I've thought about you and having you inside me all day. I couldn't concentrate at work. My mind kept drifting -- recalling our vacation in Hawaii where we rented the "jungle cabin". We were promised complete privacy and got it. Nobody disturbed us unless we called down to the office or room service.

I kept thinking about swimming naked with you on our little beach and making love in the sun. My pussy was wet all day, remembering how hard you stayed almost all the time. My thoughts brought me to such an intense level of arousal that I'm sure others in the office could smell me. Even that made me horny. I got a few looks from some of the men. I couldn't help but wonder whether I was making them horny and wonder about the size of their cocks.

I know you love it when I get like this. I hate it...sort of. I mean I'm just so hot and horny my pussy throbs and really itches. It's hungry and you have what it wants and needs. Your tongue and fingers have probed as far as they can go, but the itch lies deeper still.

Now you've risen over me, stretched my arms over my head and you're teasing me. My legs are spread as wide as I can get them and they're over your strong arms. I kiss you and lick my juices from your chin and cheeks. It's salty and sweet at the same time. You've taught me to love my own taste. You told me you were getting me used to the taste of pussy juice so I will eat another woman when we invite one to our bed. I think I'm ready -- at least if you can get me to this ravenous place where I am now.

You slide into me, but only a tantalizing inch or so beyond the head of your thick cock. Then you stop. No matter how I buck and thrust up at you, you are in control. I moan and whine; I can't help it. Your smirk only makes me hotter; my pussy hungrier. I feel my juices dripping down into the crease of my ass, making it as sticky as my pussy.

No! Don't pull it out! God, how I hate you! God, how I love you! Ahh...back into me again. Three times you have teased me now. I know you won't hold off much longer but I NEED it NOW! "Ahhhh...!"

All the way in! You stop there, but I'm trembling all over. I need the slamming, the plunging. "God damn you, honey! Just fuck me!" I scream at you, ignoring that anybody passing by outside might hear me.

You just chuckle and pull back, leaving that huge knob in me. I feel tears forming in the corners of my eyes. "I know what you really want, you bastard!" I whisper in your ear. "After you fuck my pussy, you want to feel your thick cock all the way up my ass. Please, honey, give this to me now and it's all yours!"

You begin then: slamming into me over and over! My muscles clamp down on you as the first quivering waves wash over me. That was only the hors d'oeuvre, though. You keep it up, probably imagining the heat of my tight ass surrounding your dick. You love to fuck my ass and I love it too. It drives you crazy to be up my ass. It drives me crazy, too.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh!" you grunt as you rut into me with your angry weapon. I hear you but I'm making my own noises, too. I'm almost there now! Here it comes! I feel the wave towering over me, threatening to carry me into that timeless white field where my orgasm absorbs all of me. "OH, GOD! AHHHH....!"

Slowly, I come down from the heights. I feel warm and fuzzy. I feel soft and rubbery all over. I open my eyes and see you are smiling at me with the most complete love. You kiss my lips softly...perfectly. The passion has passed -- for now -- and we're together in that timeless place. You are still hard and buried deep inside me.

The feeling of my juices drooling out around your still hard cock reminds me of my promise. My ass is yours, honey -- it has never belonged to anyone else. We went there for the first time together. That is what makes it so special.

A few minutes...that's all I'll need before I'll be ready to take you in there. My eyes close and I drift off. I don't feel you slip out of my gooey cunt. I am oblivious to you leaving the bed to clean up. I vaguely feel your weight as you slide back under the sheet you've pulled over us. You spoon against my back and kiss the back of my neck. "I love you," you whisper. I hear it in my dream. You know there is all the time in the world for us. You're in no hurry.

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