Hugo From Pode Hole


She kissed him and Hugo was pleased she smelt like a real woman, what he'd term a motherly odor. Modern women tended to use sprays and perfumes indiscriminately, masking all natural smells and smelling like a confectionery store.

"Did you have a lovely night with Charlotte?"

"Yes thank you. I really enjoyed her company. She's a very pleasant and lively woman. You ought to be very pleased to have such warm daughters with attractive personalities."

"Yes but it worries me that Charlotte appears so sexually focused."

"I would think that's her body driving her, not necessarily her mind, and all I can say is do not be afraid."

"Did you have sex with her when you came home last night?"


"After you settled I thought I heard you talking to someone in your room."

"That was Susan. She came in to check I was okay and had had a good evening out."

"Susan? But Susan would never go into a man's room at night. Susan is so inexperienced, she's only ever had two boyfriends but assured me she has had sexual experience."

"Well it was Susan. Ask her and no we didn't have sex either."

"God this conversation has got away on us. I wasn't meaning to appear prying. I was just interested. Well I suppose I should say this, I don't mind if you have sex with my daughters."

"And what about sex with you Jess?"

"You foul boy," she laughed, grabbing his nose and twisting it, almost painfully.


"Oh sorry, I was only meaning to be playful. You had been very vulgar but at the same time I knew you were joking. I also knew in a way you were paying me a little compliment."

"I will behave myself in your house Jess and abide by your rules."

"Thank you and remember what I told you about my daughters but please don't tell them I had that discussion with you."

Hugo had his coffee, showered and went to breakfast. Fred was reading the newspaper, looked up and said hi.

Jess said, "If you want a solid breakfast you'll have to go out for that. I only stock cereals and bread for toast oh and there's fruit with the grits."

"Cereal and fruit and another coffee would be fine. I must pay you board."

"What's that?" she asked.

"For food and keep. Um lodgings."

Jessica smiled and said Hugo was their honored guess. You have no idea how excited Charlotte was to meet an author outside of their bunch of authors. I think she'd like you to visit their offices."

"Yeah right. So what say I pay you fifty a night for my room and meals. I know that's probably on the low side for Manhattan living but I'll look for work and..."

"That is far too much," Jess said firmly.

"No it isn't and Hugo will have worked out what he can afford," Fred said. "We accept your offer and just refrain from eating too extravagantly at restaurants."

"Fred!" Jessica shouted.

Fred and Hugo grinned at each other and they heard Jessica mutter, "Men are teases."

"What kind of work will you look for?" Fred asked.

"I worked fulltime in writing and testing software for our firm's clients before I finished two years ago to write fulltime. But I continued to work weekends for the company right up till the death of my father three months ago. I have a master's in computer science from Manchester University."

"Son I'd like you to meet me for lunch today and I'll introduce you to one of our partner's daughters who runs a computer programming consultancy. She hires programmers and other specialists on short-term contracts. Would you like to do that?"

"Yeah thanks, it could be productive talking to her."

"The company is very small, just her and two assistants."

"That's fine, as you said she hires her work force on specific contracts."

Fred said he'd call Wendy after 9:00 and confirm she could meet them. "I'm a partner in an accountancy firm and Wendy Donald is one of my clients."

* * *

The plump blonde in her late thirties only spoke briefly to Hugo about his experience during lunch but when they'd finished eating she ordered another bottle of wine and said, "Off you go Fred and thank you. I'm about to get down to the nuts and bolts of some computer contract work for which Hugo might be well suited. Lunch is on my company but no fee will be paid to you as a finder if I engage Hugo."

"That's great Wendy. This will give Hugo experience of how to nail work in New York. I'll see you later pal."

"You interest me Hugo. Fred explained on the phone you'd just arrived from England and were staying with him, that Susan had come across you in a coffee house and took you home because you were interesting. Fred said a lot but I felt he deliberately skirted the real reason why you were in New York."

"Well I guess he's left me to explain that. Here is a résumé."

Wendy appeared fascinated as Hugo explained how it was and as they were leaving said she'd call him tomorrow.

"No why don't you come for dinner tomorrow?"

"Yes I'd like that and thanks."

"Um my husband is visiting our son at boarding school upstate at the moment. You won't mind eating with just me I take it?"

"Not at all. I'd enjoying having you to myself."

Wendy murmured something that sounded rather like 'Christ' and looked at Hugo thoughtfully.

He arrived for dinner to find Wendy in a tight dress with a plunging neck and obviously no bra.

His back straightened, pulling his shoulders back.

She kissed him before closing the door behind him and it was rather a long kiss and on the lips. That was Wendy telling him something.

After dinner when they were in the lounge having coffee Wendy sighed and murmured what now?

Hugo focused on her breasts and she breathed in to push them out.

"Um Hugo I'm a little overweight."

"Not in comparison," he said skillfully, not adding in comparison to what.

Wendy oohed and pulled him to her and said wasn't he just such a darling.

He hesitated.

She pulled out a boob and Hugo was underway.

Later she said god he was big and after spitting out semen she prevented him from going front entrance.

"Only my husband goes there."

Speaking sternly Hugo said, "Give me the lube and on to your hands and knees."

"Oh lucky days," she said excitedly, reaching under a pillow and producing the lube.

When Hugo was leaving Wendy handed him her business card and told him what the daily rate was for the type of contract she had in mind.

Hugo said that figure was acceptable although surprised it was so high.

"My engineer has estimated this job will take eleven days and so the contract will be written for eleven days. There are provisions to apply for time extensions but you will be expected to complete on time. If you finish sooner then that's a win for you and will confirm to you our time estimates are not draconian. Come to my office around 2:00 and I'll have your contract ready to sign. You will be supplied with a full brief from the client and contact phone numbers of their personnel associated with this project."

"Thanks, sounds good. I must buy a computer with greater processing power than a notebook."

"Of course. I have a heavy-duty laptop at the office you may borrow, a high spec one.

"Fine you are so kind."

"Well my top-shelf dinner guest, you delivered everything I wanted from you tonight. That was butt-fucking at its best."

Charlotte stumbled into Hugo's bedroom around 3:00. Hugo moaned at being woken and put on the light. She was swaying.

"Do you want to fuck me?"



She went noisily up the passage banging into the walls occasionally and singing, "Asshole, asshole, why do all men have to be assholes?"

Grinning Hugo put out the light and was asleep within a minute.

At breakfast Jessica moaned she would have to call the publishing house and advise Charlotte would not be coming in because she was sick.

"A hangover is not being sick," grumbled Fred. "She must be building up an appalling attendance record."

Hugo asked would she still be drunk.

"Very unlikely," Susan said. "She takes something before she goes out on the booze and seems to recover remarkably well after just a few hours' sleep but I think that makes her hangover last longer."

Hugo said he'd go and deal with her. "Don't worry if you hear shouting and banging. That will be her, not me. The only real harm I'll do will be to her pride by humiliating her."

Fred rubbed his chin. "Well I really don't know about that."

"Yes please, do it Hugo," Jessica said. "Nothing we do and say seems to work."

Hugo went into the bedroom. Charlotte's clothes were all over the floor and she was fully nude on the top of the bed asleep. His quick assessment was what a good body to fuck.

He called, "Wake up Charlotte. Time for work."

"I'm not going. I'm sick."

Hugo went into the bathroom and ran the shower till the temperature was only just warm. He went to Charlotte and whacked her ass with his hand.

She awoke with a start and yelled, "Jesus you asshole."

She sat up angrily. "I should have known that would be you. Fuck off."

Hugo slapped her across her left cheek.

"Jesus that hurt. Fuck off."

He slapped the other cheek harder and Charlotte came off the bed and looking murderous charged.

Hugo easily side-stepped her and bumped her with his hip and almost sent her sprawling. While she was off-balance he grabbed both arms from behind and marched her into the shower, grinning as she abused him foully. She shrieked when splatters of cold water hit her and he planted a foot on her ass and pushed her in completely in, she thudding against the far wall but managed to hold her head back.

"You wait, just you wait," Charlotte yelled. "This is assault and that's a crime in America."

"Good I'll have all your extended family in court plus the HR manager from your company to hear your allegations and them my account of what happened and why."

Charlotte said asshole and began sobbing.

"Come to breakfast as soon as you finished in here. You are going to work even if I have to drag you."

She burst into tears.

Hugo returned to the kitchen.

"Are you last man standing?" Fred asked nervously.

"She's okay. I had to whack her a bit but her teeth will be okay and I didn't cut her up."

"Christ," Fred said jumping up and looking angry." You had no authority to hit my daughter."

"Sit down and finish reading the newspaper Fred. We all gave him consent to hit Charlotte didn't we Susan?"


Jessica growled deeply, "Didn't we Susan?"

"Yes mother."

Charlotte dressed for work burst into the kitchen carrying a hair dryer and after plugging it in and switching it on pointed at Hugo and yelled. "That asshole pulled me out of bed when I was nude, slapped my face twice and kick me in the butt.

"Did he now?" Jessica said. "Toast as usual darling?"


There was no response. She turned and whined, "Dad?"

"Hugo had our authority to take what action he deemed necessary, short of crippling you, to attempt to pull your out of your wayward behavior that we haven't managed to do and for which your family will be eternally grateful should he succeed."

"Dad he hit me."

"Good god girl, you were years overdue for that. Now let's discuss your appalling work attendance record."

"Um dad, Hugo suggested I should make an effort to get to work this morning and I agreed."

Charlotte looked shyly, well at least it looked shyly for Charlotte, at Hugo for confirmation and he said yes that was correct and was rewarded with an almost dazzling smile.

She looked at the wall clock.

That gave Hugo the opportunity to finishing working on Charlotte. "Yes Hugo, Charlotte cooperated dutifully and promised she was already committed to mend her willful ways... such as no more party pills, cutting back on booze, no more sex with anyone she doesn't know reasonable well and then only discretely, i.e., not in public places, and also not for instant sexual gratification."

The family including Charlotte looked to have open-jaw lock.

Charlotte gasped, "I didn't say any of that."

Hugo said she did so, absolutely.

Fred said firmly, "I think I should come in with you to your workplace Charlotte and discuss your work record with your HR manager. You'll need to be there."

"No I did promise all of that dad, I'm the one lying. I confessed my salacious behavior to Hugo and he practically gave me absolution and I promised to pull away from my slovenly and willful ways."

"Oh then you are committed to the path of redemption?"

"Yes dad."

Susan snorted, "You're a liar and no way does Hugo possess authority to give absolution."

"I said he practically gave it so that's not using it in the divine scene."

Hugo said, "Susan you have to admit the difference is more than subtle."

"Very well but I can't believe you saw my sister fully nude and then slapped her."

"I see nothing wrong with that," said Jessica and her family had their mouths open again.

"What's wrong?" Jessica asked. "I would think a guy with Hugo's expertise with women would have seen hundreds of women fully nude."

"Hundreds?" Fred said in awe.

Susan crossed herself and her sister appeared a little stunned looking at Hugo.

The embarrassed Hugo said, "Give or take a few hundred and then some. Nude women just keep popping up in my life, that's all."

"Gosh this is the sexiest conversation this morning this family has ever had," Charlotte laughed, sounding impressed and switching off her dryer and left it for someone else to put away. She kissed everyone and pushed back Hugo's fringe and said she was off.

Rubbing her ass as she sped for the door she shouted, "I really feel like ripping into work today. Thanks for your support guys."

Fred appearing puzzled asked, "Support?"

Jessica, Susan and Hugo also appeared puzzled at what Charlotte had meant in using the word support.

Fred left for work and Jessica had left the kitchen to make the beds when Susan returned ready to leave. She placed her arms around Hugo and pushing her breasts into him leaned over his shoulder and asked, "Will you have sex with me... to give me experience?"

"Me but I'm the bad guy?"

"Stop stalling and answer."

"Experience will come to you without you having to resort to me."

Hugo please, reward me for finding you alone in New York and bringing you to my wonderful family."

"You think Charlotte is wonderful?"

"She's just wild with a naughty streak Hugo and is likely to lose that in time. Yes as a person Charlotte is wonderful."

"Okay Susan, get off me and climb on the table and spread your knees."

"Very funny. Let's do it the first night mom and dad and Charlotte are out and I'm not having a period."

"Oh god Charlotte, why did you have to mention that?"

She pulled a face and he waited for the backlash but it was mild: "God you men; you're babies."

She pulled Hugo's face around and kissed him and left for her office only six blocks away.

Jessica returned from making a start on the housework. She worked from 1:00 to 6:00 on weekday afternoons in job-share as a receptionist at a nearby medical center.

"Thank you for what you did this morning for Charlotte and indeed for our family. She has been coming close to veering out of control. I accept some people really reed to be disciplined. She should have had that confrontation years ago."

"It's cool Jess. Someone had to do it and I got the short straw and really I didn't lose sweat doing it. She was defiant but I think that first slap really rocked here but the second slap appeared to send her mind spinning. I didn't boot her ass. When she was about to refuse to enter the shower because the water was almost cold I put my foot against her butt and pushed. That's all."

"Thank you for punishing her but yet injecting kindness. Let's hope she really aims to pull her horns in."

Hugo cleared his throat. "Jess this afternoon I'm due to sign myself into rather lucrative work doing computer development work and I'm confident that there will be more contracts to come. I'm confident enough to decide I should lease a small apartment. I'm thinking of asking Charlotte to move in with me."

"Charlotte rather than Susan? I'm surprised."

"Well Susan would be easier to live with as you would know but the truth is I don't believe Charlotte and I are too far apart in out tastes and temperament and that sort of thing. On the other hand I think Susan is gentle and sweet with a mild religious bent and I have no desire to, um, take any of that away from her because I've never know the age of innocence if you can understand what I'm getting at."

"I do and congratulate your sound judgment. The right guy is out there and will find Susan. You may regard yourself as a reprobate Hugo but you have qualities in you that may yet flower. You have just indicated to me your ability to stand on high moral ground. You admire my Susan. Now my hope is you can save my Charlotte from turning herself into a proper bitch."

"That sounds like I have your approval to ask Charlotte to move in with me and that she would be received back home if my relationship with her fails?"

"Yes you have my approval and yes Charlotte will always be welcomed in my home, end of story. Now try to describe what you will be doing with this computer job you have found, thanks to Fred."

Hugo found Wendy's business address and went up to the second floor happy and whistling tunelessly, unaware that the house of cards he'd created for himself was about to collapse.

* * *

Wendy, white faced, made no effort to kiss Hugo and her manner seemed cold.

She shut the door of her office and sat behind her desk.

"About last night, I feel really ashamed I committed adultery."

Hugo felt the pit of his stomach contract. He'd been in a similar situation to this in England a couple of times after plowing married women. It was the reaction of 'next day after the party.' Remorse was a difficult thing to deal with.

"Well what can I say?"

That was totally ineffective but perhaps nothing would have worked because Wendy had already made up her mind.

"I have decided to withdraw my contract offer. You are now free to leave."

Hugo sighed, nodded to her and left, closing the door quietly.

A thin woman with glasses was waiting for him in the outer office.

"Hi I'm Dr Reynolds, contracts manager. Mrs Donald told me she had decided to withdraw the contract offer because she now believes the client will be uneasy about having a person new to America working on its project of such importance. I read her notes and am aware you have a first-class degree from Manchester. Here are the addresses of two small computer companies run by two ex-Brits who might be interested in you. I trust this will be of some help. I loved my time I spent in Britain gaining my doctorate at Oxford."

"I'm pleased about that and thank you for your kind assistance. Bye."

Hugo walked out furious and disillusioned. If he'd had a home in England he would have felt homesick. God what a dump New York was. A guy couldn't trust anyone. He couldn't see a handy trashcan so pocketed the card on which Dr Reynolds had written two addresses and contact details.

"Fuck New York, fuck Americans."

Hugo walked into a bar and sat down in despair. This just wasn't working.

When drinking his second beer he though no it was wrong to blame New York and Americans for his plight. He was to blame and two of the nicest people he'd ever met were Susan and her mom, both 100 percent Americans.

He began his third and final beer, deciding not to get drunk. And then it dawned on him. Christ how could he be so blind. He'd been hit by adversity, the sort of setback new arrivals to America would face. He almost felt like whistling.


Hugo returned to the apartment and slept and later began reading. He heard the sounds of the family members arriving home and then some shouting.

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