Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 06


With the crowd thoroughly sexed up from the piano show, Sophie's grand performance was set to culminate the party. She had been hiding out at our neighbor's house to avoid being seen by her college-boy patients until the big performance. Sophie really enjoyed hanging out with the two gay guys next door. Every time she was at our house for a visit, she would spend a couple hours with them, arriving unannounced, knocking at their back door without a stitch of clothing on. She told us of how their intellectual conversations were so much more enjoyable with the added thrill of being the only one naked.

I was sitting center audience on the couch against the back wall, which offered the best view of the entire audience spread out, literally, in front of me. The lights were dimmed and the sultry music was started. Appearing from behind us, four of the party's most muscular hunks gingerly cradled between them what appeared to be a woman nearly folded up in a ball. Two guys on each side locked arms with their opposites, cradling the woman as if they were parading the queen in a parade. Although, no queen has probably ever been carried by four muscular guys, fully naked with their erect cocks leading the way. The woman's torso and arms were tightly wrapped around her folded legs. Her obviously large globes of womanhood were pressed tightly against her thighs, generously splaying out the sides, teasing of the delight to come. Her long blond hair was draped over her entire bowed face, dangled well below her perch. The audience was in silent anticipation, since many did not know who this mystery woman was, or what she was about to perform.

I sat on the couch, my wife Keiko to my left and daughter Melody to my right. We quietly let our bodies sink into the couch, watching the most erotic performance we've ever witnessed, and realized that we just had the best day of our lives.

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