Howard & Colleen Ch. 07


Colleen moved up and planted her crotch firmly on his ankle as she lowered her head and licked off a substantial amount of pre-cum. She loved the salty flavor. Then she began to suck as much of his cock as she could into her mouth. She began to pleasure herself by moving her clit against the ankle now engulfed by her labia.

"You don't sound okay, dear," came from the other side of the phone. All Howard could think of was how the wetness of Colleen's mouth was significantly exceeded by the wetness streaming over his ankle. If she kept up what she was doing then his semen wouldn't be going where it would be of any help making a baby.

He had no idea what his mother was going on about and made the first excuse that came to mind. "Mom, we have a dinner reservation. Colleen's signaling that we need to get going." He hung up the phone and pulled Colleen away from his throbbing, swollen cock. She smiled at him as he grabbed her butt and pulled it toward him causing her to fall back onto the bed, her glorious red-framed vulva in front of him. Her labia were fully engorged so that the blackness of her vagina showed within and the hard pearl of her clit bulged slightly above it.

"Dinner time!" he exclaimed as he buried his mouth in the soaking wet hair and began licking up and down the spread lips from clit to ass. The flavor was unlike he had ever tasted, clean and fresh with a slight saltiness and no hint of the slight fishy flavor she usually had. And the quantity of liquid she was creating! Howard worried he might drown if he kept it up.

Colleen was in heaven. Howard's ankle had been a pleasure but now she leaned her head back almost unable to take the intense pleasure. Her abdomen shook with her first orgasm of the evening. She squealed lightly in delight.

Howard moved his head away and pushed his finger inside her slippery and soaking wet vagina and brushed it over the G-spot. She made a sudden inhalation and a noise she had never made before, kind of a whine, "Eeeehhhh!"

Howard brushed against her G-spot again and she had the same reaction and arched her back. "Howard," she gasped, "what did you do, that's fabulous!"

"Nothing different, just stroking your G-spot," He said moving his finger over it again," The inhalation, whine and bodily reaction occurred again.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, intense feelings filling her body.

Howard continued the strokes and also licked at her clit, and again, and again, and again. Each time the reaction was the same each more intense. Then she squealed loudly and her vagina grabbed Howard's fingers and began throbbing intensely. Huge amounts of liquid flowing out of her and onto the bed. Howard continued to lick her clit and her abdomen picked up the spastic rhythm. The unbearable pleasure caused her to arch her back so intensely that Howard couldn't keep his mouth at her clit. His fingers were in the grasp of her vagina and were sucked inside. Colleen clenched her legs with pleasure. His hand, caught between her legs began to hurt. With each spasm of her vagina she squealed.

The spasms reduced in intensity, "Howard ... incredible ... amazing ... more ... than ... ever," she choked out between squeals. Howard was finally able to remove his hand and moved his face to hers. She grabbed his head and gave him an intense, almost painful kiss. She released him gasping out, "Inside, Howard! Inside! Now!"

He moved his legs between hers, "Pillow ...under ...butt" she gasped out and he obliged. She lay with her genitals facing the ceiling and spread her legs wide. He positioned his cock and it slid in easily. Shortly afterwards her inhalations and whines came again.

Howard!" she screamed, the pleasure coursing through her body, "Howard! Pump!"

Howard pushed all the way in to another inhalation and whine, he pulled partly out to the same reaction. The unbearable pleasure caused her to arch her back again. "Pump!" she screamed again.

Howard obliged, moving quickly in and out, in and out to whines increasing in intensity. They both wondered what was going on. She had never been this sensitive, never this loud, the pleasure never so unbearable. Her orgasm came again and Howard kept pumping. The orgasm came with screams instead of squeals and her arching back pulled his penis fully inside with his hips hard against her crotch. He felt the excitement in his penis rise and his semen strained to come out. He tightened his pubic muscles in a futile attempt to hold it back. The penis could only could go so far and Howard felt like it might break it off. He thrust in harder and screamed too. Semen rushed through his cock and into her vagina to mutual screams of pleasure. Her vagina pumped him dry to the sound of diminishing squeals.

When her vagina released him they just lay there. "That was intense," Howard said.

"Intense is an understatement," she replied. "You didn't do anything special?"

"No, I didn't," he told her, "you just seemed extraordinarily sensitive."

"Well this is the first time I've had sex while being completely fertile. I've read that many women are more receptive and easier to arouse when they are fertile. Maybe I'm more sensitive than usual or maybe it's just that I was so used to non-fertile sex that I wasn't prepared for even a slightly more intense experience."

Colleen was keeping her hips raised on the pillow. "You going to keep that beautiful cunt exposed to the ceiling?" Howard asked her.

"For just a bit, I want to keep your semen near my cervix. I'll stay like this for 10 or 15 minutes."

Her labia were still open and Howard was able to insert a finger without touching the sides. As he removed the dampened finger he brushed against the side and Colleen jerked with pleasure at the touch making a tiny whine. "I think I could have a hundred orgasms in less than an hour tonight," she said.

Howard smiled at her, "Do you want to try for that?"

"A nice thought but they take too much out of me. I think I'll pass." She smiled back.

"Did we make that grandchild?" Howard asked.

"You know it's too early to know but I can't believe we didn't after that," she answered.

Howard looked down at the bed, "Remember the mess we made of the bedspread the first time we had sex?"

"Sure, your semen was all over," she answered.

"Well, we made another mess. But this time it's yours not mine," he told her. There was a pool of a slippery liquid, like egg-white, on the bed.

She moved to look, doing her best to keep her hips skyward. "Oh, that's like the vaginal secretions which signal I'm fertile," she said dipping a finger in. "I bet the sperm swim extra well in this."

She tasted it, "It tastes good, try some, Howard."

He put his tongue directly in it and lapped, "it tastes better at the source," he claimed. "This has a taste of the bedspread in it."

He put his finger inside her again making her shudder and whine. He pulled it out trying to get as much of the liquid as possible on it, she whined again, louder and he gave it to her to taste.

"That tastes strongly of semen," she said. "Leave the rest inside!" Then added, "if you want you can spread it around m cervical entry."

To her gasps and squeaks he inserted two fingers and spread the liquid pooled at the base of her cervix over the tip. Then he got a towel and wiped up the liquid on the bed while Colleen kept her legs raised. He removed the bedspread and felt to assure he had gotten it before it seeped through to the blankets and sheets.

When he had finished Colleen lowered her legs and he covered her. He turned out the lights and got in next to her.

Early in the morning Colleen woke suddenly. At first she wasn't sure what had awoken her, but then she became aware of a warmth, or maybe vibration, maybe kind of a nausea misplaced in her lower abdomen and not any kind of intestinal disorder.

She woke Howard and said, "I'm pregnant, I know it."

Groggy, he asked, "How can you know?"

"I feel, ... different. Somehow a bit more, ... alive. It started just a few minutes ago and I can feel it building inside me. You know the egg releases hormones as soon as it's fertilized and that triggers more hormones and reactions in the mother's body. Most importantly this prepares the uterus for implantation. I think I'm feeling the hormones."

Howard knew how aware of her body she was and knew she was probably right. He put his hand on her abdomen. "Goodnight, mommy," He said, falling back to sleep.

"Goodnight, daddy," she whispered in reply. "I guess we'll have to wait for the official tests in a couple of months before telling anyone," she thought, lightly stroking her abdomen over the growing, almost imperceptible sensations.

Years earlier, before he met Colleen Howard had considered Corey Daniels' girlfriend, Susie O'Connell, the epitome of female desirability. But then he met Colleen and found her superior to Susie in every way. He had made a list comparing the two. At first the list was just a way to capture the wonder of Colleen but then it became his way of reminding himself of the treasure he had in her and the importance of never losing her. The next morning he added three items to his list:

- professional pilot vs. OB/Gyn -- advantage Colleen,

- my wife vs. Corey's wife -- big advantage Colleen,

- mother of my child -- huge advantage Colleen

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