tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 07

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 07


Jacob's Grandparents had a beautiful lakeside log cabin tucked in a private little cove. The family met there every year for their annual reunion.

It was pretty spacious inside the two-story cabin, with more than enough room for everyone. Jacob slept on an air mattress in his Grandma's sewing room on the second floor. Exhausted from his activities the night before, it was nearly 11am when he finally woke up.

After laying there for a little bit, listening to the birds outside chirp, he sensed someone in the doorway.

Michelle smiled at her son as she struck a cute little pose in the doorway. She was completely naked, her hair pulled back in a pony.

"Good morning, handsome." She said.

"Morning Mom." Jacob stretched.

Michelle came over and crawled under the blankets with him. Jacob slept in only his boxes and he had the usual morning tent-pole. After snuggling up against him, Michelle fished out his prick and began to gently stroke at it.

"Where is everyone?" Jacob asked.

"All the boys and kids took the pontoon out fishing for the day. Your Aunt Trudy and Aunt Gail are out sunbathing on the dock and Grandma's downstairs cleaning, as usual." Michelle said.

"Laura's kind of a tomboy, isn't she." Jacob asked.

"She always has been and speaking of Laura, your Aunt Trudy tells me she's not on the pill, so don't get any bright ideas, Romeo." Michelle teased.

"Do you think she'd let me stick it in her butt?" Jacob asked.

"Well if she's anything like her mother there won't be an issue. Trudy doesn't want her knowing about any of this though, so if decide to get into her panties, you're on your own." Michelle said.

Michelle crawled onto her son, letting her pendulous tits drag against his chest. Still clutching his hard-on, she ran the mushroom tip through the moist folds of her vagina.

"One more match. One more win and my baby will be a full fledged motherfucker." She smiled, letting his bulb lick the mouth of her cavity.

"It's hard waiting." He said.

"I know it is and it's been such a long wait hasn't it, sweetheart?" She said lovingly.

"Long and hard." Jacob giggled.

"Like your cock." Michelle said, burying her face in the soft of Jacob's neck.

Jacob lay there while his mom loved on him, fluttering her tongue against the sensitive nerves on his neck. He looked up at the ceiling and smiled, savoring the feel of her big soft tits squashed against his chest.

He wondered how many other boys in the world were getting this same treatment. How many other guys were laying in bed with their big breasted moms.

"Now just look at you two." Jean said from the doorway.

Michelle peered back and smiled.

"Hi, momma." She said.

Jean came over and sat beside them. Jacob noticed that his Grandma was wearing a big flowery robe. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her huge boobs wobbled when she sat.

"You're just like a couple of horny little bunnies." She smiled as they all giggled.

"Can you blame me for being horny? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" Michelle said, gazing down at her son with goo-goo eyes.

Jean stared down at Jacob, softly running her long nails across his cheek.

"He reminds me of your father when he was younger. So strong and tender, always eager to crawl between my legs." Jean smiled.

"You miss that, don't you momma?" Michelle asked.

"I'd be a fool if I said I didn't. I may be old, but I am still a woman." She smiled.

"You're a beautiful woman, Grandma." Jacob said.

"Am glad you think so, sweetie-bear." Jean said.

Jacob's Grandma stood up and started for the door.

"Well, I'm gonna leave you two love-birds alone, go back to my cleaning." She said.

After she left the room Michelle gave her son a serious look.

"I'm gonna go back out and lay in the sun. Will you do me a favor, sweetie?" She asked.

"What?" Jacob answered.

"Will you please go down there and fuck the shit out of my mother?" Michelle grinned.

"With pleasure." Jacob smiled.

"Jacob." Michelle said.

"Yeah." He said, gazing up at his mom.

"I know I said no pussy until you win state, but I think a big dick cleaning the cobwebs out of her cunt is what your Grandma really needs right now." Michelle explain.

"Are you serious?" Jacob muttered.

"If it were anyone but my mother I'd say no. Look at it as though it were a practice fight to get you ready for your match next week with your fiercest opponent...mom." She smiled.

"What about Grandpa? Isn't he downstairs?" Jacob asked. "Oh, sweetie, you're Grandpa's lost his mind. He'll hear what's going on, but won't remember it for more than a few minutes." Michelle smiled.

Jean was dusting the bookshelf. Her husband sat in his wheelchair watching a baseball game.

"Whatcha doin' Grandma?" Jacob's voice asked.

Jean turned and saw her Grandson walk into the room. He was still in his boxers and his big boner made the material tent way out.

"Well, hello. I suppose you've come down here to find a warm place to put that thing?" She asked, glancing at his bobbing bulge.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Well I think I know just the place. Come on." She said, extending her hand.

Jacob took his Grandma's hand as she lead him towards her bedroom. Jean fed her husband a wicked little smile as she passed. Jacob felt a little guilty as he saw his Grandpa sitting there, but it was nothing comparing to the wicked excitement of knowing that he was going to pop his Grandma's cherry all over again.

Michelle strolled into the room and patted her father's cheek. He eyeballed her big dangling tits.

"Don't worry, daddy. She's gonna scream just like she used to." Michelle said.

Michelle glanced into the master bedroom just as her son was crawling between her mother's legs. Michelle smiled and strolled towards the door. Her big bubbly ass swayed seductively, capturing her father's attention.

Jean's cunt-lips were peeled apart as the head of Jacob's spear sunk into her creamy groove. Her pussy awoke from it's slumber as the mouth of her furnace stretched around Jacob's girth.

With three mighty thrusts Jacob's monster was balls deep. With one more little nudge he felt his purple bulb squash against the head of her cervix.

"Oh God." He groaned.

"Oh Lord it's been so long." Jean sighed.

For a good five minutes Jacob lay flat against his Grandma's body, slowly worming his cock in and out, savoring the place he had never been.

The old rusted bedspring whined with each thrust.


For the first time in his life Jacob was ready to pound some pussy. Holding her soft legs back he started to bear down hard. His big hairless scrotum rapped against her ass as his cock plunged in and out of her gaping fuck-tunnel.

"OH! OH, YOU LOVELY BOY!" She shouted.

Jacob kept a steady pace for about two minutes before he felt his Grandma begin to quiver.

"UH..UH...UH...UUUHHHNNNNGGGGNNN!!!" She whined, he body convulsing.

Jacob rode her straight through her orgasm, then, feeling his balls tighten, he thrust his cock deep and grinded.

The spongy head of her cervix felt like a tongue dragging against Jacob's knob as he plowed the back of her vagina.

Moments later he was back to thrusting. The bedsprings were now a steady repetitious squeak that filled the downstairs.


Jacob's Grandfather listened to the fuck-song as he watched the game. In the background, through the open doorway, his Grandson's ass rose and fell, his wife's old but still sexy legs kicked high in the air.

"OH YOU BEAUTUFUL WELL-HUNG BOY!" Jean's voice quivered.

Moments later she was squealing once again, her little toes curling as her pussy began to cream around it's meaty guest.

Even though Jacob was in hog-heaven he wanted more than anything to make his Grandma cum again and again. Little did he realize that before they were through Jean would have twelve of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

She had only a few on her back, but once she was riding her young stallion, her orgasmic juices would begin to flow like a faucet.

Jacob felt like King Shit! Here he was on his back, his cock being fucked by the matriarch of the entire family, his face smothered in the world's softest tits as he sucked and chewed on their big rubbery crowns. His big cock, that never tired, was about to make this mature Goddess scream again. Where the fuck would an 18 year old boy rather be?

Jacob pounded his Grandma for nearly an hour before he blew his nuts. He lay there on her soft sweaty flesh, resting his head on one of her pillowy breasts as they both caught there breath.

"Oh...I have a feeling you're gonna make me lots of great grandbaby's with that beautiful thing." She sighed.

A little while later Jacob strolled from the house down to the water. He was still naked, his cock and balls flopping between his legs.

His Grandparents cabin was on thirty secluded acres so privacy wasn't an issue and besides, his mom and her sisters were naked, so why should he be too.

He swam out to the floating dock where his mom, Aunt Gail and Aunt Trudy were all laying on their tummy's soaking up the sun. He could hear them talking and giggling.

The sight of three voluptuous woman, completely naked, laying on their stomach's side by side had Jacob's cock hard before he even reached the dock.

"Is it just me or do I hear a horny teenager trying to sneak up on us." Gail said.

They all looked back as Jacob arrived at the dock.

"Did you fuck your Grandma hard, sweet-baby?" Michelle asked. "Oh yeah." Jacob smiled.

"And...how was your first pussy?" Michelle asked.

"Awesome...Grandma said I can fuck her again later." He said.

"Wow, you must have made quite an impression." Trudy said.

"With that dick I guarantee he made an impression." Gail said, making them all giggle.

Still in the water Jacob had a great view of their long tan legs which were all slightly spread, revealing their cute little clamshells. The plump cunnies were all bald and glistening with sweat.

"So are you gonna come up here and let these three horny moms oil you down?" Michelle asked.

"Sure." Jacob smiled, lifting himself up on the platform.

There was a floating mattress laying on the dock and Jacob crawled onto it and lay on his back. His big dick stuck up like a flagpole as he found himself surrounded by the three sisters.

Gail squirted baby-oil all over his cock and balls and she and Trudy latched onto his shaft. Even with both their sexy fists around his greasy dong they only covered half of it. They began to stroke the vein-covered steak.

"Oh I love this big fucking dick!" Gail growled.

"And his balls are so fucking smooth and soft." Trudy said, kneading his scrotum. Michelle squirted more baby oil onto her son's chest and began to gently message it in, gazing down lustfully at his young muscular frame.

Jacob's eye's were drawn to the six huge drooping breasts as they rocked and quivered. They each glistened with a combination of baby-oil and sweat and their areolas were all plump and swollen from the heat of the noonday sun.

"I think our baby wants to fuck him some big greasy titties, don't you, sweetie?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah." Jacob smiled.

Jacob's cock rose between Gail's dangling udders and she squeezed them together, sandwiching his slippery hard-on.

"Spent all morning in Grandma's pussy and now it wants to get between some warm titties." Gail said, in a cute little girls voice.

Gail and Trudy tag teamed Jacob's cock with their tits. His fat mushroom head bubbled with pre-cum as it split the top of Trudy's cleavage, emerging from it's creamy fuck-pocket.

"Oh, my big tits usually swallow a dick whole, but not this big beautiful thing." Trudy said.

"That's okay. Aunt Gail's can wrap her lips around the big juicy head." Gail said, capturing the tip in her mouth.

Jacob shuttered as her felt Gail's tongue flutter across his cock-head. She made a lewd sucking sound causing her mouth to vibrate around the tip of his dong.

Michelle straddled her son's chest and brought her body down onto his so her boobs rested on his shoulders.

"I wanna suck on my baby's tongue." She whispered, bringing her lips to his.

Mother and son began to make out, their tongues rolling and twisting together. Jacob wrapped his arms around his mom. She felt so fucking good against him.

Gail bounced her tits on Jacob's dick, fucking it up between her oily boobs As she did this Trudy massaged his balls, digging her long nails into the tender flesh of his nuts.

"Does that feel good, baby. Does it feel good to have your big dick smothered between Aunt Gail's titties, huh?" Gail asked.

"Uh-huh." Jacob hummed as his mom's pink snake flailed away inside his mouth.

Things continued this way for a good fifteen minutes before Michelle rose from his chest.

"How's my dick girls? You taking good care of it?" She asked.

Gail's tongue was sliding up the shaft as Trudy nursed hungrily on the spongy bulb.

"It's yummy." Trudy whined as the purple cap slipped between her pouty mommy-lips.

Michelle moved in, letting her son's cock slip into her mouth. Gail grasped it around the base and pulled the loose skin up and down his shaft a few times to meet her sister's lips. "That's it sis, suck that big pussy-fucker." She said.

Trudy and Michelle's tongues worked in unison fluttering away at bulb and crown of Jacob's lucky cock.

"Big, strong boner felt so good riding my rump last night." Gail said.

"How bout it, stud. Wanna stretch some horny butt-holes again today?" Gail asked.

"Oh fuck yeah." Jacob sighed, enjoying the amazing sensations on his dick.

A few minutes later the three sister's were on their hands and knees, side by side, their big tits dangling beneath them. In the middle was Michelle and Jacob was already kneeling behind her, hammering away at her ass.

"Oh God that's so good!" She moaned.

His sweaty balls slapped against her cunt as he plunged his thick penis in and out of her ass. All three woman were reaching between their legs and rubbing their clits.

Gail wiggled her ass, her big brown pucker pulsing anxiously.

"Fuck me!" She pleaded.

Slipping from his mom's ass, Jacob quickly moved to Gail's and popped his shiny cock-head into her steamy ass-socket. With one long thrust he sunk all the way to his balls.

"Oh my God!" He groaned.

He watched his Aunt Gail's ass ripple as he thrust into her with long ball-busting strokes.

"Oh fuck, I love that cock." Gail muttered.

"That cock's gonna fuck my pussy next week, isn't it sweetie?" Michelle asked proudly, winking back at Jacob.

"Uh-huh." Jacob answered.

"Have you got back on the pill yet, sis?" Trudy asked.

"No, I have an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday." Michelle said.

"Don't let her try to talk you into using fucking condoms. Some doctor's can do that you know." Trudy said.

"Oh fuck that. I'll let him get me pregnant before I make him wear a condom. That's just cruel." Michelle said.

"OH FUCK!" Gail screamed.

Gail thrust her ass back, meeting Jacob stroke for stroke. This caused his scrotum to slap hard against her ass. Her long tan legs began to become unsteady.

"That's it, baby. Fuck that sexy ass." Michelle said encouragingly.

"HUH, HUH, OH FUCK YEAH I'M CUMMING!" Gail cried, her head tilting backwards.

Jacob felt her asshole tighten around his phallus as her body began to convulse. He rode her hard straight through her orgasm.

Trudy's ass was ready and waiting. Her big brown butt-hole slipped easily over Jacob's crown and his cock sunk straight to the root.

Jean stepped outside onto the porch in a halter gown. Her tits were obviously braless beneath the top as they hung way down onto her tummy.

She looked out towards the floating dock to see Jacob pounding her oldest daughters ass. She could see Trudy's tits rocking wildly beneath her as the vigorous teen fucked with all he had. It was quite the sight...three grown women each with their butts in the air eager to be pounded by a handsome teenaged boy.

For a good half-hour Jacob moved from one woman to the next, riding their mommy-rumps and making each of them scream.

"Oh God, I'm feeling good." Jacob groaned, slamming his prick deep inside Michelle's ass.

"Cum on our tits, sweetie." Michelle said, pulling her ass off his cock.

The three women turned around and formed a little circle on their knees, holding their tits up. Jacob jacked his cock right above the greasy cluster of breast-meat.

"UGGGGHHHHH!!!" He grunted, as thick ropes of jism erupted from his cock-head.

"Oh yeah, cum all over these big tits, stud!" Gail shouted.

After cumming hard Jacob dived off the side of the dock. The three women screamed and giggled playfully. Gail dived in after him and soon after Jacob surfaced so did she and threw her arms and legs around him.

"Get back here you sexy boy." She said.

Like a horny young couple Jacob and Gail started making out. Jacob kept them afloat as Gail hung on, her tits squashed against his chest. Jacob could feel the underside of his still hard shaft resting against the warm folds of her quim.

"Ummmnnn" Gail hummed as her tongue wrestled with her nephew's.

Trudy and Michelle dove in and swam over to them. Trudy had one of those long floating water noodles.

"Here, baby. Put this float between your legs. It'll help you hold the three of us horny old gals up." Trudy said.

Jacob put the water noodle down between his legs so him and Gail could straddle it like a horse. This allowed them to float effortlessly. Gail adjusted herself so that she was now pretty much sitting on Jacob's lap, with her legs wrapped around him.

Trudy straddled the noodle also, coming right up behind the teen so her huge wet boobs were pancaked against his back. She rested her legs on top of Gail's so that she took could coil them around her nephew. She reached around and drug her nails on the tender flesh of his chest.

Jacob was now sandwiched between two women, one still had her tongue squirming against his, while the other began fluttering her pink snake against his neck.

Michelle swam up beside them and climbed on board, twisting her legs in through her sisters so she could straddle her son from the side. This caused the four of them to sink to their necks, but they still managed to float without kicking.

"This it what you call a mom sandwich." Michelle said.

"A meaty teenaged boy smothered in mommies." Gail said between kisses.

Jacob moved from Gail's lips to his mom's and Gail moved from Jacob's lips to his neck. The lucky 18 year old now had two woman working each side of his neck and his gorgeous mother exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue.

Jacob's cock was trapped between the float and Gail's muffin. He could feel her soft peddles squashed against it and as they bobbed in the water Gail's genitals gently slid back and forth across his shaft.

"Holy shit, this is so cool." Jacob muttered, making the three sisters giggle.

"Oh, Michelle, our baby likes it." Gail giggled, fluttering her tongue against Jacob's ear.

"Do you like getting loved on by us, sweetie?" Michelle asked.

"Oh yeah." Jacob smiled.

"You mean you wouldn't rather be out fishing with the boys, baby?" Trudy smiled. "No fucking way." He said, making the three sisters giggle.

For a half-hour they floated like a big bobbing mass of sex. Three gorgeous big breasted moms against a handsome teen with a huge rock hard penis.

"UUUUGGGNNNHHHH!!!" Jacob grunted, as six experienced hands worked together on his cock and balls, bringing him to a toe-curling orgasm.

That night as they sat around the fire-pit it struck Jacob just how wickedly naughty he was. Here were these wife's, cuddling with their loving husbands after they had spent the day fucking and sucking him.

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