tagBDSMHurting Me

Hurting Me


Why do you like hurting me so much?

I was just minding my own business, washing the dishes you left in the sink for me before you went to work. I had taken off the little pink Hello Kitty ring that marks me as your slave, and placed it on the counter next to the sink. You had insisted on me wearing an item that you chose for me, something that I would never choose to wear normally. You knew I had a bit of a fetish for women wearing Hello Kitty, so I guess you fucking thought you were being funny with that ring.

When you came home I was excited, but I didn't want to seem too eager and turn you off. So I just said "hey you" and kept working at my chore.

You walked into the kitchen and slid up behind me. You draped yourself over my back, kissing my neck and reaching around to cup my balls gently through my clothes and apron. "Hey babe," you said, in a deep, throaty voice that let me know exactly the type of thoughts running through your mind. I smiled.

You toyed with my ring on the counter top. "Don't forget to put that back on when you're done washing, pet."

"Yes ma'am," I replied meekly.

"Those the same dishes that were here when I left?" You asked, innocently enough.

"Yeah, I just got around to them. Gonna need some of this stuff to cook dinner. Sorry I'm running so far behind today."

I felt your body tense up against mine, and your hand squeezed my balls a little too roughly.

I knew I was in deep shit.

You yelled at me, your temper rising. "You haven't even fucking started dinner yet? What the fuck? It's like 7:30, bitch!"

I tried to save myself. "I said I'm sorry! I got caught up playing a game, OK? And you know I don't like it when you call me that word."

"What word? Bitch? That's what you are, a bitch! My bitch!" You were really losing it and I started to get scared. "You fucking sit around playing video games all day while I'm out working! All I fucking ask for is some light housework out of your lazy ass, and you can't even do that right!"

"Please, I'll be good. I'll do better, I promise!" I begged.

You put your hand on the back of my head and pushed my face down into the sink, crushing my nose against the stainless steel as you screamed in my ear. "Shut the fuck up! I've heard it all before. I've been nice to you so far because you're so good with that sweet little tongue of yours and I get off so much making you eat your cum out of my pussy. But now it's time you learned the real way I like to use my bitch!" Your voice wasn't playful at all, and I did not like this game.

You hissed into my ear. "Stay!" Just like you'd say to a dog. I hated it, but I loved it, and I obeyed. I kept my face down in the sink obediently as you went into the bedroom. A few minutes later I heard you coming back, and I hoped you would be pleased that I hadn't moved an inch.

"Good boy," you said, "at least you can literally do nothing right!" You were behind me again, and you suddenly smacked my ass roughly. I jumped in shock, it fucking hurt! I tried not to move though, because I knew it would only make you mad, which would definitely make you hurt me more.

"Hmm, I don't have any lube. I guess we'll have to use dish soap this time. It will probably burn and make you very uncomfortable for the next few days, but I really don't give a shit."

I didn't know for sure what you were talking about, but I had a pretty good idea. And that idea made me extremely nervous.

You stepped over to one side of me and grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head up and turning it to face you.

I gasped. My fears were confirmed. You had stripped off all of your clothing, and hanging from your waist was a 7-inch pink strap-on.

"How do you like my new cock, baby?" You said, grinning at me evilly as I stared at your weapon.

"I...I don't want to do this, OK? Lets just do something else. I'll lick your pussy so good, sweetie. Just put that thing away!" I was really worried now, and I couldn't think of any way to stop this from happening to me.

"Mm, what a nice offer. I'll take you up on that later. But for now, your ass is mine!" You said, moving behind me again.

My mind was running a mile a minute as you yanked my sweatpants and boxers down with one tug. You were so strong! It scared me, and reminded me why I'm your bitch.

You reached over me and grabbed the dish soap I had been using (for its intended purpose, no less) only minutes before. I heard you squirting the "lube" onto your cock and rubbing it a few times with your hands to spread the soap around. Then I jumped as I felt you squirt some of the cold liquid into the crack of my ass.

I felt something pressing against my opening, and I tensed up automatically. You slapped my ass. "Let me in, bitch!" You said. "It's only a finger. Be grateful I don't just shove this monster in without prep, because you know that's what you deserve."

I tried to relax my muscles. It was just a finger, it couldn't be that bad.

You pushed hard and finally I felt your digit slip inside. I groaned loudly as the pain and the uncomfortable feeling of fullness shot through me.

You hissed at me through clenched teeth as you worked your finger in and out of my ass, deeper on every stroke. "Oh yeah, bitch. Your fucking ass is so tight you can barely even take my finger. God, I can't wait anymore!"

You pulled your finger out and I started to sigh in relief, but immediately I felt your strap-on pressing against my hole. I tensed up again and you grabbed my hair, giving it several rough yanks until I loosened up for you. "Oh yeah, there it is, bitch!" You said as the head of your cock popped into me. I screamed and begged you to stop.

"Please..." I was so miserable, the pain and the humiliation too much for me to take. I started crying as you continued to force your way into my ass. Your grip on my hair only tightened as you started to thrust into me, using it as a handle to pull me back against you.

I felt your slick cock sliding deeply, mercilessly, inside my greased hole, stretching me out. The dish soap was tingling and starting to burn. "You're such a worthless little cunt, you know that?" You reached around me with your free hand to grab my cock and balls, and started squeezing my manhood viciously as you fucked me, my groans of despair only driving you on.

You let go of my hair, my head falling back into the sink as you put both hands on my hips and really started going to town on me. I was screaming and blubbering as you pounded me ruthlessly, with no regard for my comfort or safety. You seemed to be enjoying yourself though, giving a little grunt of satisfaction each time you plunged your dick into my anus.

Your thrusts started to get faster, and you seemed to forget I was even a person, using me like a fuckdoll to take out your anger on. The top of my head banged into the back of the sink each time you slammed into me, balls deep. I had given up on screaming, I was so hoarse, but I still managed tiny whimpers of pain with each jarring thrust.

Your nails dug into my skin as your hips jerked against me lightning-quick, and you let out a high-pitched squeal as you gave me one last hard pump, burying yourself to the hilt in my aching ass and trying to drag me even closer to you with your hands on my waist.

"Oh fuck yes!" You said, rocking against me slowly as you finished your orgasm.

You pulled out of me, slapping my ass. You reached around to feel my cock again and laughed maniacally. "Still soft! I guess you didn't enjoy that fuck as much as I did, huh bitch?"

"Don't worry," you said. "You'll get used to it eventually. Although when you do I will probably just buy a bigger cock!"

You laughed all the way to the bedroom. "I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette, let me know when dinner's ready, slut."

I roused myself and dried my eyes, pulling up my pants. My anus was sore, and burning like wildfire thanks to the soap, but I knew that I had to get to cooking if I wanted to avoid any more punishments and be allowed to cum that night.

I picked up my slave ring and slipped it back on. I was yours then, more than ever.

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