tagIncest/TabooHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 05

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 05


Suddenly, Mr. Jeffers came back into the room. What he saw was my father and I on the staircase steps, both nude, except for me wearing my black high heel pumps. When he came in my father and I were locked in a deep, passionate kiss, while I passionately pumped his huge 11 inch cock in my hand while his hands were palming all over my sexy ass. Mr. Jeffers massive black presence instantly changed the dynamic between my father and I. As he walked towards us he smirked slyly and said,

"It's so nice to see such a close-knit family these days."

He than came to me and put his arm around my narrow waist and literally lifted me down the two steps. He pulled me away from my father knowing he wouldn't dare protest. This would have been the perfect opportunity for my father to assert himself and tell Mr. Jeffers to get out of the house. If he had, I would have gone up to his bedroom and fucked him all night. But, instead my father just hung his head and allowed Mr. Jeffers to take me away from him out of fear of being beaten, I 'm sure.

"I see you've been keeping my sexy pussy here company while I was gone Dick?" he said with a smirk. "Well now your little daddy/daughter fun-time is over." I gotta' get me more of this incredible pussy Dick," he said in a dark almost angered tone. "You don't have a problem with that, do you Dick?," he said glaring right at my father with a look that would have intimated anyone while he towered over him.

"No sir," my father responded in the meekest of voices.

"Good, I didn't think you would Dick," he laughed.

At that moment I was instantly reminded of how spineless my father was, and suddenly the same feelings of loath and detest that I had for him all these years came right back. It was the perfect opportunity to show me that he was a real man. If he had it would have led to us having an incredible fuck, but he just couldn't find the nerve to speak-up to my giant, black Principal. I was so horny to fuck my father as we stood on the stairs kissing, but that changed so fast, because of his lack of assertiveness. This made my blood boil, and my pussy wet for the massive cock of my black Principal.

"So did you and Daddy have fun while I was gone baby?" he asked with a sly look on his face.

"Oh fuck, I couldn't wait for you to get back and fuck me. I missed your huge black cock baby," I said in my hottest voice as I looked at my father with a smug grin on my face, letting him know that I was irritated that he didn't take charge and prove to me that he was a real man.

Even though my father drove me crazy and turned me on more than anything in the world, making me cum better than any guy I ever fucked, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know he did, especially because he didn't speak-up and defend me to Mr. Jeffers.

"Well it looked like you two were making your way to the bedroom," he said in an agitated voice.

"We were just having a little fun, and I was so horny thinking about you and that great, big black cock (I lied). You came back just at the right time, just in time to fuck me again," I moaned in a deep, throaty voice.

Mr. Jeffers than took me in his arms and kissed me hard. As his tongue darted across mine, it was as if the spell he cast between my father and I had been broken.

"So baby do you want me to leave so that you and daddy can fuck or do you need some more of this big, black cock?" he groaned as he kissed me.

I knew he asked me this because he must have heard me tell my father that I couldn't wait to go upstairs and fuck him.

"Oh god baby, you know I want your huge black cock again. Plus, I really need a man who knows how to fuck a pussy, who isn't a real pussy themselves," I said mockingly while looking at my father, absolutely pissed off that he didn't take charge and throw Mr. Jeffers out of the house than take me up stairs to fuck me.

I knew Mr. Jeffers wasn't going to leave, because he needed to fuck me again, and a big part of me needed to fuck him again too, so I answered him by kissing him while I messaged his enormous cock in his pants, and telling him that I needed his huge black cock in my pussy again tonight.

Mr. Jeffers then pulled me by my hair and drew me to him, and kissed me roughly, for a few minutes before he commanded me to take his cock out. I saw the hunger in his eyes and immediately pulled out his 12 inch black monster out. His huge black cock had the most terrifying look, as it throbbed and leaked pre cum. Once his giant cock was out of his pants we both heard my father gasp, "Oh My God!" As his huge black cock came alive before my fathers eyes. I looked back at my father and with a sly grin said,

"Look how fucking huge his black cock is Daddy. Your cock is real big, but this is a huge, black monster cock," I said as my pussy began to spasm and my mouth began to water, from seeing the enormity of it.

Totally putting what just happened between my father and I behind me; almost as if it never happened and forgetting that we were just about to go upstairs and fuck, I began lustfully stroking Mr. Jeffers massive black cock and spit on it, as it continued to swell-up into raging 12 inch hard on, dwarfing my hands to where I could barely hold onto it.

As I stroked his huge black cock my father just stood there with his mouth gaping wide open and his eyes were riveted to the massive black cock, in total shock of the freakish dimension of it, as my hands pumped lovingly all over and under it. As my hands feverously pumped his giant black shaft, and as I licked all over and around his massive girth I looked back at my father, and said heatedly,

"This is what I had buried all the way inside my tight pussy tonight Daddy."

As my father stared in disbelief he shook his head and uttered, "Oh my God,"

"Tell your daddy how bad you want this big, black cock baby," he said with authority before kissing me. "Tell him he's gonna' watch how this big cock fucks your tight 18 year old pussy baby," he said gloatingly.

"Oh baby I want you to fuck me once more tonight. Fuck me with this huge black cock of yours. I want my father to see what your huge cock did to my pussy in your office at school tonight. I want him to watch your huge black cock going in and out of my pussy and let him see how wide you stretched me out baby, "I said lustfully, as I pumped across the bottom of his massive shaft.

As I starred at my fathers big cock, which had now lost all of its hardness, and the look of puppy dog sadness on his face, I said out loud,

"Oh baby, after fucking that great big black cock of yours I could never fuck a man whose a wimp. Now that I know what its really like to have my pussy filed and stretched out-wide apart, I can only fuck your huge black cock."

I was lying, because my father was real big himself. In fact My fathers 11 inch cock was huge by all women's standards. As we were in that incredible 69 position I stroked up and down his huge shaft marveling his incredible size. After tormenting him all these years and imagining he had a tiny dick to match his spineless personality, I went wild when I saw how huge his cock really was. I couldn't stop licking and kissing it, as I marveled its incredible size. It was as if I was using my mouth and hands on my fathers huge cock to beg for forgiveness for all the years of treating him so bad. I went from loathing my father to worshiping his huge cock. I knew if his cock was small or tiny, there was no way I would have reacted the same way towards him. There was something about a man with a huge cock that changed everything.

I could see that my father was confused; by the way I was acting. Just a minute ago, he and I were kissing passionately and were about to go up to the bedroom to fuck, and now I had reverted back to the way I had treated him for years, the way I had for teased, taunted and humiliated him. Although I knew I was putting him down, and humiliating him, my hope was that he would know it was only an act, in order not to upset Mr. Jeffers.

I couldn't let Mr. Jeffers know that my father turned me on more than anything and that I desperately wanted to fuck him. Even though Mr. Jeffers ignited the fire in me to fuck my father, I knew that he would have gotten outraged and would have tore him apart if he knew how bad I wanted to fuck my him and how much he turned me on.

Even though sinfully, I wanted my father to watch me getting fucked by the huge black cock, I also hoped he knew that he turned me on more than any man and that I couldn't wait to fuck him. I couldn't wait to be dressed in sexy garter belt, stockings and high heels, in his arms kissing him, and fucking his huge cock the second my mother walked out the door for the weekend. As I looked at the sullen frown on my fathers face, I knew that I had to reassure him in some way that I was going to fuck him so I said in the teasing voice, that had a sincere meaning behind it,

"Although I won't let him fuck me unless he can magically turn into the confident black cock you have, I have to admit I did like the way kissed me and sucked my nipples and pussy, so I may let him do that again." I then went on and added hotly, "I may even suck on that big cock of his, if I'm really horny when I'm thinking about your huge black cock, and what it does to my pussy baby."

Of course I had to lie. I wanted to fuck him real bad now. He way my father kissed me and sucked my nipples and pussy drove me insane, but if Mr. Jeffers didn't believe what I was saying he would have gone crazy and tore my father in half. I couldn't tell him the truth that I couldn't wait to fuck my father and his great big cock, and that I going insane just thinking about when we'd fuck.

"Look how huge his black cock is Daddy."

I began lustfully stroking it and spitting all over it, as it continued to swell-up, into raging 12 inch hard on. My father just stood there with his mouth wide open and his eyes riveted to the massive black cock, as my white hands pumped lovingly all over and under it. As my hands feverously pumped his giant black shaft, I licked all over and around his massive girth, then looked back at my father, and said heatedly,

"Can you believe, this is what I had buried all the way up in my pussy tonight Daddy."

As my father starred at me with a look of shock and disbelief, I pumped his massive black cock and Mr. Jeffers said in a voice that had a dark taunting quality to it,

"That's right Dick. Your daughter has an amazing pussy. The best I ever fucked, and I get lots of it too. I wanted her young white pussy for a real-long time Dick."

He then leaned down and gave me a nice little kiss and looked right into my eyes and said,

"Your daughters pussy has done more things to my big black cock than any of the hundreds of other pussy's I ever fucked Dick."

He then pulled me up and we got into a sexy kiss, as I continued to pump his giant black shaft, as it jutted out, past my left side. He then said,

"Lets show daddy just what I mean baby."

I continued to pump his shaft and said in a hot, lusty voice,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, I want this great big black cock back in my pussy so fucking bad."

I then added with a hint of sarcasm,

"Yeah baby, lets show my father what a real man, with a real huge cock fucks like."

Mr. Jeffers had me lean forward and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. He then commanded my father to get on his knees and come lick my pussy and get it nice and wet for his big cock. I started to tremble at the thought of my fathers mouth on my pussy again. I was going crazy, and couldn't wait to feel his mouth on my cunt again, especially knowing how he brought me off so good. My father immediately did as he was instructed, and began licking my pussy with an incredible hunger, which caused me to look back and groan as I watched him eat me.

As he was tonguing all over my pussy Mr. Jeffers got out of his cloths and sat on the sofa and watched me and my father, as if we were his twisted entertainment. As he sat back enjoying the wild show, his huge cock was throbbing, as it hung over his massive thigh, with the huge head touching the sofa, waiting to get back into my wet fuck-hole.

He could see that I was thoroughly enjoying the way my father was eating me, and he could also tell by the loud moans form my father and I that we were really hot, and worked up. Mr. Jeffers began to taunt us and said,

"So baby, I know you said your father is a real wimp, but it looks like you really like the way he's sucking your pussy."

I looked right at him and snarled hotly,

"Oh fuck, he's real good. I can't believe it. Such a wimp, but he really knows how to eat pussy."

"That's cuz he's a pussy himself baby," he said loudly.

Mr. Jeffers than taunted my father and said,

"So Dick, you heard that. Your daughter really likes the way you eat her pussy." He than added, "Now that she knows how good you suck her pussy, she may make you do it a lot more when she needs to get off."

My father just moaned and said lustfully, without taking his mouth off my pussy,

"Oh God, whenever she wants. I love her pussy. I'll eat her anytime she wants," he moaned lustfully."

I was so turned on to hear my father say how much he loved my pussy. In that hour we were together he drove me wild, and made me cum better and harder than I ever had. He turned me on by the way he kissed me and used his mouth on my pussy, and even by the way he used his hands on my body, drove me crazier than anyone ever had, so much that I wanted to fuck him in the worst way. Added fuel to the fire was the fact that he had a huge cock, so big that I now craved to fuck it. My body was on fire thinking about my fathers huge cock and the way he turned me on.

Mr. Jeffers asked me what I thought about that, and I responded,

"Oh fuck yeah. After the way he got me off, I'd love to use his tongue on me, especially after I dress up to tease him."

Mr. Jeffers laughed in a snide way and said,

"You're a lucky man Dick. Havin' a daughter as sexy as yours, lettin' you suck her pussy."

My father just groaned as he kept sucking on my hanging fuck-lips and said in a sheepish voice,

"Oh fuck, she has an incredible tasting pussy."

Mr. Jeffers, then looked at me and said, in a dark, almost sinister voice,

"Maybe you'll let daddy fuck you too baby, after you tease him real good with that sexy body of yours?"

I was so turned on from his control and from the way my father was sucking on my pussy, that I looked at Mr. Jeffers and snarled,

"Oh fuck, you know I'm going to let him fuck me. How can I not let him fuck me now, especially after the way he's turned me on, and made me cum."

I wanted to add that I'd especially fuck him now that I knew he had a huge cock, but I didn't because I didn't want Mr. Jeffers to get upset and take it out on him.

I then looked at his giant black cock and snarled,

"Oh baby, I've gotta fuck this huge black cock again, before I go crazy."

Mr. Jeffers then began toying with me and driving me crazy when he taunted,

" Are you sure you want me to fuck you with this big, fat 12 inch cock baby?"

He then added teasinginily, as if to bait me into admitting how turned on I really was to my father, saying,

"Maybe you'd rather have your Daddy's cock inside you, instead of mine?"

As I greedily licked all over his giant cock, I spit over it, then began stroking it, as I looked at him and snarled and confessed to him and to my spineless father,

"Yes, I want to fuck him, and drive him insane, because I know how bad he wants to fuck me, but what I really need is your giant black cock inside me, filling every inch of my pussy like you did in you're office. I want to fuck it all the way to the bottom of your huge black shaft. I need to cum all over it. Your cock is the one I really want to fuck." I added hotly, "I'll fuck him later baby. I'll even let you watch me fuck him baby. Oh fuck, I never thought I'd say this, but I do want to fuck him, but right now all I want is your huge black cock in me."

"You hear that Dick. Your sexy daughter's gonna let you fuck her sexy pussy later," he said in a taunting way that caused my father send his tongue, deep into my pussy and moan excitedly.

As my father was greedily eating me and thinking about fucking me later, Mr. Jeffers told me to suck his cock and get it nice and wet for my pussy. I immediately bent at the waist and lifted his huge, incredibly heavy, black shaft and began licking it all over. The sheer size and weight of his huge cock, combined with the licking of my fathers tongue on my pussy was getting me so hot, my high heel pumps began clicking on the floor, giving away the fact that I was going to cum real soon. Mr. Jeffers sensed this and said in a commanding voice,

"Go ahead baby, cum all over your Daddy's face. Show him how much you like what he's doin' to you're sexy pussy.Think about what it's going to be like when he's on top of you looking into your eyes and fucking you like a wild-man. Think about you two being all alone when mommies away fucking your boyfriend, and your dressed up real sexy, and you two are kissing, then he's eating you, and then fucking you, with his big Daddy-dick."

I was out-of-my mind delirious now. From the exquisite feeling of my fathers tongue all over and inside my pussy, and Mr. Jeffers fueling the fire. I suddenly felt my pussy build to another earth-shattering climax. Once again my father was driving me crazy. His skill at turning me on went beyond words. Suddenly my father grabbed onto my hips, in a way that I leaned back onto his mouth on an angel with my high heels anchored to the floor. This allowed his tongue to fly way-up into the back of my burning cunt and trigger another explosion. " Oh fuuuckkkkkk," I moaned, as I lost my mind and exploded all over my fathers face, and felt my pussy turn into a wet hole, waiting to be filled by his giant black cock.

As I came, I felt my fathers cock burst all over the back of my ankle and onto my high heel pump. As he came, he was whimpering like a little child. I could tell by the way he was whimpering and moaning while he came, that he was so turned on from hearing me say that I was going to fuck him. Mr. Jeffers knew it too, and when he saw my father cum from just eating me and hearing that I was going to let him fuck me, he commanded my father to lick his cum off me. He said, in a very assertive tone,

"Now lick all your cum off her leg, you fucking pervert."

My father did as he was told and Mr. Jeffers made him lick the cum off my high heel pump too. As my father was licking the cum off my pump, Mr. Jeffers said teasingly,

"That's right, suck the cum off you're daughters shoe, you fucking pervert."

We watched my father obediently lick all over my high heel, as he followed the instructions of my black Principal. It was so wild watching my father, a grown man being controlled and emasculated, by another man. It really showed me how spineless a man my father was, and how superior a man like Mr. Jeffers was. It was humiliating and hot at the same time for me, seeing this type of control and power. This was the type of power my grandfather had, the kind of power made my pussy wet.

When my father finished cleaning off my high heel with his tongue, Mr. Jeffers stood and got behind me and lifted my leg, so that my high heel pump was on the edge of the coffee table. He then surprised me when he looked at my father and said,

"Ok Dick, I want you to grab my fucking black dick and guide it into your sexy daughters amazing pussy."

Mr. Jeffers then grabbed my father by the neck and dragged him close to his huge cock. He told him to get on his knees and hold his cock and kiss it. I couldn't believe it, but my father actually got on his knees and took the giant black cock from me and kissed the big head, which was leaking pre-cum. Mr. Jeffers then told him to kiss up and down his shaft and say that he wished he had a cock as big as his. I was smirking as I watched Mr. Jeffers tell my father to spit on his cock and make it wet for my pussy. I was going wild, and was so turned on watching my father spit on the huge black cock I had fucked for hours. Although it was the most humiliating thing my father ever did, it turned me on even more to fuck him.

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