tagNonHumanHunger Reborn

Hunger Reborn


I awoke again from a dreamless sleep and drowsily took in my surroundings once again. The bedroom was the same as before, although the haze of sleep still clouded my vision a little. I instinctively started to reach for my neck, certain I would find another patch of gauze secured to my neck. However, when I began to reach, I found that I couldn't move my arm. Soon, I discovered that none of my limbs would move as they had all been secured to the four posts of the bed. I craned my neck to look down my body and noticed I was completely nude in this completely empty room. I felt weak and vulnerable, unable to move, and not sure I had the energy to struggle against my bonds. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but a feeling of unease consumed me and I was uncertain what would happen to me next.

Then, all at once, a hazy calm came over me, a calm that revived me somewhat. Soon after, my temptress entered the room again, carrying a glass of water and the pills from the previous morning. She too was completely nude, her curving and intoxicating form unmarred by trinkets or decoration. Her full breasts hung heavy and pendulous, barely covered by her long dark hair. She faced me and I could just see down past her sensually rounded hips to the neatly trimmed hair covering her intensely tight pussy. As much as my brain told me not to feel it, a sensation of longing and desire began to overtake me and I could feel my cock beginning to stir. At the same time, I began to feel lightheaded and she came toward me with the pills.

"Take these, you'll feel much better." The haze returned to my mind as she reached down and parted my lips with her fingers. A bolt of electricity ricocheted through my body as I felt her nail lightly graze my parted lips as she placed the pills in my mouth and washed them down with the cool water she poured into my mouth. Almost instantaneously I began to feel revived and she smiled at me, her teeth once again impossibly white. My desire and ache grew even more and she licked her lips as she dragged her eyes up and down my frame. I felt thrills of excitement running through my nerves as she leaned closer to me and slowly sucked my ear lobe between her lips. I arched my back uncontrollably as lustful pleasure shot through my body. "Now you will feel true agonizing pleasure," she whispered into my ear.

Immediately she straddled my body and began dragging her delicious body against mine, every inch of her rubbing against my cock, causing me to swell more and more. I struggled slightly against my bonds, longing to feel her soft skin under my fingers, to grope and caress my mysterious lover once more. All feelings of danger and unease had left me now and all I could think of was desire and release. She looked up into my eyes as her full breasts enveloped my throbbing shaft. She licked her lips and squeezed her tits around me, slowly and gently milking precum out of my sensitive cock. I could see the precum covering her cleavage, her breasts glistening in the morning light as I thrust against her full, firm bust. Over and over I thrust between them, her eyes never leaving mine. I grew harder and more desirous, but I could tell with some frustration that I was no nearer to my climax. She smiled at me as if she could read the realization in my thoughts and moved her body down more until her mouth was directly behind my cock and I could see her hungrily eyeing my swollen shaft.

As quickly as a snake strike, she flicked her tongue out and lapped the precum off of my head. I shuddered involuntarily and struggled against my bonds again. I began to thrust into the air, but quickly regained my composure. She chuckled softly to herself and then slowly, agonizingly slowly, lowered her mouth onto my shaft and pressed her lips around my base. I moaned, more loudly than I expected, as I felt her tongue began to slide up and down my shaft. She slowly devoured me, every drop of precum being swallowed down her throat. A soft, wet suction from her mouth made my writhe in ecstasy on the bed. The restraints rubbed against my wrists and ankles, but all I could think of was a need to have more. It was all I could do not to beg for more out loud as she slid her lips up and down my shaft, precum pouring out of me onto her greedy tongue. She eagerly lapped it up as her mouth continued to make love to my cock. I continued to swell, harder and thicker than I thought possible. I thrust into her mouth, over and over, and still I came no closer to climax. I grunted in frustration as I fucked her mouth harder, the head of my cock rubbing against the back of her throat. She just looked at me as she continued to swallow me over and over. Then she smiled and let her eyes roll into the back of her head as she slipped a hand down between her thighs and began to massage her clit.

Every movement of her hand made her moan in ecstasy. Her moans vibrated through my shaft and made me writhe and thrust uncontrollably. Feelings of pleasure and ecstasy began to overload my senses. My mouth grew dry and my vision hazy as sexual ache and desire overtook me. As more and more pleasure was given to me, my desire grew even faster. I longed to cum, to shoot wave after wave of cum into her mouth, but still I just throbbed and pulsed under her tongue.

Her moans came faster as she rubbed her clit furiously. Sweat poured down my forehead as I pulled on my restraints. My cock bucked and spasmed in her mouth. I moaned loudly, moans of ecstasy mixed with frustration until finally I felt my temptress' body tense and an orgasm rocket through her. It almost felt like the orgasm shot through me too. My body tensed and my nerves exploded with desirous pleasure. She slipped her lips off of my cock and looked at me again. She then licked her lips and straddled my stomach.

By this time I found that I could no longer control myself and was thrusting uncontrollably. She leaned forward and sucked my lip between her teeth and bit down, hard. My blood stained her teeth, but all I could feel was greater pleasure. I let out a moan to plaintive and aching it almost sounded like a whimper. She licked the blood from her teeth and shifted her body back slightly until the lips of her dripping wet pussy were rubbing against my swollen shaft. Precum poured out of me and dripped down her pussy lips as the head of my cock rubbed against her clit again and again.

"You're so close to me, aren't you? If you could only move an inch or two you would be inside me. And isn't that what you're aching for? Isn't that what you want?" A teasing smile played around her eyes and she luxuriated in the feeling of power she held over me. And if not for her enchanting form and her intoxicating seduction, I might have been angry. But I was so weakened with desire, all I could manage was a slight nod as I continued to fuck the air furiously, my cock grinding against her pussy lips, my head pressing against her clit.

Her pussy felt so warm and inviting against me. I could feel her juices dripping down my impossibly sensitive shaft. I was coming close to losing all conscious thought and just acting on animal instinct. My body shuddered with desire and my cock felt as if it would explode. And all she did was lick her lips and luxuriate in the feel of my shaft pulsing and throbbing against her, small aftershocks of her earlier orgasm continuing to shoot through her body.

She began to kiss my chest, long and hard as I thrust wildly. Her pussy lips never left me as she sucked hard on my chest, leaving small bruises as she moved around my body. Every brush of her breasts against me caused my skin to explode in ecstasy. Although I could no longer struggle against my bonds, the constant shaking and shuddering from my aching desire continued to strain the leather that bound me to the bed. Finally, she pressed her body full against me and leaned in close to my ear.

"Now you have a choice. Normally I would feed until you were no more, your last moments being volcanic pleasure as I drain the life out of you. But you are as strong as I had hoped and I offer you a chance to join me. Will you join me?"

Without hesitation I nodded and swallowed, trying to speak, but not finding the words. She reached over and released my bonds and signaled to me not to move. My desire had not subsided, but she had calmed me so that I lay perfectly still except for the constant pulsing of my shaft. She then bit down hard on her lip and two drops of blood appeared. She pulled me close and offered her lip to me. I eagerly sucked it into my mouth and drank as I sucked, tasting the sweet metallic tang.

She pressed her body against me as our tongues swirled around each other, her full breasts crushed against me. My cock renewed its thrusting once more as I began to lose control completely. Her blood filled my mouth as I swallowed, a greater hunger filling me. She shifted back as we kissed I began to push my inhumanly swollen shaft into her. She had grown tighter and I pushed harder, feeling her moan against me as I fully entered her.

I began to thrust madly, my lips never leaving hers. She tightened her thighs around me and I could feel her pussy begin to milk the cum out of me. Finally, I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her down onto my shaft even further as I felt an orgasm well up from the very center of my desire. My cock bucked and throbbed inside her pussy, filling her with my cum as quickly as I drank the blood from her lips. Finally, my hunger satiated, I fell back to the bed, not out of exhaustion, but from satisfaction.

My temptress soon fell next to me. Her olive skin appeared a bit paler as she lay next to me, licking the blood from her lips. She smiled and closed her eyes, her breathing slow and easy. I lay next to her and we both fell into a calm and peaceful sleep until the next night when we would both feed our hunger.

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