tagIncest/TabooHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 04

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 04


This story follows Ch. 3. Mr. Jeffers leaves Allison and her father alone.

It was as if my father and I were under some kind of spell. Mr. Jeffers was a man that reminded me of my grandfather. A man that could control people anyway he wanted, or for his own-personal needs. My grandfather owned everything we have. He paid for everything in our lifestyle. If it wasn't for my wealthy and powerful grandfather we would probably be another struggling lower-middle class family, if not, on the welfare line, especially because of my fathers lack of ambition!

Like my grandfather, when Mr. Jeffers wanted someone to do something, they did it, and did it IMMEDIATELY, and without question. This was a quality I loved about these men. They were men who took what they wanted, whenever they wanted it, and from whom ever they wanted to take it from. My father was just the opposite. He was weak minded and had no ambition. He did whatever my grandfather asked, at the drop of a dime. When my grandfather gave my father a task, he did it instantly, out of fear of loosing all the upscale things we had, including the expensive cars, the house in the most affluent part of Beverly Hills and the wealthy country club lifestyle.

As Mr. Jeffers walked out of the living room my father and I went back to kissing and running our hands up and down each others bodies like two wild lovers. Not a word was spoken between us, but the air was instantly filled with our groans, especially mine. I had to admit that I was really loving the feel of my fathers hands on my tits and ass. His touch was absolutely incredible, and he was driving me crazy. Although I didn't have any respect for my father as a man, I had to admit that I loved the way he was playing with my body. As his hands ran all over me I thought to myself,

"Umm, dad really knows how to kiss, and his hands are really turning me on."

Even though we didn't say a word to each other while we kissed, I could sense my father thinking the same thing.

As he was kissing his daughter and playing with her body he thought to himself,

"Fuck, this is a dream come true! Your teasing body has driven me insane for years Allison! I've pounded my 11 inch cock 3 times a day imagining you and I fucking in every room of this fucking house baby. Seeing you in all those teasing outfits has driven me crazy. I always knew you were dressing to tease me Allison; all those skin-tight, mini dresses and wild bikinis, and always in a pair of sexy high heels, to further make your point. Yes, you always knew you were hot and you knew you were driving me mad, with your wild body. And now, here we are, with you completely nude, standing in those sexy black high heel pumps you wore to turn on your black bastard Principal, kissing and playing with each other, finally baby."

As he continued to kiss her and play with her amazing ass and tits he kept thinking to himself, "God, I wish that that black-bastard Principle wasn't here so that you and I could fuck all night. That fucking black bastard is one lucky fuck, getting to fuck you baby; getting to fuck your sexy pussy, and play with your incredible body. God, you have the most amazing tits; perfect tits, so huge, and on that tiny wasted frame of yours, and the sexiest pair of nipples I've ever sucked on, that point up straight off the ends of those massive tits. Yes, perfect 36DD tits. Yes that's right, I've gone through every bra you own, imagining me unhooking it on you, then sucking your beautiful tits, and nipples all day and night. Fuck, if you only knew four of your cheerleader friends I've been fucking, and each time my big cock is inside them, it's you who haunts me. You and you're amazing body. Oh god, I wish it was you and I fucking baby....but, I'll gladly take whatever you and your black bastard principle give me baby."

As we kissed I took my fathers big cock in my hand and began stroking it lovingly, and in disbelief. I just couldn't believe he had a cock this big. After all these years of looking down on him for being so weak, and now discovering he had a 11 inch cock, I was going out of my mind with lust. I was so pissed at myself for loathing him all these years, and never knowing he had a cock this big.

I knew it had to do with my detesting him for being so spineless for being under my grandfathers control. The day I turned 18 I'd come out dressed in a micro mini dress and high heels or a sting bikini and pumps by the pool just to taunt him as he sat there taking in the sight of my body, with a huge 11 inch cock in his pants or swimsuit, and now the joke was on me. What made me even more pissed was that as I was busy teasing him, he was busy fucking my friends.

"God you're so big. I can't believe how fucking big you really are," I moaned as my outstretched palms began twisting to stimulate the entire length and girth of his big 11 inch shaft. "Oh god, if I knew you had such a big cock, we would have been fucking by now," I said as I continued to worship his big shaft with my eager-to-please hands.

"It was always there Allison, always ready to fuck you baby. You were always driving me crazy baby," he moaned as he kissed the tips of my rock-hard nipples.

"Oh god, if I only knew baby," I moaned, throwing my head back, as sparks flew into my pussy from the way he kissed and bit my nipples.

"Beautiful tits baby," he moaned as he sucked each one so skillfully. "God, how I wanted to suck these big tits," he groaned as he licked over each of my puffy nipples.

"36DD. but, you already know that," I said hotly, knowing he went through my bra and panty drawer all the time. "Suck em' baby. Suck em' just like that," I moaned in a throaty voice, because of the way he was kissing and licking with my tits.

Although Mr. Jeffers and especially Mr. Hall had dicks with enormous girths, and my grandfather who had the widest girth by far, my fingers would not able to touch, and on my fathers cock there was almost an inch of flesh between my fingers.

This was not the case for my boyfriend and the other guys I fucked. Even the big football players who you would think would be huge because they were so big, had these average-sized cocks, which looked pathetic on their massive bodies. Guys like Mr. Jeffers, Mr. Hall and especially my grandfather had cocks that needed to be worshiped, because they were so huge. My fathers cock was similar and deserved to be worshiped the way all other big cocks did.

As I kissed my father and stroked his great big cock I began to think of all the times I would intentionally tease him. I would always wait until my mother was going out of town for a few days with friends, which happened often. Of course when she went away it was usually with a guy she was fucking on the side, like her personal trainer, or my boyfriend Bobbi. Like I said, I loved teasing my father, because he was such a weak man, and I loved the power my body had over him, but another reason I loved teasing him, was that I knew my mother was fucking my boyfriend and other guys on the side, so it was my way of getting back at her.


Although it seemed like I was always teasing my father, there were a few times that really stood out to me. I turned 18 last month and I was going out with my girlfriends to a party. When I was picking out an outfit I remember thinking what I should wear that would drive my father absolutely crazy when he saw me. I decided on a black micro-mini dress, that was so sheer you could see through it. It had a open back and was so short that it barely covered my ass.

Under the dress I wore a sheer red lace strapless bra and a red thong. Wanting to accent my tapered legs, I wore a pair of nude thigh high stockings. The nude stockings gave my legs a nice shimmer. As I was rolling them up I imagined my father sitting in the chair watching me. I was tempted to call him to my room to have him sit and watch me roll up my stockings but I decided against it.

My dress was so short that it barely covered the lace tops of my stockings. After putting on my dress I stepped into a pair red open toed pumps that highlighted my long slim-toned legs. Once again, I had a naughty vision of my father watching me step into my pumps. When I came out of my room I walked to the stairs and called for my father. As soon as he looked up from the bottom of the stairs I could see the hunger in his eyes. I said with a sly grin,

"So what do you think of this dress."

I walked down the stairs slowly and watched his eyes travel with my high heels with each step I took. He then ran his eyes up to my big swaying tits that were billowing out of the tops of the red lace bra. I was getting turned on by his rapt attention and my nipples immediately responded by pushing through the thin lace material. When I got to the bottom of the stairs my father was drooling saying in a sheepish voice,

"Wow baby, you are so sexy," he said, feeling his eyes run over every inch of me. I even turned around so that he could see the plunging open back and my ass. His moans were enough approval for me.

I thanked him with a soft kiss on the lips. I smirked when I rubbed up against him as I kissed him, and could feel his big cock getting instantly hard. I then asked him if he thought the red bra and tong showed through the dress too much. He assured me that I looked hot, and that the red was very sexy touch through the black material.

I told him that I had tried something in black before choosing the red and asked him to come up to my bedroom and help me decide if I should wear the black bra and thong set instead. He followed me up to my bedroom like a new-born puppy. Half-way up the stairs I looked over my shoulder in the mirrored wall, going up the stairwell and saw his eyes glued to my stocking covered legs and my ass. I also saw his big hard-on bursting through his pants. I smirked to myself thinking,

"That's right. Look at how sexy I am. I see you looking at my ass and long-sexy legs. And I can tell how much you love seeing me in high heels. I just know you'd love to fuck this body Daddy. I love turning you on and driving you crazy, making your huge cock so fucking hard and horny."

I know that my high heels make my sexy ass cheeks rise up and down a few extra inches, and judging by the way my father was gazing at my ass, I was absolutely glad I had them on now. I then said in a teasing voice as I glanced at him staring at me in the mirror,

"So...It looks like you like my ass?"

He instantly replied as if silently begging me to ask the question,

"Oh yes. Its so fucking sexy. You have the most perfect ass baby, and a perfect body to match."

I had a feeling that he said it hoping I was going to let him fuck me, but that wasn't going to happen...at least not tonight, I thought to myself slyly. I smiled knowingly, then thanked him saying,

"Thanks Dad, I'm so glad you think I have a great ass and that you like looking at it." I then added in a smoking, hot voice," I have to admit, it really turns me on knowing you like looking at my ass Daddy."

"Oh fuck, I can look at your ass for hours baby," he said with a soft groan.

I then got really brazen and decided to let him kiss it a little just to tease him some more. I stopped suddenly and looked back and said hotly,

"Why don't you show me how much you love my ass and kiss it baby. Why don't you kiss all over it, and show me how much you really love it," I teased, as I started to bend over, knowing he would instantly take me up on my offer.

I instantly leaned forward and took hold of the railing which caused my ass to jut out, and my mini dress to go up, over the top of my ass, exposing my thigh high stockings and my tiny thong. My father was moaning like crazy, dropping to his knees instantly, and began kissing my exposed ass. This was the first time I let my father cross the line, and the popping sounds from his lips on my ass cheeks were turning me on like crazy. I let my father excitedly kiss all over my ass for a few minutes. I was really loving the feeling of his lips on my ass, as his hands ran up and down my stocking covered legs. I looked over my shoulder and watched him worship my ass, which caused me to moan in a low throaty voice.

As he kissed all over my ass, I watched him in the mirrored wall. I began to moan softly from the exquisite feeling he was giving my ass, and moaned, "Oh fuck, that feels so sexy baby. Fuck, that's so hot. God, that's really turning me on," I moaned out loud as my father kept licking my ass cheeks. The popping sounds from his lips on my ass cheeks were filling the air with such a naughty sound, turning me on more and more.

I was going wild as I held onto the railing and looked back and watched my father hungrily kiss all over my ass for a few minutes. As he kissed my ass, I could feel his hands run across the lace tops of my stockings. Just the feel of his hands along the lace tops of my thigh high stockings was driving me insane.

"Oh fuck that feels so sexy baby. I wore these stockings just for you baby. I wanted to turn you on and now you've got me so turned on," I wailed as he continued to kiss and lick my exposed ass, as his mouth made these soft popping sounds on my ass cheeks, sending me up the wall with lust.

"Oh god, you look so sexy dressed in these stockings honey. I really like this look on you baby," he moaned out loud, between kissing my ass.

"Oh fuck, almost called you to watch me dress. I wanted to dress right in front of you," I groaned, overcome by the incredible way he was kissing my ass.

"Oh fuck, you're such a sexy tease baby," he groaned.

"Oh god, the idea of you watching me roll up my stockings than put on my thong and step into my high heels had me so hot," I groaned out loud as he continued to run his tongue over my ass.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, which told me how much he would have loved to watch me dress up in front of him.

After a few minutes I felt his hands separate my ass cheeks and felt the tip of his tongue run along my thong and the sides of my pussy lips, which were now so puffed-out from being so turned on. I was really loving the feeling of his lips on my ass, and didn't want him to ever stop. His mouth on my ass was causing big sparks to go off inside my pussy, giving me these sexy mini orgasms, exploding like fire-crackers, one after the other.

After a few minutes I felt his hands separate my ass cheeks and felt the tip of his tongue run along my thong right over my covered asshole then down to and the sides of my pussy lips. "Oh fuck, "I snarled, as my pussy instantly erupted. I knew if I stayed there another second, I would have wanted him to fuck me all night, but I wanted to drive him mad, and didn't want to give him the pleasure of making me cum. I then pulled away which caused him to groan in protest and said then whispered,

"Oh fuck, I really liked that baby. God, you got me really hot now," I said heatedly as our tongues flew out to meet for a few minutes. It was a kiss that caught us by surprise, our first real lust-filled kiss. I couldn't believe it, but my father had me going crazy. I couldn't believe how turned on I was. He really had me going to the point of where I was right at the point of telling him to fuck me, but not wanting to give in to his incredible technique of turning me on, I pushed away grudgingly and said, "I'm sorry baby, but that's enough for now. I can't to be late for the party."

As he protested sheepishly, I pulled my mini dress down over my ass cheeks, than turned around and let my tongue dart out, which instantly was met by his, and said,

"That felt really sexy baby. God, I loved the way you kissed my ass." I then said, "Lets go to my bedroom," which he eagerly followed. As he devotedly followed, like a puppy dog I was sure he was thinking we were going to finally fuck. Even though a big part of me wanted to fuck him in the worst way, especially after he had me all worked up, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of breaking-down.

I knew I was going to fuck tonight, most likely with my boyfriend, but I also knew it was going to be uneventful. I knew by the way my father kissed me and turned me on that the whole night would be an exciting, non-stop fuck. I now had a good sense that he was really skilled at fucking, years of experience, way beyond my boyfriend or guys my age. It took all the self control I had not to give in to what my pussy desperately wanted, and that was to get fucked by my sexy father, and his big cock.

When we got to my bedroom we kissed a little more as he cupped my ass cheeks. I said in a fake disappointed voice," I'm sorry baby. We have to stop because Krissy is on her way and I can't be late for the party."

Instead of saying, " Fuck Krissy and the Party, I have to fuck you now," he sat down in the same chair I imagined him being in if I let him watch me dress and had an expression that looked like a sad puppy. I went into the changing room pissed and more determined than ever to drive him wild, as I took off my dress and came out wearing just a sheer black bra and a black thong, with my nude color thigh high stockings on holding a pair of black high heel pumps. When I came out my fathers eyes were bulging out of their sockets. As he gazed over my body with lust in his eyes that I have seen so many times before, I said slyly,

"Let me put on my pumps so that you can really get the full picture Daddy."

As he watched me I step into a my black high heel pumps. I heard him whisper,

'Wow' You look so hot baby. You have a body, models wished they had."

"Thanks. I'm really glad you like it," I said with a sly grin, knowing I was driving my father crazy.

Before I put on my dress I turned on my high heels, so that he could see the string of the thong disappear between my ass-cheeks. I asked him if he liked the black set over the red one. I could see him visibility squirming, as he watched me standing in front of him, in this ultra-sexy bra and thong set, with thigh high stockings and black pumps. I walked away watching him in my mirror, starring at my ass, as it swayed up and down with each click of my high heels on the wood floor. When I came out I had the mini dress on and he said he loved it. He told me I looked so sexy in the dress and was going to drive everyone crazy, who saw me.

"Oh I know I'll drive Bobbie and all his friends crazy when they see me in this. It's not them I'm worried about. It's knowing if I'm driving you crazy that's important to me," I teased with the slightest of grins on my face.

"Oh god, you know you are Allison," he grunted as his hands went to his crotch and he rubbed along the massive bulge.

It was really hard for me not to stare at his huge bulge and even harder not to squat on my pumps and take his huge cock out and suck it. But, I was consumed with teasing him and driving him crazy that I held back. I just couldn't put my contempt for him being so weak and spineless aside.

He then asked if he could take a few pictures of me, because I looked so hot. I kissed him on the lips softly and told him that it was absolutely ok. When he ran out of the room to get his camera, I laughed to myself knowing that he was going to start jacking-off to my pictures as soon as I walked out the front door.

When he came back I posed for him with my hands on my hips, and even with me bending over the bed and one of my desk then the edge of my bed. When I bent forward I could hear him gasp, as my dress rode up to the middle of my ass and reveled my stocking tops and my perfectly- round ass-cheeks to the camera. I sat on the edge of the bed and crossed my long legs and touched my high heel pumps and ran my manicured nails up my legs as he snapped away wildly.

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