tagRomanceHunter's Moon: The Revelation

Hunter's Moon: The Revelation

byLost Boy©

Veronica awoke in her bed she was warm and tingly as the cotton sheets caressed her naked flesh. She snuggled down deep enjoying the simple pleasure the covers gave her. A hand traveled to a breast and tweaked a nipple and further down to her belly and beyond to her bare sex. When her fingers brushed her lips without encountering any hair she stopped and startled she sat up and pulled the blankets down. Her pussy was bare as a newborn, where did the hair go? It felt nice, but she had no memory of shaving down there. Sure she trimmed but never more than what her bikini required. The chilly air in her room forced her back down under the covers once more. This wasn't the first time something odd happened and she had no recollection. Take the dance last night she remembered being dumped and then walking home in a huff but she couldn't recall for the life of her actually getting home. Oh well, since she was young these gaps had been occurring and nothing bad had ever happened. Her parents just figured she was the typical teenager, her heads in the clouds and her mind far away. She got comfortable again, closed her eyes and drifted back to the dream she was having.

She sat atop her ebony throne, the Queen Bitch ruler of all she surveyed. Her servants adored and feared her for her 'power'. No man could resist her charms and no woman dare deny her the Queen's embrace. The court was assembled at her whim and the moon shone through the stain glass creating a living light on the floor. The musicians at her signal struck up a melody and the courtiers drifted together and the dance began. The brightly dressed nobles moved and glided through the steps as their ruler looked on from afar. She noticed a solitary figure shadowed in the doorway observing the proceedings with great interest. The Queen Bitch directed her guards to bring him forward so that she might see him better. As the moonlight fell on his face her breath was taken away, he was gorgeous! She was getting wet just seeing his muscular frame be led to the base of her throne, the way he rippled as he moved. She licked her lips and rose to greet this stranger to her court.

"Welcome stranger to my domain. How are you called?" He bowed low his gaze brazenly traveling over her flesh.

"I am Simon Magnus, mage and seer to the court of the High King of Ireland. At your service oh lovely one." She could feel herself grow warmer in his presence and his violet eyes were so striking against his long mane of raven hair. As if someone else was in control her hand snaked into his hair and gripped it firmly and she kissed him with a passion she had not felt in long years. He returned her kiss and he took her into his arms, pressing his hardness against her. Her breasts were smashed against his muscular chest and still there tongues dueled in each other's mouths. She broke contact and stepped out of his arms. Looking about at her shocked subjects she saw a lovely red head that would do just fine. She beckoned with a finger, come here and she could only obey.

"What is thy bidding my Queen?" Her eyes were lowered with the proper respect while addressing her ruler. She turned on this mage and knocked him to the floor.

"Make him ready for me." Her voice was cold but held the anticipation of a good long ride.

"Yes my Queen." Without hesitation she knelt before Simon and opened his leggings and freed the mage's wand. Her hands and lips ran over its surface making it harder by the moments. He was huge and the red head was having trouble getting all of it down her throat. But she lubricated it well so it would slide in nice and easy for her monarch. Simon simply looked down and watched the comely woman pleasure him for the Queen's amusement. When he looked up again other courtiers were helping her out of the skirts hampering her easy access to her sex. The Queen dismissed the woman and turning her back on Simon lowered herself onto his magic staff. She eased the head in and then dropped down impaling herself on the rest of the length. The court watched silent as statues as the Queen Bitch rode the stranger like one of her well trained mounts she hunted with. The only sound in the court was the Queen's breath coming harsher and harsher as the pleasure began to build towards its ultimate conclusion. Up and down her powerful hips drove mercilessly, like a machine performing one duty her sex enveloped and then released the hardness the stranger provided. The tide was rising as her voice began to whisper at first but soon it was a shout echoing for all to hear, one word.

"Yes, yes…yes!" Then the dark tide broke over her crashing and drowning her in the orgasmic pleasure of the pure perfect moment of bliss.

Veronica awoke with her fingers buried between her legs and her body in spasms. She blinked a few times and struggled to catch her breath after so intense a climax.

"Wow, what a dream, so real!" Veronica got up and threw on her robe and decided she needed a snack after so powerful a workout. She made her way on tip toes slipping past her brothers room when she heard a noise, a voice. His door was closed and so she put her ear up against it to hear better. It was definitely a feminine voice and she was having as good a time as Veronica had just had in her dream. Whoever she was she was making cute little noises and she could now hear her brother's grunts of passion. She stood up to leave but part of her balked at leaving and not seeing what was going on. As in the dream her hand moved of its own volition and soon she was peeking in the crack of the open door. Her brother was strapped to the bed and our neighbor Cathy was riding him with abandon. The bed creaked under them and her look of bliss was evident as Veronica saw how thick her brother's dick was. He looked to be at least six inches long as well, thick and long what a wonderful thought. Ew! Screwing her brother was out of the question and she closed the door and went to grab that snack she hungered for. She raided the fridge and sat at the kitchen table eating her sandwich and drinking some milk when Cathy came sneaking down half dressed heading for the back door.

"Have fun?" The words were out of her mouth before she knew it. Cathy turned pale and knew she was in trouble. The fear and panic were more refreshing than the food she had.

"Please don't tell Brian," referring to her husband, "he wouldn't understand."

"What's in it for me?" Cold tendrils of a calculating plan were forming in her mind. Cathy's face screwed up in relief.

"Whatever you want. Anything, anything at all." Vivian mouthed the word 'anything'.

"Go get dressed into something more, slutty and come back here in a half hour to pick me up, we are going out." She nodded and left without a word. Vivian walked up the steps and in her room retrieved the box in the back of her closet that had the clothes her parents never approved of. She dressed herself to capture and kill. Vivian was hungry for dick and would be satisfied.

Cathy pulled up with the car's lights off Vivian got in and off they went.

"Where are we going?" Cathy asked. Vivian looked her over and was pleased at the red silk dress she wore; it was one of those Asian designs the clings to all the right places.

"Are you wearing underwear?" Vivian asked ignoring her question.

"Of course I am," she lifted the dress to show a white t-bar, "I don't my pussy hanging out for everyone to see."

"Take it off." Cathy argued for a moment and then saw the look in the young woman's eyes. So she pulled over and parked then removed the t-bar and handed it to her passenger. "Better, now let's go clubbing, I hope you brought plenty of cash." They stopped by the ATM before making their way downtown to the clubs. It was shortly after midnight when they arrived at the Red Garter, an old-fashioned country western bar with a dance floor. Dressed as they were Cathy and Vivian stepped right through the ropes and into the bar. Vivian looked at the sea of humanity for the dick that was going to grace her pussy tonight. Then he emerged from the crowd all duded up in jeans, and cowboy hat. She leaned over and informed Cathy of her desire, Cathy could only nod and intercept the young man.

"Hey there, my friend wants to buy you a drink and watch while I suck your dick." He blinked a few times and then his arm slid around her waist as he led her to the bar.

"I like your friend's style there sweetheart." He grabbed her ass as the bartender brought his drink. "You have a fine butt there too, how about we blow off your friend and fuck in my brand new truck."

"No I want to see her suck your dick before I fuck you." Vivian was standing next to him. He took one look at her and smiled from ear to ear.

"Well, hell little darling whatever you say. Shit I'll fuck both of you if you want."

"No, I want it just the way I laid it out, alright?" He nodded and sipped his beer; his other hand drifted to Vivian's ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. They left the bar ten minutes later the cowboy sandwiched between the two women.

Vivian drove the truck while Cathy started working on him. No foreplay here she just unzipped him and pulled out his huge cock. Cathy eagerly lowered her head and started bobbing up and down on him. The cowboy just grunted every now and then as she lubricated his dick with her saliva. Vivian found a nice quiet spot in the business district to park and watch the show. She informed them she could see well, and demanded they move to the bed of the pickup. So with his dick hanging in the wind the cowboy climbed out and into the back with the two women right behind. Cathy knelt before him and how eerily it mirrored the dream; her hands and lips roaming over the impressive shaft of male flesh, teasing and pleasing it to an almost painful state.

"I'm ready little filly, come on I'll get you off real good." Vivian scowled at him her gaze stopped him cold.

"No, I am going to fuck you, remember?" She hiked up her dress and facing away lowered her pussy onto him. Easing the head in and then dropped down feeling the full thickness and length fill her up. The cowboy lost his breath as her tightness enveloped him.

"Damn!" He sat there while she did all the work; he lifted up her dress so he could watch her ass bob up and down. She knelt now and moved forward and backward uncaring as to his needs this was for her after all. His thick hardness rubbed her clit with nice long strokes stoking her fire to a blaze. Faster she moved and now he was thrusting against her as her orgasm neared with a speed and intensity that astounded her. She cried out as the last thrust pushed her over the edge he stopped as she knelt there quivering impaled to the hilt on him. The cowboy was close to coming himself and so was upset when she rose and smiled down at him.

"Thanks for the fuck." His mouth dropped open.

"What about me?" Vivian looked at Cathy who rose to finish him off.

"Good girl. She'll get you off." Vivian returned to the cab to warm up, the evening was getting chilly. She watched through the rear view mirror as Cathy knelt with her ass high in the air and let him mount her. He wasn't gentle after the teasing Vivian had given him and slammed into her hard and furious. He was blaming her for setting the whole thing up and Vivian just sat back and watched with delight as Cathy took it like a champ for her. Was that a smile on her lips between gritted teeth as he pistoned in and out of her drenched pussy? She was apologizing even as he fucked her silly; it really was quite a sight watching her from the mirror being degraded because she got caught with a brother of a neighbor. He pulled out of her now and was working it back into her; she sat up in rapt fascination as he forced his swollen dick into her ass. Well now this was something extra special, Vivian got back out and watched him defile her anal cavity with his huge member. She had heard of anal sex but until now had never seen it. At that moment Veronica woke up to see her neighbor being ass fucked by a complete stranger and she seemed to be liking it. How had she got here and why did her pussy ache? Cathy closed her eyes and was furiously rubbing her clit as he moves in and out her slowly at first but then at breakneck speed. The cowboy's grunting got louder and louder until he bit back a scream and came inside of her hilted in her ass. Veronica was stunned into paralysis as she was forced to watch him pull out and force Cathy to clean him with her mouth.

"Well now that was something, let me drop you two things back at your car." Whistling he zipped up and hopped out of the back and slid into the driver's seat. Cathy and Veronica joined him in the cab with Cathy sitting in the middle. Before too long they were standing back in front of the bar and the cowboy reentered the noisy push of bodies. Cathy looked at Veronica, "Is there anything else you need tonight?" Veronica shook her head, "good, I need to get home my ass is killing me." She was smiling as they made their way back to the car. She noticed the look on Veronica's face. "Hey are you ok?"

"No I am not…something is going on, I don't remember." Veronica was becoming hysterical.

'Oh do shut up would you!' Vivian yelled from within. 'Don't be such a coward, I am here to protect you, nothing bad will ever happen while I am here.' The calming effect was almost instantaneous. Veronica understood now, all the blackouts all the strange desires and the loss of control. She smiled to herself as Vivian explained how she controls Cathy after they caught her fucking their brother. The whole plan was laid bare before her mind's eye and it was good.

Cathy was looking at her, "Should I call someone?" The smile on Veronica's face was disturbing as she shook her head.

"That will not be necessary. Let's go home we have a busy week ahead of us." As she strolled back to the car she winced from time to time. "Shit my pussy hurts, I must have fucked a horse."

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