Mandy is Satan. That's all there is to it. She's made my life hell ever since I met her in Psych 135 class in September. She is one cruel, cruel bitch.

I don't know what I'd do without her.

They say people secrets want to get caught. They make stupid mistakes or leave evidence around to their secret. Psychologically, they need to break their silence.

I suppose I'm one of those people. No other reason for me to keep a spare pair of satin panties in my gym bag. I mean I wear satin panties every day under my guy clothes. Isn't that enough? What did I think would happen that I'd need spare panties?

So I'm sitting in Psych class with my gym bag behind me and Mandy behind it. She whispers and asks for a pen. I'm trying to not miss any of the lecture so I tell her there's one in my gym bag somewhere.

I listen to her rooting around for about thirty seconds before all the blood drained away from my head. I realized the panties were in there.

'Thanks,' she whispered, showing the pen to me. My heart was racing a mile a minute and I didn't hear another word of the lecture. When the class broke up, she cornered me.

She caressed my face with my secret panties for just a second (long enough to get some very interesting stares) and then said, "Women's bathroom on this floor, ten minutes."

With that she walked out. I could have left the building, written off the panties as a loss of stupidity and gone on with my life. But my cock was rock hard in my panties. As nervous and humiliated as I felt, I knew I'd do it.

The tone for the next class sounded and the hallways emptied. I summoned my courage and went into the women's room.

I'll say I was surprised that it wasn't that much different than the men's. Tampon dispenser and a little padded couch. Mandy was sitting on the couch.

"I thought about this a lot in class. At first I thought you were one of those who gets lucky and steals his date's panties as a trophy. Pretty slimy but understandable. Lord knows with someone as effeminate as you it would be a once in a lifetime experience to actually get laid, am I right?"

My face was burning with embarassmant. I couldn't move.

"Don't worry about. I figured it out. You didn't get laid at all. Why get find a real girl when you can play one all by yourself? Now you can prove me wrong. Just drop your pants and put these on. If they fit perfectly, then I'll know I've got a sissy queer here. If they don't then I'll give you might panties too, as a consolation prize."

"Take 'em off."

I trembled and started to talk but she gave me one look that told me not to go there. I tried to take off my pants and panties at the same time so she wouldn't see but it was impossible.

"Oh... my... God! You're wearing panties right now! You've got to be kidding me! I made that all up. I really thought these were trophy panties. Oh shit..."

I pulled my pants awkwardly back up but my panties were stuck around my knees and kept the pants down.

"You really are one of those sissies. Look at how hard your dick is! So you get off on wearing girls' panties, huh?"

At last she was really asking a question so I nodded yes.

"This I gotta see. Here," she said handing me my emergency panties, "do whatever you do. I want to see it."

I mumbled and balked at doing anything. She whipped out her phone and took a fast picture. Then she got up, kicked open the door to the restroom and took another picture making it obvious that I was aroused, half-naked, and fondling panties in a women's restroom.

I felt like an anvil sank in my stomach at the same time my cock throbbed with pleasure. I wrapped the satin panties around my head and shaft and began to stroke myself.

Soon, there as a growing dark spot in the panties where my precum was leaking. Mandy was sitting there mesmerized. I started moaning and sighing in my building pleasure...


I froze, my cock throbbing in my tight satin-covered grip.

"I didn't tell you to cum, bitch!"

I was so close I almost was past the point of no return. I pulled my hand off my cock quickly.

She stood up and I saw she was flushed. Even her nipples were happily announcing how much she was getting turned on.

"You can't cum until I tell you to. See you at next class and wear something slutty!"


Five days. That was Thursday and the next class was the next Tuesday. Oh god, I got so close to cumming so many times, but I kept stopping. I had to see how far this Mandy wanted to go.

I'd had a very small number of girlfriends and the panty-thing ended every one of them like I'd declared "I'm actually gay. Can we fuck while I think of men?"

If Mandy was going to become something pleasurable, I wanted in on it. I just hoped she'd allow me to cum when we met on Tuesday.

I saw her in Psych class. She handed me a note and sat several seats away. I opened it.

"Go to the women's room after class. Put on whatever is left in the last stall. Come back into this lecture hall to show me."

I couldn't even swallow. Who knows what costume she had planted for me, but there was another class in that hall after ours. A class with about 200 Freshmen trying to learn English as a First Language. I'd be totally humiliated if she'd gone too far.

I at least had to see what she'd left for me. I lingered until I counted the last girl had left and went in.

Going into the ladies room was kind of a thrill for me, but I tried to ignore that. The last stall was taped off as 'broken' but since I didn't find anything in the other stalls, I suspect she'd put up the sign.

Entering the last stall, I found a large paper shopping bag. Looking inside, I told myself I could never do this. I could never put all that on in front of a huge lecture hall.

And I knew that I would. It took me a while to strip down, slip into the panties and bra, pull over the tight top, step into the short miniskirt, pull on the pantyhose and put on the heels.

At the very bottom of the bag were two things. A thin feminine cat collar with a large tag on it that said "Sissy" and a tube of lipstick with a note on it... "This too."

I put on the collar and the lipstick and stepped out of the stall, ready to claim that it was all a fraternity rush stunt. I peeked out into the hall and saw no one. Clicking my way to the lecture hall I saw that the little window was covered over. I listened and heard someone lecturing.

I'd never felt so humiliated in my life and never more aroused. The panties barely contained my raging hard-on so the skirt tented a little, just to make sure everyone knew I was getting off on this.

I opened the door and walked in.

The hall was empty. Mandy laughed and turned off the recording of the lecturer.

"You actually did it! Oh my god, this is amazing! What a slut you are!"

"Please, Mandy, please may I cum?"

"Pa-thetic," she laughed. "But I must say, you don't make a bad girl. A little special attention and you might be able to pass..."

She seemed to be pondering something and then shook her head.

"No time. Here, give me your clothes." I obediently handed her the pile of jeans, sneakers, panties, and t-shirt.

"Okay, you may cum, but you have to cum into this specimen cup while you're walking in those heels. I want to see your best catwalk while you orgasm."

She attached the specimen cup to the end of my cock with a nurse's detachment and stuffed it back in my panties.

"Oh, and hurry up. Early students start arriving any minute now for the next real class and that one wasn't suddenly cancelled."

Mandy unbuttoned her jeans and got her hand down inside with a small object. I soon hear a buzzing and she caught her breath suddenly.

"Hurry up, slut or you'll still be walking here and wanking when they show up. Perv jail for you!"

I started to walk in the heels and felt a tiny bit of pride at doing it well. My feet were placed one in front of the other and my hips were trained enough to swing naturally as I walked.

"Ohh, sexy," she moaned, obviously delighting herself with her vibrator.

I reached into my skirt and started pulling my cock. It was awkward with the cup but I was so ready that I exploded after three tugs.

"Keep going as you cum... girls can't stop performing if they... cum on... stage..." I saw Mandy tense up and then shudder and moan softly.

We both pulled ourselves together and she handed me my clothes back.

"I'd change quick. The TAs should be here any second. See you next class..."

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by cdCindy101/08/18

please continue

I can't wait to read what happens next. When I was reading this story (for the 4th time) I thought that it would've been better if the hall was actually full of students and a teacher when he entered allmore...

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by cdCindy105/26/17

please continue

Please tell us more adventures of Mandy and sissy. I can't wait to read all about how sissy is humiliated in public and does whatever Mandy orders him to do.

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by cdCindy105/26/17

me too

I wish I had a friend like Mandy who understood that I'm a sissy CD and I would love to be publically humiliated. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

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