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How To Make Your Own Sex Toys


Why buy sex toys at some adult bookstore when you can make them yourself for free? I'll show you, regardless of gender, how to make some fun playthings using fairly simple household items.

Male sex toys:

A vagina tube:

All you need for this snazzy little device is a cardboard tube of some sort, a condom, and some lube if desired. When looking for a tube, a toilet paper or paper towel tube will work as options.

To assemble this device simply open and remove the condom from its packing, place it through the tube while sliding the opening of the condom around the end of the tube. Now, if desired, insert some of your favorite lubricant.

This device is simple but effective, assuming your penis conforms to the approximate width of the tube. If the difference is too big the device will be useless.

A soap buddy:

All you need to make a soap buddy is a bar of soap and something capable of cutting soap. (What isn't capable of cutting soap)?

Take your bar of soap, ideally the biggest bar of soap you can find, and remove it from its box, wrapper, or whatever it is packaged in. Now take your soap cutting tool and make a hole wide enough in the soap for your erect penis to fit into.

Now you have a soap buddy you can fuck until the cows come home or until you're ready to blow a load. This is good, clean fun even though that was a very bad pun!

Female sex toys:

A chilly self-made dildo:

You'll have to think of this one a little bit in advance ladies because the prep time is significant. If you live by yourself or in a situation where someone else discovering this toy won't be embarrassing then you may want to prep this one and just let it wait for use.

Before you begin you'll need to find a condom. Size, texture, and color are up to you. Once you've opened and removed the condom from the wrapper you'll need to expand it somewhat. To do this you can either use your finger or any other long slender object, like a pencil with the eraser end first. If you don't want to use an object you can also inflate it yourself like a balloon.

Once the condom has been expanded slightly, place the opening around the head of your faucet and turn the water onto a slow stream. The longer you allow the condom to drip fill with water, the larger and longer it will become. Once the condom is filled to your preferred amount, turn off the water. Tie off one end of the condom and place the water filled condom in the freezer.

When you place the condom in the freezer you should keep in mind its position. If you prefer a dildo that will be roughly the same thickness from start to finish then you should place the condom on its side which will cause gravity to pull on the side of the condom. On the other hand, if you prefer a dildo with a head on the end of it, place the condom in an upright position, allowing the gravity to pull on the tip end of the dildo.

Once the condom has frozen you will have your very own icy sex toy, a novelty most store bought dildos do not provide.

A fruity dildo:

This is a little bit old school, but that doesn't mean it's not still a good toy. All you will need is your favorite fruit, a condom, perhaps some lube, and yourself.

In this case, your favorite fruit won't be the one you most enjoy eating but rather the one that is the proper shape for your desire. I'll give you several examples: Carrots, for starters, are long but fairly thin. Cucumbers, on the other hand, are pretty much of medium or long length and fairly fat in width. A banana, lastly, is a compromise of the two being of medium length and girth.

Now, unwrap the condom and slide the fruit product into the condom. If this is your first time using a condom, the fruit will make good practice for when putting a condom on a real penis although lots of guys probably wouldn't mind you fumble around with their "bait and tackle." Of course if you don't plan on fooling around with men, then your new skill will only by useful for fruit products.

Now you will likely want to apply some lube to your fruity dildo before beginning to use it. Also, you'll probably want to throw the food item away afterwards although as long as nothing indigestible or poisonous has been added to it you can eat it afterwards if you choose. Unquestionably you should wash it off prior to ingestion though.

A final thought:

Now that you know how to make these four homemade devices, all I can suggest is GO PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS!

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