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Hunting Party


The smell of fresh wood filled the inside of the cabin as Eric stoked the fire. It was the weekend following Thanksgiving and he had an entire week off from work. None of his usual hunting pals were available so he decided to come alone this trip. The fridge was stocked with food and he had plenty of booze on tap as well.

As the fire crackled, he poured himself a cold one and sit back to relax. Looking out the window he could see the snow beginning to fall and he grinned, knowing that it would make it easier to track his prey the following morning. He passed the night drinking and watching porn on a DVD player he had brought with him.

Early the next morning he ventured out into the winter woods. The new fallen snow had created a scenic masterpiece as he made his way into the deep woods. It was nearly an hour before he spotted a large deer in the distance. He steadied his arm until it was dead in his sight, but at the last minute the deer bolted and vanished into the dense wood. Frustrated at losing such a prized catch he sat down under the tree and reached into his pocket for a taste of some blended whiskey he had brought to warm himself.

As he sat there he detected the scent of smoke and realized that another cabin must be nearby. He made his way through the woods towards the smell until he saw another cabin nestled in the woods, the chimney belching flumes of white smoke into the grey overcast sky.

He could hear the faint sound of music and laughter coming from inside the cabin and decided to take a closer look. As he approached the cabin from the side it began to sound like a party was going on inside. The rock music was blaring and he could clearly hear the sound of female laughter coming from inside.

Curiosity got the better of him and he peered into the cabin from a side window. What he saw nearly took his breath away. Inside the cabin were a half dozen females in various stages of undress. Most were parading around in only bras and panties, dancing and laughing as they sipped on their drinks. It seemed that a group of girls from the nearby college had rented this cabin for a little getaway of their own.

As his eyes took in the erotic scene before him another sight caught his eye that nearly took his breath away. A naked female was bound to a pole in the center of the large room. Her hands tied behind her and her legs tied around the bottom of the pole. She had a pair of panties stuffed in her mouth for a gag and the other girls delighted in teasing her.

They would pull at her nipples, and reach between her legs teasing her pussy lips and pulling at her pubic hair as they giggled. His cock had became aroused as he watched them tease and torment her. He heard one of the girls remark that they were glad it was her that lost the game instead of them, so he figured this was some sort of sexy game the girls played when they were all together.

After some time, the girls walked towards the small kitchen to refill their drinks, leaving the bound girl struggling against her ropes. He could hear them giggling and watched with glee as they all danced around to the music.

Just as he was about to leave they all came back and once again began to tease the bound girl. He watched as one girl produced a large vibrator and all the others cackled with glee while she inserted some batteries and turned it on.

Walking over to the bound girl she skillfully ran the vibrator along her pussy lips, taking time to tease the girl's clit. He watched the victim move her body in a manner that indicated she was clearly getting aroused. All the other girls began chanting for the her to cum as the vibrator worked its magic.

He was so glued to the erotic scene before him that he did not see two girls putting on their coats to go to outhouse out back. As they made their way out the back door and across the snowy path they saw him peering through the window and rushed back in to tell the others.

He gasped as he saw the two point to the window. Realizing he was caught he tried to turn and run but tripped over a stump buried in the snow. He was soon surrounded by a mob of angry girls.

"Fucking pervert, I bet you were jacking off watching us weren't you," one of the girls yelled.

He slowly picked himself up and began brushing the snow from his clothes as he sought to assure them he meant no harm. Just as he was speaking he felt the cold end of a gun barrel press against his back.

"Drop your pants and underwear, if that cock is hard we are going to shoot it off," one of the girls remarked, as the others laughed.

He tried desperately to convince them he meant no harm,but soon realized they were not joking when he heard the gun click behind him and press harder into his back.

Realizing he had no choice he slowly loosened the buckle to his pants and let them drop to the ground, along with his underwear. The cold air immediately caused his cock to shrink as the girls laughed and mocked him.

"Well, we might find some use for him after all girls," one remarked to the others.

"Finish stripping and toss your clothes to me," the girl in front remarked as she crossed her arms.

His face flushed red with embarrassment as he slowly complied until he was totally naked and surrounded by a dozen hot females. In any other circumstance he would be beside himself with joy, but now the embarrassment, as well as the chilly air, was more than he had bargained for.

"Well, we don't want the poor little thing freezing off, so let's get him inside," she told the others and they marched him inside the cabin where they led him to a couch and forced him to sit down.

He was now directly across from the bound girl and found it hard not to stare at her. He gazed at her firm breasts, the nipples still slightly hard. Her body was tight and she had a perfect hour glass shape. Her pussy was shaved and it was all he could do not to get hard looking at her in that helpless condition.

"Poor Meg here lost in our little card game and was going to be our sex slave for the night. We were going to fuck her silly with a vibrator, but why do that when we now have the real thing--right girls." the apparent leader of the group stated while the others cheered and giggled.

He watched as a large padded mat was dragged into the middle of the room. He was ordered to lay down on it facing up as they untied the bound girl and marched her over towards him. The leader bent down next to him and told him that Meg was going to ride his cock while all the other girls watched, and if he came before permitted, he would be severely punished.

Just the sight of Meg hovering over him, her shaved pussy glowing in the light caused his cock to stiffen as she lowered her body towards him. Her pussy was warm and wet as it slid down easily over his cock and she began riding it to the chants and cheers of the other girls.

He clutched her ass cheeks firmly in his hands as he rode him hard. As she rode him she moved her hands around her swollen nipples, stimulating them while her tight ass moved on his rigid cock. His balls were filling up and he could feel a powerful orgasm brewing but he was not about to cum, so he tried to hold on.

He soon felt her tense and heard her moan in pleasure as her hot juices soaked his cock as she came all over it. All the other girls clapped and cheered as her orgasm overtook her. The girls walked over and helped her off his swollen cock and then made her squat over his face and ordered him to lick her soaked cunt.

He began licking with delight,savoring her tasty girl sex. He felt two hands grope his swollen cock and begin jerking him off as he used his tongue to tease her swollen clit.

The girls would take turns jerking his cock then stopping, making sure not to let him cum as he brought Meg to another orgasm with his tongue. Once Meg had came on his face they pulled her off and he saw all the girls looking down at him.

Every girl was now naked, their hard bodies begging to be fucked as they looked down on him. Some were rubbing their pussies, and others teasing their nipples.

One by one, each girl took turns riding his cock until he emptied his balls insider her tight pussy. They would then take a break and when he was able, the would resume until he had fucked each and every one of them.

Early the next morning he woke and slowly sat up. The cabin was strewn with naked girls lying all around, deep in sleep. He grinned as he found his clothes and slowly dressed. He made his way back to his cabin and climbed into the warm bed. Of all his hunting trips, none would compare to this one, and who would ever believe him.

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