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How to Sweeten Up Your Cum

byDecayed Angel©

In our writing and reading of erotica we come across a lot of differing descriptions of the flavor of cum, whether it is a man's semen or a woman's vaginal secretions. While some of the descriptions may vary depending upon a person's personal preferences, the sweet, tangy, tart, earthy, etc., etc. flavors used to describe the taste are often limited by the author's ability to truly grasp the words to describe a truly unique flavor.

Obviously, the taste of semen and vaginal secretions will vary from person and these tastes can vary from day to day in an individual depending upon a number of factors including what they eat. Since the taste all bodily secretions will vary depending upon what a person eats, certainly a person's cum will vary depending upon what they have eaten.

Eating certain foods will generally affect the taste of cum, however, this effect will vary in flavor and intensity from person to person. Generally, the following foods, beverages and habits will varying the taste of cum as indicated.

1.) Smoking cigarettes or marijuana and drinking alcohol will give the secretions a bitter taste.

2.) Eating red meats, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and some vitamins will give secretions a sharp or salty taste. The presence of sperm in the semen will also give the semen a sharper taste.

3.) Dairy products, such as milk and cheese will also give secretions a salty flavor.

4.) Eating only vegetables (except those from the cabbage family, ie: cauliflower, broccoli or asparagus) especially celery will give secretions a more mild flavor. The absence of sperm in the semen will make the taste more mild.

5.) Eating parsley, wheatgrass and celery have a high chlorophyll content which will make secretions sweeter.

6.) Spicing foods with cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon will also make secretions taste sweeter.

7.) Eating fruit, especially pineapple, papaya, cranberry, melons, mangos, apples and grapes also can sweeten the flavor of secretions. Their high sugar content can also offset the bitter tastes caused by smoking or drinking.

Some other things you can do to improver the flavor of your cum is to drink plenty of water, which washes toxins out of your body. As outlined above, eat plenty of vegetables and avoid red meats, instead get your protein from lean meats such as chicken and turkey.

Some people claim that fish can make cum taste bad, but research shows that this tends to vary from individual to individual. Before removing fish from your diet, you may want to tests its affects on the taste of your cum, since fish is a major part of a healthy diet.

Avoid junk foods since they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, which can affect the taste of cum. There are also products available that claim to sweeten the taste of cum such as Semenex and others but there is not evidence these products work. Cum can be made to taste good by modifying your diet and lifestyle. Overall, a healthy diet had the biggest effect.

For women, diet does have an effect on the taste of their vaginal secretions, but the overall health and cleanliness of the vagina can have a greater effect. Generally a woman's vagina is on the acidic side, with a PH range of 3.8 to 4.5. Anything that offsets the PH balance of the vagina can significantly affect the health and therefore the taste of the vagina. Regular soap has PH ranges between 7.0 to 14 and can actually cause some infections. Excessive douching can also cause vaginal infections.

While women can also vary the taste of their cum through the diet tips mentioned above, the most important thing they can do for their taste is to keep the vagina healthy and happy with a PH range between 3.8 and 4.5. Especially strong tastes or odors can be signs of an infection and should be followed up.

So there you go, a way to sweeten up your cum or perhaps to simply vary the taste of your cum for a change of pace in your lovemaking. It all basically comes down to varying some of the food you eat and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Bon Appetite!


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