tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHow My Husband Changed...

How My Husband Changed...


How My Husband Changed And Made Me Do Horrible Things!

I am very disappointed with my marriage to Graham! I guess I was like a lot of lovesick young women - the first time a good looking man takes notice of me I just fall at his feet. Graham had been one of those good looking men all of us girls had just dreamed about. I knew he was a keen sportsman and had won lots of medals and cups but didn't dream he would ever look at me seriously. I was a member of the cheer squad which danced at the football matches during my college years and it was at one of these after game functions that I first met Graham properly. Previously he had just been someone I laid awake in bed dreaming about!

Graham came over to me when there was a bit of a break in the party and asked me if I was enjoying myself. I was taken aback because as far as I knew he had never even noticed me much less spoken to me! Blushing I told him I was enjoying the party and was very pleased our team had won the game today. He didn't move away and stayed by my side for quite a while just talking about everything in general with me. I couldn't believe my luck. Most of the prettier girls were giving me ugly glances but I chose to ignore them. Graham refreshed my drink for me and didn't seem as if he wanted to leave me. I just couldn't understand this but certainly didn't mind in the slightest! The party was almost over and Graham asked me if he could see me home! I just couldn't believe my ears.

Of course I accepted and when the time came he led me out to his car. I had been out with quite a few boys before this time but whilst not wishing to downplay these boys they were just not in the same class as Graham. Although I had been groped by some of these boys I just took this as normal treatment of a girl by them and didn't protest too much. The boys had felt up my tits and gave them quite a few squeezes and some even removed my blouse and bra and played with my naked tits but nothing much happened. Oh, there was one boy who had not attempted to play with my tits and had run his hand up my leg when we were sitting in his car. I didn't know what to do so I just let him run his hand right up until he reached my panties. He ran his fingers inside and touched my pussy but I slapped his hand before he went any further and that was the end of that!

Once we were in his car he asked where I lived and proceeded to drive towards my home. When we were quite near my home he slowed down and asked me if I would like to go out on a date with him. I was amazed. He was actually asking me for a date and I hardly knew him and I was sure he didn't really know me either.

I accepted his request and arranged for him to pick me up the following evening when he was to go to a party for one of his friends. Once we reached my home, he leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "Goodnight Julie, I will see you at 7.00pm tomorrow evening. The party is very informal and so you can dress casually just so long as you look as lovely as you do tonight!" Stunned, I left his car and as he drove off, he waved to me. Everyone was asleep so I couldn't tell them about my luck.

As the day dragged on I just couldn't wait to get home and get ready for the party. I had decided what I would be wearing and really wanted to look my best. I guess I should say that I am still a virgin. I am 19 years old, not very tall and although my figure is in reasonable proportions to my height I am not what anyone would call attractive! My breasts are not very big but what there is of them is nicely shaped but I am constantly aware of the fact I have practically no nipples! There is a very small lump where they are in the middle of my breasts but they don't protrude at all. I am very embarrassed by this lack of nipples. Around these very small lumps however I have quite large areolas which are rather dark compared with the rest of my breasts. I have always worn a bra which hides this lack of nipples - even when I am with other girls and have showers I usually find a place where I can either wear my bra or swim suit top or at least not be seen by others.

I am very fair skinned and never go out sunbathing for fear of getting badly sunburnt preferring to be an all-over pale body with practically no tan lines at all. My hair is quite dark - not black but very dark and my pubic bush is the same color. I know other girls trim or even shave their pubic hair but I prefer to leave mine alone and let it grow as nature intended. I guess I am not too bad looking but I am very critical of my own appearance. My legs are my best assets because they are wonderfully slim and very well shaped and for my height they are quite long.

Once I reached home I prepared for my date with Graham. I laid out the clothes I intended wearing and had one last look to make sure I had chosen wisely. I had chosen a delightful cotton sundress with very thin shoulder straps to keep it up. I had also picked out my prettiest bra which was really a strapless bra so that the straps wouldn't show. My knickers were quite small but certainly adequate for the occasion and being warm weather I decided against wearing stockings or pantyhose preferring to go with bare legs. My shoes were almost like sandals having very little heel - I am not ashamed of my lack of height and prefer to wear what is comfortable rather than totter about on higher heels. I shaved my legs and my underarms and then showered for a long time making sure I was completely clean. As I dried myself I looked at my body in the mirror and decided, apart from my lack of nipples, I didn't look too bad really! Next I sprayed cologne over my body to make me smell nicely and applied my usual lipstick and other makeup.

Once I was dressed I surveyed my image in the mirror and decided I was pretty enough for Graham! Right on the dot of 7.00pm he arrived at our front door and I rushed to greet him. I introduced him to my parents and my brother and then we left for the party. Graham was a perfect gentleman all the time and after all the rumors I had heard about him I was quite surprised! He actually had quite a reputation for having sex with all the girls he went out with but tonight he was wonderful. The party was rather wild and not my scene but I didn't mind putting up with all the noise and drinking because I was with Graham. I was also surprised when he only had three drinks for the whole evening and when I asked him about this he replied, "Julie, I am having a wonderful time with you and I certainly don't want to spoil the evening by drinking too much. After all I am responsible for you and must make sure no harm come to you!" I just couldn't believe my ears - this was the wild Graham speaking just like a gentleman one reads about in books!

Absolutely nothing improper happened on that first date! He drove me home at a respectable hour and at the front door he leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. He told me he had enjoyed my company and asked if we might go out again on Saturday night. I didn't hesitate and accepted readily.

The next dozen or so dates were all the same. He looked after me and didn't make a serious pass at me. I can't say I was disappointed as I wanted to keep my virginity until I was married but I perhaps would have liked it a little more if he had explored my body a little more. He had held my breasts outside my clothes but it was more like a passing feel than a romantic touch.

After this we were both really getting used to one another and at last we were taking more liberties with each other. He began to play with my breasts and he encouraged me to run my bare hands up under his shirt and play with the hairs on his chest. After a while he began pulling my blouses out from my skirts and he played with my bare skin but it took many dates before he undid my bra and eventually handled my tits! It must be realized it was now many months after we had first gone out and it was only now that he managed to get his hand into my panties and actually play with my pussy. I didn't mind him doing that but I told him straight he wasn't to expect me to allow him to fuck me because that just wasn't on until we were married.

He had, by this time, begun to undo his own pants and he would place my hand in on his hard cock. He taught me how to play and stroke it and eventually he explained he badly wanted to fuck me but he understood how I felt and respected that. He therefore told me he wanted relief and showed me how to stroke his cock until he came! I had never seen a man cum before and when his semen shot out of the end and up into the air I got a terrible shock. I had his stuff all over my hand and I didn't know what to do with it! He surprised me when he told me to lick my hand clean - he told me I would love the taste of his cum! I wasn't too sure but licked it just the same and, although it was cool and tasted a little funny, I must say I didn't really mind the taste of it!

That was the start! From then on I had to jerk his cock until he came and then I would lick my hands clean. He showed me how to catch his cum in my hand by placing my left hand over the top of his cock and when he shot off it fell back onto my other hand which was doing the stroking and I was able to collect the lot! By this time, as you might have guessed, I acquired a taste for his cum! It was only a matter of time before he had me sucking his cock and shooting his load straight into my mouth. It tasted a lot better when it was almost hot straight out of his balls and I enjoyed doing this. All the time I was sucking and playing with him he would play with my tits and often my pussy. I had started to really get worked up as he stroked my clit and I began to start having orgasms myself.

Despite my best intentions it wasn't long before I gave in and let him fuck me! I made sure he was wearing a condom and although it wasn't very painful when he broke my hymen I was so glad when the feelings of having a cock in my pussy began in earnest. After that we fucked regularly and I enjoyed every moment of it.

We had now been going out together for 12 months and he arranged a special treat for me by taking me out to a very posh hotel for dinner and then, as a special surprise, he told me he had booked a room at the hotel for us to spend the night together! We had always had to have sex in his car or sometimes when nobody was at home, we would use my bedroom but it was always a very rushed affair! My parents were very keen that I marry Graham and had been egging me on for some time but I told them I wasn't in a hurry. As soon as we were in the very posh hotel room he held me in his arms, kissed me and hugged me and then dropped to his knees in front of me! He then said, "Julie Darling, I love you and I am sure you love me too. Will you marry me please?" I hadn't expected that from him and when he produced a small box with an engagement ring inside I just couldn't help but gasp "Yes darling of course I will marry you!" He slipped the ring on my finger and for the first time I realized I was now going to become his wife! Little old me - the ugly duckling who had never had a serious boyfriend before Graham - was now engaged!

I asked him if I could ring my parents and tell them and also to tell them I wouldn't be home that night! Of course he agreed and asked to speak to my father first. When Dad got onto the phone Graham asked him, in his most serious voice, if he would allow us to get married and, if he said yes, we would announce our engagement right away! Of course Dad said yes and when he handed the phone to Mum she burst out crying with happiness! It was now official - we were engaged!

That night Graham produced a box which contained 12 condoms! He told me, with a grin on his face, it was his wish to try to use all of these condoms on me this night! Of course I knew he was joking and told him so but I told him what we didn't use that night could be used soon after! We did, in fact, use five of those condoms that night. This was a very good effort on his part considering he had asked me to suck him off once as well and I delighted in sucking and swallowing a very large dose of cum not long after he had fucked me the first time! We left the hotel very tired next morning because we had hardly slept at all for the whole night!

Sex became a very important part of our life after that! Mum and Dad encouraged us to move into an apartment together after we were engaged and helped us find a suitable place. His parents were equally helpful and we all got on very well as an extended family.

Once we were living together we enjoyed more sex and apart from a little housekeeping we had very little to do except fuck! In due course we were married and everyone was very happy for us. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be Mrs. Jordan now and I took extra delight when people referred to me as Mrs. Jordan.

Everything went along smoothly for about 2 years. Sex has always been great and we went everywhere together. We really enjoyed each others company but one night, as we lay naked in bed together having just made love, Graham rolled over on his side and turned me so that I was looking directly at him. He began by telling me how much he loved me and never wanted to lose me! He then said some words which would change my life forever, "Julie, now that we have been married for 2 years and have known each other for lots longer I think it is now time to try something different. I have a friend at work who is interested in having someone else fuck his wife! He has asked me if I would fuck her while he is watching and I have agreed to do that! What I want you to do is to come with me and let him fuck you while I am fucking his wife. Would you do that for me?"

I was so stunned I didn't even try to speak. We had always been so close I had never thought he would ever want to fuck another woman. I just hadn't seen this coming and was now in a state of shock. My reply angered him "Graham, just what the hell do you think you are asking me to do! Of course I won't go with you and I certainly won't fuck any other man! I forbid you to go with this woman and if you do that will be the end of us as a couple!"

Certainly I couldn't make it any plainer than that! Graham glared at me - called me a stupid bitch and then rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning I dreaded facing him knowing he would be in a foul mood. I slipped out of bed, donned my dressing gown, and went into the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast for us both. When it was ready he came into the kitchen and almost ignored me and sat down to his breakfast. When he had finished he left the kitchen and headed for the shower. He showered and dressed himself and headed for work without another word to me. I felt terrible. I readied myself for my work and left a bit later on. I thought about him all day long and just couldn't get my head around why he would ever ask me to go with another man.

When I arrived home he was already there. He sat at the kitchen table with a very unhappy look on his face. He glared at me and then said, "Well, I have been thinking about what you said last night and I have made up my mind. I am definitely going to my friend's place tonight and I will fuck his wife as he requested but if you decide you don't want to go then you can start packing your clothes and move out! We will be finished and there is no chance I will change my mind about that! You have exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes to make up your mind because that will be when I am leaving and, if you are not going with me, you will only have 2 more hours to pack and leave the apartment. I will be filing for divorce immediately and that will be the end of us! Do I make myself clear about this! Again, you either come with me and get fucked by my friend or we are finished for good!"

I fled to the bedroom not knowing what to do! I thought of ringing my mother but realized that would be stupid. I had to make a very quick decision and it had to be the right one or we were finished. Perhaps that would be best if we did part if that was the sort of husband he had turned into. I had no warning of this and is had come as a complete shock to me!

Apart from this stupid request I loved Graham with all my heart and I thought we had something very good between us. Now it was to be shattered for good either by me having to fuck another man for him or me having to leave our marriage.

Thinking furiously I weighed up every possible consideration and finally decided I loved Graham and would continue to do so no matter what he did to me! I decided I would go with him and see what happened. I moved back into the kitchen where Graham was still sitting drinking coffee and said in a very quavering voice, "Graham, I don't like this one little bit but for the sake of our marriage and the fact that I love you unconditionally I will go with you! I must let you know I don't like it one bit - not even a little bit - and am ashamed that this is what you think of me and our marriage. Perhaps this will be the first and last time you make me do this but I warn you if you think I will do this on a continuing basis you are wrong!"

Having said my piece I left the kitchen and walked into the bathroom removed all of my clothes and stepped into the shower. After drying myself I walked naked into the bedroom and slowly began selecting clothes to wear. I was almost doing this in a trance! I selected a blouse and skirt which were rather plain clothes, a bra and a pair of cotton panties. I had no intention of looking attractive to his friend and hoped this would express my contempt for what he was asking me to do!

I applied very little makeup and just brushed my hair into place not really caring how I looked! I was very upset about this whole affair and wanted to make sure Graham got the message. When Graham saw me dressed as I was he just laughed at me and told me I wouldn't be wearing those clothes for very long so it didn't matter what I looked like. He dressed after his shower and we left in our car for his friend's home and what I knew would be a very nasty experience for me. I have been on the pill ever since we married and I knew I would be protected from pregnancy but in a trembling voice I asked Graham if he had some condoms with him because I didn't want to have his friend fucking me without one and that was that! Graham laughed and told me we wouldn't need them as his friend had already told him he wouldn't need them on his wife so the same would apply to us!

When we reached his friend's home we were greeted by him at the door. He couldn't help looking at me and saying, "Gee, Graham you sure have a lovely wife - I can't wait to see what she looks like. Please come in and meet Christine." His wife was a very attractive young woman and I was immediately jealous of her looks and her body. Now I wished I had made myself look more attractive instead of looking so dowdy! Graham's friend Tom was a tall man and very well built. I could see straight away that he would be more than a handful for me and I was dreading the rest of the evening. We had drinks around the lounge with Graham and Christine sitting together on one lounge and Tom and myself on the other. Tom already had his arm around my waist and was playing with my hips and behind while I was sitting on the lounge.

Tom started the sex off by asking Christine to take off some of her clothes and make Graham feel more at home. Christine didn't hesitate even for a minute. She leapt to her feet and stood in front of my Graham. She undid her shirt - not that there was much to undo - and pulled it off completely and dropped it on the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra and her magnificent breasts were revealed in such a very short time. She was a most attractive woman and I could see my Graham's eyes popping out looking at her. She sat down on his lap and thrust one of her long nipples into his mouth. He didn't hesitate and sucked hard on that lovely dark red nipple. Christine really loved that and encouraged him to suck harder.

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