tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 03

Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 03


The night after their first counseling session Andrew had powerful erotic dreams. He usually dreamt several times a night and it was typical that those dreams involved sex, but as he tossed in his sleep in the early morning after counseling, he was gripped with unusually intense fantasy visions.

The first few dreams moved quickly, in clear focus yet somehow not visible: going with Rebecca to a secluded beach, watching her try on clothes in a boutique changing room, and taking her to a photographer to arrange wedding photos. As the final dream of the evening started, only the feeling of those earlier dreams remained, the thrill of seeing his shy fiancée attracting the sexual attention of other men.

His final dream was detailed, clear and felt absolutely real, even at the points where the events were bizarre and supernatural. It began with Andrew picking up Rebecca for a date. She wore a checked blue and white sundress, and casual flat sandals. As she approached the car a breeze blew her dress high, exposing pink thong panties that accentuated the round curves of her bare ass, and hugged her close-trimmed pussy in sheer fabric. She laughed and made no effort to push the unruly garment back into place.

In the car, she forcefully took charge, telling him to drive them to a nightclub he had never heard of and squeezing his member through his pants when he started to object. Though the dream had started in afternoon daylight it was late-night dark when they drove into an industrial office park, even though no time seemed to have passed.

They drove slowly through the empty parking lots in front of auto mechanics, window manufacturers, and electrical supply stores, in grey steel buildings with unreadable signs, all shuttered closed for the night. Slowly they snaked their way to the rear of the sprawling complex, feeling more and more isolated as they drove.

Completely out of context with her surroundings, Rebecca maintained a cheerful, perky, demeanor as they pulled to a stop in front of the last building. Unlike all the other buildings they had passed the tall, grey steel facade and corrugated roof was not pierced by windows or skylights. There were a dozen silent cars in the parking lot. A single, bare, 100 watt bulb burned above a heavy, black, wooden door.

Without exiting the car or walking across the lot, they were at the door, shivering in the cool evening air. Andrew's nubile girlfriend pressed the doorbell anxiously. The young couple stared up into the security camera mounted near the bulb. Another breeze came out of nowhere and blew her dress high as they waited for a response, and again she made no effort to cover herself as the camera scanned across her exposed legs and bottom. A dark wet spot had appeared on the sheer pink material between her thighs.

The black door opened inward silently and automatically. They stepped into a lightless, empty room and the door closed behind them, enveloping the two in warm darkness that smelled faintly of desire.

Another door opened on the opposite side of the room, letting a thin yellow light leak in, illuminating nothing. In the doorway, behind a velvet rope that arched across the opening, was a dwarf in a tuxedo. Not a small man, but an alien race like a dwarf from the Lord of the Rings, short and incredibly heavyset, with a long thick white beard.

He never took his eyes off Rebecca, and waved them forward anxiously, as though they were late. He smiled and grunted at the young woman, moving the rope out of her way so that she could pass into the darkened room beyond. As she walked through the doorway the mischievous breeze again lifted her dress, and the lascivious little man got a good close-up look at the girl's nearly naked bottom as she scooted hurriedly past into the dark of the next room.

Andrew tried to follow in her wake but the dwarf solidly blocked his path.

"Twenty dollars," the creature insisted.

"But I'm with her!"

"Not anymore," the dwarf grinned wickedly and held out his hand. Andrew fished out his wallet and handed over the money. By the time he was allowed to pass he had no idea where in the inky darkness his fiancée had gone.

The darkness wasn't empty space; it was a maze of pitch black wooden walls. Three entrances presented to Andrew and he chose the middle one, thinking that must have been the path Rebecca had followed. He had to walk with his hands out in front of him, carefully feeling his way across the rough-grained surfaces in the near total darkness to avoid running face first into a solid barrier.

As he twisted and turned down the pathways he heard the loud thumping of music and a woman's laughter ahead of him. Increasingly frantic he turned a blind corner and suddenly burst into an open space in the maze. Before him six men stood with their faces pressed against a curved, black wooden wall. Their pants were around their ankles and their naked hips were pressed against the matte black boundary of the far side of the room.

As he inched cautiously closer one of the men turned and smiled at him as though he was recognized, waving him toward an empty place at the wall next to him. It was only then Andrew realized that there were openings in the black painted surface, one at eye level and another directly below at hip level. The men were staring through the upper openings at something on the other side, at the same time thrusting their naked cocks through the lower openings.

The friendly stranger pointed to the empty space again and Andrew dimly saw the pair of openings that was not being used. He peered through the eye slit and his heart started to pound. Inside he viewed a circular room lit in a soft, warm light and padded all around in plush red upholstery. A beautiful, voluptuous blonde woman stood in the center of the room, naked except for tall black leather boots that laced nearly to the hip. With pale skin and heavy full breasts she looked to Andrew like a more mature version of Rebecca's roommate, Juliet.

In one hand she held a black leather riding crop. The other hand she kept between her parted legs, slowly working her graceful fingers across her shaved, wet snatch. She presided over two kneeling women, clad in nothing but tight-fitting, black leather blindfolds. Andrew was relieved that neither of the women appeared to be his future wife.

One was a sleek, dark-skinned, young black woman, and the other a mature, zaftig, fiery redhead. All around the room throbbing cocks protruded through the openings in the walls. The black girl had both hands wrapped around a long, slender, uncircumcised white cock on the wall opposite Andrew. She pressed her lips against it and in a single, slow, smooth motion made it disappear into her mouth, her nose finally coming to rest against the soft red cushioning of the wall.

Andrew gazed in wonder as the blonde used the crop to nudge the redhead from the middle of the room toward a thick, brown cock bobbing out of a hole a few feet to his left, a trickle of pre-cum dripping from the tip.

When the redhead moved too slowly for the impatient mistress of ceremonies, the crop suddenly sliced through the air and came down with a crack on the woman's round ass, a bright pink welt appearing instantly beneath the harsh tip. The redhead moaned appreciatively, and smiling, arched her back to present herself for a much desired beating while still blindly seeking out the eager cock that her mistress had led her to suck. Soon she was bathing the ebony tool with her passionate mouth, while the mistress continued to rain down sharp strikes on her subject's lewdly wiggling, rapidly reddening ass.

The scene had mesmerized Andrew, momentarily distracting him from the dreaming chase after his missing fiancée. Before he could drag his eyes away to begin the search anew, a red-draped section of the wall behind the mistress quivered, and suddenly Rebecca tumbled through the curtain and into the circular room, landing at the feet of the blonde dominatrix. The hairy, muscular arm of the dwarf that had propelled her still protruded through the opening the drapes, hand held upward to indicate that escape was not an option.

His fiancée's brown hair was tousled, her lipstick smeared. She was still dressed in the blue-checked sundress but it was twisted askew on her lithe frame, and her mascara had run down one cheek. Her feet were bare, the summer sandals missing. He expected the shy Rebecca to run away from this lascivious display, but instead she looked right at the opening where he gazed out upon her. Even though Andrew knew—in the way that dreamers can know all the contents of their own dreams—that she could not see him, she smiled as though she felt his presence and stood to present herself to the wicked mistress.

The blonde looked over at Andrew's peephole and smiled too, but her smile was not friendly. It was naughty, seductive, and domineering, but not friendly. She turned back to the young woman and leered down at her, removing her hand from her own sopping, bald pussy and using it to smear her fragrant juices all across Rebecca's face, finally sliding four fingers insistently into the trembling girl's mouth.

Andrew's fiancée sucked hungrily on the blonde's sex-coated fingers. The pale naked woman withdrew her hand roughly grabbed the material of the front of her sundress, effortlessly lifting the smaller girl off her feet and leaving her bare feet dangling helplessly in air. Thrusting her head forward she planted her lips hard on the young woman's still open mouth, penetrating her with an insistent tongue and tasting her own musky essence mixed with the girl's sweet, panting breath.

Abruptly and in one motion, the blonde dropped Rebecca back to the floor, tearing the sundress down and off, instantly stripping the brunette to nothing but her pink thong, now thoroughly soaked from her own sex juices. Instead of covering in shame as he expected, his fiancée spread her arms wide, surrendering herself both to the desires of her powerful mistress and to the eyes of all the men peering through the secret openings encircling the room.

With another forceful tug the thong was torn off, baring Rebecca's close trimmed, brown haired pussy. Her labia were dangling thick with passion and wet with need. The thong was flung away and disappeared into the same dream-space where the sundress had recently vanished. With both hands the blonde pushed Rebecca down to her knees, guiding her pink quivering lips to her mistresses sopping, needy cunt. All around the room, cocks bounced and throbbed in voyeuristic admiration of the passionate work Rebecca's eager mouth did between the dominatrix's shapely thighs.

In the hungry mouths of the two blindfolded women, the turgid shafts they ministered could hold back no longer and spewed out appreciation. Each woman savored every salty drop before releasing the flagging members and moving another prick to the right around the circle.

The mistress shuddered in pleasure herself. She pulled Rebecca's shiny, wet face away from her slick pussy and secured a previously unseen black leather blindfold over the delirious girl's eyes. Pinching Rebecca's nipple hard, she stood her up and led the naked brunette beauty, tripping and tumbling, for a tour around the circular room.

She bumped Rebecca intentionally into each hard cock as she passed, mashing the stiff members against the plush cushioned walls with the smooth, soft, teasing warmth of the future bride's ass, thighs and belly. Strands of sticky clear fluids stretched from their tips to her lithe body, breaking and streaking across her unblemished skin as the mistress led the captive to the next erection in the circle.

Andrew turned to escape. He needed to find a way to enter the room and save Rebecca from further degradation, but instead of the open room with six other men he now found himself in a tightly confining box of black wooden walls. He clawed for a way out but the box only seemed to draw tighter around him.

He turned back to face the room and through the spyhole he now saw his naked girlfriend on her hands and knees at the curtain. The dwarf had one hand on her head, guiding her down, where he held a gnarled, glossy club of crafted from polished black marble. The stunted humanoid stepped out through the curtain and Andrew realized in sudden horror that the dwarf was naked, that the stone club wasn't a weapon at all, but the creature's erect phallus. He was guiding Rebecca's mouth down onto the oozing, bulbous head. She licked her lips in anticipation.

He tried to yell but no voice emerged from his throat. He raised his fists high intending to pound down the wall in front of him, but as his arms lashed out, he found it was no longer a wall, but instead a heavy curtain. He lost his balance and pitched himself through the drapery.

Andrew reeled in the humid, musky room with the dwarf and the mistress and the circle of throbbing cocks, all their attention focused on his nude fiancée, now lovingly caressing the shiny, crooked organ that pulsed only inches from her lips.

He tried to stand and run toward her. His own clothes disappeared. Naked, he suddenly couldn't get his feet under him. Instead, he kept grinding toward his goal on his belly like a worm.

The padded floor shifted, the walls disappeared and suddenly he found himself standing at the center of the room, on a raised platform, his own throbbing, aching manhood being tenderly caressed by the naked Rebecca, no longer blindfolded. She knelt before him and gazed up into his eyes eagerly as she drew her mouth closer to his aching cock.

The dwarf was gone, as were the redhead and the ebony girl. The other men, all naked now, sat on a circular couch encircling the display, stroking their slippery, oversized knobs as they watched the young naked couple perform.

The mistress was still there, dressed now in a light grey silk blazer and matching skirt. Her naked breasts hanging visible and taunting under the unbuttoned blazer. She twirled the riding crop skillfully in her long thin fingers, and with her other hand lovingly stroked the brunette's silky hair. She leaned forward and whispered to the future bride.

As the mistress stepped back Andrew noticed something rising up under the hem of her short skirt. The slit of the garment parted and the shiny, thick marble phallus of the dwarf emerged above the blonde's creamy thighs, taking the form of a grotesque strap-on dildo, held tight to the mistress with a red leather harness. She positioned herself behind Rebecca and pressed the fat, bulbous, black head of the sexual weapon against the innocent coed's tight anal bud.

Andrew watched his fiancée's eyes open wide as the huge device was rammed rudely into her. She reached up and grabbed her lovers cock and balls tightly in her hands as her pupils rolled back in her head, and she moaned deeply in simultaneous pleasure and pain. Rebecca started to quake in orgasm, and Andrew could no longer control his own climax, watching his girlfriend forcefully invaded by the curvy, pale blonde.

His own shattering release came in thick, ropey jets that sprayed powerfully across her face, down her back, and onto the exposed breasts of the mistress. He kept cumming and cumming, each blast of jism stronger than the last. Rebecca aimed the generous offering down her throat and swallowed, smiling faintly in the pleasure of the orgasmic afterglow.

The mistress started to moan and spasm, forcing the twisted dildo deep into the brunette as she shook in her own climax. At the sight of the three lovers the encircling voyeurs erupted in a fountain of ejaculate, coating the two women in copious quantities of hot, manly fluids.

Andrew awoke with a start, the full details of the dream still his mind. His twisted sheets were wet with sweat, which cooled rapidly in the placid reality of the morning. He cock was hard, but coated with his own sticky wetness. The evidence of his dreaming orgasm was abundant on his bedclothes and all over his muscular lower body.

Still hard, he rolled out of bed and stumbled off to the shower to prepare for his day. He was going to take his fiancée shopping for new sexy clothes today. He wondered what she might think of his dream.

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