tagMind ControlHypnosis Goes Haywire On Nude Day

Hypnosis Goes Haywire On Nude Day


Three men have their wives hypnotized for naked Nude Day fun.

Billie, Bobby, and Ben childhood friends, married Julie, Joanie, and Jane from the neighborhood. Attending grammar school, high school together, and the Prom together, even getting married in a triple ceremony, the three couples did everything together. They even went as far as the women, somehow, getting pregnant within weeks of one another, so that their kids could grow up, attend school, and play together, just as they had.

As friends, they were inseparable, even buying homes in the same neighborhood and on the same street. After a lifetime together, you'd think they'd be sick of one another, but they were all friends, best friends forever. Life for the six of them was good, real good. What more could they possibly want?

The three men, in business together, plumbing contractors, Three B's Plumbing, made good money. Even though all three had plumbing licenses, Billie, married to Julie, was the only one working in the field at customers' homes and businesses with his plumbing assistants. If it was a big job, too much work for one plumber to handle, Bobby and Ben would help. For the most part, Bobby, married to Joanie, quoted jobs and drummed up the business and Ben, married to Jane, ran the office, ordered supplies, and did the accounting. It worked out well, with each man doing what he was more adept at doing, while all three men worked as a team to make the business grow and succeed, and it did.

The wives were as different as the men were the same. Julie was a sexy all American woman, much like the blonde beauty queens you'd find in Texas. As nice and accommodating as she was pretty, the stereotypical dumb blonde, she was the nicest, but the most gullible one of the three women. A tall, thin, long legged and long haired, bright, blue eyed blonde, she had A cup perky breasts with puffy areolas and pink nipples and a compact, tight ass. Her long, lush, blonde hair is what you noticed about Julie, whenever she walked in a room and when she left the room, you'd notice her tight, perfect ass.

Joanie had a body like J-Lo with a face to match. She was more curvaceously exotic and voluptuously erotic looking. With dark mahogany, shoulder length hair and eyes the rich color of honey molasses, she had a bright white smile. Her C cup breasts, with big, hard, dark brown nipples, would make you excited with desire for her. The one with the most street smarts of the group, her bodacious body is what you'd first noticed, whenever she walked in a room, and her melodious laughter and fun personality lingered long after she left.

Jane, the tallest, taller than all three men by an inch without heels, and the prettiest wife of the three women, possessed the best body. Not that either of the other two weren't pretty or had bad bodies, Julie and Joanie were nines on a scale of ten, but Jane was naturally blessed with superior Heidi Klum, super model like looks, beauty queen genes, and fitness model curves. Jane had short, lush, chin length, red hair styled to fit her face and that moved with her, as she walked. With not a hair out of place, she had the type of shampoo commercial like hair that you'd just want to reach out and touch it and smell it. She had freckles, a small upturned nose, full pouty lips, and deep, green eyes that would make you feel you were in Ireland. Her long shapely legs are what you noticed first about her, whenever she walked in a room and her beauty is what haunted you long after she left.

With each woman, as different as they were unique, much in the way of wanting a different flavored ice cream cone on a hot, summer day, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, all three women were smoking hot, in their own way. These three women are what the women of Sex and the City should have looked like or were the type of women, you'd imagine when remembering the movie, The Stepford Wives. Definitely, you'd imagine these three women walking on Rodeo Drive, instead of here in this small town neighborhood married to plumbers. Wherever they went, if only to the grocery store or to pick up their children at school, they turned heads. Definitely, you'd remember these three women, whenever you saw them alone and, especially, hot overload, when you saw them together.

The three men, however, on the surface, were non-descript and interchangeable, as often as do men appear, especially when men wear work clothes. Except for a few minor dissimilarities, all three men looked much alike, too much alike. They could have been brothers, triplets, and many thought they were related, they all so resembled one another in their physical appearances that they could have been mountain men in the hills of Tennessee or working the coal mines in West Virginia. Unable to tell one from another, were it not for their nametags on their uniform shirts, some customers, who didn't know them well, wouldn't know Billie from Bobby and Bobby from Ben. Certainly, when seeing the three men with their wives, you'd wonder how three ordinary looking men, who looked like this, got women who looked like that.

All three men, nearly the same 5'9" height, had the same chestnut brown hair with receding hairlines. Each of them had a pot belly from drinking too much beer, eating too much barbeque, and not getting enough exercise. Fortunately and surprisingly, none of the six friends smoked, but all of them drank a little too much on weekends.

After caring for the kids, cleaning their houses, and taking care of the men, the women just wanted to relax on weekends. With the kids put to bed and being watched by babysitters, the three couples took turns hosting barbeques and after hours pool parties. It was with those after hours pool parties where the real fun began and it was the amount of drinking the men did on weekends, along with the confessions of their sexual fantasies, that sparked the inspiration for this story.

With the excessive amount of alcohol drunk that laced their lust for one another's wife, the three men were keenly curious from wondering and verbalizing their favorite fantasy of what it would be like to sleep with their best friend's wife. It was a great fantasy and one they all wanted to experienced over and again. As already discussed in great detail by the three men over one too many beers, they believed that it would be difficult for the women to discern one man from the other in a dark bedroom.

"So long there was no light on in the bedroom," said Billie, "and with the drapes drawn, we'd fool them."

"So long we didn't speak to the women," said Bobby, "they'd never know we pulled the old switcheroo."

"So long we didn't kiss them," said Ben, "they couldn't tell one from the other. I think they'd know right away we weren't their husband, if we kissed them."

"If the women were drunk enough, too drunk to notice one man from the other, we'd get away with it," said Billie. Bobby and Ben nodded their drunken affirmation that it was a good fantasy, while drinking more beer.

Yet, even with light off, the drapes pulled, with the men not speaking to the women and not kissing their wives, was it a good enough plan? Certainly, the fun was more in the fantasy than it was in the reality. They enjoyed imagining that they could get away with swapping wives, albeit, if only for one night.

Should they ever try and fool their wives by picking house keys out of a hat, which had been their hot topic of discussion lately, especially whenever having too much to drink, they assured one another that they could probably fool their wives into having hot sex with one another. Wow. Considering the possibilities of swapping wives, the only thing that stopped them from exploring their little sexual fantasy was the possible fear that their wives would discover the sexually inspired switch and be frying pan hitting, police calling, house evicting, and divorce court mad. They imagined their wives discovering their salacious and scandalous sexual plan at the most inopportune time, when their cock was buried deep in their pussies or excitedly in their mouths.

The men loved their wives and loved their lives and didn't want to rock their boats and throw all they had overboard for a midnight, naked swim in uncharted waters that were filled with hazards that could sink them. When they thought about it, in the light of the next day without alcohol clouding their thought process, there was so much that could go wrong to foul their foolish fantasy. Yet, it was still hot to believe that they could fool the women long enough to get away with it.

"What if," worried Billie, "one of the wives wasn't drunk enough?"

"What if," worried Bobby, "we stood in the moonlight a little too long and were recognized, as not being her husband, but as being one of the other two men?"

"What if," worried Ben, "one of the wives snapped on the light and screamed that another man was there having sex with her?"

"What if one of the wives wanted to talk before," said Billie.

"Or during," said Bobby adding to his thought, as were all close friends apt to do.

"Or," said Ben completing the thought, "after having sex?"

It was a good fantasy to elaborate over a few beers, but it was not well enough thought out for it to be a foolproof plan. Doomed for failure from the start, there were too many underwater mines to torpedo their fantasy. Sadly, never is when this plan would ever happen.

Not allowing their fantasy to die, they had fun in exploring all the options of it and there were some other considerations that could conceivably happen.

"What if," speculated Billie, "the women knew we switched?"

"What if," wondered Bobby, "in our feeble attempt to fool the women, our wives didn't care?"

"Interesting," said Ben. "The ramifications of that for us could be either very good or very bad."

"What if," asked Billie, "the women enjoyed having sex with someone, other than their husband, a little too much?"

"What if," worried Bobby, "they more enjoyed having sex with the other man, more than they enjoyed having sex with their own husband?"

"What if," asked Ben, "the plan totally backfired and the wife enjoyed having sex with the husband of her friend, so much, that she wanted to leave her man for him?"

That would be as embarrassing and as emasculating for the men, as it would be disastrous for the women. They were all best friends, after all. They'd all have much more to lose than to gain by a quick romp in bed with their fantasy dream woman.

What if? What if? What if? There were so many what ifs that it was the what ifs that were the problem. There was just too many what ifs to take the chance of ruining their happy little lives for the sake of a bit of extramarital fun.

Yet, it was the reality of the what ifs and the consequences of the what ifs that made the reality of their sexual fantasy as exciting as it did an impossibility. Even though it was exciting to discuss their erotic fantasy, even though they'd love to experience one another's wives, there were too many what if's to risk their marriage for the sake of swapping partners and sexually sharing their wives with one another. All still very excited by the thought of it, however, still enjoying talking about it, it was a shame that they couldn't go through with it. Certainly, it would have made for such an exciting story.

If only there was a way they could sexually experience the wife of another, without their wives knowing they had been deceived and tricked into having sex with one another, life would be so perfect. If only there was a way, where their wives would never know they had been used and abused. If only there was a perfect solution to solve all the what ifs, but what?

"We can drug them," said Billie. "We can give them Royhpnal, a Roofie."

"Yeah," said Bobby. "That's a good idea. What about a sleeping pill? When Joanie takes a cold tablet, she's out for the night. I can't imagined how unconscious she'd be after taking a sleeping tablet."

"Hey, I like the idea of swapping wives, but I don't know about giving them Roofies or sleeping pills. That's just wrong. That's really crossing the line," said Ben. "What if one of the wives has a serious side effect from taking the Royhpnal or didn't awaken from taking the sleeping pill?"

"Your right," said Billie. "How awful would that be if they had a serious side effect? How could we do that, take advantage of the mother of our children, just for a bit of sexual fun, erotic adventure, and selfish pleasure?"

"Besides, who wants to have sex with an unconscious woman," said Bobby. "I'd rather have a willing partner, one who'd be proactive in taking me in hand and in mouth."

Even though the idea of switching sexual partners appealed to them, even though the fantasy of sleeping with their friend's hot wife and having their friend sleep with their hot wife excited them, they were too afraid to take that next step. They were too fearful of jeopardizing the perfect life they had just for sex, even if it was exciting and forbidden sex. Still with the thoughts of sharing all the juicy details of the sexual encounter later, their sexual fantasy made their cocks as hard with desire, as much as it made their imaginations wild with lust. Only, disappointedly, they realized that the thought about experiencing the others' wives was nothing more than a delicious fantasy and something that would never happen.

It's funny, with all their talk about their sexual fantasy, with all their lust and desire, with all their deception and skullduggery, they never thought to ask the wives if they'd like to swap. Didn't the men think their wives had a sexual appetite, too? Maybe the women talked about picking keys from out of a hat, too. Maybe it was the women's fantasies to have hot sex with their best friends' husband, also.

Thinking of their wives more as things and possessions, rather than considering them as feeling, sexual human beings, women who shared the same lustful desires that they had, they never even considered the remote possibility that their wives could be having the same naughty, sexual thoughts, too. If only they had the courage to ask their wives, if they'd want to have a bit of adventurous fun, too. If only they remotely thought that their wives may enjoy swapping, too. Alas, they were too wrapped up in their own sexual fantasies to think of anyone else's sexual fantasy, especially when thinking that their wife may have one, too.

Nonetheless, even without considering the possibility that their wives may enjoy playing, too, the idea of swapping sexually excited them on two levels. Billie could experience what it would be like to sleep with Joanie and Jane, Bobby would discover the intimate details of being with Julie and Jane, and Ben would learn what it was like to have sex with Julie and Joanie. Nearly, as important as having sex with each others' wives, the three men could further heighten their sexual arousal by telling the other men what their wives were like in bed, while they told them what their wives were like in bed, too. Imagining the possibilities of three couples being intimate with one another, it was a multi-faceted fantasy and a fantasy that was just too hot not to explore.

Indeed, it was a good plan and great fun to discuss, especially when drinking, only there was just no way the men could share their wives without their wives knowing. Unfortunately, swapping their wife for another would never happen. Besides, they figured and they feared, their wives would know that they weren't their husbands, no matter how drunk or drugged they were.

It was then that they considered the reality of their folly. Accustomed to having sex the same way time after time, if their sexual routine altered, their wives would know, for sure, that the man in bed with them was not their husband. Yet, the men knew their wives and their sexual routine well enough that they could tell one another what to do sexually and when to do it. Only, that wouldn't be any fun not doing the sexual things that they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it, and in the way that they wanted to do it.

Having to follow a scripted sexual plan would be too orchestrated and that, surely, would spoil the fantasy fun. Alas, the delicious thought of swapping wives without the wives ever knowing was nothing more than an exciting erotic fantasy to imagine. It was just something they all masturbated over with the hot thoughts of it.

As a last resort, as a desperate action to realize their fantasy and fulfill their every sexual desire, finally, they discussed telling their wives about their fantasy, but they knew their wives would never go for it. Thinking for the women and making incorrect judgments and sexual assessments about their wives, they figured their wives would never sleep with the husband of one of their best friends. Where guys are always willing to have an open marriage, where most men are more than willing to sleep with any woman, any time, and anywhere, women are more faithful, loyal, and monogamous; they sadly assured one other.

Then, there's the matter of women not being able to do that to their female best friends, sleep with her man. Where women would seldom jeopardize a friendship for sex, guys would just slap their male friends a high five, after having had sex with another man's wife. After the affair was over, they'd pour another round of beers, while discussing the intimate details of all that happened.

Only, the men never figured the obvious, that their wives wanted to swap partners, as much, if not more than they did. They never thought that their wives would be attracted to the men in the way the men were attracted to the women. They never considered that their wives had as big a libido as they had.

No doubt, if the men weren't so alike in appearance, as the three women were so opposite in appearance, the women would have swapped house keys long ago. For sure, the women had much more to lose than did the men for harboring and acting out their sexual fantasies. Admittedly, with so much more to lose, the women needed more motivation and variety to spice up their marriages and not more of the same with a look alike stand-in husband for them to risk their happy marriages and jeopardize their friendships.

Finally, they thought the obvious, after reliving their fantasy over and again, whenever the beers freely flowed.

"What if," asked Billie, "the women are thinking the same thing?"

"What if," asked Bobby, "the women wondered what it would be like to sleep with one of us?"

"What if," asked Ben, "the women shared the same dilemma of how to go about realizing their fantasy? What if they're afraid to take the next step?"

Only, who knew and how could they ever find out if the women shared the same sexual fantasy with the men? Women by nature are jealous creatures. Even under the cover of pillow talk, the subject of swapping could never be broached without the one, who first discussed it, wondering why they didn't satisfy their partner enough sexually for them to want to experience another. As long as the man wasn't possessively jealous, surely, it would be okay, so long as if it was the woman who brought up swapping. It was all so impossibly difficult and really too much to ponder, especially when their brains were filled with lustful horniness and numbed by excessive amounts of alcohol.

In the vein of the grass is always greener on the other side of the picket fence, each man found the other man's wife exceedingly more attractive and erotically more exciting than their own wife. Billie had the hots for big titted Joanie, Bob was crazy for beautiful Jane, and Ben wanted sexy Julie more than anything. Certainly, lusting over another man's wife, be him friend or foe, was a formula for disaster and the true theme of this story.

Every weekend the three couples hung out together. They had barbeques, went to the movies, and/or went out to dinner. Because they were all still so very young, barely thirty, during the warm weather, their weekends were occupied with drunken pool parties. With lots of down blouse and up skirt views, the women enjoyed teasing the men by flashing them, as much as the men enjoyed being teased by being flashed. It was nothing more than innocent, albeit erotic fun among good friends, when the wives showed some panty and cleavage for the men to enjoy.

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