tagIncest/TabooHow It Happened Ch. 02

How It Happened Ch. 02


So, this is the second part. I do hope that you enjoy it as much as you did the first.


Hi! My name is Khrystal, Khrys or Khrystie for short. My brother Mikael and I didn't grow up together. My mom didn't stay married to our fathers' for very long and so he lived with his dad. Who, as I'm sure you've realized, is not my dad. Fun woman, isn't she? She was currently on her seventh husband, Chris. So, when Mike and I saw each other, it was usually for very special occasions. You know, family reunions, Moms' birthday, things like that.

He was 25, I was 23. We looked like complete opposites, him standing at 6'2 and 180 lbs and me at 5'2 and 115 lbs (as far as I was concerned, most of it was in my hips). Unfortunately, we both had the same temperament. Quiet, observant, but very passionate. Also, we never started something that we didn't intend to finish. Thinking back, I realize that I should have remembered that.


So, it happened. Me and my brother kissed. Well, we started to at least. Let's be more accurate. He kissed me. My whole body tingled with the memory. I couldn't sit in the living room without remembering what had happened.

We didn't speak about it or acknowledge that it had happened for almost a week. It was almost torture to be in the same room with him, wanting to be close to him and feel him and not be able to. I could still taste him on my lips, feel his body against mine. I would catch him looking at me when he thought I wouldn't notice.

It was almost the end of the week when things progressed. We were in the kitchen helping mom cut up vegetables for dinner. Somehow, we ended up standing up by the counter together. Right next to each other.

So close.

I did my best to concentrate, but it wasn't easy. Every so often, he would shift his weight from one foot to the other and brush up along my side. The first time it happened, I thought it was an accident. After that though, I knew it was intentional.

"Hey sis, could you pass me that bowl?" he suddenly asked me.

"Hmm?" I replied, pretending that I was concentrating really hard on what I was doing.

He sighed, "Never mind."

He reached across in front of me for the bowl. It should have been a very quick, simple and easy thing to do.

Except it wasn't.

As he reached over, he slid his arm, from wrist to shoulder, across my nipples.



I froze as they immediately beaded and printed out in the front of my shirt, no bra tonight. My cheeks felt like they were on fire. As he just as slowly pulled his arm back, dragging it across me the entire way, the breath that I had been holding slowly eased out.

I glanced over at him. He was watching me with heavy lidded eyes. He caught his tongue between his teeth, his gaze firmly fixed on my mouth. I felt my breath escape my mouth in a whoosh. Mom had gone from the kitchen, so it was just the two of us. He turned his body toward mine. I was still standing in the same spot watching him. I didn't move. He reached out and traced one finger from my jaw to my collarbone, leaving a trail of heat in its wake. His eyes followed the journey of his finger.

He stopped. He leaned toward me, slowly closing the distance between us. His hand slid behind my neck, gently turning me to him, tilting my head back, readying me for his kiss. I could feel my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation.

Then he did it.

He kissed me.

Softly at first. Slow and sweet. Opening his mouth over mine, licking my lips. Then it changed and his tongue was demanding entrance. I opened my mouth giving him what he wanted. I met his tongue with my own, tasting him, testing him.


I lifted my hands and pushed them under his shirt. I lightly dragged my nails over his flat stomach, going upward until I reached his chest. I rubbed my fingers over his flat nipples and was rewarded as they hardened under my touch and he groaned into my mouth, cupping my ass in his hand, dragging me up against his body. I could feel the evidence of his arousal against my stomach.

My big brothers cock.

Hard for his little sister.

So hot.

The kitchen was getting warm. Very warm. We were generating a lot of heat between us with our illicit action. He turned us so that my back was against the counter, and ground his cloth covered cock into me. He pulled back enough that he could see me. Looking me straight in the eye, he put his hands on my hips, lifted me and sat me on the counter. He put his hands on my knees and slowly spread my legs He moved his hands up my legs, taking time to squeeze my thighs before he got to the legs of my cotton short shorts.


The sound of someone coming down the stairs, which leads directly to the kitchen, jolted me from my daze. As I hopped off of the counter, he jumped back and tried to make it look like he was getting something from the island. I quickly turned my back to the room and pretended that I was still cutting up veggies.

"Hey kids, you guys finished yet?"My mom asked us as she walked into the kitchen, "I want to start cooking soon."

"Almost, we're almost there mom," I heard my brother say as he resumed cutting next to me. I chanced a glance at him out of the corner of my eye. He wasn't looking at me, but those delectable lips were curved up in a mischievous smile.

At dinner, we sat next to each other. I didn't think that he would try anything there, but then I felt his hand on my thigh.

Stroking me. I sighed.

Caressing me. I melted.

Tickling me. I wiggled.

Arousing me. I blushed.

I had to keep assuring Mom and Chris that I was fine despite my color and odd behavior. Mikael, on the other hand, was able to carry a conversation with them all through dinner.

I crossed my legs, one over the other, to try to stop him from touching. I only succeeded in trapping his hand, not stopping his explorations. He looked over at me with an unreadable expression, while I tried to silently tell him to stop. He slid his hand up until his fingers brushed against the crotch of my panties.

The very wet crotch.

He rubbed his middle finger along my nether lips as best he could with his limited mobility. I nearly moaned out from the sensation. I put my hand on his and started tugging his hand away. He turned to me. My eyes must have shown how hungry I was for him because he sucked in a sharp breath and bit his bottom lip. I finally got his hand to move out a little. He gave my thigh one final squeeze before putting his hand in his lap.

Playtime was over. For now.


Later, everyone headed to the living room. Sometimes we watched a little t.v. as a family after dinner. When he came for a visit, he'd join us. I took one look, and realizing that I would end up sitting in the darkened room next to him, and I begged off stating that I was too tired to stay up. I said a quick g'night to the parentals and headed to my room.

I thought I heard him mutter "Coward" as I was walking out. I kept my head straight, not bothering to turn around and find out.

I reached the welcoming silence of my room. Only, tonight, it wasn't so welcoming. My mind wouldn't stop replaying the past week for me. Every deliciously naughty moment, brief as they were, with my brother.

I tried to get some sleep.

No such luck.

My nerves were on end.

I felt wired.

I didn't think I'd be able to sleep. My mind is working overtime, trying to figure out how we went from having a relaxing time, to tasting each other.


I tossed and turned.

I got up and turned on the light and tried to find something that would take my mind off of him. I paced at the foot of my bed.

Back and forth.

Up and down.

All the while I kept thinking, "Please let us go back to normal." Well, normal for us anyway. I was finally calming down. Then I turned around and froze. He was there.

In my room.

Leaning up against the closed door.

He had his hands behind him. I heard the distinct sound of the door being locked. Oh my. Locked in a room with him.

All alone.

I swallowed. Hard.

"Um, hey." I mumbled.

He didn't answer me.

He just stood there and watched me. It was as if he were studying me. I almost squirmed under his scrutiny but managed to stay still. His lips, those delectable lips, were tilted up slightly at the corners. I amused him apparently. He took a step into the room.

Just one step.

So much closer.

I felt my heart speed up.

My nipples tightened from the memory of his body against mine. God, what have I gotten myself into? I let my eyes slowly travel over his body. From his curly black hair (my mom was a Spanish-negro mix), to his gorgeous brown eyes, to his sexy pink lips. His shoulders broad, his chest defined, stomach toned and flat (he never saw the need to get a six pack) His legs long, thighs strong, gorgeous calves and feet. He had a cross between a runners and a football players' body. Simply beautiful..

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my hormones down, but they're traitorous little things and they continued to surge through my body.

My breath started coming faster as I felt the need to close the distance between us, my chest rising and falling quickly.

His eyes focused on my breasts.

I turned my back to him. Turned away from a sight that would have made any woman say "yes!" I turned in my attempt to keep things from going even further. I heard his quiet chuckle. I ignored it. When he spoke, his voice came from much closer than he had been only a few moments ago.

" Is that supposed to stop me, or help you?"

"Both," I whispered.

I heard him take a deep breath and step further into the room, his long legs helping him to halve the distance between us. He wrapped his hands around my shoulders and turned me to face him. He dropped his hands as soon as I was facing him.

Finally, we stood face to face, so to speak. So close that he was a hard thought away. It would have been harder to not touch him. I looked up at him. I placed my hand in his and he laced his fingers with mine.

"You know we shouldn't be doing this, right?" I asked.

"Why?" he said, "Why shouldn't we be doing this?"

"Because," I started. I stopped and started again, "Because we could get into a lot of trouble."

"So? What's life without a little trouble in it?"

I shook my head at him. He looked so serious.

"I don't want to stop. I think I'm addicted to the way you taste," he said quietly.

I'd been thinking the same thing. What if we couldn't stop, though? This was the sort of thing that ruined relationships and dragged families apart. I didn't want that for us.

But I couldn't help myself. My body ached to close the distance between us. I stretched up on my toes and kissed him. It was the first time that I initiated anything. Soon we were kissing feverishly and touching each other anywhere we could reach. He put his hand over my tit and squeezed.

Both of us moaned. He captured my nipple between his fingers and rolled it, bringing the sensitive nub to full attention. He bent down and licked me through my shirt. I almost came right there. He nipped and suckled me while his hand kneaded my other breast. I yanked his shirt up over his head and he returned the favor. We came back together.

Skin to skin.

Flesh against flesh.

It all felt so wonderfully naughty. He had his eyes closed as if savoring the sensation. I rested my head on his chest and breathed him in. He smelled of soap, his cologne. But underneath all of that, was the smell of him.




I buried my nose in him. I placed a kiss on his chest. He shivered. I licked him. His arms tightened around me. I nibbled along his chest until I reached a nipple. He stopped breathing. I captured the sensitive flesh between my teeth and softly pulled it out. His hands clutched at me desperately as he groaned into my hair. My hand, which had been resting on his hips, crept behind him. I placed my hands as high up on his back as I could reach and slowly dragged my nails down, still nibbling and sucking his nipple.

"Oh god" He ground out between clenched teeth.

"What? Is something wrong?" I asked, smirking at him.

He just shook his head, biting his lip.

My body felt like it was on fire. My panties were drenched with the moisture of my own arousal. He hadn't touched me yet, not really, and I felt like I was on the verge of cumming all over myself. I tilted my head back and again we kissed. There was nothing gentle about this one though. He sucked my tongue roughly into his mouth; I bit his lip hard enough to leave an imprint, our teeth clashed, tongues dueling for dominance.

I couldn't stop.

He tasted so good.

His hands gripped my hips hard enough to hurt, just a little.

I didn't mind though. He was pressing open mouth kisses all along my neck, paying special attention to the cluster of nerves where neck meets shoulder. By now I was on my toes, straining to get closer to him, my hands hooked around his neck, rubbing against the erection that was trying to poke through my tummy.

I was so wrapped up in the feel of his body that when he tried to turn us around, I stumbled. He caught me and walked me backward. I felt the backs of my legs hit something. Without looking, I climbed up. It was my bed. As I slowly reclined, I pulled him with me. He was placing little kisses all over my face. I caught his face between my hands and kissed him. I poured all of my lust, love, confusion and fear into that one kiss. As he settled his body onto mine, my legs spread to accommodate him. He laid kisses along my cheek, jaw and finally, my ear, where he slid his tongue inside, both tickling me and turning me on more. He ground his cock against me as best as he could with the height difference.

Finally he gave up.

"This isn't working," He said with a sigh of frustration. "You're so tiny and I'm so not."

"Roll us over," I suggested.

He effortlessly rolled us over so that I could straddle him. I'd never seen him spread out on my bed like this before.

I took a moment to enjoy the view. All that toned, firm maleness. I rubbed my hands over his chest and shoulders. His skin felt so hot against mine.

My mouth was watering at the thought that he was mine, if only for a short while, to touch and taste as I chose. He slid his hands over my ass, holding, squeezing, the fingers of one hand curling in toward my moist center. I leaned forward and arched my back to give him easier access. The room was quiet except for the sound of our heavy breathing. My eyes locked on his as his fingers slid my shorts, then the crotch of my panties aside and rubbed the smooth slickness between my legs. My breath hitched a little as he slowly, oh so slowly, dragged his finger from clit to anus.

My head went back, hands braced on his chest, nails digging in ever so slightly. I pushed back on that one torturous finger, a silent plea for him to slip it inside and end my agony. His answer was to wrap an arm around my waist to prevent any further movement from me. I was whimpering by now, waiting to see what he would do next. My body was tight with anticipation. He resumed his torture, this time with the added pleasure of his lips around my nipple. I nearly jumped up off of him with the intensity I was feeling. I was extremely turned on. I wanted to fuck.

As simple as that.

I wanted Mike to just pull his cock out and impale me on it. I reached back and felt around for the object of my desire. As my fingers brushed over it, his breath hissed out and he suddenly thrust his finger into my dripping cunt. Oh yes!! This was what I wanted!

So good!

He twirled his finger around inside of me, touching places that no other guy ever had before. Places that I didn't even know existed in me. He slid his finger out, only to drive it right back in with another added. God yes!

I was stroking his cock in earnest now, both of us moaning and panting as we started to come apart. It felt so fucking good!!! He was finger fucking me as hard as he could, his knuckles rubbing against my clit and driving me wild! I was playing with the head of his cock, rubbing up and down the length of his shaft. I tried to circle my fingers around for a better grip but his pants kept getting in the way.

He slowed down on the assault on my pussy and used the hand that was holding me in place to shove his pants down. As soon as my hand touched his naked flesh, he let out a loud groan.

"Khrystie!" He moaned, "That's it baby sis, stroke my cock."

I started to stroke in earnest, trying for all I was worth to make him feel as good as he was making me feel.

Without him keeping me pinned to him, I was bouncing on his fingers, riding them in time with my stroking. I was quickly approaching maximum altitude. As I reached my peak, and was crashing headfirst into one of the best orgasms ever, I felt his cock swell in my hand just before he warned me that he was cumming too. He arched his back and let out a long groan as I felt the first splash of his hot cum hit my shoulder, soaring up like that of a man long denied release. The second hit my back and slid down while the rest dribbled over my hand. I kept stroking until I was sure that I had milked every drop of the cum from his cock. He slid his fingers form between my legs and brought his fingers to his mouth for a taste.

He closed his eyes as though he were savoring the flavor. He groaned appreciatively, licking his hand and fingers like it was the best thing he had ever tasted.

"Mmmm, simply delicious sis," He said, opening his eyes after he had sucked all of my juices off, "I hope that I can get a taste from the source next time," he added with a smile.

I grinned back at him.

"Sure, no problem bro. As long as I get to taste yours from the source too," I replied, licking his cum from my hand.

To be continued...

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