tagInterracial LoveHowl Ch. 02

Howl Ch. 02


The four men made their way downstairs. Ruaraidh in front, Faolán closely behind him, with Cahal and Calan bringing up the rear. They were four men on a mission it seemed, making a beeline to the booth housing the four exotic ladies. All four knew their appearance and status. They knew that they were good looking and they also used it to their advantage.

"How is everyone enjoying the club tonight?" Faolán asked, stepping in front of his Alpha to question the women.

"We are having a wonderful time," Mona replied, accustomed to being the spokesperson of her friends. "I suppose we have you all to thank for the free drinks." With that she tilted her head and sipped on her Long Island.

"We are pleased to hear that," Ruaraidh continued, taking in each females' appearance at a closer range. In his inspection he found that they all where more attractive up close. Especially the one he had been eyeing earlier. Being this close to her made is skin tingle and his senses more alert. She did not notice his heavy perusal over her figure because she was busy with her phone.

With his sense heightened, he could also sense the nervousness and innocence rolling in tangible waves off of the tall exotic one and motioned Faolán closer. "Do not toy with that one, she seems most fragile."

Faolán nodded his head and stepped back. Ruaraidh knew him too well. He had planned on cornering the beauty, so that he could get more acquainted with her. He just shrugged, mentally categorizing all the bitches that would be eager for him to slake his lust into that night.

Joie was finishing her text to her man when she looked up at the foursome to comment. "We really appreciate the drinks and the warm welcome from you gentlemen. I'm guessing this was done in hopes of motivating us to come again." Joie stated boldly, about to continue, only to have Calan step forward and lean toward her over the table.

"And what is your name, angel?"

Alexis and Mona giggled, knowing that Joie hated flirts and pet names even more. Joie leaned forward in her seat to look directly into Calan's eyes to say. "My name is MRS. Carlos Ferrera." She then leaned back into the booth to put her elbows on the table and play with her wedding ring; all the while staring directly into Calan's face.

Chiara was texting her sister and mother throughout the entire affair with news of her relationship with Jerome, but her ears perked at Joie's raised voice. She interjected a small 'roar', with her hand forming a small claw before continuing her text.

Ruaraidh, Faolán, and Cahal chuckled at Calan's expense, knowing that only a few moments ago he had stated that he didn't care for Joie's status and that he'd have her. They didn't doubt him because they knew how intensely their friend operated. They were only humored that a female didn't fall immediately for his charms as they have done in the past. If Calan wished to pursue this one, he'd have to think outside his usual tactic.

"Mrs. Carlos Ferrera, it is nice to meet you," Cahal said finally speaking up. "My name is Cahal," He gestured to his right. "This is my brother Calan."

"I am Faolán and this is the owner Ruaraidh."

"Those are interesting names, Scottish I presume?" Mona asked.

"They are actually Gaelic. An ancient language that very few speak," Ruaraidh replied, not really going into detail.

"That's interesting. My name is Mona. To my left is Lexi," Alexis waved. "She's shy. On my far right is Chiara. She's usually not this rude," Indicating Chiara's texting. "And of course you know Mrs. Carlos Ferrera."

"Well met ladies, we shall take our leave," Ruaraidh nodded, heading toward the exit.

"Enjoy yourself ladies. We, unfortunately, have to depart." Faolán said before following. Cahal waved while Calan nodded before leaving the table.

Once out of earshot, Alexis let out a large sigh.

"I think I just peed my pants!"


"Did you see how hot they were Chi Chi," Alexis asked fanning herself. They were at home in their apartment. "Ugh, I think I almost had an orgasm smelling Faolán's cologne."

"Why didn't you say anything to him? Ask for his number? You know, show that you're interested." Chiara said from the couch. She had already changed out of her clothes into a cute comfortable nightset.

"I don't know girl. My nerves get the best of me sometimes," She had on an old cropped t shirt and boyshorts. Alexis shook her head before pulling her hair into a messy bun on top of her head. "But I did see someone checking you out. I mean he was practically devouring you with his eyes."

"What are you talking about?"

"Every two seconds he'd lick his lips like this." She demonstrated, actually exaggerating the movement. "His face would remain stoic, but his eyes were like fire when they looked at you."

"Really," Chiara said humoring her. She wasn't in the mood to hear her cousin's embellishments. After finding out about Jerome, she wasn't sure she was ready for someone else.

"Yeah 'really' and take that look off your face. I'm not exaggerating." They paused to look at each other. "Ok maybe I did with the lip licking part, but Chi Chi he was so into you. If you don't believe me ask Mona or Joie. They'll tell you what's up."

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not interested. I texted Jerome earlier so that we can meet and talk about our relationship tomorrow; he replied telling me to meet him at the coffee shop down the way. I have decided to end our relationship. Hopefully, it'll all go smoothly."

"Do you want me to come for moral support?"

"I need to do this on my own," Chiara said before heading to her room. She didn't think that at 23 her life would be this way. No, ten years ago she pictured a loving husband two kids a white picket fence and a thriving dance career. Unfortunately, four years ago she severely injured her right ankle. Not actually preventing her from continuing her dream, but being alone in a big city without anyone took a toll on Chiara. She transferred out of college in New York and came to live with her cousin in Pennsylvania. She then got a job in a nearby bank and worked her way up to manager.

Her degree was dance, major in modern dance and minor in education. She really wanted to open up her own studio and teach children the joys of different genres of dance. Her mother owned a studio in Miami and taught dance ranging from salsa to dancehall. Chiara wanted to do that for herself, but didn't have the funds or the credit to get the funds. Money was something her family had and she wasn't about to ask for any. Chiara was headstrong and independent.

Chiara went to sleep feeling heavy and anxious. She hated break ups, but she hated cheaters even more. She was a sucker and she knew it. All of her choices in men have been bad ones. 'I guess mom was right when she said not to chase boys, let them chase you,' Chiara thought before going to bed. 'Well from now on, I won't be doing anymore pursuing. If a man wants me he's gonna have to work for it.'


Monday morning was the start of a new work week. The break up with Jerome had gone surprisingly well for Chiara -- no fuss at all. Chiara should have known better than to be surprise, he's obviously had someone else warming his bed.

She went through her closet for suits to wear. Being the manager at a busy bank in the heart of the city called for professionalism. She also had a big meeting today with a new client looking to put their money in several institutions. From what she'd been told, an account has already been settled with her institution. They would just like to meet face to face with the people handling their money.

Chiara chose a black suit with the skirt falling right before her knees. It was high wasted and had a cropped long sleeved jacket that ended where the skirt started. The suit was tailored perfectly. Underneath the jacket she wore a silk sleeveless crimson blouse. The choice of shoes were narrowed between two contenders; her black patent Nine West ankle boots that were super cute with a peep toe and a four inch heel or her red 'fuck me' stilettos. Considering the impression that she'd make, Chiara went the safe route and wore the black shoes. There was no need for stockings because her legs were smooth.

The drive to her office was a breeze, no heavy traffic or anything. She made it to the office on time, but was the last to arrive for the meeting. She recognized cars that belonged to her associates parked in their usual place.

'Great - just great. Now everybody's going have a chance to watch my black ass stroll in last.' Chiara believed they did this to her on purpose. In her opinion her associates probably called up each other and made a pact to arrive to every meeting thirty minutes ahead of schedule.

Once in the building she stopped by the receptionist. "Good morning Gail how are you?"

"I'm doing well Ms. Thomas, and you?"

"Likewise. Listen, do you know if the client has arrived yet?" Chiara didn't want to enter the meeting after them, that was bad form.

"Yes ma'am, about ten minutes ago," Oh shit! "I believe they are waiting on you..."

"Great. Buzz Cleveland and tell him that I'm on my way up." With that said, she headed for the conference room.

"Hello Gentlemen, sorry for the delay," Chiara greeted, taking an empty seat by the head of the table. Which just happened to be far from the entrance of the room. 'I hope they get a real good look at my black ass.' Chiara thought, while deliberately taking her time to get to the empty seat. "Is there anything that I've missed?" She asked directing her attention to her boss and VP Cleveland Brown.

"No Chiara, you are actually right on time. Let me introduce you to Ruaraidh Dougall." The guy from two nights ago. "Mr. Dougall, this is the Manager in charge of the branch you'll be banking at, Chiara Thomas."

Chiara was stunned. She didn't really take a good look at him in the club because she was so hung up on her ex, but in close inspection, she found Ruaraidh to be very attractive and very tall. Not only was he attractive and tall, he looked to be very fit; filling out his custom-tailored Armani three piece suit in every corner. It took her a couple of seconds to register that his hand was extended for her to shake.

"Pleased to meet you Mr. Dougall." Chiara hesitated, taking his large hand into hers.

"Pleasures all mine," Ruaraidh hadn't taken his eyes off of her since she stepped into the room. "Although I do recall us meeting a few days ago. Have you forgotten me so soon?" He smirked, bringing his Scottish accent to a smooth drawl. Chiara tried to hold his intense emerald gaze, but couldn't. She blushed lightly and picked imaginary lint off the sleeve of her jacket.

"No sir, I haven't forgotten you." Chiara replied, thinking 'How could anyone forget a large hunk of delicious man meat like you.' That thought made her blush even harder.

Sensing the tension between his employee and client. Cleveland decided to interject. "Wonderful, let's get this meeting started, shall we?"

The meeting lasted five hours. In which, Ruaraidh rarely took his eyes off Chiara. He couldn't believe his luck. He was being reunited with someone who ignited his baser instincts. Since that night, he has had trouble getting a decent rest because all of his thoughts were centered on the small dark beauty. Such thoughts would lead to uncomfortable issues that concluded in him taking the hands on approach that rarely left one satisfied. His beast was adamant in its resolve to have only Chiara. No other bitch could satisfy it. In fact, it only made the hunger worse.

Ruaraidh has had this itch before, but only in a minor way. Regardless, the itch can only be scratched by the source. And he was planning on doing as much scratching as possible to satiate himself.

With the meeting over, Chiara headed towards the lobby. "Ms. Thomas, may I have a word?" It was Ruaraidh.

She turned around only to be accosted with the sight of a tall, muscular, extremely handsome man gazing down at her. "I'd like to have lunch with you this afternoon."

That's a statement, not a question, Chiara noted. 'How can I put him down easily without sounding like a bitch?' She was interested in him, but she was also scared that she might do something regrettable. Chiara could easily see herself losing all inhibitions with Ruaraidh.

"I would love to have lunch with you Mr. Dougall, but unfortunately I have a branch to oversee." There that should be enough to deter him, Chiara thought, giving him her best apologetic smile.

"That shouldn't be a problem. I have already spoken to Mr. Brown and he has given you the rest of the day off," Ruaraidh walked passed Chiara and said. "Please follow, you will ride with me."

She followed him, speechless and then as they neared the limo upset that he undermined her. 'How dare he arrange a date with me without consulting me?! I don't care if he's a big time client, I am not chopped liver and Cleveland had no right setting me up this way!'

Chiara was positively fuming when she got into the limo. Ruaraidh appeared to be immune to her rage when in fact it was exactly was he was looking for; a little spice to season things up. He calmly entered the limo after her, taking care to be the perfect gentlemen.

They rode in silence before Chiara spoke. "How dare you do this to me?" She asked through clenched teeth. She was very uncomfortable and very aware of the large man sitting calmly next to her. It didn't help that her panties were damp and that her nipples were hard. What did Lexi say earlier? 'Smelling his cologne almost made her have an orgasm.' Well, Ruaraidh didn't wear cologne, so smelling HIM au natural is having disastrous affects on her underwear.

"You will enjoy yourself," there we go, another statement.

"What the hell!" Chiara raged, angry at herself for getting into this situation; angry at her boss for setting her up and angry at Ruaraidh for being so damn sexy. "I'll have you know that I don't appreciate being taken advantage of. By you or my boss..."

Ruaraidh reached over and smoothed his hand over her exposed thigh. "Uncross your legs." Chiara was about to protest before he brought his other hand to separate them for her. "Your skin is very soft." He put his hands on her skirt and slid the material out of his way.

"What are you doing?" Chiara whispered, placing her hands on top of his. She wasn't making any move to stop him, but she felt the need to make it known that she wasn't going to let him take her without a little bit of resistance.

"I am obviously preparing you for my advances," Ruaraidh simply stated keeping his eyes level with hers. "If you want to pretend that you are not aroused, that is your prerogative. But it is safe to say that we both know that you want to be fucked." She gasped. "Do not play coy. I smelt your desire as soon as our eyes met in the conference room." The last bit was said in a growl. Chiara gasped again, not because of his words, but because of her pussy contracting.

"I going to fuck you so good, but first I'd like to eat." He pulled her legs apart and brought his head to her lap. "You smell so fucking good. Take your skirt off." She hesitated for a second before complying.

He chuckled, keeping his head on her belly. "Release your control to me. I will not do anything to you that your body doesn't want. Trust me." 'Ugh why does he have to be so sexy?! What the hell, I only live once, right?' With that thought, Chiara let all her inhibitions go.

As soon as her skirt hit the floor, Ruaraidh twisted her body to lie on the seat. He put one thigh to her chest while other he kept splayed wide open. "Delicious," He growled, looking down at her thong covered pussy. "You creamed right through your undergarments to your thighs." His voice was having luscious affects on her body. Her pelvis was rolling and her cunt couldn't stop clamping on itself. "Don't worry I shall tidy you up."

(A/N: I thought about being evil and stopping right here, but then I decided not to... Enjoy the rest LOL!!!)

Ruaraidh moaned as soon as his tongue made contact with her thighs. This is just what he needed. His beast was overjoyed at the prospect of having a thorough rut and couldn't wait to get to the main course. He went about licking her thighs, stopping at the crease of her pelvis.

"Is your cunt ready for my tongue?" Chiara moaned at the feel of his hot breath on her privates. She could feel the heat through her thong and was anxious for him to just do it.

"Do you like to be teased?" She shook her head. "What do you want then?" She didn't answer, only twisted her hips closer to his mouth. "You must tell me what you desire, so that I can give it to you."

"Please..." She moaned, flexing her hips.

"Excuse me Chiara? Did you say something?" Ruaraidh teased drawling her name, then flattened his tongue and broadly licked her thong covered crotch. "Is that what you want? Do you want me to lick you cunt? If so, you must tell me."

"Please lick me."

"That's not good enough. Say what I want to hear." He said before lightly slapping her pussy. His cock was harder than crystal. He loved playing with his food before eating it.

Chiara moaned, "Please lick my cunt."

"That's it? Only lick? Surely you want me to do more than that." He teased, pulling her thong to the side and lowering his head. The sight of her hairless cunt almost made him loose his resolve

"Eat my pussy!" yelled Chiara. Forgetting her modesty and opening her legs even wider than before.

Ruaraidh was more than ready to deliver. He devoured her, separating her plump cunt lips to tongue her tiny pink opening. He briefly wondered about her discomfort in accepting his girth, but that thought was pushed to the back of his mind when she undid his hair tie and started running her hands through his long hair.

"Eat me. Oooo fuck my pussy. Empty, I need it," Chiara moaned cumming, not really coherent, just voicing her deepest desires. "Take it, suck me. My clit, yessssssssssss right there."

Verbal communication wasn't something that Ruaraidh usually enjoyed doing. Being a werewolf allowed him to opportunity to growl and grunt, but he didn't mind talking during sex. In fact, it aroused him to no extent when his partner was liberal enough to voice their desires in a rut.

Being Alpha obligated him to allocate duties to subordinates. He enjoyed his position and took advantage of his title. Even in sex he liked to dictate, but something about this woman made him want to do the exact opposite. He wanted to please her; he wanted her to tell him in explicit detail what she wanted him to do to her body. Maybe another time he'd set up that scenario because at this moment he just wanted to eat her and fuck the shit out of her.

Ruaraidh made a move to take off his jacket and vest. He was getting hot and only foresaw himself creating an inferno in the near future. "Take off your clothes. I want to see the body that I'm about to bury my seed into."

Chiara was lost in a haze of lust. Everything felt surreal to her and when she lifted her gaze to Ruaraidh eyes, she fell even deeper. She took off her jacket, blouse, bra, and shoes keeping her eyes level with Ruaraidh's. His lust had transferred to her and she couldn't wait for him to deliver.

Once he had his tops off, he began working on his belt buckle. He stopped once he had it undone. "I want you to take my cock out of my pants." Ruaraidh moaned, rubbing his length through his pants. "Don't take your thong off, leave it on for me."

She did as told, quickly flowing into position in front of him. Chiara saw his bulge and discreetly blushed notating that he definitely wasn't 5 ¾ inches. She fumbled with his buttons, but somehow got them open. Chiara was stunned when she saw that he didn't wear any underwear.

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