How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 05


"Mmmmm. My big strong penis." She said, giving it a few more long slow strokes.

The night of Jacob's next match finally came and he won easily. After the meet Michelle went searching for her son. She was stunning as usual, wearing a black spandex tube-top dress which left plenty of bulging cleavage on open display. The heels of her strapless high heeled sandals clicked against the tile floor as she moved out of the gymnasium and into the hallway.

Michelle found Jacob in the hallway, alone with a girl his age. The two of them giggled flirtatiously.

"Sweetheart?" Michelle called.

Jacob walked towards his mom. His girl followed behind him.

"Hey, mom...Mom this is Lisa." He said.

"Hi." Michelle said with a forced smile.

"Hi.'re beautiful." Lisa said.

"Would you excuse us a minute, Lisa?" Michelle asked.

"Sure, I'll just be outside." Lisa said.

Lisa walked off and Michelle fed her son a perturbed look.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She asked.

"She's just a friend. A bunch of them are going out tonight and they want me to go." Jacob said. "So that bitch can pop your cherry before I do. I don't think so. You're not going." She said.

"Fine, I'll just ask dad...he'll let me go." Jacob said, walking past her.

"Jacob Little, get back here right now!" Michelle demanded.

Jacob stopped dead in his tracks. He knew better than to fuck with his mom.

Michelle strolled over and took his hands, staring lovingly into his eyes.

"She can't fuck like I can. You know that." Michelle smiled.

Lisa poked her head thought the gym doorway.

"Jacob, we're leaving. Are you gonna come?" She asked.

Jacob looked back at his mom who was still staring at him.

"Get rid of her." Michelle whispered.

"Will you keep me home from school and fuck me tomorrow?" He asked.

"No more girlfriends...understood?" Michelle asked.

"Understood." He said.

"Jacob?" Lisa called.

"Get rid of her." Michelle said.

Jacob looked at Lisa who still stood in the doorway impatiently.

"I'm tired. I think I'm just gonna go home tonight." He told her.

Lisa glanced at Michelle who was glaring back at her with an evil little grin.

"Fine." Lisa snapped, stomping away.

Jacob hardly slept that night. At breakfast the next morning he couldn't stop looking at his mom as she sat across the table from him. He simply couldn't believe he was finally going to spend the day making love to her.

Several times during breakfast Michelle stared back at him, her eyes searching his. She too was eager and a little nervous. She knew her son had a big strong dick and the ability to hammer her pretty little mommy-pussy like it had never been hammered before. She knew she was in for a day of intense toe-curling orgasms.

Jacob thought his father would never leave for work. His heart began to pound in his chest as he heard his mom close the front door and lock it.

A few seconds later Michelle strolled back into the kitchen, her pretty little bare feet gently tapping the tile floor as she walked. She was still in her short silk robe and her big braless tits did a little wobble as she stepped near her son.

Jacob was still seated at the table. He watched as his mom strolled over and sat on his lap, her big pillowy ass smothering his semi-hard penis. She gently brushed the hair from his face.

"Hi." She said seductively.

"Hi." Jacob smiled.

"Nervous?" She asked.

"A little." He said.

"Sweetie, I know you wanna fuck, but we have a problem." She said.

"What?" He asked.

"Well number one, I'm not on the pill and getting pregnant really wasn't on my agenda this week. And number're not state champ yet, and that was the deal, remember?" She asked.

"But. Mom I-" Jacob started to protest before Michelle cut him off. "Before you start complaining let me tell you where you WILL be spending the day... Do you remember me commenting on how I thought that your big monster of a penis and my big bubbly butt would make quit the pair?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Well today we get to find out if I was right." She smiled.

"You mean we're gonna..." Jacob started.

"Uh-huh. Think you can handle your momma's butt slapping against you all day?" She asked.

"Hell yeah." Jacob said excitedly.

"Well then my little rump-rider, let's get busy shall we?" She said, standing up.

"Upstairs Cowboy." Michelle said.

Jacob followed his mom up the stairs. He couldn't take his eyes off the swell of Michelle's big matronly ass as it swayed teasingly beneath her robe.

Michelle led Jacob into her bedroom and made her way towards the master bath. Glancing over her shoulder she gave him a naughty little look as she stepped into the bathroom.

"Get naked." She said.

Jacob threw off his t-shirt and boxers. His big teenaged boner bobbed eagerly

A minute later Michelle stepped from the bathroom with only a bath towel tucked around her waist. Her big pendulous mommy-boobs trembled gently as she stepped towards her son.

In her hand Michelle had a big bottle of lubricant. She knelt down in front of Jacob and squirted an ample amount across his cock.

"The key to good anal sex is a nice greasy boner." She said, stroking the oil across his shaft with her tiny hand.

"Without proper lubrication you're gonna fight it the whole way. You could even hurt a girl, especially with something this big." She said.

Jacob's cock was now dripping with lube. His mom even coated his dangling scrotum, his big hairless balls slipping through her greasy fingers.

Michelle gazed at his iron-hard dick, rolling her tongue across her lips.

"Mmmmm, primed, lubed and ready to fuck!" She said.

"Do you put any on you?" Jacob asked.

"Already done. Momma's butt-hole's all greased up and ready for her baby." Michelle smiled.

Jacob watched as his mom undid the towel and threw it aside. His eyes were drawn to her cute little muffin, nearly bald accept for a little tiny triangle of neatly trimmed pubic fuzz. Michelle slowly turned and struck a cute little pose, with her hands on her waist and her pillowy butt-cheeks sticking out.

"Sure you wanna ride this ass?" She asked teasingly.

"Yeah." Jacob smiled, his cock flexing.

She slid her hands onto her cheeks and slowly pulled them apart exposing her big greasy butt-pucker.

"Sure you wanna go in there? It's awfully tight and warm inside that little hole." She continued in a cute little girls voice.

"I'm sure." Jacob mutter with excitement.

Michelle leaned over and placed one hand on her mattress. She spread her feet slightly apart and stuck her ass out, giving it a little pat with her hand.

"Come on." She whispered. Jacob stepped up behind his mom, his aching boner leading the way. Michelle watched over her shoulder as his cock lined up perfectly with her ass.

"Put the tip of your penis right up against my butt-hole." She said.

Jacob took hold of his cock and place it snuggly against Michelle's anal ring.

"Now push gently." She whispered.

Jacob pushed forward and watched in awe as his mom's big brown pucker stretched open, slipping over his greasy knob.

"That's it sugar, now just let your boner sink into heaven." She said.

Jacob pushed forward again sending three inches of buttery fuck-pole into Michelle's ass. He could feel the steamy walls of her shit-chute molding around his thick cock-meat.

"Oh God, mom." He muttered.

"That's it, sweetie. Let momma have it all. All the way to your balls." She said.

Jacob thrust forward again and he felt his cock-head sink into the depths of his mother's bowels. It seemed to just keep going, inch after vein-covered inch until he finally felt his balls bump against his mom's cunny and her soft butt-cheeks flattened against his abdomen.

"Oh God you're big." She sighed.

"This feels incredible." Jacob said.

"Don't pop too soon. Remember the drill. Fuck until you get close, grind until it subsides." She said.

"Okay." He said.

Jacob began to slowly saw his boner up and down her ass-pipe. Before long he fell into a nice rhythm and his mom's ass began to beat against him. "Oh, that's it sugar-bear, fuck my ass!" Michelle said, now gripping the mattress with both hands.

Jacob watched as a few inches of his penis appeared, then disappeared, gliding back through her anal ring.


Michelle's butt cheeks rippled as Jacob began to thrust forcefully.

He could feel his big hairless scrotum rap against her cunt each time their bodies met. It was only a couple minutes before he felt his balls begin to boil.

"Oh Mom." His voice quivered.

"Grab my hips and grind." She said.

Jacob thrust his penis in as far as it would go and held it there. Gripping onto Michelle's hips he began to stir her bowels with his spoon. He could feel something fleshy dragging across his purple mushroom. He didn't know what it was. He didn't care. It felt amazing!


After his cum settled he began to fuck his mom's ass again. He watched Michelle's tits as they hung from her chest, swinging up and back, up and back.

Michelle peered back at him, her breath heavy, her face red and excited.

"Having fun?" She smiled.

"Oh yeah." Jacob said.

"Guess what? You're about to make me cum." She said.

"Really?" He smiled.

"Can you fuck a little faster?" She asked. "Hell yeah." Jacob said.

Jacob doubled his efforts, pistoning his big thick cock in and out of her hungry ass.

Michelle's knees trembled and she let out a girly little shriek. Hearing his mom scream like a little school girl sent a shiver through Jacob's body and opened the sperm-gate.

"Oh God!" He groaned.

Thick ropes of potent teenaged cum began to pulse from his cock as he hammered his mom's ass. Michelle's ass cheeks were now a constant ripple as they beat against her son.

Mother and son road the waves of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

The day seemed to pass like an erotic dream. Five minutes after cumming in his mom's ass for the first time Jacob again found himself plowing her soft anal cavity. This time he was on the bed, laying on his back. Michelle was laying on top of him, her massive breasts pancaked between them.

Jacob watched as his mom did all the work this time. Michelle's big bubbly butt rapidly rose and fell, fucking it's meaty guest in wild desperation. The room was filled with quivering grunts and lewd slapping as Michelle's ass beat down on her son.

As soon as Jacob announced that he was getting close Michelle lifted her chest from his. Her butt squashed onto his groin and his dick sunk so deep that only his big balls were left, pressed snuggly against her butt-hole.

Michelle rocked her hips, stirring her bowels with her son's buttery stick.

Jacob gazed up at the underside of Michelle's huge ballooning breasts as they hovered over his face. He watched the heavy sacks wobble as she moved on his cock.

Michelle began to wince and throw her head back . "EEEEOH GOD!" She whined.

Jacob watched her body convulse, her tits rocking wildly as she came.

Once off her orgasmic high Michelle brought her chest down onto Jacob's face and began to work his cock in and out of her ass again.

Jacob sucked and chewed on one of her areola, his face buried in the soft-dough-like flesh of her breast.

His teenaged cock glistened with a slippery combination of lube and jizz allowing Michelle's butt-ring to glide up and down his pole with relative ease.

For a good ten minutes she bounced on his cock, until her baby muttered his orgasmic intentions, then she sat back up, her nipple popping from Jacob's mouth.

Again she rocked those beautiful matronly hips.

"Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit, HOLY SHIT!!!" She sang as again her body began to quake.

Again she came, harder than before. Jacob smiled with pride as he watched his own mom quiver and cry. Knowing that his dick was making this beautiful grown woman cream again and again was an absolute rush.

Michelle rolled them over on the bed so that she was now on her back with her son between her legs. A third of Jacob's cock remained tucked in her ass as they fell into their next position.

"You like your mom's ass, don't you, baby? You like your big dick way up inside my ass." Michelle moaned.

Jacob brought his chest down onto Michelle's and stared down into her wanton eyes as he began to saw his cock up and down her shit-pipe. He felt her soft feet slide onto the backs of his legs as she lifted her knees.

The entire bed began to rock beneath them as they found a nice steady rhythm. Michelle slowly coiled her arms around Jacob's neck and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met and their tongues began to dance. Gradually their kissing became sloppy and their bodies began to thrash together wildly. They were no longer mother and son but two sweaty animals feeding off each others bodies.

"GGGGRRRRURUUUHHHHH!!!" Jacob grumbled as he hammered his mom's ass hard and deep.

"OH SHIT!" Michelle squealed, digging her heels into his ass.

As he fucked with everything he had, Jacob watched his mom's face as she began to show signs of another orgasm. He was beginning to get good at reading her. First her face would go red, then her eyes would roll back in their sockets...then, right before she popped, her cute little eyelids would begin to flutter as her head tilted backwards.

Jacob felt her sphincter tighten around his pecker and her face began it's cute little contortion. It was a pre-orgasmic expression that all moms make, but few sons would ever get to see. Jacob was one of the lucky ones.

Michelle let out a shrieking scream that echoed through the entire house.

If it was one thing that made Jacob pop it was hearing his mom howl. Before he started fooling around with Michelle, he'd heard her do lots of things...laugh, cry...even scream sometimes when she was mad. This sound was different though. This was the sound of his mom screaming in intense pussy-pulsing pleasure.

"It's my's my cock that's making mom scream." Jacob said to himself with pride.

The flood gates opened and now it was Jacob's turn to howl. He fucked with long hard strokes, hammering Michelle's ass into the mattress. His thick streak flew up and down her anal cavity, smothered by its spongy walls.

"UUUUUGGGHHH, GOD!" Jacob groaned.

Michelle could feel her son's cock flex each time he sent a blast of hot cock-milk into her bowels. After a full minute of orgasmic heaven Jacob collapsed onto his mom's chest, exhausted.

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