tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThat Damn Pink Thong

That Damn Pink Thong


It was the kind of weekend that to most guys would seem unbearable, and truly some of it was. My girlfriend's friend, Jackie, was getting married and as a group they chose to come to Seattle to celebrate the bachelorette party. This would mean a weekend of having to stay occupied and away from the apartment as much as possible. And if I did happen to be home, I would have to put up with endless giggling and cackling that normally goes on with this type of weekend. Also, with 6 women to compete with, bathroom time was at a premium.

Don't get me wrong though, I have been friends with these ladies for a long time so seeing them is always pleasant. That and I have fantasized about each and every one of them numerous times. So, while I may outwardly act put out but having all these women invading my house, inside, I was all butterflies. Each one of these women is very good looking and has individual qualities that make them stand out to me.

First off, the two Debbie's. Debbie 1 is a bubbly blonde with a great set of tits. She is always very flirty and fun to be around. Debbie 2 is a tall leggy blonde. She doesn't always show off what she has, but I know it is there. Jackie and Laura are a pair of brunettes. Laura is short and very curvy with a nice pair of tits and an ass to die for. Some stories I have heard of her also make her very intriguing. Jackie is an over-energetic, bombshell. She has hypnotizing brown eyes and an amazing ass. She has dated two of my friends and I have always had a thing for her. All of these women have occupied many of my fantasies and numerous loads have been spent with them on my mind.

The girl I was most looking forward to seeing was Jana. Jana is a tall, leggy, brunette goddess. I have been turned on by Jana, ever since her and Erica started being friends. My infatuation was only fueled by a two year period in which Jan lived with Erica and me. Jana would walk around in short shorts, or tight pants, tank tops, and I was always trying to get peeps of her whenever possible. I used to sneak into her bedroom when nobody was home and find a pair of her dirty panties and sniff away until I just had to shoot a load. I would look for her freshest pair, sometimes seeing her wearing them peeking out from her jeans, and then going for them the next day. She has this amazingly heady odor that made me feel like my face was just buried in her crotch.

Back to the bachelorette weekend. All the girls came in on Thursday night, and I felt like a king, going out with 6 gorgeous women on my arms. All of the women were looking great, and as a group, they were a knockout. All night on Thursday I was having to make sure not to get caught staring at any of the girls or their gyrating body parts, but that was nearly impossible.

Friday morning came and I got my first chance to be alone, not with the women, but with their luggage. I had fantasized about each and every one of these women, sometimes alone, sometimes in a group. The thought of having the opportunity to find all the girls' panties was almost too much to handle. All the girls went out to get their nails done, I knew I had at least three or four hours before they were back. Considering I was sleeping on the couch all weekend, I didn't have a problem shooting as many loads as I could, since I wouldn't have to perform later.

I made up a little game, and using a deck of cards randomly decided which girl's panties I should look for first. It was Debbie 2, the tall blonde. I found her bag and after a couple minutes, found her dirty laundry in the side pocket. Sure enough, there was a nice small thong, light blue. She had a very surprisingly strong scent, and my cock was rock hard instantly. Right next to her luggage was Debbie 1's so I decided to get two pairs at once. Debbie 1's were much easier to find, right on top of her bag. She isn't into thongs, I have learned this from earlier conversations, but instead likes boyshorts. She had a nice cotton pair, the gusset was a little stiff which always meant that she was sweating and that some pussy juice must have come onto them last night. She didn't have so strong of a smell, but as my tongue hit the gusset, her taste was amazing. I knew she would taste good. With Debbie 2's thong pressed to my nose and Debbie 1's pair of panties in my mouth, I came so hard, barely managing to grab my rag before shooting all over the bed.

After collecting my thoughts, and with the thrill of sniffing two girls' panties at once, I decided to move on to another "threesome". This time my sights were set on Jackie and Laura's panties. I found Jackie's bag in the guest bedroom and after a little digging, I found her panties from the night before. She wore a tiny black thong without much of a gusset. Due to the small panties, I couldn't get much of a smell or taste from them. This disappointment was assuaged the second I went into my bedroom and found Laura's panties. Laura has this incredibly nice bubble butt. She has, on a number of occasions, told me that she is into anal sex, which always made me salivate over her ass.

Laura's panties were placed with her other dirty clothes into a side pocket of her suitcase. Of all the girls, she had the most traditional pair of panties, just a nice pair of black bikini briefs. As I pulled them out of the pocket, I was immediately hit with a whiff of Laura's crotch. I imagined she walked around all the previous night with her panties stuffed up into her pussy and ass, because that is sure how they smelled. I was in heaven. It seemed that when I pressed her panties into my face, my face was really buried right in her ass and pussy. The fantastic smell coming from Laura's panties made me forget about Jackie's and focus just on Laura's. I put her panties on my face, much like a 69, with her hot ass scent right in my nose while my tongue worked the gusset, tasting her sweaty pussy from the night before. It didn't take long until again I was reaching for my rag and shooting a load all over.

As I lay on the bed recovering from my second powerful orgasm of the day, my peace was broken by the phone ringing. It was Erica calling to tell me that her and the girls were just getting lunch and did I want anything when they came home. I ordered a sandwich, but couldn't help getting a little aroused again talking to my girlfriend while I had two pairs of panties in my hand.

It took me a second to do the math but I figured that with the girls out eating, I had at least an hour to spend with the true object of my desires, Jana's panties. I knew from my past experiences that Jana only wore thongs, and knowing how much she liked to dance when she went out, I knew her panties from the night before would be just how I liked them. I went into my bedroom and searched out Jana's bag which was on the wall aside from my bed. Having been on a number of road trips with Jana as well, I knew her panties would be right in the front pocket of her suitcase, and sure enough they were. But, much to my surprise, there was already two pairs. I figured she must have showered and changed the night before as well and now I had two pairs at my disposal.

The first pair, I knew was her club pair, a hot, black, silk thong. I immediately recognized her smell, and, having been a couple years since I had a chance to smell her, it all came back to me right away. The second pair, a more modest thong, light green, seemed to me that she must have worn it on the airplane. Based on the smell, I imagined the panties shoved way up her cunt for the whole flight. Both pairs smelled fantastic and I was in heaven. I put the light green thong on my face, the gusset and Jana's strong smelling pussy right on my nose. I took the black silk thong and began to lick the gusset, loving the way the still-wet and fresh sweat and pussy juiced smelled and how hot it made me. Although I just had came twice, Jana's smell took no time having my cock at full attention and in time I shot my third load of the afternoon.

I got myself together and covered my tracks up like a professional. Ever since I was a kid stealing panties I always took care to remember exactly how they were when I found them as to not arouse suspicion. The women came back all looking radiant, fresh from the salon, and now that I had smelled all of their pussies in the past three hours, I was extra nice to them, since I knew something they didn't. Luckily I am usually a pretty cheerful guy so none of the women got suspicious by my happy mood. Erica just thought that I was trying to impress them.

After a couple hours of hanging out at home, the girls started to get ready for their big bachelorette party. I wanted to stay and watch all the girls running around getting ready in skimpy little clothes but Erica gave me the look that pretty much meant, "Clear out and I'll see you tomorrow". I was fine with that though, I would go hang with my bud, Jeremy, and crash at his place. Plus, I got a special rush when they all started getting ready for the night, knowing that there would be 5 fresh pairs of panties in the morning for me. Considering the girls would be dancing and seeing male strippers, I knew their panties would be perfect for me in the morning.

I went out with Jeremy and hit some bars, nothing too special and ended up back at his place. A bunch of people ended up showing up at Jeremy's and by 4 a.m. I was toast. Unfortunately, Jeremy has a 1 bedroom flat, and the couch was going to be occupied for a long time, so I decided to go home anyway. I called Erica to make sure it was ok, and by the sound of her, and the noise in the background, her and her friends were trashed, big time. I'm not sure if she said that it was ok or not, but judging by how drunk she was, she wouldn't care, and if it was like usual, she would be passed out in a little while anyway.

It took me a little while to get home, finally catching a cab, and when I got back to the apartment it was surprisingly quiet. I entered the living room and saw that Jana was passed out on my couch. I made some comment to her, about her being on the couch but she didn't respond. I was hoping that since Jana was on the couch, Erica would be alone and maybe I could have a little fun. This wasn't to be as I entered my bedroom and Erica was in bed with both Debbie's. Although in reality I would love to have just jumped in the bed, that wasn't happening. I peeked in the guest room and Laura and Jackie were sleeping next to each other soundly.

I was a little surprised to see that they were all passed out when they were so rowdy just an hour ago. Going back into the living I saw that Erica had found my pot and they had been smoking, that explains the early end to the evening. I thought that was funny, Erica always smokes when she gets home and then she is just a zombie. I sat down on my recliner and popped on the TV. I figured if they are going to smoke and pass out, I might as well join them. I packed up a bowl and smoked for a little while, the TV was loud but Jana apparently was a sound sleeper.

Jana was laying on her back with a blanket pulled over her, she had the blanket just above her tits. I saw she had on a wife-beater and found myself wishing that the blanket was lower so I could get a glimpse of her tits. By now I was getting myself all turned on again and began a plan to sneak in and find some panties. I first tried my room with Erica and the two Debbie's but as soon as I walked in, Debbie 1 said, "Hi Les", and scared the crap out of me. After talking my way out of that one, I shut the door tight and moved down the hall to Laura and Jackie's room. I started to sneak in but one of the girls stirred a little and I chickened out.

Walking back out to the living room, feeling a little defeated, an amazing sight greeted me. Jana had rolled over onto her stomach, pulling the blanket with her. She was completely exposed to me, wearing only a wife-beater and a hot pink thong. The way she was laying, on her side with her knee pulled up and her other leg straight, I had an unblocked view of her crotch, only covered by that sexy pink thong. I was frozen in my tracks by this beautiful site. The pink thong was tucked nicely into her ass crack and a little pink patch showed though where her pussy was exposed between her spread legs.

All sorts of devious thoughts were running through my head, seeing Jana so vulnerable like that. Then, that little voice in my head spoke up, telling me to be realistic. I would be in so much trouble if I got caught. I gathered myself and went and got myself a blanket, ready for a night of sleep on the floor. I came back in the room, and as if it wasn't hard enough to resist the temptation, Jana had now almost completely shifted to lying on her stomach, with the blanket under her. The blanket was even pushing her up a little, putting her ass and pussy on display for me, only covered by the hot pink thong. Standing right behind her I could see the length of the thong now, running its course from the small of her back, through her perfect ass, and over her pussy, it was an incredible sight.

Again I had to step back, get composure and remind myself that I have to behave. But now, the second voice in my head was coming in, telling me, "She's passed out, just get in, get a good close look of her pussy and take a nice sniff of that ass. Jack off and nobody will know the difference." That was tough logic to argue with. I went to the bathroom, grabbing some lotion. I walked in the living room, making enough noise to ensure myself that just a little bump wasn't going to wake Jana. Sure enough, she kept right on sleeping. I knew there was a level my girlfriend could reach, where she was so drunk and high that nothing would wake her. With this in mind, I figured jacking off with Jana right there was a chance I had to take.

I swear if she had on sweats or shorts, maybe I could have just fallen asleep, but that pink thong just was driving me crazy. My final test was to actually shake Jana, if she did anything I would probably have backed off. I shook her, pretty hard and she kept right on snoozing away. I ran my hands all over Jana's body, feeling more and more comfortable that she would not wake up. I managed to feel her tits a little but she was mostly lying on them, so I moved my attention down to the good stuff. I ran my hands all over her ass, squeezing her cheeks, spreading them apart. Being an assman, this was a fantasy come true.

I ran my fingers along the thong, right through her ass crack and stopping on her pussy. I started to rub her pussy through her panties, and, sensing no resistance, I snuck my fingers past the panties, now directly feeling her pussy. I could tell from the outside of her panties that she was warm, and maybe even a little wet from the night, and sure enough, when I got my fingers onto her cunt, they slid right past her lips, into her pussy. I couldn't believe she wasn't waking up, much less even disturbing her breathing pattern. By now, I was so horny, I figured I would go until I got caught and then just make something up anyway. I continued to finger her pussy, but the panties were starting to be a little encumbrance so I decided to try to take them off, or at least pull them down.

I almost came right in my pants when I pull that thong out of her ass, the way it stuck in and then came out, exposing her cute little rosebud was intense. I slowly moved the panties off of her pussy, watching her cunt expose itself to me. I couldn't believe how well it was going. When I moved the panties off of her foot, she did stir a little. But, instead of restricting me, she moved completely onto her stomach now, her pussy smiling at me and her tight little anus winking at me. Here was the object of so many of my fantasies, a girl whose smell I knew from years of sneaking panty sniffs was now bare naked, completely exposed and vulnerable for me. I had to take a hit of pot just to calm down a little. I shook her one more time, just to be sure, maybe give me a chance to back out before I did things that I knew were wrong. She didn't even flinch at all, she just lay there perfectly for me.

The possibilities were endless. I took my time now between her spread legs, sniffing her whole crotch, from her pussy all the way up her ass crack and back down again. Years of panty sniffing couldn't have prepared me for how exquisite the real thing smelled. I had to taste her. I pushed my tongue out, following my nose, licking up and down her crotch. My cock was dying to be touched, but felt that the slightest bump might make me shoot all over so I held back while I explored her pussy with my tongue. I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, pressing my nose directly against her asshole. I could tell she had just got a fresh Brazilian wax, she was so soft and smooth, and practically hairless.

I could have spent hours on end in that position, tongue in pussy while my nose is buried in her ass, but that damn voice came back, reminding me exactly what I was doing and convincing me not to press my luck. So, with my face in the most enviable position I could think of, I gripped my cock and began to stroke. I didn't care at this point and was pushing my tongue deep into her cunt, it was so warm and wet. My nose was practically penetrating her anal ring as I tried to push it into her. If she would have woke up or any of the girls happened to get up at that exact moment I would have been dead, but neither happened and I came violently into my shirt, cumming so hard I almost fell over.

After cumming and getting myself together, I turned the light off and tried to sleep. Then, a thought hit me. I needed to put her panties back on. I would be so guilty. Luckily for me, Jana still hadn't moved an inch, soundly sleeping off her drunken night. I couldn't find the panties right away so I had to turn the light back on. Still nothing from Jana, she was out cold. I thought I had convinced myself to just slip the panties back on and get away from her, but when I got back down in between her legs, her pussy and ass were still on display, and now they were both glistening with my spit, and looked so sexy. I tried to just put the panties back on, but then the other voice, the bad guy, came back to me.

"Just go for it, once more. How many times have you jacked off thinking of Jana's ass? And, now you have a chance to lick it, eat it out, and you aren't going to do it? Come on, go for it!" That bad voice always seems to win for some reason. I was completely infatuated with Jana's nice ass. It was nice and round, fleshy and soft, big without being too big, just perfect. Enough to fill a pair of jeans exactly the way there are supposed to be. I had to at least taste it. My girlfriend Erica would let me lick her ass every now and then, but for the most part she wasn't into it. Unfortunately for me, it was one of my biggest turn ons and now that I had the chance to do it to a girl who I have fantasized about hundreds of times, it was just too much to pass up.

I threw caution to the wind, if I was going to do this, I was going to go for it, make sure I had no regrets. Kneeling next to her, I spread her ass open, making sure she was still sleeping away, I dove in. I licked around her little rim, loving the smooth, soft texture of her asshole. Slowly my licks became more forceful and my tongue began to invade her anus. My cock was a tent pole in no time at all. I was spreading her cheeks and fucking her asshole with my tongue, feeling her sphincter tighten and loosen up for my tongue. For the tenth, or so, time that night, I had to just step back and realize what I was doing. That didn't last too long as the taste of Jana's ass was everything I imagined and more and I had to get back to it.

I don't know how long I spent buried in Jana's ass but I knew that my time was probably getting short. Girls can pass out hard from booze but they always wake up, although Jana was still going on breathing like she was in the deepest sleep of her life. I grabbed the lotion and pouring some more on my cock I started to stroke. Jana's little rosebud was looking awesome, just winking at me. While I jacked I decided to see if I could slip a finger or two in her asshole. Sure enough, I slipped a finger in easily, feeling no resistance from her anal rim. Then, I went for another finger, lubing it up good. She was so passed out, so relaxed, that my fingers slid in with no problem. I even managed to fit three in, when the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

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