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Hypno Coin


Tom found himself sitting at the kitchen table in front of some collage work. His mind was elsewhere as he stared at the shiny coin rolling round in his fingers. Earlier that day he had taken a shortcut home through the woods, and stumbled across this stand coin with a spiral on it. It was in a wooden box hidden in some undergrowth. Etched on the box were the words 'Hypnosis Coin'. Inside were instructions to shine the reflected light of the coin into someone's eyes, and they would follow any command you gave them.

Tom's mother was busy just a few feet away preparing dinner. She rattled pots and fiddled with the oven, hands covered in pastry mixture. Tom and his mother had always had a rocky relationship. Well, since his father left when he was younger. Tom never got a full story as to why, but he knew that his mother had kicked him out rather than the other way around. Tom was now 18 and ever since then she seemed to have a short temper with him. She always ordered him around and to do chores. It was not like Tom was lazy and had to be asked. It seemed to him to just be her way of sniping and digging at him. It made him feel a little worthless, even though it was just words. He did not have the closeness he wanted with her.

"Take the trash out for me, would you?" She asked without looking at him. That was exactly the kind of thing that annoyed Tom. Even though she was asking, it was more like she was telling. Ordering in fact. None the less, tom did as he was told. He pulled himself up and emptied the trash outside. He returned to the kitchen table and continued observing his mother.

"Mom, can you get me a soda please?" Tom asked, clutching the coin.

"Not really this minute, hon." She answered back, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Tom watched her faffing about for a few moments ignoring him. He looked at the shiny gleam of the coin, then carefully aimed the glare of it towards the back of her head.

"Mom?" Tom pestered again.

"What?!" she sounded slightly annoyed, but turned around to face him. Tom quickly adjusted the beam of light to hit her eyes. It did so, right into them. It stunned her for a second and forced her to close her eyes for a moment, but she was soon alert again. Her eyes reopened and she did not bite at Tom for irritating her.

"What?" she repeated, more calmly. Tom swallowed a nervous lump.

"Can you get me a soda?" he asked. His mother suddenly smiled at him, and without a second's thought she turned to the refrigerator and grabbed a can. She stood in front of him with hand outstretched. Tom's mouth was parted slightly, shocked that his hypnosis coin actually worked.

"Can you clean that up?" Tom asked, pointing to the pastry mix which had found it way from her hand into the can.

"Sorry!" his mother replied immediately, using her apron to wipe it. Tom took it from her. His mom turned around right away and continued preparing the dinner. His eyes did not leave her figure as he slowly sipped his drink. He watched her putting vegetables in pots and washing her hands in the sink, thinking to himself.

"Mom..." Tom began.

"Yes dear?" she answered quickly again.

"Get me a glass and ice, please." He tried his luck.

"Of course, hon." As soon as she spoke she was acting on his request. She walked quickly to the glass cupboard and right away to the freezer, filling the tumbler with ice. She set it down in front of him and was back to cooking before Tom knew what had happened.

"Thank you." He said.

"You're welcome." His mother replied, throwing a smile over her shoulder. Tom stood up and moved next to his mother, looking at her intensely.

"I'm going for a lay-down." He told her. She nodded, attention fixed on her task. Tom went up to his room and lay on his bed. He stared up at the ceiling for a while, thinking and planning. He smiled to himself at the possibilities this hypnosis-coin could bring.

Tom decided to leave it there for that night while he got his head round it. His mother later called him down for dinner, by which time the hypnosis seemed to have worn off as when he asked her to do so, she made him clear his own plate from the table. An uneventful evening followed as Tom went to bed.

When Tom returned home the next afternoon he did not think anyone was home. Everything was silent. He dumped his bag by the door and went upstairs to use the bathroom. He waded straight in as the door was unlocked. To his shock his mother was standing there barely covered by a towel. He gasped, but she wore headphones and faced away from him. The towel wrapped around her waist and pushed cleavage up. Tom thought her nipples should have been visible too. It stopped at her thighs, giving a very suggestive image of her round ass.

After only getting a few seconds view, Tom darted out of the bathroom, apparently not having been noticed by his oblivious mother. He had never thought of his mother in a sexual manner, but he had just caught an eyeful of her. Mistake or not it had made him horny. His dick pushed tight against his jeans. Thoughts of his mother in the towel filled his head.

Tom waited patiently downstairs in the kitchen for his mother to appear. After what seemed a while she did. She wore a thick cream sweater and blue jeans.

"Cooking dinner, Mom?" Tom asked.

"Sure," she smiled, "What do you fancy?"

"How about cookies?" he replied.

"You can't have cookies for dinner!" his mother scorned. With that, Tom pulled the hypnosis coin from his pocket. His mother caught sight of it for an all-too-brief moment before the gleam of light bounced from its surface and into her gaze. She was stunned once again.

"Let's have cookies for dinner." Tom repeated.

"Great idea!" his mother grinned. "I'll get to work." She wasted no time in pulling out ingredients and mixing bowls. Tom sat back feeling very pleased with himself. With the stroke of luck that allowed him to find the coin he had gained total control over this woman who was making his domestic life rather unhappy. He watched her follow his command for a while, however, today he wanted more from her.

"Aren't you hot in that sweater, mom?" he asked.

"Why, yes I am dear now you mention it." She replied.

"You should take it off." He continued. His mother paused half way through collecting a bowl and spatula and some other bits from a cupboard, but just let them fall to the floor out of her hands. They made a racket, but no reaction from his mother. Standing straight up she pulled the heavy sweater over her head. As the neckline lifted around her face it pulled her dark hair up with it. It flailed around, as if she had no concern of messing it up. Tom watched the garment swiftly uncover his mother's taut abdomen and slender back. It pinged over her ample breasts, which were barely constrained by a white lace bra. The cups only just covered her nipples, the tops of which Tom noticed instantly.

It was soon all the way over her head. She slid one arm out and allowed the sweater to slide down the other. It crumpled discarded on the floor. Tom stared at her bare skin. She looked forwards for a few moments, seemingly in a trance.

"Mom?" Tom asked quietly. She shook her head, regaining her senses. Tom swallowed. Suddenly she noticed the bowl and utensils spread over the floor.

"Oh no!" She gasped, "I'm so clumsy!" She quickly sat down on her knees, collecting bits and pieces in her arms. However she could not hold everything at once. Utensils slipped from her grasp and rolled further away. She did not even seem to realise her top half was covered only by her bra.

"I think you need to put more effort in there, Mom." Tom jested. This was not a command, just a chance to poke fun. Still, his mother got on her hands and knees to pull all the missing equipment into a pile. Her jeans tightened over her ass. They stretched to the point of making Tom think the seams would split.

"Those jeans look a little uncomfortable." He suggested.

"A little," his mother replied, "but could you help me down here?" Tom was mildly annoyed she had not acted on his suggestion. He would have to make sure she was entirely under his influence. He sparked her attention for a second, aiming the hypo coin's glare at her face. As she looked up from the floor she was blinded for a moment, but did not voice her irritation.

"You shouldn't be down there with those pants." Tom spoke, gesturing to her jeans, "remove them or they'll stretch." Like clockwork his mom stood up, allowing all the bowls and spoons to spill over the tiles again, and obediently unfastened the button to her fly. Then down came the zip with familiar efficiency. She kept her legs straight as she slipped her thumbs into the hem and bent down, dragging the garment off of her skin. Her revealed ass was clad in a matching pair of white lace panties, which her cheeks peeked out of, sitting atop her smooth thighs. The jeans fells around her feet which she stepped out of and kicked away.

Tom's eyes lapped up her body. There were so many alluring curves dancing under and out of her bra and panties. Tom wanted to taste her peach skin. He took long breaths, feeling his penis springing to life at the sight of her. It pushed at his trousers hard.

"Oh no!" she gasped, "I'm so clumsy!" Scott watched her getting down on all fours, chuckling at her reaction as if seeing the mess for the first time. Her ass protruded out as though presenting herself, lace material disappearing into her crack. She began collecting up all the bits again. This time Scott allowed her to. He was too busy watching the movement of her skin and the way her hair fell over her shoulder.

Standing behind her, he imagined just kneeling down right there, parting her knees with his own and yanking off those panties. He pictured grabbing her firmly, hands on her waist, and shoving his hard cock deep inside her. He wanted to grind it into her snatch, their hips crashing together. Would she even notice, or just keep tidying?

"Mom, I'm going to take my pants off, but it's ok, ok?" He told her. She nodded without facing him. He wanted to keep her at ease. It was so hot making it seem like she was willing. Tom took his pants off, letting his tent-polling boxers be on display. His eyes never left his mother as she crawled on the floor.

Before he could decide what to do his mother stood up, all the kitchen utensils cupped in her arms. Tom let out a slow breath or air. She put them down on the counter and began sorting them.

"I'm going to take my top off as well, mom, but it's normal, ok?" He said to her.

"Ok, honey." She replied, concentrating on arranging the last of the utensils. Behind her, Tom pulled his t-shirt over his head, now wearing one less item of clothing than his mother. From under his boxers his cock pointed angrily at her plump buttocks. She began moving around the kitchen collecting ingredients from the fridge and cupboards. Tom just stood there, dick twitching to each movement she made, her heavy breasts swaying in her bra. His mother threw him a look once or twice, like he was getting in her way, but she seemed oblivious to his half-nakedness and unsubtle erection. Turning back to the counter she was soon opening packets and pouring flour into a large bowl.

"Mom, wait!" exclaimed Tom, his mother looking over at him, "You're going to mess up your clothes." She looked down at herself.

"You're right." His mother spoke.

"Put on an apron." Tom instructed. She stopped mixing, on command, and pulled an apron from a drawer. Slipping the strap over and around her neck, she then fastened the ties loosely behind her, which slumped into a knotted 'V' above her ass. Tom moved behind her.

"Here," he began moving his hands up her back, "You'll be more comfortable without this." He unclasped her bra at the back. The material pinged apart under the tension of holding her ample breasts.

"Thank you, dear." His mother said in her monotone hypnotised voice. Tom grinned as he slipped the straps off her shoulders. He then took the sides of the bra and pulled the garment down, under the red apron. He felt the heat building from her body in the space between the cotton and her skin. Now he could slide it out from around her stomach and discard it with the rest of her clothes.

"What cookies are you making?" He asked, tossing her bra on the floor.

"Chocolate chip." she replied, eyes down on the bowl, mixing.

"Make raisin instead." Tom commanded.

"Ok." His mother obediently submitted. She reached up to a cupboard and pulled a pack of raisins out. While she was busy creating the cookie mix Tom decided to carry on.

"You don't really need these on now do you mom." Tom said as he slid his palms down her slender waist. He hooked his thumbs into the rims of her panties and slowly nudged them down around her ass cheeks.

"You're right. I don't need them." His mother agreed. Tom pulled them over the curves of her ass, and kept holding them as they slid down her thighs, using his fingers to feel the smoothness of her legs. Her tickled the backs of her knees lightly for fun, and finally reached her feet.. He instructed her to step out of the lace panties, which she did so without question and without stopping what she was doing. Tom tossed them to the side.

Remaining crouched on the floor, he looked up at her perfect ass. It was round and plump, yet taut and smooth. It reminded Tom of seeing fresh snow on the ground, begging to be messed up and run through. He stood up, watching her butt, then a quick look up at the back of her head, and finally back to staring at her ass. Without thinking too much Tom raised his hand back with an open palm. He brought it forward with a commanding force and pace, really being worked up in the moment. A mighty crack filled the air as his eager palm made contact with her smooth ass. Tom felt the dry sting on his hand as her cheek let off a single ripple.

"Arrh!" Tom's mother yelped loudly. Tom pulled his hand off her ass cheek to see a white handprint left behind. He was ready to smile. That was before his mother spun around. She stared at him, still holding the mixing spoon covered in cookie mix. She had a horrified look on her face, mouth open and eyebrows scorning at him. Tom felt a cold rush of blood empty his head.

"What are you doing?!" She screamed at him. Tom stood frozen on the spot. He could not even splutter. His mother's gaze pierced into him for what felt like minutes. Her eyes widened, seeing her son was standing in the kitchen in only his boxers.

"Where are your clothes?!" She cried. Tom could still not move, only stand motionless in cold panic as he realised that his mother's hypnosis had worn off.

"And where are mine?!" She shrieked, looking down at the apron and nothing else but her cleavage. She dropped the mixing spoon. It landed next to her feet and cookie dough flew from it and onto her leg. Now even more confused, not knowing why she had been cooking anything, she looked back up at her son, placing one arm across her chest, making sure her tits did not fall out the sides.

"What's happening?!" She screamed, confused and nervous. Tom swallowed a lump in his throat, just about able to find the courage to escape his frozen state. He stepped back from her. His hands found the table top as he crashed into it. His mother noticed the pile of her crumpled clothes on the floor.

"What's going on?!" She kept yelling, herself now frozen in panic. Tom's fingers searched desperately for the hypnotising coin on the table. He could not bring his eyes from his mom. He knew he had to hypnotise her again, but had no idea what to do at this moment.

His fingers brushed past something cold. He frantically felt around that area. Suddenly, success! He grasped the coin between his fingers, stumbling to keep it there. He pulled it in front of him and shined it at his mother. She instinctively looked at it. In her state she must have been looking for an escape. The glare brushed over her gaze, and within a few seconds she was calm and sedate. Her relaxed expression returned. Tom caught his breath, taking his time to stand up away from the table.

Her arms fell to her sides. The sides of her pert breasts peeked around the edges of the apron. Tom looked at her cautiously, waiting for something to happen. His cock still stood hard as rock and aimed at his mother.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she spoke in a soft voice, "I don't know what came over me then." Tom felt a huge amount of relief knowing she was back under control. He watched her turn around and continue working. His handprint was still smacked branded onto her ass.

Tom took a seat at the table and a few moments to think. He was annoyed at how careless he had been, allowing his subdued mother to break out of her hypnosis. It seemed to only be effective for about twenty minutes before wearing off. Care would have to be taken. He decided he would never be without the coin from now on. It would always be on his person, no matter what he was doing.

"All done!" his mom announced, placing the spoon down on the counter, "Now just to put them in the oven." Tom just watched, chin resting on his hands. She dropped balls of the mix onto a tray and bent over to put it in the stove, giving her son another eyeful of her beautiful ass.

"I'm going to watch TV, mom. Come in when you're done here." Tom told his mother.

"Ok hon!" She complied cheerily.

Tom went into the lounge. He pulled the curtains across the French windows to block out the light as well as any prying eye from the neighbours. After switching on the TV he slumped onto the sofa. It was a big sofa made of leather with a deep back. You would lay on it more than sit. Tom flicked through a few channels, not really interested in what was on. He was waiting for his mother to come in. Listening to her, he could hear her shutting the oven and washing her hands. After a few minutes she entered. Tom watched her thighs emerge and disappear from under the apron as she walked.

"Did you want me, dear?" She asked gently. Tom was laid back comfortably, almost flat. His loose boxers hung off of his attentive, upright cock.

"Yes mom." He said, "Come here." She did so as soon as he spoke, standing a few inches in front of him. Tom picked up the hypnosis coin from the sofa arm.

"Look at this." He told her. She did. He shone the glare of the coin into her face. She blinked for a few moments, without any other reaction. Tom put the coin back down.

"Repeat after me," Tom began, "so that I know you understand." His mother nodded.

"You're going to go upstairs and take off that apron."

"I'm going to go upstairs and take off this apron." She repeated.

"You're going to look through all your clothes..." he continued.

"I'm going to look through all my clothes..."

"...and find the sexiest thing you can."

"...and find the sexiest thing I can."

"Something you'd wear to really turn on your son. Make him really horny. Something that would make him masturbate while thinking about you." Tom grew more animated.

"Something I'd wear to really turn on my son. Make him really horny. Something that would make him masturbate while thinking about me."

Tom leaned forwards.

"Because... you want to turn him on." He said

"Because I want to turn him on." She repeated.

"Good. You're dismissed." He told his mother. She left the room, turning and giving Tom one last glimpse of her ass for now. He heard her trotting upstairs and into her room. The floorboards creaked as she moved around.

Tom waited, sure to keep one eye on the clock which sat on the mantle. He felt his skin growing clammy against the leather of the sofa. He adjusted, moving to the centre seat. His cock was still rock hard, partly due to what he had already seen, partly to what he imagined he was still going to see.

After what seemed a while, he heard his mother moving out of her room and down the stairs. Tom gulped as he saw the door handle to the lounge turn. Light crept in slowly as it opened. Placing one hand either side of him, he looked as if he was about to leap up, but really he was just straining with excitement. The door became fully open and through walked his mother. Tom's eyes could have jumped out of his skull. His hard-on was not going anywhere.

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