tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 06

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 06


Jacob's cock moved like a well-lubed piston plunging up and down Michelle's anal cavity. The spongy walls of her butt-canal smothered the thick teenaged rod, casing it with hot buttery love.

It seemed like such a natural home for Jacob's large penis. It fit so snuggly and perfectly that it was almost as if his cock were made for Michelle's ass.

Each time his bulbous cock-head sunk into the deepest region of her furnace, he felt the magic that few boys would ever feel. It was like a million little butt-ferries whipping their tongues against his big pink mushroom, hot greasy froth spewing from their mouths.

The butt-ferries would only have a moment to work their magic, before the yawning bulb would sink back down into the smothering pit.

But then, like it never left, it would rise from the blackness, mouth agape and dribbling it's milky excrement. Reaching it's peak the cap would stretch and balloon as the butt-ferries attacked.

This process would go on at least a hundred times before finally, reaching it deepest point, the bulb would flex and a pulsing blast a boiling hot semen would erupt from it's piss-hole.

Jacob moaned as he felt his mom on his lap. She was facing away from him. They were on the sofa in the living room. Michelle was dressed, but her skirt was hiked up to her waist as she bounced on her son's dick.

Jacob's shorts were down to his ankles. His arm was around Michelle's waist, his head resting on her back as her big bubbly ass-cheeks slapped against his groin.

As his cock pulsed Jacob heard the garage door open, announcing his father's arrival.

"Relax and cum, sweetheart... We have time." Michelle said softly as she worked her ass on his spitting prick.

It was the seventh time he had cum in his mom's ass that day and at this point he felt like a blubbering ball of dough.

When his cock was through pulsing Michelle lifted her ass from his lap and Jacob's pipe popped from her hole. A strand of jizz clung to his cock like a string of melted pizza cheese connecting to her asshole as it rose from his lap.

Jacob watched his mom's sphincter tighten, severing the milky rope. The skirt fell, covering the big beautiful ass that he had spent the entire day pounding.

Michelle smiled back at him.

"My little rump-rider's all pooped out. Rush upstairs and get a shower." She said.

Hearing his dad's car door was extra motivation for him to get his ass off the couch and upstairs.

As he washed himself Jacob reflected back on his most amazing day. For every one orgasm he had, his mom had three. He remembered the look on her face as she came, the way she would stare into his eyes, like a helpless little girl, cumming on the dick of a well hung stud.

Later that evening Jacob was at the kitchen table studying when his mom stepped into the room. She had on nothing but a big silk pajama top. Her hair was still wet and slicked back from her shower.

"How goes the studying?" She asked.

"Okay I guess. Some of these words are a pain in the ass." He said.

"Need some help?" Michelle asked.

"Sure, if you want." He said.

Michelle sat down next to him at the table. He took a second to her admire her long silky-smooth legs and adorable little feet.

"Let's have a look." She said.

As his mom looked over the spelling words Jacob noticed that her pajama top was unbuttoned nearly half-way and her long gaping cleavage was peeking out.

"Wow, some of these are tough. Tell you what, how 'bout I use these in a sentence and you give me the definition, okay. Let's start with this one... Inevitable. She said.

"Once Jacob sunk his boner into his mom's butt-hole, popping his cap was inevitable." She said.

"Eventual." Jacob smiled.

"Very good." Michelle said.

"Substantial... One thing Michelle loves about her son is that the length of his manhood is quite substantial." She said, looking into his eyes.

"Large." Jacob smiled with a tinge of pride.

"You got it. Large, strong and yummy." She grinned.

"How 'bout this one... revelation. Discovering how amazing my son was in the sack and how good he could make me feel was quite the revelation." She said.

"A surprise." Jacob said.

"Yep... Insignificant... My baby boy is starting to make the other cock in my life seem quite insignificant." She said.

"Unimportant." He smiled.

"Very unimportant." Michelle said, staring back at him.

She searched for another word.

"Consequence... A son making his mom feel like a little girl again can have a very orgasmic consequence." Michelle said.

"Result." Jacob smiled.

"Right again. How 'bout attentiveness. When a mom without panties sits down and spreads her legs..." Michelle started, as she brought her foot up and rested her heel on the chair.

This caught Jacob's attention and he got a birds eye view of her cunt as her shirt rode up above her waist.

"It can surely spoil her son's attentiveness." She said.

"You can say that again." Jacob muttered.

"Wrong." Michelle giggled.

She brought the other foot up too and scooted her butt to the edge of the seat.

Jacob gawked at her beautiful matronly snatch. Michelle's big labial pedals drooped to the side making her genitals look like fat pink pouty lips. He saw her puckered anal ring, a reminder of where he spent his day.

Michelle ran her fingers down onto her quim and gave her labial meat a half-dozen sharp slaps.

Suddenly, the phone rang and Michelle jumped up to answer it. Jacob watched as her tits rocked beneath the thin silk shirt.

"Hello." Michelle answered.

"Is Jacob there?" A soft girl's voice asked.

"Who is this?" Michelle asked.

"Lisa." The voice answered.

Michelle got a perturbed look about her.

"Look, sweetie, my son's not interested in you." Michelle said in a snotty tone.

Jacob got up and reached for the phone.

"Mom, just let me talk to her." He said.

Michelle turned from her son keeping the receiver to her ear.

"Can I just speak to him?" Lisa asked.

"No, you cant. Don't call here again." Michelle said sternly, hanging up the phone.

"Jesus Christ, why are you trying to run my life!" Jacob said angrily.

He grabbed his homework and marched out of the kitchen.

"Jacob." Michelle said.

Jacob ignored her and headed straight upstairs. Michelle trailed behind him and as she moved through the living room her husband peeked over the couch.

"What's up with him?" He asked.

Michelle fed her husband an annoyed look at she headed for the stair.

"It's none of your concern. It's between him and I." She snapped.

Michelle's husband went back to his TV show. He knew better to persist when his wife was pissed.

Michelle found Jacob sitting on the edge of his bed staring at the floor angrily. She closed the bedroom door behind her and locked it.

She slowly stepped over and crawled onto his bed. Jacob could sense her moving up behind him. This was confirmed when her long naked legs began to coil around him.

He watched his mom's cute little feet slide onto his legs and felt her soft hands slip under his shirt and drag up his chest. He was pulled back gently and sighed as he felt Michelle's large spongy tit-sacks flatten against his back.

Michelle began to plant soft wet little butterfly kisses on his neck.

"You don't need her. Everything you want is right here." She said.

"So how would you feel if I told you to get rid of dad?" Jacob asked.

"It's not the same, sweetie." Michelle said.

"Why is it not the same? You told me downstairs that his cock was insignificant compared to mine." Jacob said.

"And it is...but there are other things that your father does that we should appreciate. Look at today for example...he goes to work so that you and I can stay home and fuck. That big bed down the hallway that you and I spent the day romping around in...he paid for that...along with everything else we have." She explained.

Michelle slipped out from behind her son and pushed him back onto the bed. She quickly straddled him, hovering over the teen on her hands and knees.

Jacob peered through the half-unbuttoned nightshirt at the big pendulous breasts hanging from her chest. He looked straight up and saw her smiling down at him.

"I know you're anxious for pussy, but sweetie your cock wasn't made for someone young and inexperienced. It was made for mommy-pussy. A nice plump twat that can meet it stroke for stroke." She said.

Michelle lowered her body onto Jacob's and moved her lips to his.

"Trust me...you'll see." She smiled as her lips met his.

Twenty minutes later Michelle's husband came upstairs. He stopped at Jacob's door and knocked.

"You two in there?" He asked.

Jacob's bed rocked as Michelle's big bubbly ass bounced on his cock, swallowing it from knob to root. She turned her head to the door and her nipple popped from Jacob's mouth as he peered out from under a ball of tit-flesh.

"Be right there." She said, fighting to control her breathing.

Their bodies were glistening with sweat. Michelle lowered her ass so that only a hairless scrotum lay nestled in the crack of her ass. She wiggled her hips, letting Jacob's cock-head soak in hot bowel-butter.

After giving him a big smack on the lips she jumped off of him. His dick popped like a cork from her rectum and Jacob sat up and covered it with blankets.

In a flash Michelle buttoned her shirt and opened the door.

Her husband gazed in curiously.

"Everything okay? I thought maybe Jacob was up here kicking your ass." He said.

Michelle and Jacob laughed, glancing at one another.

"No more like fucking the shit out of my ass you wimp." Michelle thought.

"No...we're fine. We had a little chat and I think we're seeing things eye to eye, aren't we sweetie?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, definitely." Jacob smiled.

"Good, well I think I'm gonna hit the hay." He said.

"Go ahead, honey...I'll be down in a few minutes." Michelle said.

They said their good-nights and Michelle closed and locked the door again. Sitting on the edge of the bed Jacob watched as his mom came over and knelt between his legs.

Michelle moved the blankets aside, uncovering her son's meaty delight. She stroked it in her tiny hand and she began sucking on his hairless balls.

Jacob leaned back on his elbows as he felt his mom's slimy pink snake rolling against the meat of his nuts. Michelle stuffed both his testicles in her mouth and used her lips to pull on his sack as her tongue flailed against the sperm filled eggs.

A few minutes later Jacob's cock-head was slipping past her larynx, into Michelle's throat. Like a blow-job queen she fucked his cock with her mouth. She clutched his balls with one hand. They were still coated with saliva, allowing her fingers to stroke and knead them.

Michelle used her skills to make him cum fast. Jacob threw his head back and grunted as he felt his cock blast for the eighth time that day. Michelle swallowed every drop and gently nursed on his prick until it began to soften.

"Oh God mom...that was amazing." He said.

"Remember that. That little cunt Lisa could never suck your cock the way I can." She said.

At school the next day Jacob did his best to ignore Lisa. After practice he saw a familiar car in the parking lot. It was his Aunt Gail's. He went to the passenger side and opened the door.

Gail smiled at him from behind the wheel.

"Hi Gorgeous." She said.

"Hey, Aunt Gail. What are you doing here?" Jacob asked.

"Came down for the day to do some shopping with your mom...and to see you. Hop in." She said.

Jacob got in and closed the door. He couldn't help but notice how short his Aunt's shorts were. Her legs were long and gorgeous, just like his moms. She was also wearing a form fitting t-shirt and oh how big those tits looked in it.

"So I heard your mom drained those balls pretty good yesterday. There's still some left in there for me I hope." She smiled.

"Of course." Jacob smiled.

"So, um...where do the guys from school take the girls to fuck?" She asked.

"We're gonna fuck?" Jacob asked.

"Well, I promised your mom that I wouldn't let you fuck my pussy. Apparently pussy is off limits until Jacob Little wins state. However, she also tells me that you are quite the little butt-fucker." Gail said.

"I guess so." He smiled.

"Well it just so happens that your Aunt Gail has a big juicy ass that loves to smother young cock." She said.

"There's a place in the woods outside of town. That's usually where guys take their dates." Jacob said.

Gail handed him the keys.

"Take me there." She smiled.

On the ride out of town Gail sat with her back to the passenger side door. She stretched her long legs out and slid one of her cute little bare feet onto Jacob's lap, clenching the tip of his cock with her toes.

"Oh I should have had a boy." She sighed.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"I love my girls, but it sure would be nice to have a strong teenaged cock around the house. Maybe I'll have one for a couple weeks this summer...if I can pull you away from your cock-hungry mother." Gail said.

The mini-van winded down a long dirt road through the woods until it arrived in a small vacant spot tucked in some bushes.

"The seats lay down in the back and I brought an air mattress that we can pump up. More cushion for the pushin'." She smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

A few minutes later the air mattress was full and in place. Gail closed the back door and went straight for Jacob's cock, fishing it from his shorts.

"Give me that big sugar-stick." She said, worming his dick into her mouth.

For about five minute Jacob watched his Aunt Gail nurse on his cock and God could she suck cock!

Gail rose from his dick and threw off her t-shirt. She quickly unsnapped her big bra and her huge jugs sprung free.

"Get those fuckin' shorts off. I want that big dick in my ass." She said.

Jacob pulled his shorts off and watched his Aunt peel hers off too. As she slid her dainty little panties down her legs Jacob got a good look at her beautiful bald pussy.

"I'll be fucking that a lot this summer." He thought.

Gail had a small bottle of lube and squirted a fair amount onto Jacob's cock. She straddle the teen and grasped onto his dick, licking her crack with his slippery knob.

As Gail positioned him against her butt-ring, Jacob gazed up at her enormous breasts as the wobbled back and forth above him.

"Holy shit...those are even bigger than moms." He thought.

He felt her buttery ring slip over his knob and fall straight to his balls.

"Holy shit." He muttered as he felt the heat of Gail's cavity encase his shaft.

"Oh God yeah that's good." Gail groaned as she began to ride her meaty guest.

She laid her chest against his, squashing her tits between them. Her lips met Jacob's and their tongues were off to the races.

There were so many similarities Jacob felt like he was fucking a his mom, only a different version. This one was a little rougher, a little wilder.

Like his mom Gail knew how to work her ass. She had hips like a machine, working her ass up and down tirelessly.

Jacob wondered if his Grandma could fuck like this in her younger days. He knew his Grandma Jean was built like her daughters, especially in the breast department.

"Damn, I wonder if Grandma could be this horny over me." He thought.

The little mini-van rocked as Jacob plowed the depths of Gail's bowels.

It wasn't long before Jacob had his Aunt Gail shuttering. He watched her face contort, just like his moms. Gail screamed her ass off. She was in the middle of nowhere and could completely let loose.

Jacob could feel a stream of juice cascading down his balls as Gail's orgasmic cream began to squirt from her muffin.

Michelle strolled into Jacob's room and set his clean clothes down on his dresser. She walked over and sat on the edge of his bed. Just being in his room made her horny. She bounced a few times, making the bedsprings squeak just as they had the night before.

"What the hell was I thinking. He could be in my ass right now." She said.

Michelle sprawled back on his bed and dialed the phone.

Gail was now on her back with Jacob between her legs. His big cock hammered at her, his balls beating against her ass. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him as she panted on his shoulder.

Gail's cell phone rang and she reached over and looked at it.

"It's your mother." She sighed.

Gail answered the call.

"Oh God, Michelle." She panted, her voice quivering.

"I told you, sis." Michelle giggled.

"Oh my God he's so good." Gail cried as her beautiful body trembled from the force of Jacob's thrusts.

"He had a good teacher." Michelle said proudly.

"Oh shit, talk to your son. I'm gonna cum." She said desperately.

"Hi mom." Jacob said, his breath heavy.

"Hey there, handsome. Having fun?" She asked.

"Oh yeah." His voice trembled.

Michelle could hear her sister crying like a little school girl in the background.


Michelle could hear her son emit a sharp breath with each ass-churning stroke.


"Oh that's it, tiger...fuck her hard! Come on." Michelle said, slipping her hand into her panties.

Jacob hooked Gail's legs over his shoulders and began to bare down hard, pounding her ass with long fast strokes.

"HHHHOOLLYY SHIT!" Her cute little mommy-voice shook.

Jacob growled as he fucked like a sex-crazy rabbit. Gail had been fucked thousands of time but never like this. She felt like a little rag doll beneath a big strong monster of a man only it wasn't a man...it was a teenaged boy who knew how to fuck.

She let out a scream that nearly shattered the windows. Her back arched off the mattress and began to convulse. Jacob could feel the blasts of hot orgasmic juice squirt against his cock...his balls...everywhere.

The tight slippery hole...the softness of her tits against his chest. The satisfaction of making a gorgeous middle-aged woman scream.

"Oh fuck it's good." He moaned.

Cum blasted from his piss-hole. His young body shook. Gail's body was still quivering. Michelle shifted her hips upward. Her knees trembled as they came together.

"Oh Jacob." Her voice whined softly.

Together, the three of them rode the cloud of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

The Eastern finals was the next day and Jacob was getting nervous. He was beginning to go up against the best of the best, guys who had kicked his ass before and could easily do it again.

This time the match was four hours away and the plan was that his parents would meet him there. After the match it would be another hour drive to Jacob's Grandparents, where they would spend the weekend for their annual family reunion.

Because it was such a big day for Jacob and family were in the area for the reunion he saw lots of familiar faces at the match.

His mom was as stunning as ever of course, wearing a sexy pair of low cut jeans, a cami top and matching high-heeled sandals.

Aunt Gail was there with her clan. She wore a strapless dress with matching stiletto thong-slide sandals. Jacob's Uncle Ed was a big dude. Little did he know that his big dicked nephew was pounding his wife's ass the day before.

Jacob's Grandma Jean was there too. For a 70 year old woman she looked pretty fucking yummy. She wore a sleeveless turtleneck sweater- dress and a sexy pair of cork-slide sandals. She had a little more meat on her than Michelle or Gail, but more meat meant bigger curves and some of the biggest tits Jacob had ever seen.

Jacob's Grandfather was at home. He was suffering the later stages of Alzheimer's and didn't get out much.

Finally, there was Aunt Trudy, who Jacob hadn't seen for a couple of years. At forty-five she was the oldest of the three sisters. She was a little meatier, like Jean and looked to be just behind her in the tit-size department.

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