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How To Get A Discount


For me giving a guy a blow-job is intense, when I have my mouth and tongue on a guy's crotch, licking his balls and his shaft, inhaling his hot male aroma that steams from his genitals, and the taste. I know that there a lot of girls that don't like the taste of cum, but I not one of them. Giving a blow-job makes me feel in control. I mean just asking a guy if he'd like a blow-job and he'll drop everything, including his pants to get your mouth on his cock.

Here an example: I was at the mall the other day, checking out the electronic sections of different stores. I had to replace my video camera. It had been busted since I had try making a dirty movie with some friends. Things got wild and the camera hit the floor. Oh well, the night was great even if I didn't have a video to remember it by.

At one store this cute salesman named Lance was trying to help me. He was have trouble as he was sly, and my low cut top was giving him trouble. Bashful guy are so cut when they blush when you catch them looking. Then I suddenly realized why he was holding his clipboard down in front of his jeans like he was. So I ask him to help me with something in else it the back of the department . Once We were in back of the electronics department, hidden by several aisles of junk, so I reached right behind that clipboard and massaged the expected lump in his trousers. Lance whimpered softly.

"I'm awfully hungry," I murmured. " You going to give me a little snack?"

Some kind of weird croak escaped from his mouth. He didn't seem able to speak. I took that for a "yes."

Squatting, I pushed his hands and clipboard out of the way, then unzipped his fly so I could get his cock out in the open. It wasn't ridiculously long, about seven inches, the perfect size for deepthroating. It was also nice and meaty, with a plum-sized crown that was already leaking a steady stream of pre-cum secretions.

He croaked again. This time, I vaguely pick out words. Something about being on the job. But I listened to what his cock, not his mouth, was saying. Rounding my lips into a perfect O, I sucked in that plum-sized crown like it was a strand of spaghetti instead of a lump of solid beef. His flesh had a faint pre-cum flavor that I love. I felt my panties dampen as I squirmed in my squatting position, turning my head a little to send more of his delicious cock down my throat.

Giving head is a empowering thing with me. I knew a few tricks. I can make a man cum fast or slow. Even if a guy gets a little rough, gagging me with his cock I still fell in control. In public or private a blow-job to me put me in control. In Lance's case, since we were where he worked, it was more interesting to suck him slowly. What would his boss, for instance, say if he caught me with my lips clamped around Lance's cock? He'd probably just fir the poor fool, but it was more fun to imagine him demanding equal time in my mouth.

Lance groaned, then choked back the sound. I felt the hairs at the base of his cock tickle my lips each time the crown of his cock slide in to the back of my throat. His cock felt as if it was growing in my mouth, so huge that it filled my mouth from my lips all the way back to the sensitive far wall of my throat.

I couldn't help but gasp a little around the pocket rocket stuffed in my face. Spit was running hot from the straining corners of my mouth. My excitement was at fever pitch, at any moment someone could come around to where her were and see me squatting with this cock in my mouth. I could no longer resist sliding my hand under and up my skirt to massage my own pussy through my panties while I slowly sucked Lance to his own fever pitch. It wasn't long before my fingers were inside my flimsy panties, thrusting eagerly into my wet hole.

We heard voices, footsteps. One or more people almost entered our little aisle, but they changed their minds and backtracked at the last minute. That close call was all I needed to send me over the edge. I climaxed hard. I felt my juice run out of me and with my panties pushed to the side there was nothing to catch the hot liquid as a piddle formed on the floor. My climax sent my sucking into overdrive I need Lance's cum now. It was to much for Lance. He filled my mouth with his hot cream in one hard powerful blast. I stand up and opened my mouth to show Lance the white cream and then I swallowed it. I told Lance that if he get me the video camera I wanted on discount he could come over and help me break it in. as I left the store I hear them call for clean up on the aisle me and Lance were on and I remember leaving a piddle there. I quick but powerful climax hit me as I walked out the door.

P.S. that night the star were not out but I was as I stared in a very hot movie with Lance in my backyard, but that another story.

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