tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 05

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 05


"So how many fights does he have left until state?" Gail asked.

"Three I think." Michelle said, sipping on a glass of water.

Michelle was wearing pale-pink two-piece string bikini. The bottoms were cut so low they just barely covered her mommy-muffin and the top, well lets just say there were tits oozing out all over.

"So you've sucked his cock and balls, he's humped your tits and smooched with your pooch, what the hell's left. The only thing you two haven't done is fucked?" Gail giggled.

Michelle watched out the sliding glass door as her husband and son played in the pool.

"I have a couple ideas." Michelle said, gazing out at her son's glistening body as it splash about.

"Here's an idea, how 'bout I come stay with you for a couple of days. We can keep him home from school and drain his balls." Gail said.

"Thanks, but I think I can handle this one on my own, sis." She said.

Jacob got out of the pool and ran inside, toweling himself off.

"Having fun out there, handsome?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah. I thought you were gonna come swim?" He asked.

"I am I was just chatting with Aunt Gail. Here, say hi." She said, handing him the phone.

"Hi Aunt Gail." Jacob said.

"Hey there stud. Heard you enjoyed your little rest stop this morning" Gail said.

"Yeah, it was cool." Jacob said.

As he spoke on the phone Michelle stepped up behind him and began to gently rub his shoulders with her soft hands. She was finding it more and more difficult to keep her hands off of him.

"I had fun last night. You're a hard one to resist, sweetheart." She said.

"Thanks." He said.

Michelle glanced out the window at her husband as he swam laps across the pool. She pulled Jacob away from the sliding glass door so that her husband couldn't see them if he were to look, backing him against the kitchen counter. Her tits kissed his back as she wrapped her arms around him and began running her hands across his muscular chest.

"You know, I was thinking, I know after you win state you're gonna be pretty busy making your mom scream, but if you can pull yourself away from her I'd like you to come stay with me for a week." Gail said.

Michelle began to plant light sensual little kisses along her son's neck. Her hand crept down beneath the waistband of his shorts and she combed her long nails through his pubic fuzz.

Jacob felt one of his mom's bare feet begin to gently slide up his calf as she loved on him.

"The girls are always gone and your Uncle Ron works long hours so it would just be the two of us most of the day. Would you like that?" Gail asked.

"Yeah, that would be fun." Jacob said.

"I heart you, Jacob." Gail said softly.

"I love you too, Aunt Gail." He muttered.

As Michelle was handed back the phone she moved around to the front of her son, facing him. He hand grasped the waistband of his shorts, holding it like a harness as she brought the phone to her ear. "Making plans are we?" She asked her sister.

"I just thought Jacob might like to come spend some time with his Auntie after he becomes state champion." Gail said.

"Well I have a strange suspicion that when Mr. Jacob wins the state championship he won't wanna wander far from home for a while." Michelle said, staring into her son's eyes.

Michelle heard her husband come in the sliding door and let go of her son's shorts. She continued to gaze at him for a moment. He mouth fell open slightly and Jacob could see her tongue fluttering inside.

"Honey, do we have any sandwich meat?" Her husband called out.

"I better go, sis. I have two hungry boys to feed." Michelle said.

After lunch Jacob and his father became engrossed in the Saturday afternoon baseball game. Michelle, still in her skimpy bikini, got up from the sofa and strolled towards the sliding glass door.

"Well, boys, I think I'm gonna go out for a swim." She said.

Jacob watched her strut towards the door. Her big soft ass cheeks peeked from beneath the skimpy bikini bottoms and swayed gently from side to side. He knew it was an open invitation for him to come out and play.

"Actually, dad, I'm not too into the game. I think I'll go back out and swim with mom." He said.

"Suit yourself." His father said, chomping on his popcorn.

When Jacob got outside Michelle was already in the pool. She was floating over on the deep end with only her pretty little head poking out of the water.

"Hi." She said, in a flirty little tone.

"Hi." Jacob said as he walked down the steps into the water.

"You're so cute. Like a little puppy-dog who just wants to be with its momma. Come here." She said in a sweet motherly way.

Jacob swam over to the deep end where Michelle latched on, throwing her legs and arms around him. Jacob kept them both afloat as Michelle hung onto him. Hovering slightly above him, Jacob's mom brushed the wet hair from his eyes.

"Ohhh, momma's big strong wrestling stud. You gonna hold me and show me what a man you are?" She said.

"I could hold you forever." Jacob said, feeling his mom's big wet boobs against his chest.

"Careful what you wish for, sweet-baby" She smiled.

"So what do I get if I win my next match?" Jacob asked.

"It's a surprise this time. I will tell you this though...if you win, that big boner in your shorts is gonna be very, very happy." Michelle said.

Jacob giggled a little.

"What's so funny?" Michelle smiled.

"It's just funny to hear my own mom say the word 'boner' that's all." He said.

"Yeah, well it wasn't so hilarious this morning when your own mom had her lips wrapped around your boner at the rest stop now was it?" Michelle said.

"No, there was nothing funny about that." He answered.

Michelle glared into his eyes with a naughty little smile.

"BONER." She said, watching his reaction.

A little shiver went through Jacob's body...and speaking of boner his was wedged against his mom's nest as her legs coiled around him. "That is so cool." He smiled.

Michelle giggled at his reaction, then got a serious look.

"Watch my lips...are you watching?" She asked.

Jacob nodded as he watched his mom's big pouty lips slowly parted. There was a long pause before Michelle spouted it out.

"BONER." She said in her sweet little voice.

She giggled as she felt her son's reaction. She hugged him tightly, bringing her lips to his ear.

"Boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, BONER!...My Boner." She whispered.

Jacob suddenly slipped out of her arms, playfully dunking under the water. Michelle let out a little yelp as she tried to hang onto him.

He resurfaced near the shallow end laughing at her.

"You come back here young man." She said, starting off after him.

When she got near him Jacob dove under again going right between his mom's legs. Michelle screamed playfully as she was lifted out of the water on her son's shoulders. She squeezed her thighs tightly around her son's head, her big wet boob's wobbling, nearly popping out of her bikini top.

"You little shit." She laughed.

Michelle glanced at the house to make sure her husband wasn't watching.

"You bad-boy, you just wanted your head between my fucking legs." She said.

"You got it." Jacob said.

"Oh, you wanna play naughty...huh. Does my baby wanna play naughty?" She asked.

Michelle quickly slid down her son's back and snatched onto him from behind, clutching her arms and legs around him like a spider. Pulling him back they both went under to their necks.

In a flash Michelle's hand slipped into her son's shorts and grasped his cock. With a tight grip at the base she immediately started jerking him off, pulling the loose skin up and down his shaft.

"Is my baby horny...huh? Is his big dick all hard and horny?" She hissed.

"It always is when I'm around you." Jacob answered.

"Swim to the other side with me." She said.

Jacob followed his mom to the other side of the pool. At that end there was a built in seat about half way down the side wall of the pool. A place where a person could sit yet still be neck deep in the water.

"Take off your trunks." Michelle said.

"But what about dad?" Jacob questioned.

"Even if he did pull himself away from the game, he can't see this part of the pool from the back door. If he comes out we'll hear him, now are you gonna take off those trunks, mister, or do I have to?" Michelle asked.

Jacob slid his shorts off and Michelle reached under and undid her bikini bottoms.

"Climb up in the seat." Michelle said.

Jacob lifted himself up and slid back into the contoured pool-seat. He sat back so that only his head poked out above the water. Like a floating Goddess, Michelle's body ascended up over Jacob's legs. He saw her naked ass peek from the water, then he watched as his mom straddled him, her bare mommy-muffin resting right against his rock-hard shaft.

Michelle lay right up against him, throwing her arms around his neck. Her big tit-sacks flattened like soft dough onto his chest as she brought her face up close to his.

"See, he can't even see us." She said reassuringly.

It was true. The seat was tucked down into a private area of the pool, surrounded by ledge so that a person would have to actually be in the pool or standing at the other side to see them.

"You've had girls over. You can't tell me you've never hidden over here and made-out with them." Michelle said.

"Naw, those girls were too scared to do anything like that." Jacob said.

"Unlike your mother who can't keep her hands off of you...So what about it handsome...wanna make-out with Mom?" Michelle smiled.

"You have to ask?" Jacob said.

Michelle giggled then tilted her head a little as she brought her lips to Jacobs. The two of them began to kiss sensually. Their tongues slipped from their mouths and began a slow intimate dance.

Michelle could feel her son's cock flexing against her quim. She began to gently move her hips, crushing the meat of his spear into her genitals. Before long Jacob could feel the flesh of his mom's labia dragging up and down the length of his rod.

Gradually their kissing became deeper and more animal-like, panting and rolling their tongues wildly together. By now Jacob was getting used to how fast his mom's tongue could move. In the beginning Michelle's pink snake could flutter circles around his before he even had time to respond. Now, from all the practice Jacob was becoming a little make-out specialist. When her tongue rolled, his rolled with it. When her tongue flailed, his was right there battering back at it.

"Holy shit he's getting good." Michelle thought, as she felt the strength of his tongue twisting with hers. For twenty solid minutes they went at it with tongues wrestling, hips rolling and tits wobbling. By now Michelle's labia were draped down the sides of Jacob's cock so his rock-hard shaft slid along the opening to her hungry vagina, crushing her clit.

This brought on the inevitable as Michelle's body began to quiver.

"Oh Jacob!" She quietly squealed, her face beginning it's cute little contortion.

Michelle's hips went into overdrive as a huge orgasm began to overtake her. She buried her face in her son's neck, which muffled a series of cunt-quivering screams.

As his mom bucked around on top of him Jacob smiled to himself. He wondered how many other boys were spending their weekend making their moms cum.

Michelle came back down from her orgasmic cloud. Her hips had slowed, but continued to roll. Up and back. Up and back.

"Oh my God." She sighed, still struggling to catch her breath.

"Mom." Jacob asked.

"Yes, love." She said.

"Can I please just put it inside you?" He asked, his cock aching.

"I think you know the answer to that, sweetie." Michelle said.

"I'll win state, I swear to God. If I don't win you can ground me for a year." Jacob said.

"Why, so you can stay home with me. Like that's a punishment." Michelle giggled, her hips still undulating. Up and back. Up and back.

"No...Jacob Little, when you and I finally make love it's going to be more than just a five minute frolic in the pool." Michelle said. She put her face up against her son's so their foreheads were touching. She stared straight into his eyes, her hips still working their magic. Up and back. Up and back.

"It's going to be absolute magic. It'll happen the morning after your big night. It'll start like any other morning. Breakfast at the table with your father, you and I sharing our secret little glances. One thing will be different though. You're father will leave for work, but you won't be going anywhere. I'm afraid the big fight has left you soar...to soar to go to school." Michelle whispered.

Jacob's heart began to pound with excitement as he listened to his mom's voice, staring straight into those seductive brown eyes.

"After I see your father out and lock the doors behind him, you'll be waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. You'll be naked and your cock will be iron-hard and pulsing with excitement, like it is now. As I turn to you, I'll let my dainty little robe slip off my shoulders and I come to you as naked as the day I gave birth to you." She said.

Jacob could feel his balls begin to boil as his mom's voice send electric jolts through his body. Her cunt smothered his dick, gliding up and back, up and back.

"When I meet you and our hands come together, sparks will fly. As I look you in the eyes I'll say to you five simple words. JACOB, TAKE ME TO BED!" She said.

It was all Jacob could take. He felt the flood gates open and a torrent of sperm rocket through his shaft.

"OH GOD MOM, I'M CUMMING!" He groaned.

Once again Michelle's hips went into to overdrive, grinding against her son. She brought her lips to his ear as she felt his cock pulse.

"We'll fuck, sweetie...we'll fuck on mommy's big soft bed. WE'LL FUCK LIKE RABBITS!" She squealed.

This time it was Jacob who planted his face in his mom's neck, grunting with each powerful cock-blast.

Michelle wasn't far behind him. Her body began to convulse against his.

"Oh, sweetie!" Michelle's voice squeaked.

Time stood still and all that existed were throbbing, pulsing genitals. Jacob could feel the warmth of his mother's excretion as his own organ squirted thick clouds of potent baby-batter. Together they rode the wave of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

Things were certainly different now between Jacob and his mom. Even during their day to day routine Michelle would do little things like squeeze Jacob's cock through his shorts.

"How's my penis?" She'd ask.

"Is he anxious to fuck?" She'd ask candidly.

Often times Michelle would give her son little flashes of her ass or pussy, even with his father in the same room. There were lots of tit-squashing hugs, lots of slow sensual kisses and lots and lots of flirty little winks.

One night around midnight, after her husband was fast asleep. Michelle slipped out of bed. She threw on a sexy little silk robe and tip-toed down to her son's room. Once there she peeked inside and found Jacob on his bed completely naked and stroking his big boner.

He eye's were closed and he had headphone's on. Michelle could hear the beat of a rock tune. She slipped inside his room and quietly leaned against the door at the foot of his bed watching him.

Her eyes traveled down the big meaty fuck-stick admiring it's impressive length. It looked so young and powerful. Jacob's big hairless balls bounced as his fist flew up and down his teenaged dong.

Michelle's knees quivered at the thought of having such a big strong boner inside of her. Jacob's eyes suddenly flew open and his hand stopped at he stared at his mom.

"Holy shit, mom. You scared me." He said.

"It's a little past your bedtime there horn-dog." She smiled.

"Sorry, I was practicing something." He said.

"Yeah, I can see that." Michelle smiled.

"I read in a magazine how a guy can go longer without coming." He said.

"Really?" Michelle said with interest.

She came over and sat at the foot of the bed.

"Show me." She said.

Jacob's cock was still glistening with pre-cum. He grabbed it and started stroking forcefully again.

"They said if you think about something else while your doing it you can go longer." He said.

"Yeah right. Sweetie when you look up and see tits swinging above your face you won't be thinking about something else...trust me." She said.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the lotion Jacob had sitting by his side. She squirted some onto her hand.

"How 'bout I teach you a better way?" She said.

"Okay." He said.

"I want you to pin your balls back against your ass so the skin on your penis gets nice and tight." She said.

Jacob slid his fist down and squashed his scrotum against his ass. His cock was now a perfect fuck-stick jutting straight upward, capped by a bulging pink helmet.

Michelle's tiny hand clasped its meaty target. She gently began to stroke up and down its length.

"There are two things you need to remember when having sex. You fuck until you get close. You grind until it subsides. Simple as pie." She said.

"What do you mean by grind?" Jacob asked.

"When your penis gets close to orgasm you go as far inside the vagina as you can, hold it there and do a little grinding motion back and forth. If a woman's on top she'll usually do the grinding for you." Michelle said.

Jacob watched his mom's hand, like the hand of a seasoned professional working her magic on his cock. Michelle was a lefty and Jacob chuckled to himself as he watched his mom's shiny silver wedding ring glide up and down. She squeezed hard on his cock being cautious not to jab him with her long painted nails.

Jacob was already beginning to feel his balls boil.

"Oh wow, I feeling good already." He announced.

"Fuck my hand as long as you can, sweetheart." She said.

After a half-dozen dick-milking strokes, Michelle felt Jacob's cock flex.

"Okay, I'm really close." He said.

"Grind." Michelle said, sliding her hand to the base of her son's cock.

His hips rose from the mattress a little as he felt his mother's grasp holding back the torrent.

"With your length you'll probably be able to plow the head of a woman's cervix. It'll feel a little like this." Michelle said, lowering her lips to Jacob's cock. Michelle kept her lips tightly closed and pressed them against the tip of her son's cock-head. She rubbed his helmet back and forth across the split of her lips. Pre-cum drooled from his piss-hole as it drug across her teeth.

"Better?" She asked.

"Yeah." He answered.

Michelle sat back up and began stroking again.

"Okay, start fucking again." She said.

"Come on, sweetie bounce your hips. You should be meeting my hand stroke for stroke." She instructed sternly.

Jacob's ass began bouncing on the mattress as he fucked his cock up into his mom's fist.

"That's it handsome. Good. Show your momma what a stud you are." She said.

Jacob fucked his mom's tiny hand for a full two minutes before he felt that familiar orgasmic sensation.

"Oh God." Was all he had to say.

"Grind." Michelle said, her lips lowering to his tool.

As Michelle knelt with her fist around the root of her son's cock and her lips against his bulb, her robe had parted enough for Jacob to peer down and see her big pendulous breasts.

"FUCK." His mom said.

Jacob fucked. This time he went almost five minutes. By this time Michelle's hand was a creamy little fuck pouch of lotion and cum.

For fifteen minutes Jacob held out as his mom worked her hand and lips on his horny teenaged dong. "Oh sweetie you've done so well. I want you to cream." She said lovingly, speeding up her cock-strokes.

Seconds later Jacob was grunting. Rope after rope of thick jism blasted into the air, splashing down against his chest. Michelle milked him dry. She leaned down and gave the gleaming purple head of his cock a big closed-lipped kiss.

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