tyhI was semi-conscious. I knew that there had been an accident. I knew that I was in an ambulance and we were speeding to the hospital. The siren screamed in my head, and I was weak from loss of blood. What had happened to me? I wasn't even sure. One minute I had been sitting in the seat of the motorized lawn mower, mowing my lawn, and then I had hit a tree stump or something and I had gone flying. Flying forward onto the ground in front of the mower. The mower was following me. It was going to run me over. It ran me over. There was blood everywhere. I heard my wife, Leona, screaming. Then I think I must have passed out. And now I knew I was in an ambulance. There were two attendants in the vehicle. One was talking to me. I didn't know what he was saying. My wife was sitting next to me, holding my hand, still crying.

We stopped. I waited a minute and knew the back doors were being opened. I knew I was on a stretcher. They were lifting me out of the ambulance onto the street. They were rolling me through the emergency room doors. I passed out again.

I was in a very deep sleep. I knew I was in a very deep sleep. It was warm. It was cozy. Maybe I would never wake up.

I woke up. The sun was shining through the window. Leona was sitting in a chair across the room. A nurse was adjusting the liquid in the plastic bag, which was attached to a long tube, which was attached to a needle which went into my arm. I blinked a few times. She looked at me. She left the room. The next time I blinked, she had returned with a man in a white coat. A doctor. I looked across at Leona. She was crying again.

I realized that my whole midsection was bandaged, and that I was catheterized for urination.

"What happened?" I asked groggily.

"You had an accident," the doctor said.

"I don't remember," I explained.

"No. I'm sure you don't. You lost a lot of blood. You were in very bad shape. We almost lost you."

The lawn mower?" I asked.

"Yes," said the doctor. It ran over you. It severed your penis."

"My penis? My penis is gone? Oh my god. Oh my god." Now I was crying.

"It's all right. It's all right," soothed the doctor, bracing my shoulder. "You have a new penis. You're going to be all right."

"A new penis?" I asked. I couldn't understand. I'd never heard of that.

"Yes. You're a very lucky man. Just as we rushed you to the operating room, another patient passed away. And he was an organ donor. We gave you his penis. And it's a rather nice one, if I do say so myself."

"I never heard of penis transplants," I said. "I've heard of kidney, liver. Not penis."

"It's a brand new technology," the doctor said. "You're one of the first."

"Will it work?" I asked.

"We believe it will," said the doctor. "You've just got to give yourself time to heal, and you should be as good as new."

I looked across at Leona. She smiled bravely, dabbing at a tear. She had liked my old penis. She liked sucking it. She liked getting it inside her pussy. And now it was gone. No wonder she was crying. But, hell. I had a brand new penis and the doctor said it was a nice one, so everything would probably be all right. Just the same as before. I just had to give myself time to heal. I was lucky. I could have been left with no penis. Just a little stump, or hole, or whatever they did before transplants.

I was in the hospital more than a month. I had to be, because of the catheterization. Finally the day came when the bandages were removed. I was afraid to look at my new penis. I was a little squeamish. I was afraid it wouldn't really fit right. I was afraid it wouldn't feel right. It was a whole new unfamiliar part of my anatomy. But I would have to get used to it. Just not right now. The tubes were still in me. I would have to wait a few more days till I would be obliged to urinate on my own. To take the foreign penis in my fingers. To empty my bladder through it on command.

Leona came to the hospital every day and brought magazines. One day she brought a men's magazine with naked ladies, but I was afraid I could do myself damage if I got an erection, so I wouldn't look at it. I made her take it away. Then one morning the urologist came in and gently detubed me. I still winced. I could feel the plastic being drawn out of the penis.

"You're on your own," said the doctor.

"Okay," I answered nervously.

Now I was dying to look at my new member. I wanted to see what I looked like now. Would it be very different than before? But I wasn't going to lift the sheets with Leona in the room. And I had a roommate who was on the phone all day and night. I wouldn't be sorry to go home and leave him behind. There was a curtain between his bed and mine, so he wouldn't be able to see what I did. I just had to get rid of Leona for a while.

"Honey, why don't you go down to the cafeteria and have your lunch," I suggested.

"I'm not hungry," she said.

"Go on, sweetie. You sit here all day. Stretch your legs. Go down and get yourself an ice cream soda."

"An ice cream soda?" She was tantalized. She hadn't thought of that. That was much more appealing than lunch.

"Yes. An all chocolate ice cream soda. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," she admitted. "Maybe I will." She got up and took her purse. I was delighted. I knew how to handle my wife, all right. "I'll be back in a little while, Gordon," she said.

"Okay, sweetheart. Take your time. Enjoy the soda." She smiled at me and left the room. I counted to twenty-five and lifted the sheets. Then I lifted the gown. And I saw it. There it was. It was........hefty. A big fat weighty thing. I lifted it in my palm and moved it around. It was heavy. It was meaty. I wondered how big it would get when it got hard. If it got hard. It had to get hard. It would be like the tenth wonder of the world when it got hard. I lifted it up so I could study the head. There was a tiny little freckle on the head. A cute little freckle. It was really a very distinctive penis. I would be proud to call it my own. I squeezed it in my hand a little and the eye winked at me.

I rubbed my finger lovingly over the freckle. My own little freckle. My first and only freckle. I wondered how Leona would like the freckle. She would love the freckle. She would love the penis. Face it. Leona loved cock. I couldn't wait to get home and give it to her.

When they checked me out of the hospital, the doctor warned me that I was not to attempt sexual intercourse for at least another month, and I was to try to avoid becoming erect. So for the next month, I moved into the guest room down the hall, where I wouldn't have a sexy body lying next to me all night. Many a night I lay in that guest room, fondling my new toy, and dying to tease it stiff. But I had been told 'no stiffies' and I obeyed.

Leona had hired a gardener. A handsome young man. I watched him out of the front window as he sailed over our lawn. Lawn mowing was now a thing of the past for me. Never again would I mow.

I paid one more visit to the Urologist. This time in his office. I undressed and put on a gown. He came in and pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and began the examination.

"It's healed very nicely," he approved. He was massaging it and massaging it. I had to control myself to make sure I didn't get an erection in the doctor's hand.

"I see you've got a freckle," he observed.

"Yes," I said proudly. "I noticed that."

"Pretty special," he said. And we both laughed. "I think you can start having sexual intercourse," he told me.

"I can?" I was absolutely delighted.

"Go right ahead. Get used to working with your new tool."

"Terrific," I answered. I'm sure I had a smile a foot wide. When I got back into the waiting room, Leona looked at me questioningly. I nodded my head. She smiled too. "Tonight," I promised her. "We can do it tonight. I'll move back into the bedroom."

"Wonderful," she said. And she meant it.

That night as we got undressed, Leona started to giggle.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I'm so nervous. I feel like a blushing bride."

"How should I feel?" I asked. "I'm the one with strange equipment."

"Let me see it," she said, teasingly.

"No," I protested, holding my hands over my crotch in mock modesty. "I'm embarrassed.

"Let me see it," she chased me and tried to pry my hands off of it. We were both laughing like a couple of school kids. Finally she dragged me down on the bed, and I let her moved my hands off the penis. She crouched down and studied it.

"It's gorgeous," she said. "It's just gorgeous. And it's huge. HUGE!"

"Yes, it is," I laughed. "It's just HUGE!" I mimicked her.

"And look. It's got a teeny little freckle on its face," she noticed. "That's so sweet."

I grabbed her and we wrestled on the bed. I figured after all this time I would slide it home and just rape her. But, no. My big heavy appendage was still malleable. It had not gotten hard.

I tried to work myself up to an erection. I kissed and licked Leona's tits. I did the same to her pussy. Nothing.

"Go down on me," I said.

She crouched between my thighs and took the HUGE new dick into her mouth. She sucked it. She tongued it. She made slurping noises. Nothing.

"It's not getting hard," she said. She was in despair.

I reached down and started whacking myself. Nothing. It wasn't getting hard. We tried for over two hours, and then we were both pooped. We got under the covers and tried to fall asleep. I could hear Leona sobbing in the darkness.

The next day I called the doctor's office and had to wait six hours for him to call me back. I explained the situation.

"Don't worry," he said. "Everything looks all right," he assured me. "Maybe you just have to give it a little time. It's probably all mental. You're probably feeling pressured and it's affecting your performance." I hung up little assuaged.

We tried on several more occasions, and as usual....nothing. It was depressing. I had a new penis, which was gorgeous and HUGE and wasn't getting hard. A lot of good it was doing me.

Maybe I just needed to relax. I drove over to the health club and worked out a little. It was early in the afternoon and there weren't many people there. I used the machines. I lifted a few weights. Then I put my workout clothes in my locker, and wrapped a towel around my waist. I headed for the sauna.

There was one other guy in there, sitting on the bench. We nodded to each other, and I sat down on a bench on the other side of the room. He ran his hand over his face. He was sweating. He got up and took off his towel, and wiped his face with it. Then he turned away and stretched the towel along the bench, and he lay upon the towel with his naked rear exposed.

I felt a strange curious tingling, and whomp. I felt my limp new penis suddenly snap to attention. My god. It was HUGE. But how come I was getting a hard on here in the sauna? It had burst through my towel, but the other guy was lying on his arms with his eyes closed and fortunately didn't see it. This was embarrassing. The most intense feelings were flooding through my crotch. I closed my eyes and tried to shift my attention. I thought of my last trip to the South of France. I thought of my long weeks in the hospital and the terrible food. Try as I might, I couldn't take my eyes off the guy's buttcheeks. They were so round. So smooth. So perfectly formed. I began to fantasize about the little hole at the bottom of the cleft between those two perfect cantaloupes, which I now wanted to taste. My HUGE new penis was swinging around uncontrollably in my crotch. I grabbed it to try to control it, but it was controlling me.

I jumped to my feet and my towel fell to the floor. The guy heard the creak of the bench when I got up, and the sound of the towel hitting the floor. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He looked at my HUGE stiff dick. His eyes seemed to glaze over, and I thought I saw his ass twitch a little as if welcoming me. I didn't need a written invitation. I crossed the room in two large strides and began feeling up those delectable globes. I licked my finger, and started reaching between them. My other hand was holding my HUGE cock.

When my finger slipped into his hole, he muttered, "Oh, yeah." And began twisting his behind around, trying to grasp my finger. I took out my finger. I climbed on the bench on top of him and spit into my hand. I covered my cock with saliva and began to press it into him.

What a feeling. Was it his ass? Was it my new cock? It didn't matter. What my old cock felt fucking a woman's pussy, and what my new cock was now feeling fucking a man's asshole were two entirely different things. Had I died and gone to heaven? No. This was much better than heaven. His steamy asswalls were sucking on the HUGE cock as if they had never felt anything so wonderful against them before. I gently twisted his two hemispheres as I dove between them. I started licking his damp neck. He was moaning. He was laughing. He was crying. "Oh, yeah, man. Fuck me man. Shove that HUGE cock into me. I love it, man. I love your HUGE dick. I want to keep it in me forever. Keep fucking me man. Fuck me with that HUGE cock. Shoot your hot cum in my hole." The more he babbled, the more his body bucked under me, the more his ass swallowed my dick, and my balls were banging against his bouncy cheeks.

My cock was working. My new cock was working. It was fucking. I was beyond happy. My freckle was deep inside this young guy's asshole. I started to feel a stirring in my balls. I was getting ready to shoot my load.

"Oh, yeah, man," he wailed. "I can feel your HUGE prick getting HUGER inside my ass. You're getting ready to cum, man. You're getting ready to spew your hot sperm inside my tight mancunt. Shoot it into me, baby. Give me your hot cum. I want your babyseed in my body,"

His language was getting to me, and I couldn't hold off any longer. My cock started shooting out jet after jet of my own seed. Thank god, it was my own seed. I still had my original balls if not my original cock.

"Oh, yeah, man. I can feel your hot juice in my body. Your sweet cream is flooding my hole. I love it. I love your hot cum man. I love your HUGE dick, man. Would you marry me?"

I laughed at his joke and gave him a playful slap on his butt, as I withdrew my gratified new cock and stood up.

"That was just great, man," he extolled. "Where have you been all my life?"

I laughed again. He was getting a little too serious. After all, I was married. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to the showers to cool down. After my shower, I went to the lounge and lay down on a long chair. I think I fell asleep for a short while. When I woke up, I felt very relaxed. Very relaxed and very contented. I stretched my arms and legs and yawned loudly.

I went into the exercise room and did another few minutes of weight lifting. I decided I would take one more sauna, (just a sauna this time), before showering, dressing and driving home.

This time there were two guys in the sauna. One on each side. Good. With a crowd there, I wouldn't have a repeat performance of what had just occurred. I sat down on the bench about a foot away from one of the guys. The other guy was sitting on the opposite bench. He got up to throw some water on the hot coals. His towel dropped to the floor. I saw his ass. My cock saw his ass. It snapped into a frenzied attention, and burst through my towel again.

The guy sitting next to me looked at it in amazement. I was about to mutter apologies, when suddenly he fell to the floor onto his knees and crept between my legs. Before I could even react, he had his jaws around my enormous stiff cock. His mouth must have been cavernous to get that thing inside it. You would think he would have been in discomfort, but he was happily slurping and humming away as he tongued all around my member. He made choking noises as he forced it into his throat. He was choking, but he was loving it. I could feel the saliva spilling out of his mouth all over my thighs.

The guy whose ass had brought on this whole situation, had turned toward us and was watching the scene. He did have a beautiful ass. I stretched out my arm, signaling him to approach. He came over. I started feeling his sweet cheeks. He bent down and planted his mouth over mine, and we were kissing like Romeo and Juliet as I fingered his tight hole, and the other guy suctioned my HUGE dick. Then he took his mouth off the dick and just held it, while he moved his face down and began to make love to my balls. My balls got about five minutes worth of attention. Then he moved back and swallowed the cock again. Meanwhile I was fondling and kissing Mr. Beautybutt.

I had to have that butt. My crazy new cock wanted it right now. The blowjob was great, but my cock wanted to fuck. To fuck ass. To fuck Mr. Beautybutt right now. I withdrew my HUGE piston from the worshiping mouth, and spread my towel on the floor. I took Mr. Beautybutt's towel and laid it alongside mine for a wider area. I coaxed Mr. Beautybutt into position. I sat him down and got on my knees between his legs. I lifted his beautiful manlegs over my shoulders, and spit all over my dick again. I leaned down and spit a few gobs into his hole. After all, my cock was HUGE.

I positioned the thick head against his sweet little beautybutt rosebud and tried to be as gentle as possible, easing inside. Inside that sweet grasping tunnel he carried between his cheeks. What a beautybutt. What a fuck. I lay right down on top of him and fucked away, between his parted knees and thighs. First his heels were in the air, but then he pressed them against my own butt. He was holding me into him. He reached down and grabbed my butt with his hands, and raised his hole up to me. We had a smooth, machine-like operation going.

"What a great cock," he cried, when I took my mouth off his for a second.

"I never saw anything like it," said Mr. Sucker. He crawled behind me and began licking my balls and my asshole as I plowed Mr. Beatybutt. What a scene this was. This was beyond anything that had ever occurred in my wildest imagination. I had, of course, fantasized about fucking two women. But who would have imagined that I would be here fucking two men?

"Fuck me. Please fuck me with your HUGE dick," pleaded Mr. Beautybutt.

"I will, baby," I promised. "I'm fucking you with my HUGE dick. My HUGE dick is way up inside your belly. My dick loves your asshole. My dick loves your sweet asshole." And that was so true. My dick really did love his sweet asshole better than anything else in the world. My dick was almost fucking on its own. Fucking that sweet tight asshole. My dick loved ass. It really loved ass. I was jubilant. My new penis was working so well. Leona would be so happy. Just wait till she got this big thing inside her. This cock would compensate her for all the tears she had shed.

"My ass loves your HUGE dick. Your dick is so talented," moaned Mr. Beautybutt. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Shoot your hot cum into my hole. Fuck that ass. Fuck that ass." I really didn't need the encouragement. My cock was doing quite nicely on its own. But his words were exciting me and I felt the cum-pressure again in my balls, which Mr. Sucker was licking. When he stuck his tongue into my asshole again, it was just too much for me. My load just powered out of the HUGE cock deep into Mr. Beauybutt. He was now carrying my DNA. I kissed him, and ran my tongue around his mouth. As I kissed him, I felt his own cock thrash against my abdomen and start spilling out warm liquid. We kissed and kissed until we caught out breath. Meanwhile Mr. Sucker was sitting on the towel, jerking furiously. I watched as he brought in his own gusher. We all looked at each other in satiated comradeship. Then we grabbed our towels and headed for the showers.

I drove home in a warm glow. Maybe I wouldn't try fucking Leona tonight. I had just cum twice. It might be prudent to wait until tomorrow night.

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