tagRomanceHoward & Colleen Ch. 07

Howard & Colleen Ch. 07


Note to the reader: The Howard and Colleen stories don't begin with chapter 7. The previous episodes involving Howard and Colleen are in the Susie series of stories as follows:

Susie chapter 8 provides a prolog to the story of Howard and Colleen

Susie chapter 9 is chapter 1 of the story of Howard and Colleen

Susie chapter 10 is chapter 2 of the story of Howard and Colleen

Susie chapter 11 is chapter 3 of the story of Howard and Colleen

(Susie chapters 12-14 do not involve Howard or Colleen)

Susie chapter 15 is chapter 4 of the story of Howard and Colleen

Susie chapter 16 is chapter 5 of the story of Howard and Colleen

Susie chapter 17 is chapter 6 of the story of Howard and Colleen

One change in the Howard and Colleen series beginning here is that I have changed the stories to third person. The dual first person method used in the Susie chapters proved to be cumbersome and difficult to follow.


Flight 436

Howard Duncan sat in seat 17D on flight 736 from Phoenix to Des Moines. He had been in Phoenix only to catch this flight and he had no business in Des Moines. Neither was he connecting to other flights at either end. He was going to Des Moines only because that's where flight 736 went.

As the plane taxied for take off he closed his eyes and thought back 12 years ago to when he had first met Colleen. Since then he had his masters degree in civil engineering and was employed at a decent salary. He felt the backpack stuffed under the seat in front of him and thought of the ring inside. He considered when the best time might be to present it.

Colleen Murphy sat in the cockpit of flight 436 as she completed aiding the captain in the pre-fight checklist. It sure seemed close to the ground. She had just completed her stint with the Air Force after graduating from the Air Force Academy. In the Air Force she had flown some of the biggest planes in the world and spent six months as captain of Air Force One. With her resume and reputation as a pilot she had had no problem getting a job as a commercial pilot, turning down offers from almost every US airline. This was her maiden flight as a commercial pilot, well, technically, "co-pilot". She would be in command soon enough.

As the plane reached cruising altitude she asked the captain to allow her to make the usual announcement, with an addition.

Howard's rest was interrupted by Colleen's soft, familiar voice filling the cabin, "This is Colleen Murphy, your second in command. I want to thank you for flying with us today."

After the usual spiel about flying time, altitude, seat belts and electronic devices, she continued, "This is my maiden flight with the airline but I assure you I am capable of flying this airplane. I have flown the president of the US and never had any complaints." And then, " I also want to acknowledge a special guest. My boyfriend, Howard Duncan, is in seat 17D. He's a wonderful man. He got me started in flying and is great in bed. Stop by and say hello to him. While you're at it you might let him know that should he choose to ask me to marry him I will say 'yes'. I know he has been waiting for me to finish my commitments and have a regular job. I do now, so let him know."

Howard heard the voice of a young girl in the seat in front of him ask, "What does she mean he's great in bed, mommy?"

The answer was, "I guess he lets her sleep late."

The head of an 8 year old girl appeared over the back of the seat and asked, "Are you going to marry her?"

"Lycie," the woman in the seat next to her said, "leave the nice man alone." The head disappeared. Howard had time to answer with a quick nod.

"Well are you?" the man in seat 17F asked, seat 17E was empty. Then he added, "I think you're committed in any case. What's she like? A former air force pilot? Probably pretty tough and looks like it too?"

Howard told him, "You'd be surprised then. She may be tough but she's petite, red hair, lovely face and fantastic figure."

"I bet," 17F said, with a hint of skepticism.

"Stick around after the flight and see," Howard replied.

Howard wrote a short note and pushed the attendant call button. He gave it to the attendant and asked, "Could you get this to the second in command?"

"Of course. Your proposal?" she asked.

"Not exactly," he answered.

She came back and told him, "Your presence is requested at the front of the plane."

The note had said, "Your announcement sounded a lot like you are proposing to me. You don't know how anxious I am to see you. I have something to say."

Howard pulled his backpack from under the seat and took out the small box. The flight attendant and his row mate saw the box and smiled as he got up and went forward. Colleen was standing outside the cockpit door her red hair, beautiful heart shaped face and welcoming smile lit up the entire cabin for Howard. Her tailored skirt showed off her fabulous figure but the loose fitting white blouse hid her small, perfectly shaped breasts.

When he reached her they kissed and she pulled him into the forward galley. She had asked the attendants to leave it vacant for them. She gave Howard a huge kiss. "You can't come onto the flight deck," she told him, asking with an expectant smile, "What do you have to say?"

"Well, if you are asking me to marry you, then the answer is 'yes'," Howard said. Then he held out the small box and opened it. "If not, then I wonder if you would consider marrying me?"

Colleen accepted without hesitation, gave Howard a kiss and allowed him to place the ring on her finger. "I'd love to stay here with you," she said, adding, "and join the mile high club. but I have a job to do."

"We're already mile high club members," Howard reminded her, referring to the times they made love in the six seater Cessna while it droned toward their destination on autopilot."

"Yes, but we were alone," Colleen replied. "To be official members you need to do it on a commercial airliner with other people on board. The thought of it excited her and she debated not going back to the cockpit for the few minutes it would take. "But not today on my maiden flight with the airline," she thought. "And I want him to be totally ready willing and able tonight. No quickies today!" She had plans.

Colleen went back to the flight deck and Howard returned to his seat.


"Well," the guy in 17F asked, "are you engaged?"

Howard started to answer when the intercom came on and Colleen announced, "Thanks to all of your encouragement, Howard has asked me to marry him and I have accepted. I feel like doing several back flips and can hardly restrain myself from putting this plane into a barrel roll. It is capable of it, you know. However, in the interests of safety I will not be doing that. But I do have traffic control permission to celebrate in a bit more restrained manner."

The plane began a series of long graceful banks to the left and right and left again. "Thanks for your indulgence," came over the intercom. "By the way, the captain has given me permission to land the plane, I hope you enjoy it."

17F and other passengers congratulated Howard. The little girl in the seat ahead of him stood on her seat and kept smiling at him.

"What does she mean that she hopes we enjoy her landing the plane?" 17F asked.

"She prides herself on her landings," Howard told him. "She says she could bring this plane down so softly that no one would know we had touched down. She can't do that because it requires she increase the engine thrust just as the wheels hit and she is not allowed to increase thrust during the landing."

"We will see," 17F responded with skepticism. He hadn't seen her bring in the B-17 model that Howard and his friends had made. None of them could fly it until Colleen took the controls. Howard knew her considerable capabilities when it came to piloting airplanes. Colleen's commercial flight instructor had honestly commented to her that she made the best landings of any of his students. When she reported for work she found the captain had already heard rumors about her ability. He asked her to land the plane just to see.

With Colleen at the controls, the plane came into the airport and the runway came up to meet it. There was a slight kiss of the wheels and the plane settled gently down before she applied the brakes and rear thrusters to began the deceleration.

As the plane taxied to the gate 17F told Howard, "Okay, I am impressed."

Colleen was at the cockpit door saying thanks and good-bye to each of the passengers. She pulled Howard aside, "Wait here, please," she asked. 17F went by, looked at her, smiled and gave Howard a thumbs up..

As the passengers went by one lady with a young daughter said, "Yes, you are the olympic diving gold medal winner, Colleen Murphy. Now a pilot, congratulations."

Colleen said, "Silver medal. That's me. Thank you."

Howard experienced a tremendous feeling of pride as they walked down the concourse together. "I've never felt more proud of anyone in my life," he told her. She stopped and gave him a hug and a kiss.

They checked into the hotel and Howard asked what she wanted to do. He was hoping to begin removing clothing not caring whose he removed.

At the Pool

Colleen had different ideas. "A wise man once told me it's best to do it slowly, to experience it, not rush it." She was referring to a statement Howard had made the first time they had intercourse.

She had a sharper than average sense of her bodily needs and functions. She knew that it needed large muscle physical exercise before it would be ready for sexual activity. "I need to work off my excitement at being engaged, engaged to the most wonderful man I know. I wasn't kidding about wanting to do back flips. I want to do some forward flips too. Hotel pools don't have high dives due to insurance issues but I found a public pool with one only a couple of miles away. I want to go there."

At the pool they changed into their bathing suits in the dressing rooms. Colleen went over to the life guard and talked with her briefly. She always did that. She introduced herself as an Olympian telling the life guard that she was a high dive medalist and knew what she was doing. This was so the life guard didn't object when she performed particularly difficult dives. Some life guards would object on the basis that they didn't want inexperienced divers trying to copy her but this one didn't seem to mind. Colleen also checked the pool rules to be sure she was diving safely.

She climbed the ladder, went onto the board and executed a perfect forward double flip with a splash free entry. The life guard watched and nodded in appreciation and approval.

Colleen worked up to more and more difficult dives. A back double then a couple of triples then even more elaborate dives. People began watching as she climbed up and dove. Some of them were guys admiring her body but most were watching the dives.

Her confidence high, she walked out on the board and stood with her back to the water. She closed her eyes as she remembered standing on the olympic diving platform, comfortably in first place, the gold medal in her grasp. She held back her tears as she remembered how she felt her legs separate as she left the platform and in her concern about her form forgot to watch the surface of the water rushing up to meet her. The judges probably would have dismissed or made inconsequential deductions for the minor defect in her form but she way under rotated on entry and the deduction left her with a silver medal.

She jumped and perfectly executed the dive that would have won her the gold despite the fact that this was a springboard and not a platform and was closer to the water than the Olympic platform. Howard watched and heard some of the spectators in the pool gasp at the complexity and skill. Underwater, Colleen heard nothing but surfaced and climbed back up to execute the same dive perfectly.

After the fourth perfect execution Howard knew it was time she stop. She had a tendency to do this and would continue to relive the moment of loss in her mind unless he stepped forward. "Colleen, I think that's enough diving for today," he told her gently and calmly.

She snapped out of her trance, "yes, I guess it is." She gave Howard a hug and he held her silently.

She took a couple of laps of the pool, dodging people. After that Howard got in with her and they floated and swam leisurely for 10 or 15 minutes.

As they prepared to leave the lifeguard came over. "Quite an exhibition," she said. "Where did you say you compete?"

"Competed, I was at the Air Force Academy. I've long since graduated."

Howard felt obliged to add, "She's an olympic champion. Silver medalist!"

"Of course," the lifeguard remembered that Susie had mention it. "You are good. Thanks for letting me know and asking about the rules beforehand."

A little girl came over and said, "My mommy thinks your name is Colleen and that you were a diving champion."

"Well she's right," Colleen said.

"I want to be a diver too," the girl said.

"I think that's wonderful, keep it up but be careful as you learn. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself by trying anything before you are ready. Follow your coaches' instruction."

"Not only are you a fabulous pilot," Howard said, "but I bet you'd be just as fabulous as a teacher."

"Maybe we can make me some students," she said with a laugh and a smile. That made her think of her plans for the evening and her crotch muscles tightened in anticipation.


Back at the hotel Colleen convinced Howard to ignore his animal urges by arguing that dinner at a premier restaurant was required to celebrate her maiden voyage and their engagement. The concierge recommended a place and got them a reservation. They relaxed leisurely with a good meal and wine.

"I assume you're serious about making students," Howard said. "Will they allow you to fly if you're pregnant?"

"I think the rules allow it until my sixth month," she replied.

"What about afterwards, who will take care of them while you're away?" he asked her.

"Isn't someone else involved in this too?" her eyes sparkled as she looked at him.

Howard immediately knew what she meant and replied, "of course."

Then he mentioned another subject that they had discussed before and about which he had thought long and hard. "We've talked about moving to wherever your home base is. I've been thinking about quitting and starting my own engineering firm. Maybe this is my chance."

She reminded him, "While I'm working my way up my home base will likely change." Howard knew this would be because the best positions for pilots are in big cities with international flights. He would need to easily move with her. Colleen asked the obvious, "Would that fit with you starting a new engineering firm? Your clients will likely be in the place you set the firm up."

Howard put together this difficulty and the meaning of her comment about another person being involved with the children. "Maybe I can do the whole thing from home. I don't think I want a bunch of employees. I just want to be on my own."

He hadn't thought about working at home much and did some thinking aloud. "With the Internet I can do a lot of work from home but there would be a need for site visits and such. I need to think of some way to make a home civil engineering related business work. Then I can move wherever we need and I can watch those new 'students' while you're flying around the world."

"I like that idea a lot," she said, "and when I've finally reached the spot I want to stay you can set up something more permanent."

Back at the hotel Howard reminded her, "you know there are two sets of parents we should call."

"Lets do it now," she said and called her folks.

She told them in joyous tones that they were engaged and the reception on the other end was joyous as well. She closed by saying, "We'll have to get working on making you some grandchildren. I thought we might work on the first one tonight."

After a pause Howard heard her say, "Wait until after the marriage? I'll consider that. It's a quaint idea."

After she hung up Howard asked her, "Are you thinking that you'll get pregnant tonight? Have you come off the pill?"

"Yes I have," she told him, "and I've been following my fertility symptoms. I'm right in the middle of my fertile period. Are you ready?"

Uncertain, Howard gulped, "I assumed we would wait a bit before having children and talk about it after we were married."

"I've waited long enough," she said firmly. "You're as bad as my parents. We've essentially already had a fifteen year engagement and I feel married already. I don't want a long engagement and we could be officially married tomorrow if you want."

Howard considered his options. They could forgo sex tonight, and the next few nights as well. The tightness in his cock and one look at the loveliness standing before him convinced him that wasn't an option he was going to take tonight.

Did he have a condom? Even if he did have one squirreled away somewhere he knew Colleen well enough to know that she wouldn't permit it. He looked at her. She was ready and determined. An attempt at a "grandchild" would not be denied her tonight.

"Okay," He said, "I'm up for making a grandchild for our parents." He addressed her suggestion they marry immediately, "I don't want to delay our marriage, but it would be nice to have our families there."

"As soon as possible after we return home." she responded with a smile and a kiss administered with the full application of her body against his. His penis, crushed between them responded with joy. She broke off the kiss and smiled at him, rubbing her abdomen against the swollen, throbbing member.

Making Daphne

At Colleen's insistence Howard called his parents and told them the news of their engagement. He also told them they would probably be getting married within the next couple of weeks.

Colleen knew his mother was a "talker" and would be hard to stop so she took matters into her own hands. She slowly and sensuously undressed as he spoke, causing his voice to break occasionally. She casually slipped off her shoes, then unzipped her dress and let it fall off her shoulders and to her feet. She flirtatiously turned her back so he could clearly see her unhook her bra which she slowly slid off her arms all the while gazing over her shoulder at him with obvious desire. She turned around, slowly exposing her modest but perfectly shaped breasts with their sprinkling of freckles, bright pink aureoles and protruding, hard nipples to his view.

She was wearing red lycra bikini panties which showed the curve of her hips and butt. They tightly cradled her genitals showing nothing but the shape of her outer lips. She wiggled her hips and ran her fingers around the waistband causing them to dislodge. Wiggling her hips and legs caused them to settle gently to the floor. Howard's mouth ws drying out, giving him trouble answering his mother's questions.

As Howard's mother began a long ramble about the latest problems of a distant cousin he hadn't seen since her wedding five or six years ago Colleen crawled onto the bed and oozing sexual desire, moved to his crotch, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. She slipped them to his knees and began gently stroking his hard cock through his briefs.

Howard moaned slightly causing his mother to ask, "Are you okay, dear?"

Howard managed to croak out, "I'm fine, Mom." as his pants, shoes and socks were removed in what seemed to be a single motion.

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