kind of had a falling out, and due to my friendship with Jeff, I hadn't seen Shannon in months, as she wouldn't hang out with Lindsay, thus Jeff, thus me.

I stood there practically speechless thinking that maybe I should just turn and go, but she looked up and saw me and called me over. We sat on that clearing and talked for a while. Mostly just small talk, how classes were going, and then we got into some gossip about her and Lindsay. It turned out that Lindsay, who appeared to be an angel, was really vindictive and knew exactly how to hurt someone with words. Some of the things Shannon said that she said to her were pretty bad, and I didn't blame her for wanting to not be friends. We chatted for what seemed like all afternoon, and as we realized, it truly was. Seeing that we appeared to be the only two people still left on campus, I invited Shannon over that night. I suggested a movie and pizza and, happily, she accepted.

I ran back to my room and furiously cleaned. Jeff and I were nowhere near neat and tidy roommates, and honestly, our room was a pigsty. Shortly after I got all cleaned up, Shannon came over, and much to my delight, she was still wearing that sundress. It was yellow and flowery, and made her curves look fantastic. Her tits seemed to be begging to pop out of that dress, and I could tell she didn't have a bra on either. I was hoping to be able to get a peek of her panties for some jack-off inspiration later. I didn't allow myself to think that anything was going to happen, so that I wouldn't be disappointed, but as it was going to be her and I alone, and she knew that and agreed to come over, well, the cup was definitely half full. We hung out and it was very casual and very fun, better than I had hoped for. We ordered a pizza and ate until neither of us felt like we could shove another bit of food inside. For dessert, I rolled up a nice, fat joint, and we were both feeling very light and loose at this point.

It couldn't have been more perfect, we were laughing, having great conversation, and I even thought I sensed that she was throwing a vibe out there. I played it cool, and trusting my instincts, started flirting with her, and sure enough, she flirted right back. The next thing I knew, we're making out on my couch, hands all over each other. I barely had to adjust her sundress and, as I suspected, her tits popped out and presented themselves to me beautifully. For a tiny, petite girl like Shannon, tits like hers were not the norm, and against her frame, they looked huge. We were really heating up, and I couldn't have been more pleased, and amazed, at how this day had drastically changed. After at least an hour, Shannon broke off our kiss. I figured now I was going to get the classic "we shouldn't be doing this" speech, but what Shannon said next blew my mind.

"Listen Les", she said quietly, looking incredibly sexy with her large tits heaving on her chest, "I need to apologize to you for what I did in the beginning of the year. I thought it would be a funny joke, but when I saw and heard all the teasing and ribbing you took, I felt so bad. I never got to tell this to you because of my and Lindsay's situation and I never really saw you or had a minute alone with you."

I could tell this was a sincere apology and I told her that I accepted her apology and truly was not mad. I thought about laying it all on the line, and telling her how she inspired me to realize a deep fetish that I had for sniffing, but I didn't want to go that far and scare her, considering that I felt like I was on the verge of something more with her. We talked some more about that night, and about how happy the both of us were that we met that day. We were both feeling like maybe it was meant to be. I confessed to her that I had a big crush on her at the time of the Butt Sniffer incident, and even that didn't change my opinion. As we talked, I could tell she wanted to say something, but was having trouble, so I told her to tell me what was on her mind. She beat around the bush, saying it was nothing, but I could tell it had to come out, so I after some prodding, I told her to tell me and what she said changed me forever.

"I know that everyone thought what I did to you that night was a huge joke, and I'll admit I thought it was kind of funny," she told me, "But the truth of the matter is, Les, that I kind of did that for selfish reasons". I asked her what she meant, and she just blurted out, "I like having guys sniff me, it really turns me on." My jaw fell to the floor. It was so surreal that the girl, who inspired my fetish, admitted to me that she was into the same thing I was. She told me how she thought sex should be a complete sensory experience; looks, touch, sound, taste, and of course, smell. She told me that at the time that she pulled her pants down and felt me back there, she got turned on, but had to hide it because every one else was laughing.

It took a lot of guts for her to come clean to me like this, and it was so endearing. I pulled her close to me, and spilled my guts. I told her everything, from how I secretly was turned on that night too, to those first pictures of guys sniffing girls' asses, to my brief career as a panty thief. I confessed to her that she was the inspiration to my fetish, and not only was I nowhere near offended to what she did; it had now turned into my greatest fantasy. Our eyes locked, there was a fire between us, like a key had been put into the door of our secret desires, and we kissed more deep and passionate than I had ever experienced in my life. It felt almost like it was meant to be, everything, from the initial Butt Sniffer incident, to us meeting in that clearing that day. We really started to pick it up, making out on the couch and the clothes started to come off.

I peeled her sundress off of her, and her body was sexier, in person, than I could have hoped for. She was an image of beauty, her curves were amazing and her pussy was hidden by a cute little pink thong. I knew this was truly meant to be, and beyond my wildest dreams, when Shannon stood up and slowly removed her panties for me. As she exposed her deftly trimmed pussy to me, instead of tossing her panties to the side, she handed them to me, and I knew exactly what she wanted to see. I put the panties to my face, and if my cock wasn't already a rock, it sure was when I inhaled the aroma from her panties. Her scent was like none other, and even though I had the real thing right in front of me, I didn't want to stop smelling the panties, they were that good. She lay her naked body on top of me on the couch, and with her panties pressed to my nose, we kissed and groped each other for what seemed like forever.

Then, in a moment of pure fantasy come true, she went into the middle of the dorm room floor, right on our little area shag carpet, and bent down onto all fours, her ass up in the air, pointing right at me. "I never thought I would meet a guy that would be into the same thing I was," she cooed, "I want you to have me completely. Come over here and show me what a butt sniffer you really are". I needed no further encouragement. The sight of her bent over like that, in that setting is forever etched into my brain. I got on my knees and crawled over to her, slowly pressing my face into her butt crack, until I got that whiff, and it was pure bliss. I pressed my nose in between her cheeks until it actually pressed on her asshole, making her jump a little at first touch.

Instead of pulling away and being hesitant, like I would have imagined, she completely indulged me, pushing her ass right back into my face. The situation I was in, combined with the setting, and everything that had gone into this moment, had my cock ready to explode. I took my time, savoring every second of this, but the animal urge in me took over. I spread her asscheeks with my hands, fully exposing her asshole and pussy to me. I moved my nose up and down her crack, sniffing her ass, then moving down and sniffing her sweet pussy. The smell was so overwhelming. I loved the feeling of her smooth crack, leading to that amazing little rosebud, then the soft peachfuzz that covered the lips of her vagina.

I couldn't contain myself any longer, and sensing no resistance on her part, I stuck my tongue out, so that it followed my nose, up and down her crack, licking and sniffing her pussy and asshole. She just stayed how she was, on all fours with my face buried in her ass, allowing me to have my way. I felt her pussy lips begin to swell and open up like a flower, and it was unmistakable that she was becoming wet from my licking. I totally went for it, pressing my nose into her asshole, I started to work my tongue into her pussy and was greeted by the sounds of her moaning. It was a fantasy come true, and she was completely in to it as well. I have never felt better in my life than in that dorm room that night.

Her breathing was picking up pace, and she became increasingly more vocal. I could tell that she was verging on an orgasm and she really started to push herself into my face. I swear my nose was actually penetrating her asshole, getting everything it desired and more. My tongue pushed deep into her wet pussy; she tasted phenomenal, exactly as I fantasized when sniffing her panties that night. I would have never imagined it would have come to this, actually being able to have this type of experience with Shannon, but here it was, and I loved it. Then her orgasm came. She pushed back into me so hard, I thought my face was going to actually go completely into her pussy. She was actually fucking my tongue as she came, shoving her ass into my face. All I could do was just stick my tongue out strong and continue to inhale through my nose, taking in her scent, while she fucked my face on all fours. I could taste her cum as it oozed out of her pussy.

Weakened by her orgasm, she practically collapsed on the floor. My tongue pulled out of her pussy and I managed to get a nice lick of her asshole as she went down. After a couple of deep breaths, she got up on her knees, even with me and planted a big wet kiss on my mouth. We kissed like that for what seemed like forever. We were the only two people in the world at that point. Nothing else mattered at that point, we were going at it like the couple of young lovers that we were becoming. We were locked in a deep embrace and then I felt her hand on my cock; she was starting to stroke my rock hard dick. My knees weakened as this felt so divine, and almost on cue, she moved her way down my body.

She gently kissed her way down my torso, and then shoved me onto my back. She was positioned in between my legs and began to kiss my cock, slowly and lovingly. The feeling was incredibly intense as she put my cock in her mouth. I was on cloud nine, half in disbelief that this was actually happening, half trying to hold out for as long as possible. That half didn't work out so well, as she began to really suck me off, taking me deep and after about fifteen seconds, there was no holding back. All this pent up cum from a lifetime of fantasies about my sister came out in a torrent gush. She wasn't even ready for what came as the first shot of cum lodged itself in her throat. She practically choked but that didn't stop her from milking and swallowing every drop of cum I had to offer, which was quite a lot.

My cock returned to a semi-hard, semi-flaccid state for the first time in a couple hours. Shannon pulled her body on top of mine, and we kissed, long and deep, into the night. Satisfied after each of us had powerful orgasms, we decided it was probably time to climb into bed. We went and brushed our teeth and she returned to my room and started to look for a shirt or some boxers of mine to wear to bed, but I stopped her. I didn't know when I would possibly get this chance again. I knew I wanted it, but wasn't sure if it was just a one time thing for her. I held her tight to me, and kissed her. She kissed back and I let my hands roam all over her, caressing her ample tits, fingering her pussy and even managing to sneak a finger into her asscrack and tease her little rosebud.

I could tell she wanted more, so I led her over to the bed, and laid her down. I kneeled in front of her, alongside my bed, and never once did she try and stop me, or even hesitate. She put her legs on my shoulders, pussy spread wide in front of me, almost as if it was served on a platter for me to eat. I ate her pussy out with a renewed vigor and she really responded. I began to focus on her clit, sucking it and flicking it lightly with my tongue, while my fingers found her cunt and began to work in and out. She was dripping wet and I used some of her natural lube to play with her tight little asshole. As I found out, although she fantasized about guys sniffing her, or playing with her ass, she had never found a guy who was into it like she was. She really responded as my finger penetrated her anal ring. With my mouth covering her clit, one finger buried in her pussy and another lightly pushing into her asshole, she came again, grabbing my face, trying again to pull my entire head into her pussy.

She lay on my bed in a state of dream-like bliss, I got up from my kneeling position, so I was on both knees, and I found my cock was perfectly level with her freshly wet pussy. Before she could react, again with no hesitation, I pushed my cock into her pussy and slid in with ease. All she could do was hold me close and I worked more and more of my hard cock into her pussy. There were no condoms available, but I didn't care, it was the most amazing feeling I ever experienced. I began to thrust into her wet folds picking up a rhythm and pushing my whole meat deep into her love tunnel. I lasted longer this time than when she sucked me off, but again, it didn't take me very long. I felt my cum building and knew I was going to cum. As I thrust deep into her hot pussy, I had a brief moment of clarity and knew I didn't want to cum in her pussy, my orgasm approached and I attempted to pull out, but she realized, as well, what I was doing, and stopped me. She looked me right in the eyes and said the magic words, "I'm on the pill", and just like that I filled her pussy with another huge load of cum.

I crawled on to the bed with her, now I was in a dream state and we lay next to each other in a deep embrace. I felt at that time, even though I was 19, I felt that I had found the woman of my dreams, and I never wanted to be with anyone but her. We fell asleep and slept late into the next day. I couldn't believe that the previous night really happened, but she assured me that it had. Shannon asked me if I wanted breakfast in bed, and naively, I said yes, thinking she would go down to the cafeteria and fix me a plate. She had something else in mind and before I could say another word, she sat her pussy down right on my mouth. Not that minded at all, but I could hardly breathe, she was really smothering me. She was grinding my face and then she turned herself around so that her asshole pressed on my nose and her pussy covered my mouth. The combination of her ass, so fragrant from the night before, on my nose and her pussy on my mouth, was to die for. She leaned forward, opening herself up totally for me, and we locked into a 69. I came so hard in her mouth as she buried my face in her asscrack, cumming like never before.

It was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship that has stood the test of time. Shannon turned out to be everything I fantasized about sexually, as she completely understood and indulged my fetish, but she is an amazing person outside of the bedroom as well, and we are now married, very happily. Like clockwork, she will come home from the gym, bend over the kitchen counter and allow me free reign to sniff and lick her sweet little asshole. It is truly heaven. She even goes as far as to steal me panties from friends of hers, just to indulge my fantasy, and she will suck my cock, or ride me while I sniff away at the gusset. It is a blessed life, and I count my blessings daily that I met a girl like Shannon who is everything I could have dreamed of and more.

This story is dedicated to my beautiful wife Shannon. I wrote this on our 10th anniversary, as she has been begging me to write a story of how we met. The names are changed, but the story stands the test of time, as does my love for Shannon. This is for you baby, the only woman I have ever wanted in my life!!

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