tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunter and the Hunted Pt. 01

Hunter and the Hunted Pt. 01


The night air was hot and dry, its breath washing over me as I walked the hotel parking lot to my car. Every new city has its own charm if you know where to look and after two years on the road I'd gotten pretty good at it. Tonight I would visit a local club that boasted live Jazz and loose myself to the night. Cold beer and good Jazz can do a lot to ease a man's war torn soul.

I could hear the band playing before I got through the door and with a bit of inspired trust I ordered a pint of the local house brew. The seat I took was off to the side with my back against the wall, an occupational hazard in my line of work. The beer went down just the way it should and I found myself settling into my seat as if I had been coming there all my life.

I undid an extra button from my dress shirt and removed my coat to get comfortable as the band played a familiar cover of Miles Davis, god I loved his work. I had very quickly lost myself in that small pocket of the universe where the only measurement of time was how often my pint was re-filled. I don't usually attract attention the first night I'm in a new city but every so often someone does pick me out of the shadows.

She wore a red satin sun dress and had a head full of soft black curls that framed her porcelain white face and veiled her bright green eyes. The click of her black heels as she approached from the other side of the club pierced the dream of music I'd been enjoying and elicited a cautionary side glance from behind my drink. I watched her lips that were painted the same shade as her dress but she never asked to join me, she just sat down and smiled.

"Aren't we the presumptuous one?"

"Do you want me to leave?" Her voice was throaty and smooth, singer's voice.

"No but I feel a moral obligation to warn you that I'm usually more trouble than the average girl deserves."

"Good thing I'm far from average then Mr.?"

Smith, John Smith"

"Right. Well John I'm feeling lonely tonight and you seem to be enjoying the music more than anyone has in quite some time."

"Why should that make a difference?"

"Because there's something irresistible about a man that loves Jazz as much as I do."

I looked full in to those eyes for the first time and felt a welling of desire that spoke more deeply than any words ever could. I saw the truth of her need and it forced me to acknowledge my own and to just this once throw my stoic safeguard to the wind, that sensual desert wind. "Can I buy you a drink?"

She smiled and gave a slight nod. "I'll take a dirty martini, two olives."

I signaled one of the fluttering waitresses and procured my new friend her drink. "What do I call you?" She giggled at my curious fashion of asking for a name before responding.


The band played well in to the night while we drank and shared small talk that was polite but revealed nothing of ourselves to the other person. Sometime after two in the morning they played their last song and I paid the tab before we left. She hadn't been wrong about our mutual love for the music and I half-expected our night to end with their last set but under the stars she put herself in my embrace and planted a kiss on my mouth that promised the night was not yet over.

I lead her by the hand to my car and helped her into her seat. My pulse was liquid fire kindled by that kiss as I felt the kind of reckless passion I hadn't allowed myself in far too long. When I climbed in to the driver's seat she was sitting with her legs crossed to reveal a lace garter holding her nylons. I turned the key by sheer force of will and made our way recklessly to the hotel.

In the elevator, my resistance cracked and I kissed those fiery lips for the second time and pinned her to the wall with one leg between her thighs. Her tongue was quick to reciprocate my advances and her hands clawed my back beneath my coat while pulling my chest against her heaving breasts.

Our abandon was all to brief as the doors opened on my floor and we forced ourselves apart long enough to scurry to my room.

Once inside we tore at each other's clothes until they were just a discarded pile. I drape an open hand over her face, feeling her breath become hot and ragged. Licking and kissing her neck at the collar bone, I let my hand fall over her breast and torso before resting it on her hip and squeezing with my fingernails. One of her hands did the same to my shoulder while the other gripped my thickening cock possessively.

I groaned into her neck and she answered with a breathy moan. With one hand on the small of her back and the other on her chest, I lowered her onto her back on the bed and positioned myself at the edge. With her legs on my chest I caressed them from ankle to thigh and back again while kissing her feet and calves. Her nails dug into the sheets and she tossed back her head while biting her lower lip in anticipation.

I knelt down and rubbed her nether mouth with my fingers before delving in with my eager tongue, thrilled at the sweet tangy taste. She arches her back and groans through clenched teeth while her hands pull at my hair and push the back of my head harder into Venus mount. I worked my tongue deeper inside, tasting her and sucking at her ever swelling clit, each probing thrust eliciting high pitched gasps that I answer with greater frenzy. The lustful circle continues, our passion mounting higher and higher while my own need is feed by the sounds and the taste of her pleasure

My nails dig into her thighs as she bucks harder into my face and her screams get louder. I feel her muscles contract and I taste a new secretion as she climaxes over my tongue and into my mouth. From here I can control her orgasm with the flicks of my tongue and carry her down a whitewater river of release. Her labored panting quickens between soft cries as I carry her to a shuddering finish

With her wet on my lips, I stand and spread her quaking thighs apart. My dick is now engorged with brimming need that can be seen glistening on the tip as I push it slowly into her hungry velvet pussy. The result of my controlled entry is another rolling cry of pleasure coming from her quivering red lips. Gripping her thighs while she contracts against my thickness, I stay balls deep until her climax subsides and then I proceed to thrust myself within her with all the fervor of my primal need

My hands find her breasts and I look directly into her shimmering eyes as I find a hard rhythm to penetrate the deepest parts of her. She looks back at me and speaks in harsh guttural tones, urging me on while riding another ascent to release. I am lost to the bestial force unleashed in our coupling and the room shakes as I bruise the gorgeous flesh beneath my grip. A thunderous growl erupts from my own chest as the crescendo of my lust empties into her and she shudders in a final climax.

Unable to sleep, I shower and make myself a sandwich, leaving her without consciousness on the bed. The thought occurs to me that she might be looking for more than one night of fun and I may have to construct a reason not to see her again, it's at this point that the cliché hits home.

The thing is my situation is anything but normal. I am part of an order that work tirelessly to keep the cosmic scales balanced and monsters from crossing over into what you know as the real world. I go where the higher-ups tell me I'm needed and relocate or if necessary exterminate horrific creatures that have breached the barrier between this world and theirs. You can just imagine what that does to a relationship.

I allow my mind to assume its meditative state of heightened awareness and wait for my target to make its presence known. Every living thing causes a vibration in the threads of synchronicity that weave existence together. When anything traverses dimensional barriers it acts like a flare and leaves a trail that can be psychically traced.

Before my third eye can open fully, I'm drawn out of my trance by the sensation of a warm tongue sliding up and down the shaft of my penis. I open my eyes and look down to see Beatrice kneeling between my legs with her thumb and forefinger gripping the base of my newly awakened dick, glistening with her spit. Her other hand gently massages my balls while her tongue slowly laps every inch of me, up and down and all around.

I lean back in my chair, effectively pushing my hips closer to her beautiful face. A slow gasp escapes my throat as she envelops me for the first time within those crimson lips, taking my full length before backing off and working the sensitive underside with her tongue. Each stroke her mouth was matched by a squeezing jerk of her hand while wet slurping obscenities were accompanied by her hungry moans of need.

Every muscle in me from my toes to the base of my skull begins to contract in time to the lead of my cock. I am lost to the symphony she is conducting with my body as the orchestra while both her hands and her mouth coax a screaming orgasm from me that shakes the very consciousness from me, deeper than any dream can touch.

I have no way of knowing how long I was out since I rarely look at a clock but it was just before sunrise and just in time to learn the truth. Beatrice was dressed and placing a glowing crystal orb into her purse before she blew me a kiss and left. She was a carnal mage, a sex witch, magic users that channel energy from sexual acts into storage objects to be used for spells at a later time.

I had been such an easy mark; I was never going to hear the end of this and the worst part was it would take me the better part of the day to regain enough strength to get out of bed. Still, she had been fucking amazing.

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