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My Husband’s Birthday


Tomorrow's my husband's birthday and I want to make it special for him. We've been married for a number of years and he's the best husband I could ever hope for except for one thing. On the plus side, he's always thinking of me first and has a great sense of humor. He's good looking even if he is a little on the thin side. I'd prefer it he looked more like the muscle bound jocks at our gym but his genes are for a marathon runner. No fat but also no bulging muscles.

The one issue I have with my husband is he likes to crossdress. He really gets off wearing lingerie. I'm sure if he could get away with it he'd wear a garterbelt, stockings, thong and bra under his male clothes every day. Fortunately for me that just doesn't go with his work clothes and on the weekends he likes to wear shorts.

That's not to say he doesn't ever wear lingerie. He was upfront about it before we married and I married him anyway thinking he'd change but all these years later he still gets off dressing up as a woman. He knows I don't get off on seeing him dressed as a woman and out of respect for me he usually dresses when I'm away for a weekend at the spa with my girlfriends.

However, there are times when I just feel like spoiling him rotten and ask him to dress up as a woman for me. His reaction is priceless. He tries to act like it's no big deal but his instant hard-on tells me otherwise. Once he's dressed up he is totally submissive and will do anything I tell him to. He's told me he gets turned on by being ordered about and made to do things. Especially doing things that will humiliate him. But I also think part of him doing anything I tell him to is his fear that if he refuses I won't ever ask him to dress up again. That's not true but I let him think it.

In fact I enjoy making him to do more risqué activities than the previous time he dressed up and I ordered him about. By risqué activity I mean ordering him to leave the house wearing women's clothes and do something like buy a newspaper from a machine in front of a store or return a DVD to Blockbuster, etc. as long as it requires him to get out of the car to complete the activity. How risqué the activity I give him depends on the time of day and the number of people that might actually see him dressed and obviously what outfit I choose for him to wear.

I would never humiliate my husband in a way that didn't turn him on. So over the years I have tied him spread-eagle on the bed numerous times and stroked him till he's about to cum, then stopped. Once his cock stops twitching and has calmed down I start the handjob again. I will keep this up till he's begging me to let him cum. Only when he gets this desperate to cum do I turn on a voice recorder. Then I ask him what he wants me to order him to do next time he's all dressed up as a woman. As long as he keeps giving me ideas I will slowly stroke his cock till he cums. If he stops talking, I stop stroking. If he tells me activities I've already made him complete previously I stop rubbing his cock. This way I always have a fresh list of activities that I know turn him on mentally and I have them recorded in his own voice.

Wanting to make this birthday special for him I started planning it a few weeks ago. First I listened to all his recordings for the most risqué activities he said he wants to be made to do that I never made him perform. Once I had those written down I looked for a common thread amongst them and found one that I knew would blow him away. I now had a couple of weeks to plan and make arrangements for the ultimate birthday for my husband. I'm betting if I push all his right buttons he'll be so horny he'll willingly suck a cock while I watch or even beg me to have a well hung stud fuck his ass. I can't wait to see how my plans turn out!

Today's my husband's birthday. I woke up before my husband which is unusual but I was so excited I couldn't wait for the day to begin. I had a pot of French pressed coffee waiting for my husband when he got up. We drank our coffee and I told him the plan for the day. Of course I left out all the juicy parts leaving him think it was going to be a nice birthday without anything kinky.

We went out for breakfast and ran a few errands then came home. I had dinner reservations at my husband's all-time favorite restaurant in a city 3 hours drive away. By the time we would be done with dinner it would be too late to drive home so we were going to spend the night at a hotel and we packed overnight bags.

Little did my husband know I had already packed a small suitcase and a duffel bag for him containing the only clothes he'd be wearing from after dinner till he got home. I also had a bag filled with birthday presents that were guaranteed to give him a hard-on.

I told my husband his birthday present was in the trunk and he couldn't open it yet so he put our luggage in the back seat of the car and we drove to the Bay Area. While we were driving I was debating about telling my husband everything I had planned for him. I just wasn't sure if he'd turn around and go back home or continue on his way with a hard-on that I could play with. I decided not to say anything but I did stroke his cock through his pants the entire drive ensuring he was good and horny by the time we arrived.

Once we got to the hotel and checked in I had my husband wait in the room while I went back down to the car and got his "special" suitcase, duffel bag and bag of presents. I stopped at the front desk of the hotel on the way back and left the duffel bag indicating it was for my husband's birthday party and someone would come by in a couple of hours to pick it up.

We normally make each other wait till after dinner to open each other's presents regardless of the occasion but when I offered to let him open a couple of presents before dinner he jumped at the chance. I handed him the 1st package and his eyes almost bugged out when he opened it to find a very lacy red thong.

He was stuttering the word into a question "Honey?" But he couldn't hide his erection from me.

"Happy birthday Cynthia! I think you'll look good in it." By calling my husband Cynthia he now knew he was in for some kinky sex. And since I initiated it, I knew he'd be submissive and do anything I told him to. This was going to be a birthday he'd never forget. The next present was a matching garterbelt and the last present was white fishnet stockings.

"I don't know what to say besides thank you" he said.

I said "I want you to wear your birthday outfit to dinner but I don't want hairy legs. You need to go into the bathroom and shave from your neck down then put on your birthday outfit and come out here so I can see. You can leave a little landing strip of pubes but otherwise I also want your cock and balls shaved."

"Yes Mistress" he replied which meant my husband was in a totally submissive mode and I was prepared to take full advantage.

It took my husband a full 45 minutes to shave and get dressed. He opened the bathroom and took only one step before stopping. He was only wearing his new garterbelt, stockings and thong.

I was sitting in a chair by the window sipping on a glass of Chardonnay. The drapes were wide open and if he stood before me he'd be visible to anyone looking in our 4th floor window and there were several buildings that had a great view into our room. I planned it this way.

"I want a better look, come stand in front of me" I said.

He didn't hesitate but his face did turn bright red as he walked in front of the window and stood there. I admired his hard-on that was stretching the lacy thong.

"Turn around slowly and don't stop turning till I tell you to." I ordered "And put your hands behind your back as far up as you can get them so your ass is exposed."

My husband did as ordered until I told him to stop.

"Something's missing." I stated. I then handed him another birthday gift. When he opened it he discovered a matching red lacy bra.

"I want you to stay in front of the window as you put it on for me. Then I want you face out the window so everyone can see your birthday outfit till I tell you to its OK to move."

With the other hotels and office buildings surrounding our hotel you never can tell if someone is watching which is what I knew was turning on my husband so much. In my husband's fantasies he always wants to be caught and seen wearing lingerie but would die of embarrassment if it ever happened. I couldn't tell if people in any of the buildings were watching my husband other than the one couple I knew were watching.

You see one of my husband's most extreme fantasies is for me to order him to dress in just lingerie then tie him to a chair in our living room so he cannot escape and invite one of my girlfriends over to see him. I've never done it because instead of showing him off to a stranger he'd never see again, I would be showing him to someone he knows and every time he would see her in the future he'd die of embarrassment and I didn't know if he could handle that in reality. Well to really make this a birthday he'd never forget I decided a slight variation of his fantasy with an added twist to really humiliate him would be appropriate. So I invited his best friend Michele who just happens to be a professional photographer to help celebrate his birthday. After all, why should I subject one of my friends to his crossdressing?

They've been best friends for years but Michele knew nothing about his crossdressing till I had lunch with her and made my proposal. I wanted her to take lots of photos of my husband on this trip so I'd always have something to pull out and embarrass him whenever I wanted. Of course I had to tell her he would be crossdressed and liked to be humiliated which I was a little worried might scare her off but I believed their friendship was strong enough and they'd remain best of friends. Turned out I was right.

Michele said "You're shitting me! I never would have guessed he's a crossdresser. I've got to see this and of course I'll take photos." Michele then asked if her husband could come too and volunteered his services to take videos which he sometimes does when she shoots weddings. I didn't hesitate to say yes knowing how much more humiliating this would be for my poor husband. She also asked if she could keep a set of the photos and the video and again I said yes but with the stipulation she use them time to time to embarrass my husband. Maybe I shouldn't have had so much wine at lunch because I was really getting off thinking about her sharing the photos with some of their mutual friends or even blackmailing him into a repeat performance at her house. And looking back I probably shouldn't have but I did tell her what I was thinking and even encouraged her to use the photos and video any way she wanted as long as it added to my husband's humiliation.

I was smiling thinking of Michele and her husband with their cameras in an adjacent hotel looking into our room while my husband showed off his lingerie. I eventually told him to turn around so his ass was exposed to the window and spread his legs till they were wider than his shoulders. I then ordered him to bend over and touch the ground with his hands without bending his knees and hold the position so everyone could see what a beautiful ass he had and how ripe it was for a fucking.

Talk about humiliating your man without him knowing. I just did it! He would see the video later and I couldn't wait to give him a stroking while he watched.

Next I told my husband to move the chair I had been sitting on so it was dead center in the room facing the window and to sit on it. I went into the bathroom and returned with a bag of make-up.

"I'm going to put a little bit of make-up on you before we go to dinner."

He looked worried.

"It will be subtle and no one will notice so wipe that panicked look off your face." I told him.

He let out a deep breath but still looked worried. Well, I thought if he's not going to trust me then screw him and I might as well make his worry justified. And with that I put the make-up on a little heavier than I initially planned and added a little blush to his cheeks. His eye lashes were now noticeably longer and thicker just like the mascara box promised. I used pink eye shadow that wasn't really visible unless he closed his eyes. And instead of clear lip gloss I chose a subtle pink one to match his eye shadow. I just hoped the camera and video could zoom in on my husband's face while I applied the make-up.

I was not going to allow my husband to check out his face in a mirror because he just might have refused to go out in public. It's not like I put bright red lipstick on him but anyone looking at his face would know he's wearing make-up. Perhaps half way through dinner I should send him off to the bathroom so he can see what everyone else has seen. Won't that be humiliating? I won't allow him to remove the make-up and when he returns to the table to finish dinner he'll die of embarrassment every time the waiter stops at our table.

I told my husband to stand then handed him his slacks, shirt and shoes to put on. The pants were no problem. They covered his thong and garterbelt. But not wearing socks brought his stockings into play whenever he would sit. And the red lacy bra was visible under his white dress shirt. But as long as he kept his sport coat on it wouldn't be a problem. Too bad I wasn't about to let that happen!

On the way out of the hotel I dropped an envelope at the front desk that had the 2nd key to our room in it and Michele's name on the outside. This was so when my husband and I were at dinner Michele could get into our room. The room I rented was a suite so Michele and her husband could be out of sight in the bedroom when we returned and come out when my husband was stripped down to just his lingerie. He'll have nowhere to hide and they can take all the photos and video they want. He'll die of embarrassment but I'll bet he also has a raging hard-on that will prove just how much the humiliation is turning him on. I can't wait!

We took a taxi to the restaurant and I played with my husband's cock the entire time. I don't think he's ever been harder. When we got to the restaurant the cab driver couldn't help but noticing my husband's boner when he paid him which embarrassed the hell out of my husband. My silly husband wasn't even thinking of all the pre-cum he'd been leaking while I played with him. Even after his hard-on went away he'd still have the giant wet spot for everyone to see.

My husband wanted to wait outside till he got soft but I wasn't going pass up any chance to keep humiliating him so I grabbed his arm and we walked into the restaurant. The Hostess said our table wasn't ready so we went into the bar to have a cocktail while we waited. The lights in the restaurant were fairly bright so I had some concern about how much make-up I put on my husband. But the lights in the bar were much brighter and his make-up was very obvious. Thankfully there wasn't a mirror he could see himself in.

A few people did double takes when they saw him and a couple of men sitting at a table stared and smiled. I wonder if they were laughing at him or wanting to know if he was gay and willing to give blowjobs. I almost felt sorry for my husband, but there wasn't much I could do about the make-up now. And besides he didn't trust me when I applied the make-up so he's just getting what he deserves.

I told him to sit on a bar stool at a tall table in the middle of the bar to better show off his white fishnet stocking covered ankles. He quietly pleaded with me to allow us to sit at a table in the corner so his stockings wouldn't show.

"Sit on the barstool now Cynthia" I said in a voice just loud enough voice that those sitting nearby could hear. Everyone that heard me was now watching my submissive husband as he climbed up onto the bar stool. So I took a couple of steps back and looked down at his ankles for about 15 seconds. I knew that by my looking down that everyone paying attention to me would also look to find out what I was looking at and would see his white fishnet stockings. Damn this was fun!

When the cocktail waitress came around I could tell she didn't know what to think of my husband. But since she giggled every time she looked in his direction I assumed she wasn't offended. Later when she came and took a second drink order from us and she had one hell of a grin. My idiot husband thought she was flirting with him and gave her a big tip when she brought our drinks. I really wanted to hold a mirror up to his face and show him what she was smiling about.

Just as we were finishing our drinks the Hostess let us know our table was ready. We followed her to our table where our waiter was waiting for us. He offered to take our coats and hang them up for us. I didn't hesitate and handed the waiter my coat. My husband just stood there like a deer caught in headlights. He didn't want to take off his sport coat because he suspected his red lacy bra would show through his shirt. Little did he know just how visible his bra was about to become. After about 20 seconds of him standing there frozen, I told him to take off his coat and hand it to the waiter.

My husband swallowed hard and his face turned the same bright red as the bra he was about to show off. I swear he moved in slow motion but took off his coat and handed it to the waiter. The waiter's eyes got real big when he saw the bra that clearly showed under my husband's shirt but to his credit he didn't say a word. I almost couldn't believe what the waiter did next.

He didn't hang our coats up on the nearby coat rack but took them to the front of the restaurant where they have a coat check. This meant my husband was going to have to walk from the rear of the restaurant where we were seated past all the customers to the front of the restaurant to get his coat when we left the restaurant. Remind me to give the waiter an extra large tip for that one!

Since it was my husband's birthday we needed a special bottle of wine to celebrate so I asked for the Sommelier which added one more man to see my husband's make-up and bra up close. When he arrived to help me with the wine selection my husband tried to cover up his bra by crossing his arms in front of him but there was no way I was going to allow that.

Now this is not my normal behavior but I was role-playing for my husband's benefit so as the Sommelier was standing there I said in a stern voice "Cynthia uncross your arms! And put your hands in your pants back pockets till I tell you otherwise."

My husband didn't hesitate this time. When he put his hands in his back pockets it forced his shoulders back and chest out stretching his shirt tightly across his bra. Talk about making his bra visible!

I almost couldn't believe I said this but I was really getting into humiliating my husband to make his birthday special. I turned to the Sommelier and said "Sometimes you just have to remind a sub of his place so he doesn't try to take liberties."

I don't know if the Sommelier knew what to think but he quickly recovered and realized I was the dominant in charge. He then only talked to me but kept glancing at my husband with a smirk on his face. I was a little uncomfortable with this dominant role in public but the humiliation my husband was going through was worth it.

After an excellent dinner but before dessert arrived I told my husband he needed to go to the bathroom. He gave me a panicked look and said he didn't need to go.

"I said you are going to the bathroom. I don't care if you pee or not but you are walking through this restaurant and then the bar to get to the bathroom. Once there you will examine your make-up closely without removing any of it. You will reapply the lip gloss I'm going to give you then you'll walk back here again thinking about everyone seeing you. Do you understand?

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