tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 04

Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 04


Andrew pulled into the parking lot in front of Rebecca's apartment. He was a half hour earlier than scheduled, but he was eager. The whole drive over from his house he had been semi-hard. He kept thinking about the dream, and the fantasy of his shy, innocent fiancée nude in front of other men was making him crazy with lust.

There was no answer when he knocked on the apartment door. He figured that she wasn't ready yet, that she was probably in the shower and couldn't hear him at the door. He waited another couple of minutes and had just turned to go back to his car when Rebecca's roommate, Juliet, came walking toward him up the sidewalk.

"Is your girlfriend not home, sweetie?" Juliet was a tall, natural blonde with blue eyes and pale skin. Even in her bare feet she was almost Andrew's height, and in the nursing clogs she was wearing now she was a couple of inches taller.

"I think she's there...we're going out shopping in a little while." Andrew had a hard time keeping his imagination in control. Even though she was only a few years older than Andrew, and the dominatrix in his dream was probably 20 years older than him, she was similar enough to the tall, pale, forceful blonde in his dream that he knew his fantasy must have been based on her. He tried not to be obviously undressing her with his eyes as her large, firm breasts bounced beneath the thin material of her blue hospital scrubs.

"It's okay, I'll let you in. She's probably getting ready and can't hear you." As she bent to put the key into the lock, the drape of the loose fabric over the nurse's backside accentuated the curve of her butt. Not as round as Rebecca's, but Andrew's mental picture of her naked ass framed by the straps of the dildo harness instantly had him fully hard again. He was discreetly repositioning his solid boner vertically in his khakis to try to hide it when he noticed that Juliet had turned her head and was watching him touch himself.

She smiled as she opened the door. "Rebecca's a lucky girl...though I doubt she'll know just how lucky until your wedding night," she giggled. His fiancée's roommates both knew that she was saving herself for the wedding. They thought her desire to remain celibate until she was married was odd for a modern college girl, but in a quaint, innocent sort of way that fit Rebecca's overall shy demeanor. And they both pitied the effect it had on Andrew, but he seemed stoic and patient...and hard as a rock all the time.

Andrew and Juliet both heard the distinctive rush of the master shower running as they entered. "Hope she hasn't used up all the hot water," grumbled the nurse. "We ended up overstaffed today and I was hoping to hit the town to celebrate my unexpected time off. That girl takes forever in the shower sometimes. She must be relieving all that...tension...with the massage jets."

Juliet's face had a dreamy look on it as she walked into the hall that connected the living room to her bedroom, the guest bath, and Rebecca's room. Andrew plopped down on the couch facing the hall. It was his typical spot to sit whenever Juliet was home. She was a lot more relaxed about her body than Rebecca, a lot more casual about leaving her door open when she changed, or not worrying about her towel or robe covering everything when she emerged from the bathroom at the end of the hall. In fact, he'd seen a lot more of Juliet by accident than he had ever seen of Rebecca in the months that they'd been dating.

The nurse smiled to herself as she headed toward her bedroom. Andrew was always so horny, and so predictable. She made sure she untied the front closure on her blouse before she reached her door, and let the fabric start to slide off her creamy white shoulders before she stepped fully into the bedroom.

She didn't look at him. She didn't want him to know she was completely aware of the view she was giving him. Leaving the door open just wide enough so that he could see, she took the blouse completely off and laid it on her bed. Topless except for her sheer tan bra, she kept her back toward her appreciative peeper. Juliet's nipples started to harden, partly from the cool air and partly from the thrill it gave her to tease her roommate's fiance.

She took off her clogs, and slid off her thick white socks. Briefly entertaining the idea of undoing the drawstring on her pants and showing the young man that the back of her panties matched the sheer tan material of her bra, she instead decided to play it a bit more subtly, disappearing behind the partially closed door.

Andrew shifted a bit, trying to get a better angle without making it obvious what he was doing. He couldn't see Juliet at all for a few seconds, and let his hand drop to his lap to squeeze his erection through the material of his pants.

Juliet dropped her pants, still behind the door, and stood for a moment debating whether to give him a quick "accidental" front or rear view of her sheer bra and panties before closing the door, when the sound of the master bathroom shower abruptly stopped. Not wanting to risk flashing her roommate's boyfriend in front of her roommate, Juliet nudged the door shut. There would be plenty of other opportunities to tease poor Andrew.

The young man also heard the shower go off, and when Juliet's door closed a few seconds later, he was both disappointed and excited. Dissappointed because he was hoping to see more of Juliet, and excited because Rebecca wouldn't be expecting him to be waiting inside her apartment, since he didn't have his own key.

He repositioned himself on the couch so he was facing the door of Stephie's room. He hoped that his fiancée would be more careless with that big, awful robe that she always wore around the apartment if she didn't know anyone was around. In the whole time they had been dating, he'd never gotten more than a quick peek at her breasts and pussy in the light of day. The one time had been at the beach when her little sister dumped sand inside Rebecca's modest one-piece and she dashed into the surf to wash the sand out in the waves.

Now he was anxiously hoping for another quick glimpse. He heard the master bath door open and shut. In his head he counted her steps and anticipated the moment when she would emerge from the master bedroom into the dining area and then turn toward him on her way to her own bedroom. He figured that the turn would be his best chance for a peep at her nudity, and he didn't intend to miss it. He wondered if she'd be startled enough by seeing him that she might be even more careless with the robe.

He heard her before he saw her, singing to herself as she approached the doorway. When she did appear his heart raced. Instead of the worn flannel full length robe and old slippers, she was gloriously, completely, utterly naked, singing and sort-of-dancing through the dining area and into the kitchen. She didn't see Andrew because she had her hair, and most of her head, covered with a towel, drying her hair to the beat of her own private music.

Facing away from Andrew she sashayed over to the refrigerator and, dropping the towel on the counter, opened the door and bent over, leaving her fiancé with a perfect view of her slippery pussy lips, peeking out from the mat of trimmed brown hair. She swayed her hips to her silent internal beat as she dug for something from the drawer, exposing her most secret place, the puckered pink balloon-knot between the cheeks of her rosy bottom.

Andrew clenched his solid pole, hard, through the front of his pants. He dared not stroke it because he was precariously close to blowing his load at the amazing sight of the beautiful woman before him. It took all his concentration to stifle the groan of pleasure and desire that struggled for release.

Rebecca retrieved a cluster of red grapes from the drawer and, standing up straight, dangled them over her head, forcing herself to go up on tiptoe before she lowered the grapes far enough to snag the bottom one with her outstretched tongue and suck it into her mouth.

She giggled, feeling decadent, standing there in the cool dry air of the fridge, her nipples stiffened like pebbles on her small breasts. She finally shut the door and spun around, coming eye-to-eye with her fiancé Andrew, mutely sitting on the couch, his mouth agape, and his right hand full of the obvious bulge in his trousers.

He expected her to scream, cover herself in shame and run to her room, or behind a counter, or back into Stephie's room, or somewhere.

She expected herself to blush deeply in embarrassment, cover herself, and run and hide, refusing to emerge until the shame passed, maybe not until a few days later.

But some other urge consumed her lithe, naked body. She didn't run, or cover, or blush. A fire of erotic desire sparked deep in her womb, and the flames rapidly spread across her entire body. Her mouth opened, and there was no squeak of surprise or embarrassed yelp, instead from deep inside her came a noise she had never made before, a throaty, feline, purring growl. A sound of pure animal lust.

Her fiancé opened his mouth, an apology started to come tumbling out, he was guilty at being caught gazing at her, and touching himself, and terribly afraid that he had startled her. He heard the sound of the growl, but its meaning had not yet sunk into his mind, and even if it had it was such an alien expression from his demure beloved that he wouldn't have been able to translate it.

But no intelligible syllable emerged from his lips. He stuttered, stammered, and before he could vocalize his scrambled thoughts she moved, fast. Two quick steps and then a leaping, graceful pounce and she was on him, astride his lap, her naked body enveloping his astonished form. Her mouth, open, hungrily clamped on his. Her tongue thrust between his lips. Her hands were all over him, his chest, his arms, his face, his neck. She was possessed, writhing nude on his lap, wriggling forward until her mons pressed against his throbbing member.

Not until he started to respond, until his hands found her way onto her smooth strong back and pressed her against him, until his own lips responded to hers, until his own tongue probed her mouth, did she start to abate the fierce intensity of her initial attack.

She broke the kiss, and the words came pouring out of her as quickly as she had pounced, as though they had been trapped inside for too long. They came out in a passionate, unbreakable flow, overwhelming him almost as much as the sight of her body and the crush of her kiss.

"Oh my god, Andrew, I love you so much, I need you, I want you. You make me burn inside. You wouldn't believe what I dreamed. You wouldn't believe what I did! I feel so free. I've never felt this way before, I love it, my body, it feels so powerful, so animal, so sexual. Touch me!" Without pausing in the torrent of words she brought his hand to her firm, naked breasts.

He cupped her gently, never having felt them without a two layers of clothing in between. "You won't believe it when I tell you, what I dreamt, what I thought, what I did! The whole time in the shower all I could think of was the feeling of you in my mouth. Your cock, Andrew. In my mouth. I want it! In need it!"

She felt so small and delicate in his strong hands. "Squeeze!" she insisted, wrapping her fingers around his and making him grip her firmly.

"Pinch!" she directed his fingers to her stiff nipples. Again he was too gentle and again she forced him to deliver the pressure she needed, the jolt of delicious pain that shot through her neck up the back of her head and then quivered down between her legs.

Again the words came fast and furious. "I have to taste you Andrew...I have to feel you in my mouth. I can't wait any longer. Don't want to wait. Shouldn't wait. Not going to wait anymore. I need you in my mouth."

As she spoke she clawed at his shirt, starting to unbutton it but immediately losing patience with her own lack of dexterity, simply pulled it up and over his head instead. He became trapped in the shirt, his arms up, trying to work free, his head caught in the fabric of the collar. One more button and he would have been able to get out, but his undershirt was pressing into his mouth and he couldn't get his arms in position to move.

He writhed under her, trying to free himself, but she had another plan in mind. Her mouth clamped on his nipple, sucking gently at first then nibbling. As she gently dragged her front teeth across his sensitive skin, her hands franticly went to his belt, somehow finding the necessary agility to open the buckle and the strength to yank it out of the loops and toss it over her shoulder. Her fingers deftly slipped the pants button open and smoothly drew down the zip.

Her mouth traced from his nipple to his navel. He could feel her breasts, small and soft, and her nipples, smooth and stiff, slide down his torso. Still he was trapped in his shirt, but suddenly, as he felt her hot breath on the fly of his boxers, as she slid his pants down and off, pushing the shoes and socks to the floor in a heap, suddenly he wasn't struggling anymore. He felt her tits against his thigh, and her hot wetness on his ankle as her graceful hands snaked up inside his boxers to find his dangling balls.

"Need to taste you. Need you in my mouth." She whispered intently, slowly, now, no more frenzied flurry of words. She grabbed the waist of his underwear and pulled them down from the inside. His thick hard cock bent down and then slapped against his belly as the elastic let it go.

He gave up trying to remove the shirt, not wanting to do anything to break her trance as she took off his last piece of clothing and stared at his throbbing tool, quietly murmuring as though in prayer as she took his full balls in one hand and the base of his cock in the other. "Need you in my mouth...shooting inside me, in my mouth, feel you, taste you...cum in my mouth, on my face, on my tits, on my tongue, down my throat, all over me."

He felt her kneeling between his legs. Felt her raise the tip of his cock until it stood up straight, straining. The head was shiny smooth, red with passion, almost as red as her lips as she brought them closer, closer. Her breath, hot and moist on the sensitive skin underneath. She paused an iridescent moment, poised as close as she could get without actually touching the magnificent flesh between his legs.

And just at that moment—at that worst possible moment—the nagging tickle that lingered at the back of his brain since his innocent, shy, naked Rebecca had flown across the room and pounced on him a glorious eternity of moments ago became a clear, crystal thought. It flew to the forefront of his consciousness as he heard a doorknob turn, and a door creak open, and the melodious voice of Juliet come wafting down the hall.

"Hey baby girl, did you save me any hot water?"

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