tagLetters & TranscriptsHow I'd Do Her, How She'd Like It

How I'd Do Her, How She'd Like It


This is my first submission to Literotica. This was originally done through chat online with my girlfriend to help her secretly and quietly get off without others hearing her. We did not me online; we originally met in person several years ago, and have maintained a long distance relationship since. My name starts with A, hers with C. Feedback would be very much appreciated so that I may improve and continue to submit. Thanks for reading!


A: You're such a fucking sexy, naughty little girl.

C: A.!

A: You are

C: lol

A: You know you are

C: Yes, completely.

A: Both sexy and naughty, and I love how sexy your body is. You're so naughty you probably deserve to be bent over and smacked a few times... right now.

C: A...

A: You've got so many dirty little thoughts swimming through your head you little slut

C: Yes…

A: I bet you wish I were there to feel your body

C: So much

A: To objectify you and push you around… slap you here and there, make you do whatever I want.

C: Ya, I'd absolutely love that

A: Feel me grind up against you, my hard cock pulsating against your sexy ass, my hand coming down on you and slapping your bare skin. I'm tying your hands behind your back and making your body mine…

C: You'll be happy to know I'm getting wet...

A: You'll be happy to know I'm rock hard, you little slut.

C: How would you stop me from helping myself out if you were here?

A: I'd probably throw you down on your bed, take your hands behind your back and pin you down. With my free hand I'd spank you a dozen times for your insolence. I'd undo your pants and rip them off with your underwear. Then I'd give your ass a few more spankings on your bare skin. Then I might turn you over and kiss my way down to your soaking wet pussy

C: That sounds nice love

A: Are you touching yourself?

C: Um… no?

A: I'll let you, if you want me to keep writing…

C: Ok so

A: Ok, so you're rubbing your clit?

C: Yes, with my right hand

A: That's a good little slut, keep rubbing it for me

C: Ok

A: Are your nipples hard?

C: I don't know

A: Feel them… pinch one of them

C: They are now

A: That's sexy my love… I want to suck on them. I want to taste them and flick them with my tongue while I run my hand up and down your moist pussy. I want to feel your body writhing under mine. I want to pin you against the bed and feel you under my control. I want you to ask me for permission to touch yourself, and hear you beg for me to touch you. I'd love to push you against the wall and fondle your sexy tits. To kiss your neck, and put my hands down your underwear, to feel your fucking wet mound, and your ass against my wicked hard cock.

C: I'm so wet now A. Keep going

A: I want to whisper in your ear how fucking naughty you are, you're such a naughty little fucking whore, keeping rubbing your clit you slut!

C: Ok

A: Oh fuck I wish I could be there to hold you tight against my body

C: Me too

A: I'm so horny for you I would dry fuck you... just hold you down and hump you! You have such a sexy body. I'm looking at the picture of you in the hotel in Ottawa. That's such an amazing picture; it makes me horny every time I see it. It reminds me of how naughty you really are, despite your innocent look.

C: I'm blushing

A: It reminds me how unbelievable turned on your body makes me. You're so smooth and you have skin like porcelain. I love your fucking body. I want to be there with you to kiss it, lick it, and fuck it. I want to run my tongue up and down your clit while I finger your pussy. I want to hold your ass, squeeze it, smack it and spank it. I want to punish you for being so fucking filthy minded, for being such a bad girl. We both know you are a bad girl, and you need to be punished, don't you, you little slut?

C: Yes, I do

A: Good, you just proved my point: you are a real naughty bitch, and deserve to be tied up, used, and abused. I can't wait to do that to you

C: I cannot wait either, A

A: I'm going to tie you up in a position that I can fuck you silly in. I'm going to have you any way I like.

C: What position?

A: One position will involve you face down on the bed, legs spread on the bed... tied up wide apart so you can't close them. I'll tie your hands up far above your head, then ill start fucking your tight little pussy from behind. You'll feel me going in and out of your pussy, and then you'll feel me starting to tease your ass. I'll start with light taps. I'll slowly build up to little slaps, then smacks, and finally all out spankings for my little slut, because that's what you are. You belong to me. Since your hands would be tied up, after a minute I know you'd be begging for me to either untie you so you can rub your clit, or asking for me to rub it for you. But you know what? I wouldn't do either. I'd continue fucking and spanking you, but wouldn't allow your clit to be rubbed. I'd make you squirm under my body, begging for satisfaction. I'd just keep teasing you though. You'd be bucking against my hard cock needing it harder and deeper, lifting your ass up off the bed in anticipation of my hand and cock, both thrusting towards you at the same time. Finally, out of sheer generosity, I might bring a free hand down to your swollen clit and make you feel unreal. I'd make you call yourself a slut for wanting it though. I'd make you admit that you're my little whore and you need me to fuck you everyday.

C: I must look like such a slut

A: From my vantage point C, you do look like my slut. Do you like looking like a slut?

C: Yes...for you only

A: Sometimes I think you want everyone to know how dirty you are, that you're a naughty girl in disguise. For now we'll keep it in the bedroom, our little secret, if that's what you want.

C: Yes please

A: But I've seen how wet you get when I rub you on the bus, how much you like it when I grab your ass and tits in public. You are a slut, and you want me to treat you like one. Which brings me back to the bed, you tied up, face down on it with my cock rushing in and out of your spread wide open pussy, my one hand coming down and slapping one side of your ass after another and the other rubbing your wet clit back and forth, up and down. Your body is rippling with pleasure. You're begging for it: Harder, faster, rougher! You little slut. You like it rough and hard, don't you! Aren't you my little slut?

C: Yes, I am. I love it

A: My slut that loves my cock deep inside her fucking tight pussy? I know you love getting fucked

C: Oh my God yes!

A: I know you want to cum for me, all over my cock you little slut. Rub your clit. Harder, faster, just like I'm fucking your tied up sluttish little body. God, you're so sexy C. I cant wait to cum all over your back. I'm nearly there. I'm going to cum soon, your pussy is so tight and you're squeezing my cock with your muscles so well! You're so fucking dirty, take my cock as hard as you can you fucking little slut!

C: Am I flat on the bed?

A: Yes, flat on your stomach, legs tied to posts removed from the bed, with your ass at the edge of the bed, and your pussy just at the edge so I can fuck you easily. Your hands are above your head, so I'm rubbing your clit, spanking you, and pumping your pussy with my cock. Can you picture it?

C: Yes... unreal… keep going

A: Good, you fucking naughty bitch, now imagine I'm taking your arms. I'm untying them, and I'm holding your hands behind your back, using your arms as leverage so I can fuck you harder.

C: You're so good

A: I untie your ankles from the posts on the ground and tell you to get up on your knees, so you put your feet at the edge of the bed and lift your ass up in the air. I lift it higher and move down and lick your soaking wet pussy and clit, then move my cock back to your entrance and plug it with my cock. I leave it at the entrance for a few tantalizing seconds before you can't take it anymore and move your body back to swallow my cock with your pussy lips. I've still got your arms, you little slut, so I can fuck you so hard. And that's what I'm doing. You're bent over at the waste, your knees on the bed, and your feet over the edge, my cock plowing your pussy… I'm being so rough with your body; you're taking me so hard right now. I'm so deep inside you it hurts and feels good doesn't it? Fuck you're so sexy C!

C: I wish you were here right now, I feel unreal.

A: I wish I were there my love: I'd love to taste you right now! But again, after fucking you like this for a few minutes, I feel your pussy dying to take me deeper, and faster, so I fuck you faster, and I let go of your right arm, telling you to rub your clit while I fuck your pussy. Then I let go your left arm and I tell you to rub my balls while I fuck you. So, you're bent over, on your knees at the edge of the bed, taking my full cock into your unbelievably tight, wet, sexy pussy, rubbing your clit with your right hand and trying to rub my thrusting balls with your left. You're starting to lose control of your body. You can't concentrate anymore. You stop rubbing my cock and balls and you just focus on your clit. You're rubbing it as fast as you can. You're such a fucking slut, and you're so sexy. I love that you're mine. All mine. I love you, my naughty little whore.

C: I love you too

A: I love how fucking dirty you are, in mind and in spirit. I love watching you pleasure yourself while I fuck your pussy. You turn me on so much. Are you still rubbing your pussy, C?

C: Yes, it feels so good

A: Good. Have you come once yet or no?

C: Not yet, it feels too good.

A: Good, you're really working yourself up. I like that. Don't stop.

C: Ok, I don't want to end it.

A: I've still got loads to write. Don't push yourself over the edge, my slut, I want you to keep going for another 30 minutes. Do you think you can?

C: No!

A: Ok, let me know if you cum

C: Ok.

A: So, you're cumming on my cock while I'm fucking you from behind, but I haven't cum yet. I don't expect to cum for a while, and I want to keep fucking you. I want you to get as much please as I can possibly humanly provide for you. So now that you've cum, you're all relaxed and loose. I take your body, roll you over onto your back on the bed, lift your ass up and put a pillow under it. I lift your knees up, put your hands on your sexy tits, and I tell you to rub your nipples, play with them. But, no matter what, don't touch your clit. Don't even move your hands below your tits, understand?

C: Ok

A: There you are, pussy exposed, all comfortable because of your orgasm, playing lightly with your nipples, and I move in on top of you. I just start fucking you right away, since I'm ready and dying to go. Your pussy feels so good and wet; I want to fuck it forever. I fuck you senseless. You're on your back, eyes closed feeling me fuck you: in and out, in and out. It feels unreal. Your nipples are so sensitive, and you can feel me rub occasionally against your clit. Ooh your clit... it's even more sensitive than your nipples. You really want to rub it, so you slowly move your hands down to your wetness, but then stop. You've noticed I stopped fucking you. I'm just leaning over you with a furious look in my eye. Then you remember: I told you not to move your hands below your tits, and certainly not to touch your clit. Now I've caught you red handed, you little horny fucking slut. You're such a liar and a horny girl you can't even control your hands for a few minutes. You lack discipline, slut. I'm going to have to provide you some: you will need to be disciplined. Your punishment, which I'm sure you're dying to receive, is 21 hard spankings; one for every year you've been alive. So, I roll you over, lift your ass up in the air, and I tell you to rub your clit while I spank you. Do not stop rubbing your clit until I'm done. And then I start: one on your left side, one on your right side. One on the lower side, a little on the right, a little on the left. I notice your ass is getting red, I'm not being gentle. I like the idea of my little slut actually getting punished for her bad behaviour though, so I don't ease up. I can tell after the 8th or 9th spanking that you want me to stop, you want to get back to fucking. You stop rubbing your clit. I firmly order you to continue rubbing yourself. You do so reluctantly, and I finish off your spankings with a hard burst at the end. Your ass is sore, your clit is numb, but your pussy is soaking wet. You're just a fuck doll for me now. You're on the bed thinking of one thing and one thing only: my cock inside you. You want it as rough as I can fuck you. You want me to take you like an object and fuck you as hard as I can.

C: Yes

A: So now I take you off the bed, I take you to the couch. I put your knees on the seat, your hands on the back. I spread your legs a little, and put my knees on the couch, between yours. You feel my cock between your ass cheeks. It's so warm and wet. Your pussy is twitching in anticipation for it. You want me so bad you fucking slut. Rub your clit for me while I enter inside of you. Spread your ass cheeks and your pussy for me slut! You move your hands around to your back side…

C: I'm going to cum soon.

A: Good you fucking slut I want you to cum on my cock! You spread your ass, and with it your pussy. I slide my cock inside of your wet slit, and I start doing you hard, rough. Rub your clit you fucking slut. Take my cock in and out of your pussy. You're my little whore, my fuck toy. You belong to me, and I'm going to fuck you whenever I want. You're so sexy C. You're coming on my cock, and once you finish, I pull out and cum all over your back as it drips down to your ass…

C: I just came...

A: I love you C

C: I love you too A.

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Bet it would sound amazing in real life

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