tagInterracial LoveHunters and Predators Pt. 01

Hunters and Predators Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Sean had heard the adage, "What goes up must come down," but he had never paid much attention to it or even remotely thought it would ever apply to him. Why should he have anyway, after all, he was nick named "Black Dynamite", a young, handsome black man from the hood who was drafted straight from high school to the NBA, netting a record salary for a rookie.

Sean was a dark, handsome black man of medium height. He had a pleasant, ever smiling, very African face. He had a very muscled body, with awesome reflexes and speed, coupled with a sharp mind that read a game like a script, with the calm of an orchestra conductor. The Man with the Master Plan, they used to call the young play-maker. He was hailed as the hottest, fastest, most graceful and talented black thing on two feet to ever hail from the streets of Yonkers Projects and land on a basketball court instead of the morgue, the court or the jail house.

He played five very impressive seasons, leading his hitherto mediocre franchise team to the play-off 4 straight seasons. Thrice, he came close to being voted MVP. The Media was comparing him to his "airness", Air Jordan. Sean's management projected the image of an exemplary, disciplined athlete and and god fearing, patriotic Mr nice guy. Sean earned large amounts of cash through endorsements and adverts and money just seemed to pour like rain. He was everybody's darling, handsome, well humored and good mannered. Other players, rappers, singers, film stars and other celebrities all wanted to hang out with him. Kids of all races said they wanted to grow up to be like him, not like Mike Tyson or Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Being young, handsome, well mannered, rich and famous, with a dick like a horse and the stamina of one, Sean was popular with the ladies. Pretty women of all races were throwing the pussy at him, trying to snare him and get pregnant and be set for life.

Sean was definitely seeing more pussy than a favorite thong. However, he had a chip on his shoulder, as far as women were concerned. When he had been young, growing up in the hood, the pretty, attractive girls had acted like nasty hos, turning him down, rubbing his face in the dirt and telling him to eat a dick and "get the fuck out they faces". They preferred the high rollers and gangsters, who had the cash, the cars, the bling bling and popped the Chris. It was only when he started making the headlines and the cash that they started coming like flies to rotten meat.

Therefore, like Kurupt (D P G C) he didn't give a fuck about a bitch. Whenever his dick got hard, Sean was fucking women of several races, with all kinds of pretty faces in all kinds of places. He was a true five man, "Find them, Fool them, Fuck them, Flee them and Forget them" was his motto. He used them like cigarettes, fired them up, smoked them and tossed them in the trash can like an old cigarette butt.

Not that they loved him either, they were out to use him. The dumb ones were trying to let the world know they got fucked by a star. They would turn down the window of his ride and stick their faces out to be seen, or they would sit on his lap in the VIP section of some club. The smarter ones were trying to use him to help their aspiring modelling and actress careers, they would fuck him and go and spread rumours on the Net and in the tabloids. The cunning ones were even trying to get pregnant so they wouldn't have to work a day in their lazy lives. Fortunately for Sean, he got some advice from an O G or he might have ended up like O J, being used by a gold digger and trying to kill the whore, or like Tyson, getting robbed by a bitch named Robin Given(s).

Sean's management, who were white guys, advised him not to date and fuck white women. They told him that would harm his career, for his mainly white male fans would not like it, if they knew he was black dicking white blonds. Sean always listened to them, for he thought those white guys with MBA and such like, were real smart and had nothing but love for him. Therefore, though white groupies and even starlets threw themselves at his feet, he never touched them.

Sean's mom, the only woman he respected, was always trying to talk him into finding a decent girl and getting married. A couple of times, some so called "decent women" tried to date him, fall in love, get married and have kids, the whole she bang. But he soon started avoiding those like a plague. They bored him to death with "intelligent conversation" and their decent act. They were stingy with the pussy and would not fuck on the first date. And when he still tried to hit the twat, they started fighting, trying to do him like Tyson, 2pac and Kobe. Sean simply ran away before they could yell rape and fucked a couple of nasty bitches that were down to suck and fuck just as soon as they knew he was a star. He just said hi and they kissed his dick in greeting.

Sean couldn't take them home to his mom, but he still preferred those kind of sluts. It was a fair package deal, "You fuck me, I let you get seen with me, plus there's an option of a Holiday abroad, ice and a mink coat, if that pussy is good." Those sluts were good because they did whatever; sucked dick, ate balls, licked ass, gave up the pussy, gave up the ass, fucked some other girls, all for his pleasure, and didn't expect a gold medal or ring for it.

Sean's mind was fully focused on basketball. When he needed love and affection, he flew to his mom and sisters, whom he had moved up from the hood into mansions and laced up with ice.

Sean's life was like an American Dream, and then the problems with his knees started. The pain just came out of the blue, and it rapidly got worse. The best doctors that money could buy worked on him, operated him, put him through rehab, all to no avail. At twenty four, he was advised to stop playing or risk losing his legs altogether. His team forced him to play on, relying on a cocktail of painkilling drugs.

It was during these troubled times that Sean met Sylvia Smith at a party. Sly, as she called herself, ran a mediocre agency that represented C category actors and models. Sean had met her on several occasions, at parties and galas, during his days in the top flight. The wanna be top flight agent, had tried to fast and smooth talk him into doing a couple of Cinema flicks. She kept telling him he was photogenic and with his popularity, he could smash the box office. He had turned her down. He wasn't so keen on acting, and her words sounded like pimp talk. He knew she was only trying to use him as her ticket into the big league.

On that particular evening, Sean was chilling at a party with his agent and manager. He was dressed up in a suit and tie, looking good. Sean wasn't really in the mood, but the sponsors demanded his presence. He was one of the few black men around. The rest were whites.

There were a couple of hot, young, tall, slim, pretty blonds around, some of whom were eyeing him. But Sean never hit on those. It wasn't that he found them unattractive, but his management told him to lay off white broads. And anyway, he had his pick of so many hot black and Asian chicks that were sucking and fucking him so good at the drop of a dime that he didn't need to have a white girl, though sometimes he did thinking of sticking his big, black dick between the pink lips of some hot, tall, slim blond and fucking the taste out of her mouth; as she sucked the piss out of his cock. Then he would fuck the shit out of her tiny white ass and beat it out of shape. It was just a fantasy that he had sometimes. And it recurred, as he looked around at the tall, slim, pretty blond trophies that were floating around, dressed like models for exclusive labels, hung heavily with jewellery, sipping Chris and acting like they were the shit.

He was on his fourth cocktail when Sly walked up.

She was a tall, thick bodied woman with a curvy body. She was a thirty eight year old, thick bodied, busty type of barbie, with blond, curly locks, framing a wide, pretty face, with large, steely, grey eyes, and thick, heart shaped lips that were cheery red. They were as fake as her two huge, thrusting tits that threatened to burst out of her white blouse. Her breasts were thick and abundant, her \ hips wide and curvy, her ass thick and round, and her waist tapered away, to give her a pronounced hour glass shaped body. She wore an elegant, gray, striped business suit, with matching platinum, diamond earrings and necklace.

She looked tall, in a pair of very high heels. She greeted Sean jovially, like they were old friends and took his arm. Sly was drunk and had probably snorted a bit of coke. She was definitely in a very gay mood. Sly and Sean drifted around to the bar and settled on stools besides each other.

Sly liked Sean. He was so dark and handsome and athletic. And there was something manly and imposing about the black man, even though he wasn't huge. He had this aura and this virility that got the married white woman excited, even though he was at least sixteen years younger than her.

Sly was desperate to net someone like him. For just one movie. It would be her entrance into prime time. She smiled flirtatiously at the young black man and pushed her thick tits out, noticing his glance at them with pride and carnal excitement. Gosh!

She leaned close to him, pushing a arm, thick breast into his arm. She put a loving hand on his shoulder, and immediately started trying to talk him into some movie script. She said the part would be perfect for him and talked excitedly. Sean humored her as he always did. Then he suddenly looked sharply into her eyes.

"Say Sly, how important is this for you? How far would you be prepared to go? To get me real interested," he asked, smiling flirtatiously

"Are you cumming on to old, married me?" she teased right back, giving a loud, dirty laugh.

"No! I don't do white ladies," he said, fixing his smiling eyes on her.

"You a racist?"


"So, we ugly huh?"

"No. My management forbids me. Says it would harm my image! Many white men don't like it if black men date white women. Would cost me fans and endorsements. Its happened before."

"Yeah. They are right. A lot of people are undercover red necks But, I mean, its your life. If the woman for you out there turned up and she happened to be white, you wont date her?"

"I don't believe there is just one person. There are several."

"SO, you mean to tell me you have never slept with a white woman?"

"No. Have you slept with a black guy?"

"No! I just never met any. But I don't discriminate, racially," she lowered her voice and said emotionally, "I like black guys actually. White guys are obsessed with skinny girls. But brothers think I look good. They always shoot their game at me."

"So how come you ain't giving them some of that fineness?" Sean teased them.

"I am married and faithful."

"Yeah! I am feeling you," Sean chuckled. Sly had the type of thick booty brothers in the hood liked. "You married?"

"Yep. 10 years!"

"Is your husband black?"

"No. He is white."

"He also work in the movies?"

"He is a cam assistant."

"He here?"

"No. He stayed home with the kids."

"Then the coast is clear, for you to initiate me to some white girl action," he laughed dirtily, flirting with her.

"No Sean. Gosh! Don't be naughty! I do not cheat!" She blushed and giggled sweetly.

Sean had just been teasing her, but he suddenly liked the idea of taking the married white woman to spot and making her suck his dick and lick his nuts. Wouldn't that be pretty? His management had told him not to touch white girls, and she was also way older than the young starlets he fucked. And she was fuller; he was so used to fucking tall, slim model types of black and Asian chicks. But Sean was excited at the thought of fucking them pretty, pink, mature white ho lips of hers. He might even fuck her fine, thick white ass.

Giving her dark meat whilst her hubby took care of the kids. He might even be a red neck, old hubby. Or maybe he wasn't, but what the fuck? He would still stick his black dick between them enhanced, thick, white whore lips of hers. He liked the idea even more as Sly smiled flirtatiously at him.

Sly started feeling hot around the ears as Sean came onto her. He did it coolly, calmly, and confidently. There was something about his demeanour which said he knew could have her if he wanted. And Sly realized with fear that he was right. She knew she would love succumbing to him. But she knew she shouldn't; she was married, with two kids.

"You know Sly, maybe you were right. Its my life. Are you ready to help me lose my white cherry?" His words shocked her to the core of her being.

"Sean, you know I am married," she gasped, blushing.

"One hand washes the other. You want something from me I want something from you."

"So, you just want me because am the closest, available white woman here, huh?"

"No! I don't like those skinny blond hos. I like me a real woman. Like you. You are a beautiful, attractive woman. Yunno, us brothers appreciate a thick, fine ass." He eyed levelly, his eyes twinkling. "I have always been curious about white women. You help me out and I can help you out too."

"You mean, you would do a movie with me?"

"Yep. But you gotta do your best to make me real happy. Its all up to you."

"Listen, I can arrange for you to have a pretty, sexy little blond. I will take care of that."

"I can do that myself. Ah ah. I want you Sly. You, or no movie deal."

Sean enjoyed Sly's vexation. He could see she wanted him to do the movie desperately. But she did not want to cheat. He felt an excited perversion at the thought of taking advantage of this white woman and using her.

"What about my husband? And kids? Sean!"

"What they don't know wont hurt."

"But I will know!" she almost wailed. It was so sweet, how she blushed.

"Well, Sly, its all about how much you want my signature! The ball is in your court. The offer is only valid for this evening. Holler at me."

Chapter 2

Sean walked away from her and chatted with other guys he knew. He was observing Sly. The white wife and agent kept casting him glances. Sean was used to women fucking him to get something out of it. He had been there and done that so often. Only he had never done it with a white woman, a married one at that. He was sure Sly would say yes, for she needed him more than he needed her. His dick got so hard at the prospect of finally breaking the taboo that society and his managers so much wanted him to respect. The taboo of sticking a black cock between a white woman's lips.

Sly couldn't believe he was offering her his signature for her white pussy. The black man wanted to fuck her.

She desperately wanted Sean to do the picture. It would be her way of breaking into the big business. The actors she managed were not even C category really. She was ready to do anything, really. Her business wasn't doing all that good, loads of work, for little money. And her husband was finding less and less work as a camera assistant and looking after the kids most of the time. She had to bring in the cash. She was really the man of the house. And she realized it was time to make a manly decision.

Sly was in a vex. The thought of fucking the young black male filled her with fear, and yet it excited her so. He was handsome, lean athletic. She liked his handsome, dark face and his African features, plus his almost clean shaved head. Mmmm. He was cute. And so manly. But getting on her knees to suck his black cock... And initiate him to white women...

As she contemplated cheating in her marriage for the first time, a strong feeling of guilt washed over her. But Sly also felt the juices pour into her pussy. She reminded herself that her husband had told her that if she wanted to make it, she had to be ready to go all the way. He accused her of being hesitant.

Sly wasn't an angel, but she had never cheated in her marriage and never had she had to blow guys for a favor, a job, or even cash in her life. She would never have done it, before. But this was different. She ordered another cocktail , drank half of it in one deep sip and then walked around, searching for Sean. She spotted him and waved him over. He came over and nodded, smiling.

He asked her what she had decided. She smiled shyly and whispered she just couldn't. Wasn't there another was? But the way she licked her red lips said something else and they both knew it.

Sean saw and heard lust in her eyes and voice. But he saw a flash in her eyes as well, she had the look of a gold digger. She was scheming on using him. He smiled, deciding he would give her something big and black to chew on.

"We don't have to fuck," he whispered. "I just want you to worship my black cock with your white hands and mouth and suck me off till I cum. You will love it. Girls love my big, black dick and they say my cum is so tasty."

"What!" She gasped with shock, blushing deeply, but feeling sharp thrills all over her body.

Sean smiled into her glassy, big eyes.

"You heard. Meet me in the car park in thirty minutes." He walked off.

Sly kept her composure but she was feeling dizzy and wobbly, as she said bye to everyone and left for the park. She pushed her guilt to the back of her head, telling herself she was doing it to secure a movie deal, and she just had to.

As she waited in the shadows in the car park, excitement washed over her. She couldn't believe what she was about to do. And frankly speaking, she couldn't believe that Sean, a popular, young, handsome black star who could have any top notch groupie he wanted, would want to fuck her. Sly squirmed with guilt even as her heart thudded and her pussy flooded.

In college, Sly had developed amazing skills for sucking cock. She had never been the tall, slim blond that white boys were brainwashed into liking. However she had managed to get her hands on all the hot guys at high school and university because of her incredible cock stroking and sucking skills. She gave such amazing head that she had always had her pick of fine studs that usually only dated skinny blonds.

Sean was so used to picking up and fucking scheming hos he hardly got excited about it any more.

But his heart was thudding as he walked to the car park, thinking of taking Sly some place and getting his dick sucked real good. Just the thought of shoving his thick, veined shaft between those thick, cherry red, white wife lips drove him wild.

She came out of the shadows and smiled in the faint pale light. They got in his car and he drove off. He took her hand and put it in his lap.

"Gosh! I cant believe this," Sly rasped softly. "Where are we going?"

"To some cheap, anonymous motel! Take my cock out and stroke it," he told her as the car glided.

"I feel so guilty and so bad," she rasped, as she stroked his big cock through his pants, tracing the long, thick bulge.

"Take that black cock out," he said impatiently. He didn't care about her guilt. In fact, it excited him. He wanted to use her like a slut and he knew he would love it. "Come on Sly, don't waste my fucking time, slut!"

"You could try it with a little charm!" she said dryly, not liking the way he was now talking to her. She had imagined they would go somewhere and make nice, sweet love. But she realized he was going to use her like a whore. He saw her as a whore! And she didn't like it. But it strangely excited her.

"Take that fucking cock out, white slut!" he said impatiently.

She looked at his dark face in the faint light. He turned to look at her, his eyes shining in his dark face, which now seemed foreboding.

"Are you stupid!" he smacked the back of her head lightly. "Take my cock out, you white bitch! I ain't saying it again!" he smacked her head again.

Sly reddened and her eyes flashed with anger. Then he grabbed a wad of her hair and shook her her head. She was shocked. Not even her husband would dare to smack her head and grab her hair like this. She was surprised she did not try to tear lose. Instead, she trembled and felt a perverse excitement.

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