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How to Throw a Great Private Party


When it comes to swinging, there are usually two types of house parties; the private ones and the paid ones. The paid ones are often on-site areas for meet and greet groups or sources of income for the sponsors. If you choose to attend those parties, know that your opportunities for involvement are minimal if you do not know anyone else there or if you are not extremely gregarious. The odds of having a really good time are no better than attending an on-premise swing club; in fact they are probably worse.

My experience has been that many who attend such parties without benefit of having friends there, either end up playing alone or just being voyeurs, which mainly is a waste of money, unless you really are a voyeur, and don't mind paying to watch.

The private house party has the potential for having more fun and I will suggest ways for making that type of party a successful event. I have been to many that really never got off because of lack of foresight of the hosts. In this offering, I will suggest a list of things to address in an effort to increase the possibility that you and your guests will have a good party.


First as host you must decide on the maximum number of people that you intend to invite. If your home is not a mega mansion and is about the size of an average four bedroom house, limit your invitees to no more than five or six couples. Ten to twelve people is about the maximum that such a house can hold comfortably and allow the hosts to keep tabs on what is going on as well as trying to ensure that everyone gets involved and has a good time.

Second, as you choose your guests, make sure that you let all of them know the other guests who will be invited. Suggest that they pull up the profiles of all of the other guests on any sites that you know them to be on and take a look before they accept your invitation. As a host, just because you have no problem swinging with African descended, Asian, East Indian, Hispanic or even physically disabled individuals does not mean that other people with whom you swing, feel the same way. It might be that they have no problem swinging with you but they do with individuals from other groups, so they should know that before they accept your invitation. Chemistry is extremely important and this could ruin your party.

Third, try to select individuals who are warm and gregarious and with personalities that are easy to get along with as the right mix of individuals is extremely important.

Fourth, once you have selected your guests, how you plan and execute the party could very well determine its success or failure. Let the guests know early if they should bring a plate and if so, know what it is so that you can plan a menu of sorts, so that everyone doesn't bring the same thing. Let them know if they should bring their own libation or if you as a host are going to provide everything.

Fifth, give your guests a cut-of time for arriving, along with parking instructions and dress before entering your home and rules for the neighbors. You don't necessarily want your neighbors to know what is going on in your house! Let guests know if nudity is reserved for certain areas or floors of the house and suggest that they do not sit nude on the furniture. You do not want your sofas and chairs stained with personal exudate!

Sixth, be sure to share instructions for cleaning after playing, including locations of bathrooms and information with regard to the location of condoms and other personal use items and their disposal. If locations in your home are off limits to your guests, make those areas known as well upon their arrival.


When your guests start to arrive, you should be ready to receive them. Wear something suggestive but not too risqué as they enter because you may be seen by your neighbors! Show your guests where to place the dishes and libation that they bring and have someone there to arrange the food on the tables and bar. As the guests arrive they can serve themselves and gather in a central area until the doors are closed. Once all guests have arrived I suggest the following things be done.

1. Review some of the aforementioned items, such as play room and bathroom locations, being covered before sitting, disposal of condoms, personal items and the like. Smoking or non-smoking should also be addressed as well as drinking. You do not want your guests to leave inebriated as they could become involved in an accident and you may be held liable for allowing them to leave your home impaired.

2. With all gathered in the same room, welcome your guests, alluding to their reason for being there and have your guests introduce themselves so that all others at least know their names. Reiterate for them that "NO," means ,"NO," and hope that they all comply. Also state that the common area is for gathering and intimacy takes place in other locales. Tell them where they are. Have replacement sheets near the beds and ask that when they leave the beds, they place a clean sheet on the bed. There is nothing nicer than climbing into a bed with a clean sheet! Soiled sheets are a downer at a party. Place hampers or containers nearby to place the soiled sheets in. Stress that they clean up and leave a clean playing area for those who follow.

3. After a while as the guests begin to interact, engage them in some activity that creates intimacy. Have some tell of their private fantasies or things that they like. Engage in sensual conversation and have games that involve touching and a little exhibitionism with others than their partners. Dancing with non-partners even with all lights off should be encouraged. Glory holes can be used and intertwined in the games. The intent is to create an aura of familiarity, intimacy and sexuality among all guests. As this continues, touching, fondling and kissing will probably evolve and your guests will take it from there.

4. Discourage sex in the common area, leaving it as a place for guests to socialize, re-energize and just commune.

5. When guests decide to leave, make sure that they are not inebriated and also properly clad before they go outside. If they brought dishes, make sure that they have their plates and bowls, etc.

6. Remind them to be cognizant of your neighbors and maintain a low profile as they leave.

These simple suggestions will help to make your private house party one that your guests will enjoy and want to return.

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