tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHuge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 02

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 02


Continuing with exhibitionist party story. All characters are over 18 years old...


One morning before breakfast, I was in the kitchen preparing food with Keiko when Melody and Sara lazily sauntered in and jumped up to a seat on the counter across the kitchen. We were all nude, as usual, while I turned to admire Sara's gravity-defying tits perform one heavy bounce in rhythm to her jump onto the counter. And as both girls have obviously abandoned all modesty, they sit on the counter with their legs comfortably apart, giving me a clear view of their tight, smooth and very pink pussy lips. I can't help but excuse myself around the corner, saying I needed something out of the pantry, but really just getting out of view of the three women so I could give my dick a good hard squeeze and tug.

It was already mid-morning, but after a late night the girls were cursing the two maids for making too much noise and waking them, and even on a day they usually don't show up. There was usually a trio of female maids that normally clean on Wednesdays only, but one of the girls was off that week, so I agreed to let two of them clean on that Tuesday and Friday. All three of the maids, Carmen, Daniela and Lucia were from Cuba, and spoke limited English. Carmen and Lucia were in their late twenties and Daniela was in her early twenties.

As my usual, my thoughts drifted to the nudie potential of these three Latinas during their job interview. They were all decent looking, but not spectacular, and very far removed from the Latin hotties that paraded through the South Beach clubs. But even though I didn't have a burning desire to see them naked, they did seem to be hip enough for audience potential in our home full of exhibitionists. The three agreed to clean the house two mornings per week, even after Keiko and I hinted that we had a "relaxed" dress code. Only the younger Daniela seemed to understand enough English to get the hint, coyly cracking a mischievous little smile. And without fully divulging her realization, she quickly agreed for all three that they would take the job.

The three cleaning ladies were definitely surprised though when they showed up the second week to find our entire family walking around completely nude, totally casual and care free. We just went on about our business, not even asking if the maids were uncomfortable with boobs and dicks gyrating freely in the house and backyard.

The three maids were very adept at averting their gaze towards us, especially if a dick flopped by. As they usually cleaned in the morning, they didn't see any real sex play going on, which usually starts in the afternoons. Although they did on occasion see some morning wood from us guys just waking up, which always seemed to embarrass them to no end.

But one balmy morning Christine and I were the only ones in the house, catching up on some work. She hadn't been by for a few weeks, so my pent up lust for her was obvious when my dick rose instantly to attention at seeing her bottomless at my front door. When we worked, Christine always stood at the big office table, leaning over the myriad of papers. I always enjoyed seeing those big, pendulous boobs swipe across the table, and lusting at her heart-shaped ass that she kept rhythmically swaying back and forth.

We took frequent breaks that morning, for me to gorge on her soft pussy, or to feel her pouty mouth around my erect dick. We really didn't care if the maids saw us, as half of the fun was performing for an audience. The maids were doing their thing as usual, but seemed to be following us around, taking long glances at Christine and I, while whispering between each other. Christine soon had that look in her eye, wanting to put on a real exhibition, so she excitedly pulled me down the hall and found the three maids cleaning the front living room.

She bounced through the living room, playfully swinging that shapely ass and tossing her long, silky black hair on her way to the stereo system across the big, sunshine-filled room. My CD collection and stereo system was in a shelved display unit close to the floor. Most people would have just squat down to sift through the music collection. But Christine was being true to her character, and the sexy minx bent all the way over from her hips, keeping her legs straight and spread enough so she was fully displaying her womanhood for me and the three stunned maids.

She used her legendary flexibility to keep her ass high in the air while swaying it seductively back and forth to the rhythm of a song she was humming. As she frantically tried to find the CD containing the song in her head, we could all easily see her engorged pussy lips as they glistened in a sunbeam. The scene was mesmerizing to the extreme. I glanced over toward Carmen, Daniela and Lucia, delighted to see their shocked and amazed reaction. They tried hard to avert their gaze toward Christine, but were overcome by the memorizing scene and became powerless to turn away.

The two older maids glanced nervously my direction every few seconds, seemingly to gauge my reaction and probably hoping I would put a stop to the debauchery. But intertwined within those scornful glances, I detected a slight childish giggle. After a few cycles of this, the scorn seemed to begin subsiding, replaced with an obvious sexual eagerness and wide-eyed roaming up and down my tanned, naked body, eagerly on display for the four admiring ladies.

I suspected their conservative upbringing in Cuba was contributing to a powerful moral conflict, as I suspected none of them had ever seen such a raunchy display of hairless pussy lips and engorged cock out in the open. Daniela though was transfixed on Christine's swaying ass, not appearing to be shocked at all, but instead, appeared to be shyly envious. I would've loved to have been privy to her thoughts at that moment. But as I would discover later, she was eager with desire to do something like that. Her taught Latin body was flush with raging hormones, just waiting to break free from her highly-religious, prudish upbringing.

Christine started the music and began to perform a sexy little dance, swinging her hips seductively and kneading her voluptuous globes. I casually looked down to check if I was becoming erect and realized that I had been stroking my dick, probably for some time, obviously unaware of my actions, but eager and ready to slide into Christine's sumptuous pussy. But I would have to wait a little longer, for she was just getting started with her little tease performance. She danced around the big room, jiggling, squeezing, groping and spreading every part of her sexy body. I joined in the chase, and took every opportunity to show off to our three spellbound guests. To say the room was scorching hot was a gross understatement.

The memorized Daniela was beside herself with lust, watching Christine and I romp around. The girl was sweating profusely and her nipples were poking through her bra and heavy shirt like bullets. I stopped dancing a few times and posed inches from her, as I gyrated my fully-erect dick for her as if it was a sword in battle. Christine also teased the poor maid, exhibiting with confidence and offering plenty of revealing views of her hairless pussy. Daniela was about to burst.

Christine then struck a pose in the middle of the room, bent over from the waist again and parted her legs wide. I made my approach, but was stopped mere inches from her glistening pussy. The lovely Christine, who was always in control, motioned toward Daniela with a look of both empathy of her frustration and also encouragement to take the next step. It was obvious what Daniela really wanted to do, but her moral conflict had a tight hold on her modesty. But Christine's encouragement and acceptance gave Daniela the strength to release her inhibitions.

Then, without hesitation, she stripped her clothes off her sweaty body and ceremoniously threw each piece as far away from her as she could. She was shaking like a leaf from the flood of emotions washing over her, but she did it. Waving off protests from Carmen and Lucia the whole time, she stood naked and proud. Her nipples were noticeably big and hard. I also assumed that her pussy was probably dripping wet by now, although hidden behind a very hairy bush. She had a skinny, but still very curvy body, sporting a sizable set of perky c-cup tits. I was pleasantly impressed with what she was hiding under those baggy clothes. I was sure hoping she would continue being nude, possibly even while she cleans our house twice a week.

The newest nudie watched intently as the show resumed. Christine backed into me, burying my purple-headed monster deep into her slippery pussy. Daniela had one hand furiously diddling her crotch while the other hungrily groped her tits, as she intently watched Christine and I fuck. We fucked until we both collapsed in ecstasy, smiling at our appreciative audience the whole time.

With the show over, the older maids, Carmen and Lucia slowly regained their composure and walked hurriedly down the hall, muttering something in Spanish in decidedly judgmental tones. After a few minutes of girl chat, Daniela gave Christine a big hug, thanked her profusely, and skipped down the hall, still naked.

Later that morning, Christine and I were back working in the office, when she caught a glimpse of the three maids walking past the hall door. Gaining my attention, my naked coworker said, "Wow, did you see that! It looks like Daniela is still naked, but I thought I saw another naked ass run by. You don't think... na, it couldn't be. Let's go check it out." I followed Christine, in full chase, down the long hall and into the kitchen. We rounded the corner, and sure enough, Carmen and Lucia were as naked as Daniela. There were three sets of boobs jiggling away, as the curvy Latin maids busily wiped down the counters. Daniela, beaming with pride at her accomplishment, explained how she convinced Carmen and Lucia to stop resisting and follow the house rules.

Every week after that the three maids did all their cleaning fully nude. Daniela was the boldest, her enthusiasm fueling her newfound freedom. She was a delight to watch, coming up with very creative ways to use her cleaning tools as sexual props. I would often take a break from working just to locate her broom and take a long whiff of pussy scent that always coated the handle. But my favorite trick was how she integrated her perky C-cups into her cleaning routine. Like when she would spray down a counter and then use her tits on the cloth instead of her hands to wipe it down. With just about everything she did, she acted as if those perky tits and bullet nipples always seemed to be in the way; an obvious attempt to bring attention to her assets accompanied by a brush against some hard object.

We definitely brought out the daring exhibitionist in Daniela. Unlike her shy coworkers, Daniela always volunteered to clean the windows or answer the front door for a delivery. Her older coworkers, Carmen and Lucia, tried to keep a lid on Daniela's sexual experimentation and prowess, as older sisters would, but after a few weeks just gave up trying.

Brandon was sure surprised during his next morning visit. He usually dropped by for the single delight of showing off his nude body to the usually-clothed maids, but had mixed feelings upon discovering they had begun cleaning in the nude. He liked seeing their bare tits and pussies on full display, while also a little disappointed that he would no longer get the thrill of exposing himself to clothed people. His disappointment was short lived though, as he and Daniela were soon openly fucking at every opportunity.

Keiko and I told the three maids about our big nudist party, and offered to pay them generously to help us with the prep, clean up and wait service during the party. They initially agreed, but the two older maids pleaded to be allowed to wear clothes during the actual party when the house was full of naked strangers. A lengthy negotiation ensued, with the final agreement that they could wear lingerie during the party, but they had to be nude before and after. As for the lingerie selection, they could fully-cover their crotches, which had so much hair that you couldn't see anything anyway, but their nipples had to be either in the open or visible through a sheer top.

Daniela of course was just all giggles and jiggles, as she imagined being a naked waitress at a party full of bouncing cocks and jiggling boobs. We told her she could be as naked as she wanted, and even encouraged her to ramp up the teasing. Since she was such a natural flirt, and had a killer body, we had big plans for her to join Melody and Sara at the party as the instigation girls. They would encourage the guests, by whatever means possible, to push the erotic tease and exhibition games.

Continuing with our party planning evening on the patio, each person had a few ideas for sexy party games and events for the nudist party that would start around noon and continue long into the evening.

Sophie, the newest member, still had most of us guessing as to how far she would take her lustful desires into our nudist environment. It was delightful though seeing her in the moonlight across the table. She was casually leaning way back in her chair, offering everybody a clear view of her big tits splayed out across her chest. My dick would twitch every time those marvelous mammaries jiggled in rhythm to her gestures.

I could tell from the expression on her face though that her erotic wheels were turning up there, so I pressed her to spill her thoughts. She was a little hesitant, but finally revealed her idea for a little performance during the late evening at the party. She figured all the guests would be pretty liquored up and horny as hell by midnight, so she thought it would be a perfect time to perform a solo erotic dance routine. Sophie hadn't worked out the details, but vowed to practice diligently for a performance that she hoped would have most of the room in orgasm. My erect dick whacked the underside of the table upon hearing this, not having a doubt she could pull it off.

Megan, the bubbly all-American blond with the mermaid hair, volunteered to be the official party photographer. She got pretty good with her new digital camera, and was disappointed in herself for not taking it with her on that first boat trip to the keys. She really wanted a record of her first time being publicly nude and vowed to never miss that opportunity again. So on every trip since, she had been taking plenty of pictures. Nothing was off limits, and she had a flair for capturing people's emotions, especially when we were introducing a new person to the nudist lifestyle. Most of us were a little nervous if the pictures ended up on the internet, but Megan always reassured us that whenever she did post a picture, it was done with taste and on a reputable site.

For the party, Megan explained that she had a couple games in mind that would be both funny and titillating. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when she said "titillating". But Megan was never one to dismiss a pun-centric comment as an opportunity for some erotic teasing. So she strutted around the patio table and sat her hairless pussy on my lap, demanding that I tweak and suck her "tits" until her nipples were good and hard. I obliged, but it took less than a minute to accomplish my task. She then returned to her own patio chair and continued explaining the games she had in mind.

One of the games was called, "guess the pussy or cock", which involved her taking a close-up picture of each guests' genitals. Then at the end of the night, she planned on gathering everybody in the big front room and showing each genital in turn on the big TV. People had to guess who the dick or pussy belonged to, but while the pictures were being shown everybody had to cover or conceal their crotch to prevent any cheating. We all agreed this sounded like a great idea.

But Keiko then upped the ante by adding a stipulation that each pussy or dick must be adorned in some way only for the picture, either with some kind of prop, restraint, toy, jewelry or something else that creatively celebrated the fact that their usually very private genitals were on the big screen for an admiring audience of strangers. Keiko giggled when saying, "If you're going to be on stage, you might as well dress up!" We all excitedly agreed and made sure to buy more goodies that Megan could offer up during her rounds with the camera.

My dick became hard just imagining the tight-bodied Megan working her way through the party guests, convincing each person to dress up their genitals for a close-in picture. Megan agreed when I suggested she include our bubbly Latin maid, Daniela, to accompany her during her rounds. I was sure the sexy pair wouldn't have any problems convincing guests to spread their legs for posterity.

Thinking out loud, Melody piped in with a possible problem to the adornment scheme. She asked the group, "What if some girl's pussy isn't out in the open like us, and still has a full bush concealing the goods? We'd never be able to guess whose it is, even if the forest is parted with a couple fingers." We all thought about that for a bit, when after a while I thought of a plan. I asked the group, and everybody agreed that any proper nudist always kept their genitals clean and neatly free of pubic hair. Going on that, I suggested we offer a clean-up service to any guest who arrives without cleanly-shaven dick, balls or pussy. It was the least we could do, and if we could pull it off, I wanted to offer a professional to ease any hesitations from a reluctant hairy guest.

I continued, and suggested that we convince, and probably would need to pay handsomely, the Vietnamese twins who did the grooming at Keiko's nail spa. They were probably open to setting up a pubic hair removal station in one of our back bedrooms for the party. They were in their early twenties and wore outfits that accentuated their obviously-enhanced tits. I got a hard on each time I saw either of them, and our party guests would be very appreciative if Keiko could convince them to work the party in the nude.

Keiko had an appointment at the nail spa that next week, so Melody tagged along to help with the party invite. The mother and daughter team were fully prepared if a demonstration was required. They booked a time when the spa was relatively quiet and dressed for quick access. It took a bit of convincing, but the sexy twins agreed to set up shop at the party for the afternoon, but were skeptical about the nudity thing, believing that nobody was that daring to be naked around strangers. The twins were then totally shocked when Keiko and Melody proved their dedication as exhibitionists, when during their pedicures, they both lifted their short skirts up to their waists and fully unbuttoned their nearly see-through white tops.

Not wearing any underwear, the twin stylists were totally shocked when they looked up to see hairless pussies and surgically-enhanced tits on full display to the entire salon and anybody walking by the front window. The Vietnamese stylists realized the girls were obviously serious, but still didn't fully agree to be nude at the party. They didn't actually say no, so there was still hope.

Megan was on a roll with party game ideas and suggested, well purred, that it would be fun for her and Melody to perform a short piece on the piano during the big show. We all thought it would be an excellent idea, but Sara added that it should be more than just two nude chicks playing a piano, since the party was going to have an exhibitionist theme. Megan then coyly revealed, "I always wanted to see what it would feel like to play the piano with a fully-stuffed pussy. But not in front of an audience though, way too embarrassing." I asked her, "Not even if the entire audience was nude this time?" I was referring to the two concerts she gave at the university when she played a full concerto in the nude.

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