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How To Make A Woman's Body Sing


Hi. It's Celeste again and I'm writing without Jimmy's help because I'm on a mission. It is to explain to women the wonderfully complex body we inhabit and how to realize the full sensual pleasure you can experience if you know, respect and love it.

First, we need to explore three hidden pleasure centers that help you achieve orgasms you wouldn't think possible: your complete clit, your g-spot, and the magical valley around your anus. Then we'll talk about how they should be touched and with what—a finger, penis, or tongue. Finally, I'll tell you what my five favorite orgasms are when I access them and hope you'll share yours with other readers. If this seems rather clinical it's because my purpose is to teach. What you do with what you learn is where the fun begins.

Lying below your belly button, these three pleasure centers are all located close to each other and interact with each other. Let's start with the clitoris and work south.

1. Know your clitoris, all of it.

When you say clitoris, most women think of the protruding nub that lies just above the vagina and that generates the most intense arousal instincts in our bodies. I'm not sure that I've ever had an orgasm without at least the indirect stimulation of the nub. But that's only part, and a very small part, of a complicated, pleasure-giving organ. 85% of the clitoris lies under the skin and look remarkably like the wishbone of a Thanksgiving turkey. Its arms extend down the walls of your vagina and then curve closer together (they don't actually meet) as they approach your anus. My clit arms are very sensitive and love to be stroked. This stroking produces a subtle, rising sense of arousal that is absolutely delicious. When I can't stand it anymore, I stroke my nub and the result is a take-your-breath-away orgasm that leaves me shuttering.

To experience this, the next time you masturbate lube your pointer and index fingers and press them against the walls of your vagina until you feel bony structures on both sides. Stroke up and down and see if it doesn't produce a sensation that you may never have felt before.

If you want to add still another sensation, see if you can locate the ends of the arms and press against them. I can do it, but it took a great deal of practice and isn't easy. Generally speaking, if you think of your anus as a clock with noon as the point closest to your vagina, try pressing above it and to the sides at approximately ten and two o'clock. That works for me.

Frankly, if you have a body-mass index approaching thirty or higher, you are less likely to be able to feel the parts of your clit lying below the skin. The area around the lips of your vagina is one of the first places that fat tissue accumulates. Not preaching, just telling the truth.

2. Locate your g-spot precisely.

This isn't easy to do because you can't see anything and you'll be relying entirely on your or a partner's sense of touch. It's well worth the effort to spend the time that's necessary to locate this roughly textured little patch that lies on the outer wall of your vagina (the one closest to your skin) between two and three inches in from the entry point. You'll know you've found it when your finger finds a spot that feels like it is rubbing across a piece of corduroy. You can google any of the excellent anatomical charts to see where you should be looking. Believe me, you'll know when you find it.

The easiest way to explore is with your finger, or two fingers if you want to stimulate the arms of your clit at the same time. Lying on your back with a pillow under your hips for comfort, take your middle finger (make sure that the nail is trimmed and filed), lube it, and insert it fully into your vagina. The trick is then to move it around exactly as if you were making the "come here" motion as you scrape along the outer wall. Be patient. It will probably take some time to find what you're looking for. Once you do however, you will have unlocked one of the great sensual secrets of your body and it's a piece of knowledge you'll enjoy for the rest of your life.

The g-spot is unique among the three in that it responds best to constant, applied pressure, not to stroking. Once you've found it, leave your finger pressing against it and see what happens. Wow.

3. Map your magic valley

Your anus, or asshole, is second only to the nub of your clit as a pleasure center in your body. It has a huge number of nerve endings that send arousal signals to your brain. But you have to know where they are.

The human body contains thirty-five pairs of sphincter muscles, one voluntary and one involuntary. In the eye, they control how we blink, in the throat they make it impossible to breathe and swallow at the same time. The anus has a pair and you can control the external (voluntary) one by clenching and then relaxing your butt cheeks. The problem for many women with anal sex is that the internal one is involuntary; you can't control its relaxation. It's the penetration of the internal sphincter that causes pain and scares many women away from the pleasures of anal sex. The pain doesn't last and you can train the muscle to relax (see our Guide to Great Anal Sex), but it is also true that you can have a fabulous anal experience without penetration.

First, and this will be real fun if you've never done it before, you need to explore your hole. Take your pointer finger, or have your partner take his or hers, be sure the nail is clipped and filed, lube it, and slowly insert it into your anus pressing against a side. An inch or two in you'll come to something that feels like a taut rubber band. That's your external sphincter and you can flex your cheeks on it. Then slowly press forward until you meet resistance. Now you're at the internal sphincter and you shouldn't go any further unless you want to experience the sharp pain that begins the training process for anal sex.

What's important is that you don't need to. The tip of your finger should now be in the furrow or "magic valley" between the two sphincters and that is where the nerve endings that generate pleasure are located. Personally, I have completely different responses depending upon where I touch myself or where Jimmy puts his finger, or preferably his tongue.

Here's my roadmap. Imagine again that my anus is a clock face with noon the point closest to my vagina. Experience has taught me that any touching between 11 and 1, along with clit stroking, produces a harsh, overpowering orgasm that is so intense it is actually unpleasant, like being hit by a stun gun. On the other hand, touching or licking between five and seven relaxes me completely and sends me to sleep. For arousal leading to a beautiful orgasm, contact between two and four and eight and ten is perfect for me, a sensation that feels so good that you can't imagine the pleasure it brings until you experience it. That's just me. You should go to the trouble (it really isn't trouble at all) to create your own personal roadmap of your "magic valley." Do it by yourself or with a partner, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

You have a homework assignment before the next class, but it's the type that we all wish we had been given in school. Either by yourself or with a partner, masturbate to the point of complete arousal stroking or pressing against the arms of your clit, your g-spot, and your magic valley. Finish by rubbing the external nub of your clit to achieve orgasm. This won't take very long, guaranteed. Repeat as necessary until you know what pleases you the most and you have complete knowledge about these three pleasure centers.

When you've done this, ladies, you will be ready for the second lesson: how they should be touched, and with what.


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