tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunter and the Hunted Pt. 02

Hunter and the Hunted Pt. 02


The trick when you make a rookie mistake is to make sure as few people as possible know about it which was going to be difficult after losing an entire day to mystical after glow. The creature I was sent after was a burly quadruped with a razor back bone and porcupine quills with the rough form and agility of a large cat. Arguably it was likely to start eating natives and time was of the essence so as soon as I was on my feet I focused entirely on my prey.

It would be a lie to say Beatrice wasn't intruding on my thoughts at random intervals, I could try and blame it on a carnal mage's mesmerism talents but it was probably just the incredible sex.

Truth be told I preferred humanoid targets to these animals; people attracted less attention and made my job easier. Part of protecting our world is making sure that the natives don't become too aware of things that would keep Edgar Allen Poe up at night. Sadly it was night when I recovered my strength and my superiors would be calling for a report, as such I left my phone in the room and carried only the tools of my trade.

Under the desert stars I walked clad in black jeans and t-shirt, carrying my sword; a two-foot blade set into a one-foot oak handle that bore a series of mystic inscriptions and was mounted on the far end with an ancient crystal. As per my training, I let my mind reach into the psychic mass ahead of me to perceive the creature. This technique worked two-fold; allowing me to find the creature and also attract it with my mental reach.

As any honest man will tell you, civilization goes against human nature and while necessary for the coexistence of society it doesn't offer an acceptable release for ones baser desires and I lived for this part of the job. Though not imposing in stature, I am lean, fit, and well practiced in the more barbaric arts of combat.

As I got further away from the lights of the city, I began to feel the creatures pulse like a shadow of my own. I crouch, one hand holding my sword and the other perched lightly over the earth. My muscles are taught and my soul is open to the warrior spark of my ancestry, this is pure spiritual bliss. The first sound from its otherworldly throat quickens the beat of my heart and I see the night glinting gems of its eyes fall on me.

Its reptilian tale sways behind it calling to me and threatening me all at once. The mouth opens again bearing two saber-teeth and a mouth full of needles at the same time that quills around its neck bristle like a lion's mane.

My mind calls to the energies and spells within my sword, bringing them forth for the job at hand. My rage and my strength coil and tighten for the strike, watching the creature advance and then our furies explode.

In a blind flurry of strikes singing of steel and flesh, I tame the creature with arcane-infused force. Bleeding the thing with each stroke, it slows and finally kneels before me. With my sword turned blade down over the creature, I cast the banishment spell that hurls the tired and wounded animal back to its dimension of residence.

"No Rick, it was just a scared cat, a job for animal control. Every thing's fine you'll have my full report in the morning." Richard Stanton was a real pencil pusher and a worry wart but he was also my friend. He was a pain sometimes, like having to report to your mother but he kept me punctual and semi-respectable.

Standing naked in front of the hotel sink, I gently cleaned my sword of critter gore. It was a ritual I engaged in after every hunt, I would shower next and then satiate my ferocious hunger. I glanced up at the mirror and noticed a mark on my neck that hadn't been there before. It resembled an octagon with a circle in the center and was too precise to be anything but manmade.

I had been marked by that whore mage; the little bitch was planning on using me again. I was immediately torn between wanting to cut out her heart and wanting to fuck her brains out...again. The best thing for me to do right now was to put her completely out of my head, which meant replacing her with some other willing girl.

I put down my sword and got in to the shower to cleanse my flesh and my spirit. Meditation would prepare me for what needed to come next which was a spell to disrupt the bond she had tied between us. I should have seen this coming; magic users provide much better batteries for parasites like carnal mages. As soon as she got a taste she was sure to want seconds and with a bond between us she could track me anywhere and worse, manipulate me easier.

After my shower I stepped to the center of my hotel room and kneeled, my eyes closed and I let my magic pour out and wrap around me like a blanket. I then began to shape it, weaving the texture into a barrier that would keep out unwanted energy signatures. The process was longer and more taxing than I had expected which served to remind me that I was still weak from her feeding the night before.

Eventually I felt strong enough to face the harlot and I was determined to deal with her before I left town. I needed to further decrease her hold on me by finding someone else to become the object of my lust. Carnal mages gain their power and influence from the sexual desires of others and that power is tenfold if they are the object of that desire.

Gathering a series of magical tools and dressing in a pressed shirt and slacks I left to make my way into town. Beatrice would be looking for me now that I had a barrier up so I would need to stay sharp and a step ahead. I didn't get further than the hotel bar when I spotted a potential interest.

She was smaller than the women I was used to, a very slim build with long golden hair that fell in gentle waves past the small of her back. She was dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt which added to the youthful appearance given by her petite form. She was alone and sipping a whiskey sours when her beautiful dark eyes met mine. Normally I wouldn't pursue anything of this sort despite the regularity with which I attracted such attention but I needed to cleanse my libido.

The small talk that ensued was relatively uneventful except that it carried us back to her room. She pulled her t-shirt off and let all those golden waves fall into a thin shroud, clothing her magnificent breasts. They were large enough to fill my multitalented hands and yet small enough that they didn't require a bra.

I reached around her torso and felt her hair and skin against my bare chest. It was an exotic feeling that tickled my flesh and filled my senses with the aroma of her conditioner. As I planted my kiss on her pert little mouth I wondered what it would look like stretched around my cock.

Her tongue was soft and yielding in contrast to her hands that ripped at my jeans and groped aggressively at what lay beneath. I alternated a hand at the small of her back while the other gently massaged the curve and body of her breast. Our kissing grew heavier and deeper as our pants fell from our hips and we stepped out of them to the bed that matched my own in the same hotel.

I laid her back, my promiscuous pixie bathed in golden hair staring back at me with eyes of smoldering need. She lifted one leg, pointing her toes against my chest and arching her calf playfully so I ran a hand along that muscle until my fingertips brushed the silky auburn hair worn by the lips nether-mouth. She giggled at my touch, a melodic sound that added to her pixie persona.

I knelt between her legs and pulled her open with my thumbs and began to lick her pink clit. My reward was a jubilant gasp followed quickly by a long alto moan. She tasted sweeter than I would have guessed but I can't say I was surprised either, she could hardly be anything but sweet.

Her legs locked tightly over my shoulders and both her hands cupped my head as I lost myself in her nectar. I felt something else then but was unaware of its reality at first. It started as a warm sensation around my cock but I dismissed it as a psychosomatic response to the pleasure of eating pussy which had happened on occasion.

As she came and I felt the tingling contractions of her vaginal muscles, the hot sucking sensation on my penis became all too real. I looked down to see Beatrice's mouth keeping me from mounting the golden haired pixie whose name I couldn't even remember. I couldn't believe it, Beatrice was here, her dark curls bouncing against her cream colored face and crimson mouth. I had gone to bed with someone else and here she was taking what she pleased from me and to make matters worse I was fucking loving it.

Before I knew what was happening I was on my back with her hand wrapped around my shaft and her lips sliding off the head "Aww, you really wanted to fuck her didn't you? Well I won't keep you from your fun."

She led the blond over with a simple wave of the hand and guided me into her tight little hole as she crouched above me. Her sticky-sweet twat gripped every inch of me as she was slowly lowered onto my now twitching member. I gasped as she stretched to accommodate my full size while she squealed through clenched teeth and ground her hips into mine.

I pumped reflexively into the taught young body above me while Beatrice cradled her, kissing up and down her neck while pressing her hands into the blond's pelvis to feel the contractions of our fucking. The pixie rocked back and forth, singing her physical excess in an ascending soprano while squeezing me within her velvet vice. As I felt myself crest passed any return, I saw the enchantress' eyes glow green in the dark, presumably absorbing the sexual energy permeated by the three of us.

Then she turned her luminescent gaze on me. "Naughty naughty, your seed is mine alone." She lifted my pixie as if she was made of straw and tossed her aside before engulfing my sputtering cock between her crimson lips. I was lost to a dream of déjà vu, spinning toward bliss as she milked my whole being through the hot white cum shooting into her mouth.

I had lost to this sex witch twice now in as many days which meant I was going to have to give a full report and request help from the special defense division or give in and become Beatrice's toy of the month until it killed me. I honestly couldn't decide.

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