tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHungry Eyes and Hidden Desires

Hungry Eyes and Hidden Desires


In New York City it was hard to have privacy anywhere you went. Most New Yorkers got used to the fact that anything they said or did was always seen or heard by at least one other person and it didn't matter if you were standing in Times Square or in a run down apartment in Brooklyn. For Mya, that was something she now had to get used to after moving from San Francisco after she got a call from a fashion magazine that specialized in vintage clothing. This was going to be the start of something amazing though the butterflies in her stomach couldn't leave her alone as the thoughts of the unknown kept dancing around in her head making it nearly impossible to sleep even at two in the morning.

Sitting up in bed Mya swung her legs over the edge and rested them on the cool mahogany hardwood floor and huffed. She was tired but sleep wasn't coming to her and even if she was able to sleep getting up in four hours was an option she was steadily losing. Climbing out of bed she paced the floor as thoughts of her first day of work buzzed around in her head and the what if game shortly followed. Forcing herself to stop pacing she looked out of her second story bedroom window at the crystal clear water as it sparkled and reflected the light of the silver dollar moon. "Maybe a swim might calm my nerves" she thought as she went to the bathroom to grab one of the fluffy white towels. with her initials embroidered in them. Flipping the light off she closed her bedroom door behind her and went to the staircase and grinned like a Cheshire cat. Hopping on the banister she giggled all the way down and jumped off before meeting the decorative sphere at the end. Throwing the towel over her shoulder she grabbed an apple from the kitchen and crunched her first bite before going to the French doors that led to her patio.

Mya poked her head out and looked around nervously to see if anybody was up in her neighborhood before actually stepping outside in her matching red bra and panties. The summer heat was unbearable even in the wee hours of the morning and that led to her next bold move. Reaching behind her slender fingers unclasped her bra and laid it on the chair and before she took off her panties she double checked just to make sure there wasn't a single pair of eyes on her. Kneeling down beside the pool she ran her fingers through it before standing up and walking backwards to the glass door, jumping slightly when the cool glass touched her naked back. Launching forward she took off for the pools edge in a full sprint and dove in and took comfort in the cool water enveloping her entire body. Coming up for air whipped her head back and wiped beads of chlorine scented water from her face and began to swim. Little did she know that from the moment she closed her patio door there was a set of sapphire blue eyes locked on her beautiful body along with a chewed lip. Aleksandr had watched her ever since she was moving boxes into the vacant house next door and he couldn't keep carnal thoughts of her from his mind. He had already laid in bed and masturbated to the fantasy of her coming over and surrendering herself to him. For now, though, he could only watch. Skinny dipping, after all, was a spectators sport and he was an aroused spectator that took pleasure in watching her from his kitchen window.

Alek's temperature was rising and the ice cold vodka and the air vent above him pouring out ice cold air from the central air conditioning couldn't cool him down. The tumbler of vodka had switched from his right hand to his left and his right was busy undoing the drawstrings of his shorts and freeing his already throbbing hard cock. Stroking slowly he took in every feature of her delicate little body, eyes trained on her perky breasts and hard nipples. "You dirty little girl..." He whispered as his hand pumped faster along his cock. "You want to be watched...to be...mmm seen." His hand quickly stopped and his eyes widened when he saw her look to his window making him duck out of the line of sight. His heart raced in his chest while he tucked himself back in his shorts and hurried upstairs to his bedroom. Mya kept staring at that window and she couldn't help but wonder if someone was actually there. "Someone had to be there." She thought out loud and climbed the steps of the pool and quickly collected her articles of clothing and went back inside not knowing who else was watching.

She groaned horribly when her eyes caught the bright red numbers of her alarm clock and knew that the potentially longest day in her life was starting in only three hours but she couldn't stop thinking about that window. Was somebody watching? Was there really someone there or was she seeing things? The thought of some stranger watching her naked body cut through the water like a hot knife through butter turned her on. Reaching into her nightstand she withdrew a small red vibrator and turned it on. She teased the pierced pebbles that were her nipples and thought more about that face. It was barely visible but it was there...it had to be there. Working the vibrator down her abdomen Mya cried out when the now warm metal of the vibrator touched her bare mound just above her damp, aching cunt. Working the tip over her clit she bucked her hips, slowly fucking the vibrator until her orgasm began to build. Parting the soft folds with the vibrator she grabbed a pillow to muffle her scream when her orgasm couldn't be held back and rocketed through her making her quiver and jerk uncontrollably through one of the hardest orgasms of her entire life. "Two...hours." She closed her eyes and smiled. "Two more hours...to a new life."

The high pitched scream of the alarm clock in Alek's ear had him reaching out and desperately smacking his hand down on his nightstand trying to silence the insufferable noise and once he found it he snatched it until the cord pulled from the wall. "Fuck it all." He muttered and got out of bed and began his morning routine and thoughts of the neighbor girl came to mind. Her limitless curves all the way to her beautiful eyes though he only caught a glimpse of them looking into his window. Once dressed in his suit and his hair brushed he grabbed his coffee and headed out to grab the mail and saw her catching hers. "Good morning new neighbor!" He said gleefully on his way to the mailbox stopping only to grab the newspaper and the Wall Street Journal. "Hi there! Hey I have a question for you!" Folding the newspaper around the mail he paused by his brand new Bentley GT. Mya sashayed up to him and bit the tip of her finger and twirled strands of blonde hair in her free hand doing all she could to play the innocent routine. "Did you enjoy the show last night?" Alek did all he could not to turn the red and snatched open the car door and shook his head "No idea what you're talking about. By the way you can call me Aleksandr but most call me Alek." She giggled and got in her jeep and left for work.

The first photo shoot was hectic and chaotic to say the very least. Make up artists were busy getting her prepared for the next set of photos but her mind wasn't on fashion even as gorgeous as all of the outfits were. "Mya! Pay attention woman you're driving me nuts!" Mary said as she applied the final touches to her eyes and grinned. "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. You should let me buy you a drink later." Her eyes got big and she shook her head "No thank you but it was nce of you to offer." Mary frowned and put down the mascara brush and shot her a flirty wink. "Well if you ever want a good time I can gladly show you around." She blushed and went to the set while trying to shove thoughts of her make up artist that was obviously flirting with her and Alek. Was she wrong? Did perhaps somebody else live there and she accused the wrong guy? Those two questions buzzed in her brain for the next nine hours until she could barely strike another pose without her eyes closing and making her photographer furious. "Go home. Get sleep. Come back tomorrow. You act like you've never modeled before. Hopefully we aren't pushed back too far because somebody can't stay awake." Maybe it was his tone or the lack of sleep she had gotten the night before or even the thoughts of Alek watching her skinny dip but she finally snapped. "If you can't deal with me needing sleep when I slept like shit last night to begin with I have a place where you can shove that camera." Storming off set she forgot that she was still wearing the soft pink dress covered in half bitten cherries that comprised the last part of her photo shoot. All she could think about was getting undressed and going for a swim and maybe, just maybe, seeing her voyeur again.

Later that night when all seemed almost too quiet Mya went outside completely naked this time not worrying about giving a strip tease. She dove in the pool and this time Alek didn't stare from the kitchen window but in his bedroom. Mya did slow back strokes with her chin pressed tightly to her chest to be able to look at the window and pouted when he wasn't there but whatever it was that drew her attention to the upstairs window she was glad she looked. There he stood leaning against the window pane with the soft glow of a lamp on behind him giving just enough light to make out his suit; the very suit she had seen Aleksandr wearing earlier that morning. After seeing that suit she proceeded to get out of the pool and went into the house, climbing the stairs to sleep and thank the heavens that the next day was a Friday.

The next morning started the same as the one before for Alek. He had his shower, his morning coffee, and this time when he saw her he couldn't take his eyes off the brilliant victory rolls she had put in her hair nor could he stop staring at her walk as she made her way to the mailbox and right as he grabbed his paper she skipped up the walkway making her firm, perky breasts bounce with each little skip to give him his mail and again she asked "Did you enjoy the show last night?" Fed up he finally decided to humor her "What show are you talking about miss..." She laid the mail on his paper and smiled that cute, adorable smile of hers. "You mean you don't watch Dancing With The Stars?" With that, she turned and skipped back to her jeep this time giving him the pleasure of watching her ass.

For Alek this was the day that dragged on, not Monday. Every Monday he was in his office bright and early ready to attack contract negotiations like a hungry wolf until the days end. Fridays he had to force himself to make it through with dancing tumblers of Stoli in his head. "This fucking day can't drag any slower, can it?" He asked out loud in an empty office only to be startled by his receptionist answering on the intercom. "An hour until it's time to party hardy and you need to get laid, sir." He hissed and looked at his intercom to see that it was still held down from earlier. "Do we have to discuss my private life?" She laughed and fired back with a sarcastic tone "This is why you need to get laid. You're all pent up and aggressive." He released the button to keep her from hearing anything else he had to say and leaned back in the leather chair and put his feet up on the table. "She's teasing me...she knows that I'm watching her and she's playing games with me..."

Mya's day wasn't nearly as long. The happy, peppy side of her took over though it was masked on the set by her fierce and seductive expressions. Between each set of photographs she wasn't watching the clock and maybe that's what made it go by so fast. Her makeup artist continued to hit on her despite being shut down the first time around and her photographers all sang her praises when they started editing and making the final selections for the magazine. "Well guys and dolls I'd love to stay and chat but I have to go home and play." Mary perked up and gave her another flirty wink "Going home to play, hmmm? Who pray tell are we playing with?" Mya flashed a devious smile that contradicted the sweet, innocent act she pulled on Aleksandr that morning. "Wouldn't you like to know!" Grabbing her bottle of water she left the set in a hurry to get back in her jeep and head for home with thoughts of giving Alek the best show yet.

Waiting nervously for the clock to strike 2 A.M she put on a pair of red panties with see through lace trim and a matching bra. She then finished off the look with six inch high heels and of course her victory rolls, his eyes were glued to them that morning so she could only assume he liked them. Mya took a deep breath and sashayed out to the pool and slipped into the water heels on and all just enough to get her drenched and climb right back out. She then sat down in her favorite lounge chair and saw him watching in the window though he tried to hide she could still see his face. Keeping her eyes trained on the window her hands began to explore her body, caressing her neck down to the valley between her breasts and over to her satin covered nipples and teased them until they were easily visible beneath the fabric. Alek's hand had once again found his throbbing shaft and pumped slowly up and down in a corkscrew motion while she pleasured herself. What he didn't realize is that she was staring at him and watching him though it was hard for Alek to think about it when he was so focused on her hands that now traveled south until they reached the waistband of her underwear and one slowly pushed inside the dainty satin, the other retreating to her breast and squeezing it.

Letting out a tiny whimper of pleasure when she began to manipulate the pierced rosebud of her clit he watched that hand moving around in her panties followed by her hips slowly lifting into her hand, grinding against her fingers. Sinking two fingers inside she worked them in and out slowly at first, her thumb working the pierced pleasure button in hard little circles until she couldn't contain herself anymore and let her orgasm take its course. She came down slowly from that orgasm, it took a lot longer to rid herself of the light headed sensation and get feeling back in her legs. Standing slowly she wobbled back into the house and passed out on the couch. She was far too sleepy to want to climb up any stairs and besides that tomorrow was Saturday; that was always a day to sleep in.
Early that morning he rose from bed and went to the window hoping that maybe his mystery girl was out for a morning dip but much to his dismay the backyard was empty. Quickly getting his robe on Alek darted down the stairs and went out to greet her and didn't see her there even though her mail had been checked and the paper was sitting there. Taking his paper he went to the mailbox and when he pulled it open he saw the soft red panties with a little note attached to them. "Did you enjoy MY show last night?" He quickly went inside and slammed the door and sat down in his favorite chair in the den. Freeing his cock from his boxers he brought her panties to his nose and took in the sweet scent of her and he almost came. Wrapping the soft scrap of fabric around his thick shaft he stroked his cock with them and he was stunned at how quick he was brought to orgasm, several thick white ropes of his seed landed on them and he had collapsed back in the chair and all out of breath. "She's...fucking...with me...mmm."

Alek tried anything to take his mind off of her for the rest of the day but it wouldn't work. He constantly checked his email both private and work, watched television, listened to music, anything for a sweet distraction but his mind was focused on her panties and what she had done in them. The feel of her hot cunt squeezing him and milking every last drop of his seed was all he could think about. Using her sweet young body however he wanted was running rampant and making his cock begin to harden once more. "Soon...my little tease. Soon..." Sneaking out back he climbed over the wooden plan fence and left the seed covered panties with a little note of his own then quickly ran back to his place and went straight down to the basement where it was nice and cool.

Two A.M hit and this time she wanted to make him wait. Anything good was worth the wait, was it not? She tried hard to stay inside and as hard as it was she forced herself to fall asleep. Tossing and turning for the first half hour she finally became comfortable and then her dreams took over and the first thing she saw was a suited figure standing in her doorway and she laid there naked. "Touch yourself." He told her and without question she obeyed, placing a hand between her legs and touching herself for a man she could barely see. "I want to watch you come for me..." came the voice again and in reality she was beginning to sweat. Just when she was about to orgasm her eyes popped open and she was awake with no chance of going back to sleep. 3:56 A.M on her phone and a drunk text or two from Mary trying to flirt with her and nothing else to possibly help her get back to sleep and the need to swim and hopefully see her favorite, and hopefully only voyeur.

Running out back she was about to dive into the water when she saw something that stopped her dead in her tracks. Picking up the red panties she turned a deep shade of red when she felt the fresh wetness that was slightly sticky and knew exactly what he had done. Dropping them back on the table she perked when a little folded up note fell out. Opening it up she grinned deviously when she read what it had to say. "Best damn show I've watched in my life. Certainly better than Dancing With The Stars, you little minx."

Diving into the pool she decided that tonight there wouldn't be quite as spectacular of a show as the night before. Mya had him right where she wanted him and it was going to be fun just to watch him squirm and play along at her pace and her rules. She swam a little longer than usual perhaps it was trying to make up for the fact she wouldn't be masturbating for him or maybe she was just too damn hot to get out and face the heat that would ensue shortly after she was dry. No matter what it was she was comfortable in the water though her mind was on Aleksandr and if he was actually watching. When temptation turned irresistible she looked in every window and not a curtain moved nor a face in sight. That alone made her get out of the pool and head inside to fight another round with the Sandman.

There was nothing like a slow, lazy Sunday in his book. Sundays were a day to lay back and forget that any kind of work existed and just have fun but she came to his mind haunting him again. He resisted the urge to go to the window he had to put her out of his mind. She was far younger than him and what would her parents say if they knew a middle aged man was watching their daughter? Just then a knock came at the door forcing him to get up from his favorite chair and answer it only to see her staring up at him with that adorable grin wearing a pair of short shorts and a bright red camisole; the same color of her panties she had worn specifically for him that night. "Uhm...I know we haven't really got the chance to talk or anything but the light for the basement steps is out and I can barely see but then I remembered my neighbor is super tall! Would you...I dunno...be able to help me out?" Alek grinned and stepped out onto the poor reducing the space between them to a few inches. "I think I could help out a damsel in distress. You lead the way." Turning around she jumped off the porch steps and skipped the rest of the way there "C'mon slow poke!" Alek just chuckled and rounded the Bentley and up her porch. "You have to give old guys like me the chance to catch up! By the way...you never did tell me your name." Reaching out she took his hand and squeezed lightly and beamed up at him "Call me Mya and the basement is right over here." Keeping his hand she dragged him to the hallway and opened a door that turned out to be the coat closet "Woops! I know my own house more than this I swear." She cursed herself in her head and dragged him to the next door and snatched it open and pointed an accusing finger at the light fixture. "It's too high and I don't wanna try then fall..."

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