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How to Stop Smoking


Target Date

Like a Karate Fighter preparing for a fight, you will need four weeks to condition your body and discipline your mind. First, you must set a target date of when you will stop smoking. Set your target date four weeks from now and be sure to set it after the full moon. Your target day will become your graduation day, for on this day you will graduate into a smoke-free stage of your life.

On the morning of your target day, you will place a moratorium on your smoking. You are not quitting, you are suspending your smoking for the next couple of decades. When you reach your ninetieth birthday, you can, once again, go back to enjoying a cigarette. The goal here is to get you to the age of ninety without going through life, suffering with shortness of breath and dragging an oxygen bottle around with you.

Stimulant Depressant Sea Saw

Get off the stimulant depressant sea saws. How many times I see people with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I did it myself. You take in caffeine, get stimulated, then you need nicotine to suppress the stimulation. Once the depressant takes effect, then you need more caffeine to offset the depressant. Up and down you go. Try to limit your caffeine intake and try to avoid those things that normally lead you to want a cigarette. You can do this.

Sexual Stimulants

Sexual stimulants are not something we eat or drink. They are unexpected events of excitement that we cannot avoid, in fact they are a welcomed pleasure but we need to deal with them, just until we get passed the need to smoke. By the way, the craving for a cigarette only lasts about four or five days in decreasing intensity. Once you are smoke free, sexual stimulants will take on a whole new role in your life and change the way you encounter them. Right now, when you are hit with a sexual stimulant, you reach for a cigarette in a desperate attempt to satisfy yourself by suppressing the stimulant and that leaves you in a depressant state. Let me explain;

During the years that I was a smoker, there were times where I would have an interaction with a woman. It could be a secretary, a clerk, a saleswoman, etc. Sometime during this encounter, she would lean forward as if to get a file or pick up a paper and as she did this, I would get a glimpse of her breast. This is a sexual stimulant and I would get excited. I immediately lite up a cigarette and started smoking because I needed to suppress the sudden, unexpected, sexual excitement. Did you know that a woman's nipple is about the same diameter as a cigarette?

Now look at what happens now that I don't smoke, under the same scenario. I become excited but now, instead of grabbing a cigarette, I say something like, "O, how beautiful!

The woman looks at me, some what startled and says, "What!"

I reply, "How beautiful today is. I wish I didn't have to come to work." Then a conversation develops between us.

They say that it is easier for a man to quit smoking and I have to agree. For the most part we men respond to visual sexual stimulants and our sexuality is centered in our groin. We kind of have an impenetrable shield around us. We don't get all the signals a woman sends. We have to see it out in plain view. Sometimes I think a man has to be hit on the head and told, "Hey, that girl is interested in you."

A woman's sexuality consists of her whole body. When it comes to receiving sexual stimulants, her body is like a cell phone tower. She gets stimulants from every means and direction. It could be from a song, a man's voice, an aroma, the feel of a fabric or the look in a man's eyes. She feels the sexual stimulus or excitement throughout her whole body. Her breasts are over her lungs so when she feels excitement, she reaches for a cigarette, thus suppressing the sexual stimulant but it was her breasts that craved attention, not her lungs.


I often hear a woman say, "O, if I quit smoking, then I'm going to eat and get fat."

I say, "No. If you ladies quit smoking then you will begin fornicating." As I said earlier, a sexual stimulant in a nonsmoker, leads to a comment, a comment leads to a conversation and conversations lead to relations.

Food is not a substitute for sex. Food is energy. You only need to eat very small amounts, probably half of what you eat now. If you eat until you are full then you have eaten too much. The food becomes toxic. Your digestive system becomes overloaded. It labors to digest the meal. After eating you should be energized but instead you become tired and lethargic. In the next four weeks try to cut down on the amount of food you consume. Drink water. Condition and discipline your mind and body. You can do this.

Iron Will

During the next four weeks begin by putting short moratoriums on the times that you would smoke. Challenge yourself to not smoke for longer and longer periods of time. By training yourself to go longer and longer between smokes, you will be purging your body of its dependence on tobacco and in your mind you will be developing an iron will.

When you feel excitement in your lungs, which you interpret as a craving for a cigarette, take six long, slow, deep breaths through your nose. If you can go outside to do this, all the best. Take the deep breaths and feel the clean, fresh, invigorating air deep within your lungs. Feel how it clears your mind. Why would you want smoke and tar in there? As you are taking these long deep breaths, draw on the spirit world for help.

The Subway

Think of your body as if it were a city and your arteries and veins were the subway system. The heart pumps blood in spurts or pulses. Think of each pulse as a subway train. The train leaves the heart and runs up to the Lungs Station. Here it stops and picks up the smoke, nicotine, tars and other pollutants. Then the train runs up to the Brain Station and deposits all of its passengers. The passengers or pollutants all fan out into the various areas of the brain, coating, clouding, fogging and dulling the senses.

When you're battling the urge to smoke by taking those deep breaths, think of your blood coming up to your lungs and getting oxygenated and then the oxygenated blood going up into your brain where it washes, enhances and clears your mind. Keep your mind focused.


"I can't quit smoking! I have too much stress in my life."

Yes, I know you do. Part of your stress is self inflicted. Smoking does not help. It deceives you. It lulls you into relaxing or just feeling tired. Use the deep breaths to invigorate and clear your mind. When you do, you may see a way around the stress and call upon the spirit world to guide you. They will.

Smoke Free

Once you are smoke free, over time your senses will return. I know, you don't think you ever lost them but you did. As they return, you will begin to see clearly. Colors will become more vivid, sounds will become clear, smells and taste more pronounced. People will have more meaning to you as you become aware of their body language and the aura surrounding them. Because you can see so much more, you will feel that you are becoming telepathic. Your extrasensory perception will make itself known. As you inhale those long, deep, oxygenated breaths, you will begin to feel a spiritual awareness about you that you haven't felt since you were a child.

Being smoke free, you will begin to notice things about people who do smoke. They seem to be always negative, always complaining, never feeling really good. They seem to be oblivious to their surroundings. Their eyes seem to be vacant and some of them seem to have a death wish for themselves, like they don't care if they get sick. If they have an aura about them its dull. Sexual stimulants go over their heads as they reach for another depressant cigarette.


If you decide to follow this guide then please start by taking off your shoes. Stand facing the east, fold your arms across your chest, close your eyes and bow your head. Take a long deep breath through your nose and ask the spirits to help and guide you.


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