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How To Seduce A Woman


Guys, let’s get real. Very few of us look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, and none of us does as well with women as we’re sure they do. These are facts, and if you think otherwise, stop reading now.

That said, I can’t believe the average man doesn’t do better with women. I’m average in looks, never been married, forty-something-years-old, drive a car that’s several years old, and don’t have that much money, but I do all right with women. To be truthful, I do better than all right with women, but I have a secret that is so obvious it eludes most men.

First, let me give you example of what I’m talking about when I say most men are clueless about women. A friend of mind thinks he’s such a catch that he believes every woman wants him. I’ve seen a woman he’s treated like dirt come up to him in a bar, slap him silly and call him scum and worse, but when she walks away, he always turns to his drinking buddies and says, “She still wants me. She’s hot for my body.”

Now, I’m not the sharpest tack in the box, but when a woman tells me off and slaps my face so hard it still hurts two days later, I never think she’s hot for my body.

This friend of mine is not an Adonis, not even close, but he can’t walk past a mirror without stopping to check himself out and preen. Sad but true.

Guys, if this sounds familiar to you, you are in need of some serious help

Why do I succeed where my friend does nothing but make the women angry at him?

It’s simple really. A woman doesn’t want a guy who’s more hung up on himself than on her. A woman wants a man who thinks of her first and makes her feel safe and secure, and you should have learned this in high school.

You do remember high school, don’t you? I must admit most of high school is hazy, even to me, but what I do remember has stayed with me all my life. In my high school, the jocks or members of some other group you didn’t belong to always got the babes, and most of the time, all you got was rosy palm and her five sisters. Once in a while you got lucky and got laid, but what you didn’t know was the girl had already gone to bed with all the other guys in school and you were the last one on her list. But you never thought about why she was fucking you, you were just happy to be fucking a woman and a real one at that.

If it hadn’t been for dear old dad’s Playboy magazines and the lock on the bathroom door, most of us would have gone through high school drooling zombies from the hormones making us get a stiff dick every time we saw a girl’s erect nipples or down her blouse or caught a glimpse of a girl’s panties when she crossed her legs. Hell, some of us got stiff just imagining what a girl would look like nude.

High school is supposed to be where you learn the basics to get you through life, but what I remember most vividly about high school is what I learned in study hall; and it wasn’t from teachers. Study hall was where the girls let their hair down and talked about boys the way boys talked about girls but with brutal honesty. The girls in study hall taught me what they liked and disliked sexually, and it’s where I found out the jocks weren’t the studs they thought they were, at least not by the girls’standards. The jocks strutted around high school like peacocks, but according to the girls in study hall, most jocks climbed on a girl, pumped three times and were done but still expected the girl to thank him for a job well done. The poor guys didn’t know they were the butt of jokes in the girls’ locker room, and I suspect some of them still have no idea they are duds in bed not studs. By senior year, these fast eddy jocks had to go after the freshmen girls for dates because every girl in the three upper grades knew what they were like in bed and freshmen girls were too young to know better. But even freshmen girls soon learned these jocks were washouts in bed and spread the word to their sisters, aunts, cousins, and every woman they met. The jocks left high school eventually, but years later they were still jocks in bed because they continued to listen to themselves and not to the women.

I always listen to women and have used this knowledge to my advantage from high school to the present day. Women will do anything you ask if you listen to them. Don’t be shy, ask your woman what pleases her in bed. If asked, she’ll tell you, but you have to ask. So come on guys, ask your woman what pleases her and you’ll be surprised at what she tells you. When it comes to love-making you must listen to the woman and use what she tells you to make her feel as if she is the only woman in the world.

The biggest complaint I hear from women is that men don’t draw out the sex long enough. You guys know what they mean. You jump on the woman, hump her for a few minutes, pump her and come, then you roll off and go to sleep, thinking you’re some legendary stud because you have a woman in your bed. Well, guess again. Women don’t want a sprinter, they want a marathon runner. Let me put it this way, if you want good sex, you have to give good sex first. And remember this, if you’re not doing your homework, somebody like me will do it for you.

Women like different things because not all woman are the same. That would make for a dull world and the world of women is far from dull.

It takes at least five dates or nights to seduce a woman properly. The first couple of dates we go out to eat or drink and I find out what she likes in the way of sex and what turns her off completely. To do this you might have to tell her you’re doing research for a book or some other lie, but it doesn’t matter; get the information. I don’t make any stupid or sudden moves on the first two dates and this gains the woman’s trust. On our third date I bring the woman back to my place to watch a movie, and as the evening progresses, I can tell whether we’re going to end up in bed or not. We kiss and cuddle in the living room, but once we move into the bedroom, the woman is naked and ready. I ask her if she would like a massage, and of course she does. Every woman likes to be pampered, and I get out the scented lotion and warm it up by running hot water over the bottle. With the lotion in hand, I ask the woman if she would like to be blindfolded, and surprisingly enough, most women agree because it excites them. I blindfold her, start the massage and work my way down her back starting at the nape of her neck and going down to her toes. Doing this properly takes about an hour, and when I finished her back, I roll her over and do the same thing to the front of her. We talk as I massage her and this relaxes her. It doesn’t matter what we talk about as I masage her as long as it’s what she wants to talk about. I still have my clothes on, and I usually surprise the women when I tell them we’re not going to make love that night. I just hint at what we’ll do the next night and send them home.

Now some of you might think I blew it but don’t believe it. The woman will be back the next night, and this time I fix a meal and put on some soft music to set the mode as we eat dinner and chat. After dinner, I do the dishes real slow to tease her and make her want to make love. Then we go off to the bedroom. Once again she gets naked, I blindfold her, and she is ready. I massage her as I did the night before, but when I finish the massage, I go to work on her erogenous zones. I kiss and suck her neck, her nipples, and of course her clitoris, and I tongue her into oblivion by spending a lot of time working on these areas.

I still have my clothes on like the night before, and no matter how much she begs, I leave my clothes on. I save that for the next night, and believe me, she will be back the next night because I’ve had women show up at my door wearing nothing but a trench coat, heels and a smile.

On the third night, I massage her as I did the previous two nights but this time I take off my clothes and we finish up by making love. But take your time making love. Don’t go off in three minutes and then roll off and go to sleep. Take time to tell her that it was the best sex you ever had and she inspired you to new heights. Cuddle with her. Hold her in you arms. Make her feel as if you had a religious experience when she had an orgasm, but the key is for her to have an orgasm before you do or time things so you have orgasms at the same time.

In the example above, I was talking about single women. Seducing married women requires a different approach, and the reason is simple, married woman have children.

A married woman with a teenage boy will be ready to be seduced because her son’s friends, young and always horny, can’t resist flirting with every female they meet, and the mother will be turned and excited by their attention. Approach her at the right time, flatter her, prove to her there’s no way she’ll get caught, and you can skip the three days of massage and go right to bed. It sounds easy but if you want her to keep coming back to your bed, you have to pay attention to her needs and make her feel appreciated.

A married woman with a teenage daughter is a different matter all together. When the daughter reaches dating age and starts bringing home her boy friends, the mother sees her daughter as competition and starts flirting with the young men. The horny young men will respond, of course, and flirt with her, but she will never follow through with the young men and winds up frustrated and horny, especially when she looks at her husband and wonders why he doesn’t fuck her more often. Approach her when she’s like this, tell her she’s sexy and desirable, and she will start thinking about having an affair. Continue to do this every time you see her, and sooner or later, she’ll look in a mirror, think she’s still got one hell of figure, and wonder why her daughter is getting laid and she’s not. And when she’s in this state of mind, she’ll track you down and drag you into bed, but remember, pay attention to what she wants or it will be a one night stand.

The only trouble you might have with seducing married women can be a big one, if you let it. The married woman will start the affair by saying she doesn’t want any strings attached, she’s in your bed strictly for the sex, but be forewarned, they may say this but they don’t mean it. After three or four times together, she will get possessive and start making demands on your time and freedom. She’ll start calling everyday to check up on you, and if she has trouble reaching you, the next time she calls she’ll give you the third degree and want to know where you were and what you were doing.

This is the time to call it quits before she starts saying she wants to divorce her husband so she can be with you all the time. This is fine if you love her, but if you don’t, let her down gently. Remind her she’s the one who wanted no strings attached, has children who need her, and a husband she loved at one time, but most importantly, be honest and tell her you don’t want to break up a home or get married. This brings most women to their senses, and the break will be clean with no acrimony.

Guys, if you’re married and reading this, listen up; what I described above can happen to you, and if it does, it will be your fault. Put the romance back in your marriage. Never take your wife for granted. Take the time to make your wife feel special and loved. You have everything to gain by doing these things, and a lot to lose if you don’t.

You single guys need to take to heart what I’ve written and your love life will improve immensely. Single women crave love and attention, as we all do, and if you listen to a single woman and take your time seducing her, she will reward you with the best sex you ever had. Married women are the same as single women, but they’re also eager to learn and more willing to try new things. Married women think life has passed them by, and you can release the sexual animal inside them if you treat them the right way.

Let me give you an example of what I mean about married women. I worked with a married women once at a nature center a few miles from my home. She was forty and had been married fifteen years, and I was thirty-five and single. Everyday we worked together mapping animal trails, and one day she started flirting with me. I flirted back, and after three or four days of this, we were making love on the grass. She was the most honest woman I ever met and told me she’d started flirting with me because her marriage had fallen into a rut. All I did in the beginning was ask her what she wanted to do sexually, and from then on, she was willing to try anything and everything; the wilder the better. Most of what we did was her idea, but I can tell you it was some of the best sex I ever had. We lived out every sexual fantasy she’d ever thought about, and by the second week, she was coming to my place every morning before work and every night afger work before she had to drive home to hubby and her kids. I finally broke off our relationship when she got possessive but those five months were intense. There is something to be said for older women because it has been my experience they are more than willing to try new things.

There is an unlimited and untapped field of sexual delights out there if you men would just pay attention to what I’ve written and listen to the women you meet.

Good hunting and have safe sex.

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How to seduce HOT real women of your dreams

How to have sex with REAL women of your dreams, like even your super hot liitle sexy sister in law. Yeah momma! Oh b hav!

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