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How To Pick The Perfect Pooch


How To Pick the Perfect Pooch.

So you want to buy a dog, but you don't know which kind of dog to buy? Well, you've opened up the right story. It's good that you didn't open up a story of romance and intrigue. Yeah, it may have entertained you, but you'd still wonder which dog to buy after you read the story, whereas after reading this story, you'll at least have more of an idea which dog is right for you.

First let me write in print that, as any dog can be a bad dog, any dog can be a good dog. It's the owners that make a good dog bad. If you just follow the simple rules of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, of exercise first, discipline second, and love last, then you'll have a well behaved pet. The problems happen when too much love comes first, which in the dog's brain reinforces their bad behavior, and not enough exercise and discipline are given. Yet, dog psychology and dog training is not what this story is about; that's another story. This story is to help you decide which type of dog to buy.

Let's get back to buying the perfect dog. What you don't want to do is to buy a puppy without knowing what he'll grow to be when he matures to adult. Moreover, buying a dog shouldn't be an emotional or an impulsive decision. Never buy a dog because he looks cute.

You are making a long-term commitment of yourself to care for an animal. The best ways to make your many years of dog ownership happy ones is to fully research your decision. You must know and understand what you are getting into before bringing little bow-wow home. Moreover, you must really want a dog to care for it over the many years you'll be together.

I've had a dog all my life. I love dogs. I can't imagine not reaching my hand down to pat my pal laying by my side or resting in my lap. I'm not a big dog type of guy. I like dogs that are in the twenty to twenty-five pound range.

Every time anyone sees me with my dog, they all make comment, especially the women. My dog is a real chick magnet.

"Oh, he's so cute."

"Are you talking about me or the dog," I reply.

"Both," she says with a smile.

This story is for those of you intent on buying a dog but who don't know which breed to buy. There are so many different types of dogs and then there are the mixed breeds, the mongrels waiting for someone to adopt them at the shelters. In many respects, mongrels make perfect pets, especially when you have small children. I've adopted several mongrels and they have been great pets. Mongrels, because they are a mixed breed, tend to be more docile and are not as hyper as some of the other purebred dogs, such as terriers. Only, sometimes, unless you buy an adult mongrel dog, with a mongrel puppy, you don't know what you'll be getting when your dog grows to an adult.

Listed below are my hopefully helpful tips in finding the dog that is right for you.

1. Buy a book of dogs, an encyclopedia of sorts, one that has lots of photos of dogs. Take your time to peruse the pictures. Then, read about the specific breeds.

The books, generally coffee table size retail for a lot but are usually found in the discount pile and are cheap enough to buy. Now, before you even get confused reading about all the different breeds, think of the size dog that will work for you. How big or how small of a dog do you prefer?

The easiest way to pick a dog is by using much the same process you used when picking a type of car or buying a house. Select the size dog, as you did when selecting the size of your car and house.

Do you want a huge dog the size of a Ford Expedition or a Chrysler Town and Country mini-van, such as a Great Dane, Wolfhound, Deerhound or Saint Bernard that will happily run around and/or lounge around your huge estate?

Do you want a large size dog more befitting a Lincoln Town Car or Chevy Impala, such as a Labrador Retriever, German Shepard, Collie, or Doberman Pinscher to run around your 4 bedroom, 5 bath, and 3 garage home?

How about a medium size dog to fit in your Toyota Camry or Honda Accord and your apartment in the city, such as a Pit Bull Terrier, Basenji, Whippet, or Border Collie?

How about a small dog befitting your Ford Mustang or BMW three series and one bedroom apartment, such as a Jack Russell terrier, Cocker Spaniel, West Highland terrier or a Corgi?

Then, there are those toy dogs that will not only fit in your Mini Cooper S or Mazda Miata but also have plenty of space in your small 500 square foot studio in Manhattan, such as a Dachshund, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier or a Chinese Crested?

There are so many dogs from which to chose, but the first thing for you to do is to determine the size of dog that is right for you. Too many people buy the wrong size dog only to regret their decision later. You don't want to distress a big dog by confining it in a small space, just as you wouldn't want a toy dog out in the wilderness where the coyotes view your faithful companion as lunch.

2. Now that you have chosen the size, next choose the breed. It is important to pick the breed of dog that most fits you and your lifestyle. If you like the water, don't buy a Bulldog. They sink. Instead buy a retriever, Labrador, poodle or Portuguese water dog.

If you love to jog, don't buy a Pug. They get overheated easily, especially in the warmer weather. Buy a whippet for warmer climates or a Husky for colder climates. Those dogs will out run you.

If you need a dog for protection, buy the specific breed of dog that will dog the job. Even though that Bichon Frise is really cute, it's not going to dissuade someone from attacking you. Buy a German Shepard or a Doberman Pinscher or any larger size dog that will give anyone second thoughts about breaking in your house.

There are companion dogs, such as a Boston terrier, Italian Greyhound, Lhasa Apso, and Maltese. There are the fighting breeds, which include any terrier breed, Bulldog, and Mastiff breed. There are guard dogs, such as a Rottweiler, Weimaraner, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. There are herding and cattle dogs, such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherd, and Keeshond. There are hunting dogs, such as retrievers, setters, pointers, spaniels, and water dogs. There are sight hounds such as the Afghan hound, Borzoi, and Greyhound. There are scent hounds, such as Basset hounds, Coonhounds, and Dachshund. Whatever your requirement, there is a dog to perfectly fit your need.

There are millions of documents online about dogs. Read. Seek and you shall find. Whatever you need is just a Google or Yahoo search click away.

3. Once you have narrowed down your size of a dog and breeds down to a few, interact with dogs. Take a walk in the dog park. Go to a pet store. Talk to your friends and relatives who have the types of dogs that interest you. Talk to a dog groomer or a pet sitter. Linger around the animal shelters. Talk to a veterinarian. Rather than you not be happy with your pet, veterinarians, breeders, and animal shelter personnel would much rather answer your questions about certain breeds before having you make a commitment and make a mistake.

After you have picked the size and breed of dog, E-mail a breeder. Breeders are the perfect people to pick their brains. Not only do they love waxing profoundly about their breed but also they know everything about their breed.

For those of you who already have a dog, have a heart and help out those who are looking to buy their first dog. What kind of dog do you have and what do you like about that breed of dog? Please post your comments at the end of this story. Just as it was fun writing this dog story, it is fun to read about the different kinds of dogs that people buy and why they buy them.

What kind of dog do I have? Everyone knows that I have Polo, my pain-in-the-ass Rat Terrier.

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