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How It Happened


This is my first attempt at writing a story ever. I would very much like feedback. Criticism, both good and bad, is very welcome. All characters are over the age of 18. Thank you.

Part 1

So, it started off in the least expected way. I am an avid reader, which is how I managed to stumble upon the Literotica site to begin with. I had browsed through all of the categories, and found myself fascinated with the incest/taboo section, a bit more so than the others. There were a few stories that I simply loved, and as such, I had copied to a flash drive that I kept hidden from everyone. It was this that led to, what I like to refer to as, The Incident.

So, there I was, sitting on the living room couch, minding my own business, surrounded by law books. For those of you who have studied it, you know that the books are very thick with teeny tiny words in them. So anyway, there I was. Suddenly the whole world shifted! Or at least that's what I thought happened. In reality, my big brother had just plopped himself down rather forcefully onto the couch. I tucked my feet under his thigh while I barely lifted my head to acknowledge him. I was searching for a term and not having any luck finding it. We sat there in comfortable silence for who knows how long. Ah ha! There it is! What I was searching for! I snaked my hand out to find the high lighter that I'd left by my thigh so that I wouldn't lose it again.


Wait, what?

I placed my finger on the place I needed to keep and started looking around for it. At first, I didn't see it. Then Mike cleared his throat. I glanced up and there it was, in his hand.

The nerve.

"Thanks" I mumbled. I went back to my reading wondering how come he was still sitting there.

Then he started talking. "So, what are you into these days?"

"Huh?" I replied distractedly.

"What are you into these days, I said?" he tried again.

"Um, all sortsa stuff. You?" I replied, still only listening with half an ear.

"Well, I find myself taking an interest in all kinds of things. Sports, the economy, but most recently.........." He let the sentence drift off. When he realized that I was still studying, he tried again.

What he said next succeeded in getting my full attention.

"I think I'm into incest" He said quietly.

"Huh?" I asked, thinking that surely I must have misheard. Then I noticed what he had in his hand, what he must have had in his hand from since he sat down. It was my flash drive. My private flash drive. The one with the copies of the stories that I liked the most. That, more than anything else, succeeded in getting my full attention.

For moment I sat silent, staring at it, not sure what to say to him.

"Where did you get that?" I finally asked, trying my hardest to sound calm and not completely freaked out.

"Oh, this?" He asked politely, his expression neutral, "I found this on your bed when I went to borrow your laptop. You really should hide the things you don't want Mom and Chris to find, I'm just saying."

By this time I could feel my cheeks starting to burn, and I knew that I was probably turning an interesting shade of red. Studying now completely forgotten, I stretched my hand out wordlessly. He just looked at me. I figured that he was just messing with me, trying to get me to feel comfortable so that he could tease me or make me feel like I was a freak. Since I was in no mood for either, I cleared my throat and wiggled my fingers as encouragement. He still didn't pass it to me. I frowned.

What the hell?

Since he was obviously in no mood to hand it back to me, I just rolled my eyes and pretended to go back to my reading, even though I couldn't see any of the words on the page. Now what? I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to get it back without it turning into a fight, and I really didn't want him to think that if I asked him nicely, I was flirting with him. Our relationship was weird enough as is.

"So" I began nonchalantly, "seeing as to how I know you read what's on it, what are you gonna do?"

He shifted on the couch.

At first he didn't answer. I thought that he was never going to answer me, then he said, "I'd like to finish reading the stories. If that's not a problem. I really like them."

I sat in stunned silence thinking that surely this must be a joke. But what would be the reasoning behind it? Why would he want to finish reading what was on it? I sorta shrugged and said, "Sure, no problem. Just return it when you're done. And don't delete anything." He nodded in agreement and we went the rest of the day without incident.

I thought it was over, and that things were going to go back to normal. I thought that we would just go back to mostly ignoring each other and forget that he had read, and was still reading, something that was very private to me. But he didn't. Instead, he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with him the next night.

"Why? You don't normally want to do things like that with me." I told him, trying to sound calm, not sure if I was succeeding.

"Nothing, honest. I just figured that it would be nice to watch a movie. We don't hang out much, I just wanted to watch a movie with you."

I studied him, trying to figure out why he wanted to spend time with me all of a sudden. He really genuine though.

"Ok, what are we watching?" I asked, fully expecting either some guy flick, which I don't totally hate, or some foreign film that I've never heard of before. He was famous for both. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when he pulled out a stack of Adam Sandler dvd's and said "You choose".

Oh! I was in heaven! I love Adam Sandler!

Anyways, I chose The LongestYard from the pile, cause that's one of my all time favorite movies.

When he suggested that we wait til all the other folks were asleep, I didn't find it strange as both he and I preferred to have less company to watch movies and stuff. I changed into my p.j's and waited. It was about midnight when everyone was finally asleep. It was a good thing that I didn't have school the next day or I'd have been in real trouble. Teachers really don't take too kindly to you falling asleep in their classes.

So we settled down to watch the hilarity.

I was so focused on the movie that, at first, I didn't realize that he wasn't watching the t.v. screen. He was sitting across from me on the couch, and when I glanced across at him, he looked away. I frowned, but shrugged it off. I figured that he was just checking to see if I was ok or something. I quickly got back into the movie, forgetting that something weird was going on. When the couch shifted a bit, I didn't pay any attention, until I realized that he was gone. I paused the movie and quietly called out for him.

No answer.

I got up and walked from the living room, and into the kitchen. He wasn't there, so I turned and was heading up the stairs when I heard him behind me.

"Sup?" I asked in a hushed whisper, "You just disappeared, you ok?"

"Yeah, just needed something to drink, you thirsty?" he whispered back.

"Sure, what you drinking?


My eyebrows shot up, my brother doesn't drink alcohol. He believes his body is a temple. It was shocking.

"What?!" I asked incredulously, "Why?"

"I just wanted to try something new." came his response.

"So you thought you'd try vodka, straight up?" I asked, feeling very amused.

I didn't think that he would be able to drink much without being totally messed up by the time everyone else woke up.

"I never said it was straight up. Look, do you want some or not?" he asked, sounding irritated.

"Wait, how much have you had to drink so far?"

"Not much, about two".

"Two shots?"

"Two glasses, give or take..."

"So, you're plowed?" Oh, this was too good to be true! My brother never did things like this! Surely he would do something that I'd never seen before. This could prove interesting.

"Nah, not yet anyway. But I'm heading there pretty fast, and you haven't answered me yet. Would you, my dear little sister, like a drink?"

"Sure, why not?" I responded in an enthusiastic whisper. After all, I can really hold my liquor.

What I didn't realize until much later, was so could he. And way better than me.

So, movie temporarily forgotten, we stood in the kitchen and did a few shots. His ears kept turning red every time he took a shot, it was the cutest thing. I shook myself as I realized that I was looking at him and thinking how cute he was looking.

"Snap out of it!" I told myself sternly.

"We should get back to the movie" I told him. He agreed with a nod that looked wobbly. I glanced at the counter and noticed that there were two empty bottles of vodka sitting there. I giggled before I could stop myself.

"I didn't realize we had quite so much to drink bro, think we'll get hangovers?"

"I've never had one before, it would be interesting to see if I do though. You ever get a hangover?"

"Nope, I have clear memory and no headaches. I think it's funny when other people get them though."

"Good" he muttered.

"Huh?" I asked

"Nothing. Hey" he said abruptly, "Mind if I sit next to you? I don't seem to be having all the fun you're getting on your end of the couch."

"No problem ," I replied, clearly not as sober as I thought, " but you're gonna hafta get a blanket. I might be having a lot of fun but it's freezing over there."

He Didn't move. Instead, he was standing there, looking at me with an amused expression on his face. What was that about? I looked down at my clothes to see if there was something wrong with them or something. I couldn't find anything wrong so I just let it go. I should have paid more attention. The light in the kitchen is fairly bright and my top was thinner than I thought. He had a very clear view of my nipples.

He cleared his throat and turned to get the blankets.

I went to sit back down and wait for him. One thing I forgot to mention is that he walks seriously quiet. Like a freaking ninja. So when he walked up behind me and dropped the blanket over my shoulders, I nearly had a heart attack. He almost fell down trying not to laugh at my scared then murderous expression.

"Oh, you think that's funny?" I hissed at him.

Still unable to talk, he nodded.

"You should have seen your face," he managed to gasp out.

Before I knew it, I was on top of him.

I don't know how it happened.

I wasn't thinking.

That's the only excuse I can come up with. I had tackled him. The only reason it worked is because he was still trying to control his laughter, and I took him by surprise. I had him pinned before he knew what was going on. I was holding him down by his shoulders when suddenly, he was very serious. I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized that I was straddling his waist. He had his hands on my hips and was looking at me very intently.

"I'm sor-," was all I got out.

He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, pulled my head down, and kissed me very lightly, just barely pressing his lips to mine. At the first touch, my nipples tightened to hard little nubs. I was too stunned to do anything. When he realized that I wasn't freaking out, he pulled me closer. His tongue snaked out to taste my bottom lip while his hands started to rub up and down my back. I could feel my body beginning to react to his slow caresses. My skin felt warm. My nipples were begging to be sucked and licked. His hands started sliding my shirt up my back, giving him access to skin. I sighed at the contact.

My pussy was getting slick with arousal from the feel of his body beneath mine.

His hands on my skin.

So good.

He slowly, softly sucked my lip into his warm, wet mouth.

I was in bliss.

I was in shock.

I had no clue what to do.

He slanted his mouth across mine and kissed me like he meant it. Before I knew what was happening, I was kissing him back. Sliding my tongue against his, nibbling on his lips. I slid my lips along his jaw, sucking his earlobe into my mouth. As my breath touched his ear, he shivered. I nibbled along his jaw til I reached his neck. I sucked the skin there lightly, making him moan quietly. With that one sound, I regained some of my senses. I remembered where I was. I realized what I was doing and with who. I tried to jump off of him but he was holding on tight, one hand still rubbing my back while the other was tangled in my hair.

I realized that I wanted to keep going. I almost gave in and continued kissing him.

"No, don't stop," he whispered into my ear, "I don't want you to stop."

My blood was pounding in my ears, I was sprawled

across him, my sensitive nipples were drilling into his chest, and he was telling me not to stop.


I pushed off of him as hard as I could, and he let me go. I scrambled away from him and sat with my back against the couch with my hand pressed to my mouth. What did I do? Ohmygod what just happened?? I was fighting the urge to climb back on top of him and finish what he'd started. He just lay there very still, not saying anything. The only movement was his chest rising and falling rapidly. His cock was standing at full attention creating a tent in his shorts, begging to be released. I stared at it for awhile before turning away with my eyes closed. It was some time before I could get the courage to speak.

"I.... you....," I started. I cleared my throat and tried again.

"I'm sorry, I- I- I didn't mean for that to happen," I stammered.

"I'm gonna go to bed, night." Was his only reply.

He got up from on the floor and headed for the stairs.

"You ok?" I called after him as loud as I could without waking everyone else up. He nodded his head and continued.

Halfway up the stairs, he must have remembered that he was sleeping in the living room because he turned around and came back down. As he walked in, I mumbled a hasty night, and with my thoughts in an uproar, turned off the t.v. and quickly headed to bed.

To be continued.........

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