tagErotic CouplingsHow The "Sweet Throat" Thing Began...Ch. 2

How The "Sweet Throat" Thing Began...Ch. 2

bysweet throat(f)©

I promised to follow up with Lester...right? I remember I was lying by the pool one afternoon, sunning...alone...or so I thought. It turned out the next door neighbor was watching me. Funny now that I remember back...He was on a step ladder that toppled over. I think he was sorta watching me and playing with himself...*S*...The ladder fell over...That's when I found out he was looking at me...I went to the fence and asked if he was okay, and his "wife" told me he was just fine...that he had spent enough time out today...I heard her chewing him out as they went inside...Giggle...

The phone rang as I got back to my lounge chair...It was Lester...We called him "the molester" cause he was this dorky looking rich kid that was always trying to act cool with the girls and always struck out...He told me about the new van his folks had bought him and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the drive in movie with him. I didn't...but he told me THE Sean Tranor, football hero/qb stud etc, was gonna be there to check out his van and If I was with him I might get to talk to him...

Sean is/was the exact opposite of Lester...He was big and good looking and from a poor family. Lester would buy beer for him and other stuff...so anyway, I agreed to go with him. What was scary, was that he was my very first date alone with a boy! I remember panicking as I almost overloaded my brain, trying to decide what to wear out...I didn't want to be to sexy for HIM...but definitely wanted to impress Sean! I ended up wearing jeans and a very soft mohair sweater with no bra...My tits moved around just the right amount inside it to keep the nipples hard...

My daddy made Lester come in the house from his van to pick me up...He was gonna just sit there and wait for me to come out...I love my Daddy...He told Lester to have me home by midnight or die...He took me to McDonalds for "dinner"...Oh, whoopie...then on to the movie...It started about 9pm as I remember...Lester's van was really a kick...It was really plush up front...with a curtained area right behind the driver/passenger seat...and behind that was a cushioned bench and floor to sealing carpet...thick and soft..

He started off by trying to kiss me and touch me...in the front...I kept asking him about Sean...and he kept pawing me and telling me to wait...grrrrr...Finally after him groping and ME slapping him...He got really pissed and told me he was gonna take me home...and of course I didn't want too...with out seeing Sean...

So, I told him okay...but nothing serious was gonna happen...I let him get his hand on my breasts...and kiss me...but when he started trying to undo my jeans I yelled at him...He gets this hurt look and looks down at the bulge in his pants and tells me that I am the cause of his very painful situation...Oh, great...Now what?

He told me that I needed to help him out...Me...I'm dumb...There IS something to the blonde thing...Trust me...I couldn't talk...just stare as he unzipped and pulls out his cock...and starts stroking it...It's big and hard and all purple...I felt weak and dizzy and like I was being drawn like a magnet to it...The next thing I know...He's saying come here and touch it and I find myself on my knees between the two seats reaching for it...

When I took it from him and wrapped my fingers around the shaft, I'll never forget the feeling of power I had at that moment...I was responsible for his hard on...and I didn't know what to do!!! He started running his fingers thru my hair and telling me to kiss it and lick it...which I did...and so when he pulled my head to his crotch...I opened my mouth and took his cock and sucked on it...He came almost immediately. I was pounding on his legs trying to pull back but he had my hair...and his cock deep in my mouth...so I swallowed...I was all of a sudden afraid I'd get his cum on my sweater...so I worked really hard and making sure I swallowed every drop...which worked a different way...He thought I was REALLY enjoying it...I didn't mean to...but couldn't help it...I did.

As he was zipping up, he asked me if he was the first cock I'd ever sucked...I just nodded as if in shock...I remember the thoughts going thru my mind...I was a slut...I gave blowjobs...I swallowed cum...Omigod...what were my friends going to think of me if he told everyone!!?!

As I sat there...in shock...he got out of the van and told me he was going to the snack bar and did I want anything...I just shook my head and sat back in the seat...with a zillion questions going off inside my head as I sat there...Oh, shit...What had I done...

I'll follow up with him bringing Sean back with him from the concession stand...next time...

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