tagInterracial LoveHumilation at the Power Exchange Ch. 02

Humilation at the Power Exchange Ch. 02


Hi there!

For all of you who have followed me this is a continuation of Humiliation at the Power Exchange. IT does not take place at the Power Exchange but rather at Elsie's home. If you haven't read the first chapter I would recommend it, it will add much more hot sexiness to the story.

Also, I really really really appreciate comments and rates. Even if they are short! Any comment is worth it! So thanks for your time and happy orgasms.



It would have been hard a few days ago to imagine the position Elsie was now in. Elsie was sweet, quiet and shy in a librarian with thick glasses way. Though now while lying on the bed, legs splayed, a breast popping out of her bra that image was the farthest away from what Ramsey was seeing.

Whimpering, Elsie looked over at her black master, who was at the moment reclining in a chair before her bed. He was still dressed which only made her state of undress even more exciting to her throbbing cunt. Inside her pussy a thick pink dildo rotated. He could see the end peaking out of her puffy flesh and slowly turning inside her, the white g-string was pulled to the side as to not block his view.

"Good girl, how does that plastic dick feel inside you? Good?" He voice was smooth and as dark as his skin. Its tremor vibrating over her sexually charged flesh. His thick fingers were rubbing over the crotch of his dark jeans, watching her without actually participating in the scene.

Responding was hard, Elsie was too busy concentrating on the exposed parts of her flesh and wondering what he was going to do to her. There was no way he was going to let her off easy. Not after gently conning her into taking him to his home to continue their little play.

In her car, while she had driven carefully back he had played with the pink folds of her pussy lips. Sometimes he fucked her with a thick black finger that so contrasted against her creamy skin. He made her drive with her legs splayed, and her little mini skirt pulled up high. When they had paused at a red light a group of semi-drunk jocks laughed out of their Jeep windows, making crude fucking gestures and one even holding up a piece of paper with his number on it.

It made Elsie cream against Ramsey's fingers.

Now that they were alone the sexual heights were leaping higher and higher. Knowing Ramsey demanded a response Elsie stuttered out, "Yes, it feels good, ah, please, ah, can I cum?"

Ramsey snorted and stood up. Walking to the bed he pulled her legs further apart, the vibrations combined with her scent to put a thick cloud of sex smell in the room. Sliding his hand up her tummy and over her corset he leaned down and using his teeth he grasped each nipple one by one and popped them from her bra. Sliding his hand under her he unclasped her bra with deft fingers and tossed it away. Her white corset thrust up the flesh of her breasts to his gaze.

"Keep rotating those hips slut." Sitting on the bed her grasped her right breast and started squeezing and massaging. "Keep fucking yourself slut, keep going."

Elsie cried out. "Come on! Please! I need to cum! Please!"

Ramsey just smiled and kept rubbing her breast. His deft fingers plucked her nipple, pulling away from her body till she let out a little cry from the pleasure of the pain. He rolled the nip between his fingers, plucking, pinching, pulling. Her little gasps of sexual mania drove him to abandon her breast. His hand traveled back down her body to her cunt. Grasping the end of the vibrator he pulled it out slowly, then thrust back in just as slowly. In an age old movement her hips followed his motion, helping him to impale her on the pink plastic dick. In and out, in and out, so slow at first.

It wasn't for a good twenty strokes before he increased the pace. With a shuddering breath Elsie's hand's closed on Ramsey's arm. Intimately connected to his movement and her own, she lowed up into his face.

"Faster, please."

Ramsey seemed to consider it before grinning and starting to pound her with the vibrator so hard that it rocked her against the bed.

"Ahh!" Her cry ripped through the apartment and a gush of pussy juice coated the vibrator and his hand.

"That's a good cunt, keep going, soon you can cum. But the price of cumming is high. You may decide you don't want to cum."

"No, no, I do, I do want to cum, please allow me to do so Master. I can't hold out much longer." Her plea was desperate and came straight from her sex-infused brain. Juice continued to coat everything, including the bed as her pussy instinctually responded to the female's position to this male.

"If you insist. But the price I demand is a cock sucking. Not just a normal cock sucking, but I want you deep throating my dick in the alley besides this apartment. I want you on your knees, topless with only a g-string on and kneeling in the muck. Your hands will be cuffed behind you and we will not be in the deepest dark of the alley, but in the front, near the street. Do you agree cunt?"

Normally Elsie would never have agreed, her pussy though over-rode her brains logical decision. "Yes!" She fairly screamed.

With a sharp slap to her tit he looked down at her. "What did you say pussy girl?"

"I... I mean, yes Master." Her breathing was hard, her big breasts heaving, the tips at full peak. "May I cum master?"

Ramsey watched her struggle with her own body before smiling and nodding. "Yes cunt, but cry out loud enough for all the apartments around you to hear you." Bending down he sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, biting and flicking it with his tongue.

Elsie's scream rattled the walls. And went on for a good twenty seconds. It wasn't hard to reach the decibels he wanted. And when he didn't stop pumping into her like she expected, her orgasm just came and came and came with no end. Above her someone banged on the floor. Below her someone knocked a broom against the ceiling. And across the hall a door opened and a male voice sounded "Close your mouth bitch!"

Laughing, Ramsey sat up, letting go of the vibe but letting it buzz some more inside her. "Now you're neighbors know what a slut you are."

He continued to grin while Elsie blushed in shame. But a fresh coating of cunt juice soaked her used pussy. Though her face was red she sat up, letting the vibrator go. "About my promise... you didn't mean it did you?"

"Oh slut, yes I did. Come now, strip. You must fulfill your promise. Oh, and remember to leave the g-string on." Standing he crossed his arms and waited. Slinking across the bed, Elsie stood on unsteady legs and before she could stop it the vibrator slipped from her pussy and hit the floor. "Ah, I see someone is a little juicy."

Her blush deepening Elsie looked down at it. "Come now, strip slut.

With weak knees Elsie reached for her corset strings. Slowly she undid them, pulling the corset apart enough to let it drop over her waist to the floor. The g-string she put back in place, even though it was quickly coated. "Do you want me to take off my shoes too?"

"No slut, the whore-heels can stay. Now put this on." Reaching to his black bag of goodies, Ramsey pulled out a long silver chain with two clothespin type clips on each end. Handing the chain to her he waited as if she knew what he wanted.

"What is this for Master?"

"Your pert nipples." Ramsey shook his head at her naiveté.

"It looks like it will hurt." Thoroughly unconvinced, Elsie looked up at him.

"That is the point." He tapped his foot in masterly impatience and Elsie hurriedly grabbed each globe and clamped her own nipples to each other. When she was done she looked up at him. "Good job slut. Now put on this trench and let's go down for your final exposure of the evening. I can't wait to see our pink lips around my black cock. And you better lick me for all your worth. And I expect my balls to be tended to." Grasping her shoulder and making sure the trench covered her they left her apartment.

"Prepare to eat a gallon of black-man cum."

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