HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 05


" Oh you like kissing your daddy don't you baby," he smirked, as he felt my pussy spasm all over his cock.

"Oh god," I moaned as I hungrily kissed my father. Right than I would have done anything to be fucking my father. I couldn't believe how turned on I was to him.

Just than my father put his hands on my tits which pissed Mr. Jeffers off.

"Did I say "play with her tits Dick?" Mr. Jeffers said in an enraged voice.

"No sir," my father replied sheepishly.

"Now get the fuck away from that sexy-assed daughter of yours and watch us fuck you fucking wimp," he commanded.

My father instantly walked away and sat in a bar stool across from us. We went back to fucking and as I was enjoying fucking up and down on his huge black cock, he grabbed my head and turned it and met my tongue in a hot kiss. He than began fucking into me like crazy. I was screaming out of sheer pain and lust from the way his huge black cock was striking way up into my pussy. The excitement from being fucked so hard and so deep by such a huge cock and enjoying the feeling of being so stuffed and stretched apart by it, caused me to shriek over and over, "Oh fuuuuuuck.... fuck yeah," As I was screaming like an animal in heat my father was stroking his huge shaft at as fierce rate. I was delirious, getting fucked by a massive, black cock as I watched my father stroking on his huge shaft, as I imagined myself pumping him, than climbing on top of him and fucking him until he exploded deep inside me. By the way we were looking at each other, I knew we'd fuck real soon. My father now turned me on more than any man. I went from loathing him to now wanting his huge cock more than anything in the world.

Suddenly, cum burst out of my fathers cock, shooting way up in the air and landing right in front of my high heel pumps. The sight of my fathers huge, spurting cock caused me to tremble, as I came all over his huge angry black cock five times. After a few minutes of this merciless assault on my pussy and making me cum five times he pulled out and said, "suck it." I bent forward and licked it all over, moaning as I tasted my pussy over his entire black cock.

When he finished, Mr. Jeffers told my father that he was taking me upstairs to fuck all night. He then commanded my father to clean up the mess and to make sure he had his cloths folded neatly. When he lifted me up, he put his hands around my waist and began leading me out of the room. Suddenly, out of a sheepish voice came the words, "I really think you should leave sir."

It was my father speaking to the huge, black giant. Mr. Jeffers, in one hand grabbed my father around the neck and lifted him off the ground. He held him in the air for about 20 seconds, with his feet dangling, and then threw him across the room. My father flew like a feather and landed hard on the marble floor. Mr. Jeffers than walked to him, standing over him and said," What the fuck did you just say Dick."

He then asked my father if he had any reservations to him taking me upstairs and fucking me. I knew he wouldn't argue with him now, out of fear of being pummeled by my giant, black Principal, who was a former professional football player.

"No sir," my father said as he messaged his forehead after hitting the sofa with a hard thud. Part of me wanted to rush to him and throw out Mr. Jeffers, but I knew that would really up-set him and aggravate him to a point of rage, which he would take out on my father even more. I was still irritated that my father couldn't stand up to him and get him to leave, so I decided not to say anything.

Mr. Jeffers and I went up the marble stairs and as we walked up, stopped to kiss. I knew he wanted my father to watch him taking me, and although I was turned on, I secretly and badly wished it was my father and I going to bed. I desperately wanted to spend the night in bed with him, fucking him and blowing his huge cock, as bad as I wanted him to eat my pussy and kiss me the way he did. I knew tonight everything changed between my father and I, and that turned my body on more than anybody I ever fucked. I wanted to fuck him so bad. When I looked back at my father, I saw that he wasn't looking at us this time, but was instead bent over cleaning up the room. I knew he felt defeated, and Mr. Jeffers saw it too.

"Make sure you fold my cloths real nice Dick," he yelled down to my father.

"Yes sir," my father responded in a defeated tone, which made me feel bad for bringing Mr. Jeffers home.

I knew I had to reassure me father and let him know that I wanted to fuck him bad, and that he turned me on like crazy tonight. Once in the room, Mr.' Jeffers went to the bathroom. I made up an excuse to go see my father, telling Mr. Jeffers that I had to go tell my father something that my mother wanted me to relay to him before he for New York that morning. I knew my father had to leave in a few hours to drive my grandfather to his private jet, and was than flying to New York with him, as his personal driver for the week.

I needed to tell my father how much he turned me on tonight and how bad I wanted to fuck him. I kept my pumps on because I wanted my father to be turned on to me. When I came downstairs my father was cleaning up and folding Mr. Jeffers cloths, as he was instructed to do. As I walked down the marble steps he looked up, and his eyes were instantly riveted to me. As I grinned slyly at him I was happy to see his huge cock ballooning down the front of his leg, throbbing at the sight of me. As I walked down the stairs I was so hot again, looking at my sexy father and seeing his great, big cock. I was still amazed at how huge he was.

After all the years of teasing him, and detesting him for being weak and spineless and controlled by my grandfather, I never suspected that he would have a cock so huge. As I starred at his huge cock my nipples began to ach. My high clicked with each step, as if to say, "Let's fuck." And god, did I want to fuck my sexy father in the worst way now. It all changed tonight for us. What started out as Mr. Jeffers wanting to humiliate and embarrasses my father as he fucked me in front of him, turned into me never being so turned on by a guy in my life. The skilled way in which my father kissed and ate my pussy and the way he touched my body had me more insane and more fuck crazed than I had ever been in my life.

When I reached him, we immediately began kissing as I instantly lifted his huge, heavy cock and began stroking it slowly, as I twisted my out-stretched palm around his fat shaft. I was so surprised at how fat around my father was, realizing that my fingers could not touch and that there was two inches of cock-flesh between my fingers and my thumb.

"Oh baby, I want to fuck you so bad," I said as I lovingly pumped his huge hard on. "Oh god, I can't believe how huge you are," I moaned softly as I kissed his lips." I had no idea you were this big," I moaned softly, as his cock responded to my tender stroking, by twitching and leaking a steady flow of pre-cum.

I told my father that so much of what I said tonight about him was an act so that Mr. Jeffers wouldn't hurt him anymore. He understood, and I told him as soon as he got back from New York I wanted to spend the weekend with him, fucking him all weekend long. I knew we only had a few more minutes because of Mr. Jeffers being upstairs, so I instantly squatted on my pumps and began kissing his huge cock and pumping it wildly, as I told him how bad I wanted to fuck him and his great, big cock.

I knew he was fucking my friends and said hotly, "You know dad, I know you are fucking a bunch of my friends, but won't be needing any of them to take care of this huge fucking cock of yours anymore, "I said in a moaning voice as I licked all over his huge cock head, noting how much it expanded my jaw when I put it in my mouth over his massive crown. He was groaning saying he used to imagine me every time he fucked one of them. I was so turned hearing this, and grinned up at him as I lovingly pumped his massive shaft.

"Now, my pussy will be the only one you'll ever need to have wrapped around this great, big cock of yours baby," I moaned as I stoked his huge, pulsing shaft. "I'll be the only one stroking and fucking it baby," I kissed his lips and ran my tongue across his to emphasize how serious I was. He was pulsing like mad now, throbbing and ready to cum from the thought of us fucking like lovers. "Go ahead, let it go baby. Cum for me baby," I said as I grinned up at him slyly. "Now I'll be the only one making this great, big cock of yours cum baby."

That did it and within seconds a burst of cum flew out of my fathers huge cock, flying over my shoulders and landing 10 feet away! "Oh fuck, I can't wait to have this huge cock all to myself," I uttered as I licked it, marveling how hard it still was. Standing up we kissed hard again.

"Oh god baby, I know you want to fuck, and so do I, in the worst way, but I have to get back upstairs before Mr. Jeffers gets upset," I said to my father than started to walk away.

As I walked away I turned back and saw his huge, 12 inch cock rock hard again. I groaned, "Oh fuck." I just couldn't resist it, and ran back and turned with my back to him and bent forward. My pussy was dripping from being so turned on by him.

"Oh god, fuck me baby. Let me get a sample of that great big cock and what I'm going to have all next weekend baby," I groaned as I felt my father line his massive mushroom head up to the entrance of my cunt.

Ever so slowly, not with the type of rage that Mr. Jeffers fucked me, my father sent his huge cock into me, allowing me to savor every inch. It was the most mind blowing experience feeling my fathers huge cock taking my pussy. His slow strokes drove me crazy, as each inch expanded my fuck hole, filling my pussy in a way that had me climbing the walls, and cumming instantly. He was huge and I wanted to tell him, but couldn't, because I didn't want to make a noise.

His slow fucking, even under these conditions, with my Principal in the bedroom, waiting for me, made me know the type of fuck I was going to get from him. Slow, and with a passion that would make me explode over and over hundreds of times.

I could not believe the skill my father had. I now knew that my friends were getting the most incredible fuck of their lives, and now I selfishly wanted his enormous cock and his amazing slow fucking all to myself. Every slow inch sent my pussy into spasm. My cunt was on fire, ignited by my fathers huge cock. When he bottomed out he held himself steady as his huge cock twitched on its own inside me. I was delirious as I felt my fathers giant cock throb and expand in the deepest part of my pussy.

I exploded like a flood, all over his huge cock, as he cupped my big, 36DD tits and pinched my aching nipple, while he kissed my exposed next.

I was delirious and continued shooting all over his huge shaft. As he pulled out, he did it at a pace so slow that it took over a minute for him to reach his huge crown. I threw my head back and groaned as my cum continued to flow like a river. When he reached the mouth of my burning pussy, he held his cock head there while he put his fingers on my hanging pussy lips and spread them wide apart as he began slow fuck back into me. It was pure ecstasy and I wanted it to go on all night, all night and all day: FOREVER. I didn't want this incredible feeling to ever stop.

"Oh god, you really know how to fuck," I moaned in my softest voice, as my fathers giant cock worked its way up into the back of my fuck-hole.

As we kissed my father cupped the sides of my big tits then used his thumbs to run across the tips of my aching nipples. Once again that wild feeling of him turning me on more than anyone ever had overcome me. I was groaning like crazy and suddenly he broke away from our heated kiss and began sucking each of my tiny, rock had nipples with his skilled mouth. "OH fuck,"I groaned. "You're driving my body crazy again baby." He was amazing, I could not believe that this was the man I tortured and tormented and detested all these years.

I began to feel my fathers cock begin to twitch and from the sounds of his low groans, I knew he was ready to cum. I wanted him to explode deep inside me and I could feel my pussy begin to fire-off at the thought of us cumming together. Just we were interrupted by a loud noise upstairs. It was Mr. Jeffers yelling out for me. I immediately pulled away from my father, causing his huge cock to thump against his thigh.

"Oh god, I can't wait to fuck you baby," I said hotly and kissed him hard. "Next week it's just you and me baby. We'll fuck all weekend," I added as I kissed him again and squeezed his huge, throbbing cock. I than ran up the stairs.

Mr. Jeffers and I fucked one more time, but, this time it was the thought of my father making love to me and fucking me passionately with his enormous cock that never left my mind. Each time I came, I imagined it was all over my fathers huge cock, not my black Principals......TO BE CONTINUED...ALLISON AND DADDY FINALLY FUCK!

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