tagBDSMHumiliated by My Cheating Wife

Humiliated by My Cheating Wife


My nightmare started one night near the end of last summer with a phonecall.Sarah and had been married for three years.We are both in our early thirties I am a moderately successful lawyer and Sarah is an executive officer for a leading investment bank.

Sarah is very atractive, average hight but with a lovely slim body, gorgeous legs and a pert little bum.

The night of the phonecall Sarah was out at a work related function,or so she had told me.The phone rang and when I answered a womans voice said is that Paul? I answered yes and she proceeded to tell me in some detail about how my gorgeous wife who I adore totally was having an affair with her boss at work and how at that very moment she was making love with him in his flat.

I was absolutely stunned,at first i didn't believe this woman but there was something about the way she was saying all this that made me believe her.I was in a quandry should I confront Sarah about this when she came home?

Sarah came in a couple of hours later at 11,by this time I was almost in tears at the thought of my lovely wife with another man.As soon as she at down I had to say something so I told her about the phone call and asked her straight out is she was having an affair with Jack her boss.

Sarah blushed bright red and started to cry.She told me yes it was true she was having an affair with him,she said she was so sorry to hurt me in this way but that she was so infatuated with him she just couldn't give him up even though she still loved me and it might be best if she moved out as she was not being fair on me.

Perhaps I should have ranted and raved at this stage but quite frankly I could not face losing Sarah.I told her I did not want her to move out and by now was practically begging her to stay.She said but that would mean me having to put up with her having an affair and I would quite rightly be angry with her and there would be a terrible atmosphere in the house.

I sat down next to her and held her hands,I said Sarah I love you with all my heart I don't want you to have an affair but i am even more frightened of losing you if I have to put up with it I will till it blows over and I will still treat you like I love you.Sarah hugged me and thanked me for being so understanding.

She then said Paul there is something else,I have no right to ask you this,she looked at the floor blushed and said Jack is jealous of you and, well,he doesn't want me to have sex with you whilst I am seeing him.Could you put up with this for a while.I have promised him i won't have sex with you anymore and I think i will have to move out if you can't agree.

I have never felt more humiliated in my life and started crying,I swallowed my pride and said if that what it takes to keep you Sarah i will have to go along with it though I don't know how I can keep my hands off you.We agreed that I should move to the spare bedroom so i would be out of the way of temptation.

For the next few days we both tried to be as normal as possible.I was nice to Sarah but felt completely humiliated knowing that my wife was being fucked by another man and denying me.If that was not bad enough what was to follow was even worse.

Sarah and I still kissed and cuddled its just i wasn't allowed to go any further.One night we were cuddling on the sofa and I asked her if we could sleep together that night so we could have cuddle in bed.She made me promise not to try and have sex with her and I agreed this.

Later we were in bed together cuddling as you might expect i started to get a massive erection pressed against my wifes firm young body.It was pressing against the back of Sarahs thigh.I know I had promised not to try it on with her but I simply couldn,t help myself,I wanted her desperately, i starting grinding it against her thigh so I was effectively humping her thigh.She tried to pull away but i held her tightly and soon came all over the back of her thigh and bottom.

Sarah turned to me,I tried to kiss her but she just pushed me away and said in a hurt voice you shouldn't have done that Paul you promised go to the spare room now.I tried to say something but she just told me to get out.Had I known how i was going to be punished for this one brief leg hump I would have been in tears.

Sarah left for work early the next day and didn't come home till late as she had been with her lover Jack.The moment she walked in the door i could see she was furious.She told me to sit down and said I told Jack what happened last night and he was very angry with me and you.He says you can't be trusted and I either have to move out or you have to be punished.I said Sarah I only did it against the back of your leg I couldn't help myself.

She was unrelenting and said I'll pack my bags then.She knew I adored her so much I would do anything rather than have her leave me.I remember saying in a small voice ok I'll agree to be punished then what is it.

I could see her hesitate before telling me,at least she had the decency to look embarassed.Jack says you have to sleep in the shed at the bottom of the garden for the next few days or weeks I will lock you in there after supper and let you out in the morning.As its a punisment for the first night you will be naked and have no blankets or bedding.If you are good about it and don't whine or complain you will get bankets and pillows but you have to earn them by being nice to me and accepting your punishment gracefully.

I was simply stunned by all this but I suppose I had brought it on myself by my actions last night and deserved to be punished for it.I said alright Sarah i will agree it and i promise not to complain.She smiled kissed me on the cheek and said thank you for being so kind to me.She told me to get undressed which i did,she took me naked through the kitchen and down to shed and put me inside she looked at me and said againg blusing and shy Jack told me to make you kiss my feet before leaving you for the night.This was the ultimate humiliation my wife locking me naked in a garden shed and expecting me to kiss her feet for doing it.I felt so completely emasculated I simply knelt down and kissed her painted toes.

I would scarcely have believed it but things were to get worse.To be continued

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