tagFetishHucow Finds Love Ch. 02

Hucow Finds Love Ch. 02


Several hours later, someone knocked at Anna's door. There was no way to check who was on the other side, so she nervously opened it.

"Hello, Anna," a familiar female voice said from outside.

Anna peeked further out. She couldn't help it if she was a little cautious after what had happened the last time she let someone in her room. Even if it had resulted in some of the best sex of her life.

The woman standing on the other side of the door was a pretty brunette that Anna had met yesterday at her admission interview. She was in charge of coordinating fertilization contracts, like Anna's, and helping new hucows choose their first bull. She was also a hucow. She worked in administration because she was not producing milk at the moment as she was nearing the end of her current pregnancy. Anna had liked her within minutes of meeting.

"Are you ready to meet some of the bulls? Or maybe you'd like to go through their online profiles first?"

Anna nodded, relieved. "I'd like to look at profiles first. I'm a little nervous. Did anyone tell you what happened last night?"

Puzzled, Rachel shook her head.

Anna stumbled through the whole embarrassing story involving how she had been taken from her room and ... met... Jack.

Rachel's eyes widened, horrified. "Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I have no idea how this could have happened, but I'll get to the bottom of it, I promise. Do you want to talk to the doctor about options regarding the possible pregnancy?"

"I mean, I was considering asking Jack to be my sperm donor. So if I was already pregnant, it wouldn't be a big deal."

"That's the spirit! If you want, we can look at the profiles together and if you decide on someone else, we can visit the doctor after to talk about your options. But Anna, I have to warn you, Jack doesn't take donor contracts. He usually only services the hucows in the breeding stocks."

"He did imply yesterday that he might be interested in seeing me again."

"Ok, I can talk to him. Meanwhile, I want you to look through these profiles and I'll be back in a few hours."


Anna looked at all the bulls, but felt kind of hollow about the whole thing. They were all good looking, muscular, and from what Rachel had said earlier, as well endowed as Jack. But she was pretty sure she had met her baby daddy already. She was waiting impatiently for Rachel to come back. There wasn't a lot to do in the room and she had been thinking about Jack and last night. Her eyes fell on the milker in the corner, which she had yet to use. She had only been given cursory directions to use it. Rachel did say that she could use it whenever she felt like it though.

Anna slid her feet into the stirrups. A short bench stretched in front of her, with little cups near the far end. She pulled her dress down at the shoulders, baring her breasts. Leaning down, they fit into the cups perfectly. She braced her arms on the armrests, which were equipped with pegs at the ends. There was a row of buttons on the side of both armrests. Anna pushed the first one.

The machine started rhythmically sucking and releasing her nipples at a slow steady pace. She nearly moaned from the pleasure. After enjoying the feeling for a minute, she pressed another button. This one caused the sucking rhythm to speed up, too intense. She pushed it again, trying to turn it off, but it changed the rhythm again. Now the machine alternated, sucking one nipple and then the other. This time, she did moan, grinding her clit against the surface of the bench.

The door opened across the room. Anna startled, pulling up on her nipples hard.

"Anna?" Jack peered around the door into her dimly lit room. Anna frantically pushed buttons, trying to turn off the milking machine. She almost didn't notice his slow, sexy smile. "Don't stop on my account," he said.


Jack watched as Anna's cheeks turned bright red and she pressed buttons on her milker, seemingly at random. Her dress was rucked up around her hips, revealing her lack of panties. "Seems like my little hucow could use some help testing out her new milker," he said walking over. Anna was starting to make soft, sexy whimpering sounds as the machine sucked her little nipples almost into the milk tube. He decided to take pity on her, pushing the button to put her back at the lowest level of suction.

"Thanks," she said shakily, "But I think I'm done for now."

"Looks to me like you're just getting started. And you could use a hand. The cups you're using are too big for your little pink nipples." He went to the drawer where all the hucows kept their milking supplies and pulled out the smallest size. Stopping the machine, he replaced the cups and restarted it. "There. See, you just want the nipples covered." He gave her soft pale udders a little squeeze each and went around the side of the machine.


Anna watched Jack warily, the steady rhythmic suction on her nipples slowly making her wet. Jack went to the buttons and as he was explaining what each of the different buttons did, she watched his lips. She wished they were on her breasts. Or her lips. Or her clit. Or anywhere on her, really.

She was thinking about them on the sensitive skin of her neck when he gave her breasts another squeeze and said, "I think you're a little too distracted right now. I can help with that." He connected a little box to the plug near the milker's buttons and went behind her, running a rough hand down her flank as he went. He continued down her leg tightening the velcro strap of the stirrup over her foot. Then he traced the side of her leg back up, and made her shiver as he massaged her butt under her dress. When he repeated the process on the other side, strapping her other foot in, she felt snugly restrained. She knew she could easily slide her feet out, but he said, "Keep them there," and she couldn't help but obey.


Jack watched the little hucow settle into her milking. Even though she wasn't producing milk yet, lots of the new cows liked the feeling of being "milked". He adjusted the height of the bench as well as the speed and rhythm, so the machine was quickly stimulating one side, then the other. He ran a hand over her rump before sliding a finger into her pussy to check her wetness. She was drenched. He spread the fluid over her clit and she made a needy sound that went straight to his cock.

He slowly thrust on finger in and out of her tight little pussy. She was looking over her shoulder, big green eyes on him. "Would you like to take my cock again?"

"Yes," she cried.

"Ask for it."

"Please, will you fuck me with your big cock?"

She was such a sweet little hucow. So eager to please. "Do you want me to fill your tight little pussy with cum again?"

She nodded quickly. At his expectant look, she wailed, "Please fill me with cum!"

He pulled his pants down just enough to access her and rubbed the head of his cock across her slick body. She pressed her body back towards him, arching her back, seeking. He pushed into her in one hard thrust that had her crying out.

"Hold on tight, little cow. I'm going to ride you hard and fast." She curled her fingers around the pegs at the front of the milker and he curled his around her hips. He rammed into her, jostling her udders on the suction cups. Seconds later, he felt her greedy pussy clenching on his cock as she came. He slowed, lazily thrusting even after she collapsed, limp.

"We're not done yet, sweetheart." At his words, she moaned something unintelligible.

He started picking up the pace again, thrusting harder and faster, until she was meeting him with her own. When he reached around to play with her clit, he felt her begin to tense. He slowed the movements of his cock, thrusting shallowly.

"Do you think you might like to do this again?" he asked.


"Maybe tomorrow? And every day after for the next nine months or so?"

"You want to talk about this now?"

"Sure, no better time. The thought of watching you grow my calf within your body turns me on."

He rubbed her clit with the palm of his hand, teasing a finger around her stretched opening. "Oooooh," she moaned, "Yes, please yes."

He thrust hard again, his balls swinging into her.

"Yes! Fill me with your cum!" She began to orgasm again, her pussy sucking greedily at his cock and he pressed deep into her as his cock jerked with his release. Warm spurts of cum filled her and started to leak out around his cock. When Anna collapsed, exhausted, he stayed inside her, but turned off the milking machine as they both panted.


Anna felt Jack pull out of her and slid her feet out of the stirrups. As she climbed down from the machine, she fumbled with her dress to cover her breasts. Jack watched her.

"So, we're doing this? You're going to help me get pregnant?"

He ran his fingers over her cheek. "I'm going to breed you every day, little cow." The intensity in his eyes made her shiver. "How did you like your first milking?"

Anna sighed dreamily. "I loved it. But I'm not sure I learned exactly how to use the machine."

"We'll just have to continue your lessons then."

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This is my favorite story on the site!

You are an amazing writer, I simply adore your sensual style! I really would like to hear the end of this and hope you find it in you to finish the series some day. I’d be eternally grateful! Most storiesmore...

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So what was the little box he plugged in? This has been bugging me!!!

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This is amazing! Got me sooo wet reading it

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So good. Please write more.

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Still Enjoying This A Lot

Keep up the good work!

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