tagMind ControlHypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 06

Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 06


Dr. Carter was enjoying his weekend on his sailboat. Of course he was never far from his phone and wasn't surprised to see Wyatt's caller ID appear on his phone in late Saturday morning.

"Hello, Wyatt. I imagine you are calling about the young couple I told you about in the voice mail."

"Yes, Doctor. I wasn't planning to work today. Are you sure you will need me?"

"Quite sure, this young woman is rather extraordinary."

"How so? Is she very attractive?"

"She's attractive, yes, but in a girl-next-door type of way; she's a college junior, so much younger than some of the more recent patients I have sent you. She has extraordinary sexual potential, and this is a critical point in her treatment. Do you think you might be persuaded to help?"

Opportunities like these were the reason Wyatt had given up his career as a private investigator to follw this rather unusual vocation. "Sure. What's the job?"

"She'll be with her fiancé; he's buying her a new wardrobe today."

"So, the boutique?"

"Yes, I think it's appropriate for this couple."

"Sounds good. Any specific time?"

"Probably after two. They might be there much later than two, so you'll have to be flexible."

"Any limits?"

"Play it by ear."

"I'll get things set up."

It was closer to 5:30 when the Rebecca dragged the tired Andrew into the quiet little shop in a nearly deserted corner of the mall. Unlike other stores where the interior was clearly visible from the mall corridor, "The Foxy Lady—A Unique Boutique" had window displays that showed a selection of the merchandise, but hid the inside of the store from view.

They had been at the mall most of the day and weren't having much luck finding the look they wanted for Rebecca, only having picked up a couple of items. Andrew couldn't remember ever having seen this hole in the wall dress shop before, but they found their way towards it as though they knew the way.

Rebecca found a saleswoman to help her as Andrew plopped down heavily into the seats at the back of the store, his bags full of shoes, but no outfits yet. As he glanced around and saw the selection of shimmering, silky and sheer materials, he was hopeful the shopping trip would improve.

Gradually, Rebecca and the saleswoman negotiated the racks of women's clothing that overfilled the store. Unlike the chain stores which featured rack after rack of the same item in different sizes, the saleswoman explained to Rebecca that this store bought unique items, and depended on variety to fill the particular needs of the customers.

Andrew looked over his right shoulder, and noticed he had a good view down the hall of changing rooms at the back of the store, especially the back booth, which faced him directly. He looked to his left and, beyond the second overstuffed armchair for weary husbands, was a selection of lingerie and bathing suits in a discreet nook.

An older man, maybe in his 50s, distinguished looking in a blazer, turtleneck shirt and slacks, browsed the merchandise in the lingerie nook. Rebecca and the salesgirl finally made their way back to this area, after selecting a couple of outfits for her to try. Rebecca was surprised to see a man in the lingerie department, but the salesgirl wasn't.

"Are you finding everything okay, Mr. Barrett?"

The man looked up and nodded. "Yes, Carla, just fine."

"Mrs. Barrett doing okay?"

"Yes, she's on a business trip today, and I thought I'd surprise her when she gets back. We're having a party next weekend and I wanted her to feel special."

"That seems to be your expertise, Mr. Barrett," the salesgirl said with a cryptic grin. Carla turned back to Rebecca. "You said you needed a new robe. I think I have just the thing." She picked out a dark blue, long shimmering robe dotted with small white stars. "You don't have to try this on, of course...I'll just put it up front in case you want it when you check out."

With that, the two made their way down the hall to the end booth of the fitting rooms. Carla hung up the selected outfits, then slid the knee length curtains across the front of the booth. Andrew picked up a magazine and tried to look nonchalant as he watched his girlfriend slip off the casual sandals and stand barefoot in the changing room. It excited him to see her undress, and to imagine her standing in the booth in only her lacy black strapless bra and matching thong panties.

He glanced discreetly over the top of the magazine in Mr. Barrett's direction and noticed him watching Rebecca too, and got even more excited by the fact that the older man was staring unashamedly at his lover's shapely calves and bare feet as her denim skirt dropped to the floor. Andrew's cock started to harden visibly in his pants.

Rebecca knew Andrew was watching. At a prior store he had admitted to her that it excited him to watch her undress in the dressing rooms, and she intentionally let her light blue cotton t-shirt drop to the ground next to her skirt to enhance his imagination. She glanced down at the edge of the curtain and grinned wickedly as she thought of another way to tease her oversexed boyfriend.

Andrew was still watching Mr. Barrett when he saw the older man's eyes widen. Quickly he glanced over to see Rebecca's feet facing the curtain, her skirt and shirt in a rumpled pile on the floor, and to his surprise, he saw his fiancé bend at the knees until she sat on her haunches, knees spread wide.

The lace panties clearly showed the triangle of Rebecca's curly brown pubic hair. An opaque panel of fabric covered her virginal pussy, but the fabric was drawn taut, forming a cameltoe impression over her puffy lips under the black material. Andrew thought he noticed a sheen of dampness as she reached to pick up the discarded clothing. He looked back quickly to see if Mr. Barrett had noticed and saw that the older man was transfixed by the sight. He looked back at Rebecca to take in the impromptu peep show.

Rebecca didn't linger. She didn't want Andrew to realize that she knew what she was doing, so she moved slowly but continuously through the process of picking up her clothes. The fact that she was giving a stranger a perfect view of her nearly naked lower body never crossed her mind.

"She's very attractive, your girlfriend." Mr. Barrett's whisper came from very close, and startled Andrew. He turned to see the older man sitting in the other chair, leaning in close to assure that only Andrew could hear him.

Quickly recovering from the surprise, Andrew stammered out a whispered "thank you."

"You like that I saw her showing off." This was offered as a statement of fact, not a question, and before Andrew could pretend it wasn't true and offer an objection, Mr. Barrett continued. "It's okay. I love it when another man looks at my woman too." He reached into his blazer pocket and pulled out a smart phone with a large color screen, showing Andrew the image of a beautiful older blonde in a very minimal bikini by the pool in what looked to be a crowded resort. The men in the crowd were obviously paying attention to Mrs. Barrett. Andrew found the picture very arousing, and he felt like he recognized the woman in the picture somehow, but couldn't quite place the memory.

"Would you like to see another one?" Andrew nodded mutely, glancing around to make sure no one was watching. Mr. Barrett flipped through pictures, looking for the right one. He peered up over his glasses and asked, "Is it okay if she is naked?"

"Yes," the younger man croaked out.

The next picture was next to the same pool, but the woman had stripped out of the skimpy bikini and was lying naked on her side on a lounge chair, her legs were together and her knees were bent so that Andrew could clearly see her moist sex from behind. The picture was from the neck down, because Mr. Barrett had zoomed in to cut off the left side of the image.

Andrew had to squirm in his seat to rearrange his uncomfortably hard dick. Mr. Barrett's eyes sparkled as he watched the young man look at the image.

"Do you two like to play?" Mr. Barrett put the phone face down on his knee and looked Andrew in the eyes.

"Umm." Andrew looked back quizzically.

"Have the two of you ever had sex with someone else, a threesome, or foursome? Bondage? Dominance? An orgy?" The younger man looked intrigued, but was speechless at the complete ease with which Mr. Barrett rapidly asked the most intimate questions. The older man carefully watched Andrew's face as he offered the possibilities. "How about a gang bang?"

"Uhh. I don't think she'd go for those things. I mean, she's usually pretty reserved. Shy." Andrew hadn't yet heard about Rebecca's dream, or her encounter with Mr. Roper. He was pretty sure that the experience with Juliet had been a very happy accident that would never happen again, once his fiancée came back to her normal self.

"I hope this doesn't offend you." The older man presented the picture he had shown Andrew just moments before. He slid his finger over the phone screen and the photo widened. There was a naked man standing next to Mrs. Barrett, his uncircumcised, erect cock inches from her lips, her graceful fingers gently holding his shaft. Six other men, just as naked as the first, with their cocks in various states of tumescence, stood behind Mrs. Barrett as though waiting their turn.

"I love watching my wife with other men." Mr. Barrett clicked to the next photo. His wife had engulfed the cock she had been holding, and another of the men had the tip of his cock poised to enter her ass. "That night I watched as every one of those men fucked my wife's mouth, pussy and ass, over and over. I forget how many times she came." He flipped to another picture, and Mrs. Barrett sat in the reverse cowgirl position, with the man below her fully inside her ass. Another man had slipped into her pussy, and that man and Mrs. Barrett were both sharing the flavor of a third man's cock.

He flicked the phone screen again and a video opened. Mrs. Barrett was on her knees, with a tight circle of men standing around her, offering their hard cocks for her attention. The man in her mouth started to spasm, and she withdrew his cock just in time for his creamy load to splatter her pretty face. This set off a chain reaction, and soon her face and bountiful breasts were covered in hot, sticky cum.

"I took all these pictures, and had a wonderful time with my wife when the men were done with her."

At that moment, Rebecca slid the drape open and walked sinuously down the fitting room hallway to let Andrew see the first outfit. The top was a simply embroidered white cotton blouse, unbuttoned all the way down and tied at the waist. The young woman had considered taking her bra off, since it was obvious that she couldn't wear one with this shirt, but hadn't wanted to risk going braless. Her concern was mostly because she knew there were strangers in the store, and she was afraid of what Andrew would think if she exposed herself.

The skirt was a simple brown suede wrap. As she walked, it split nearly to the hip with each step. She left her sandals in the fitting room, padding barefoot down the carpeted hall.

"Well, sweetie, what do you think?"

"Wow, that's a nice outfit, Rebecca. I like it, a lot!"

"It's a lovely outfit for a lovely lady," Mr. Barrett offered. He saw the puzzled look on her face and stood, offering his hand. "My name's Barrett. I was just telling Andrew what a lucky man he was."

"Thank you, sir. I'm Rebecca." It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't remembered Mr. Barrett when she put on her little show for Andrew. It gave her an extra thrill to think that such a distinguished older gentleman may have also seen her panties when she flashed her boyfriend. She hoped Andrew wasn't jealous if Mr. Barrett had seen her too.

Andrew just smiled up at her. "I think that outfit is a definite keeper, babe. I can't wait to see the other." Graphic fantasies of his fiancée kneeling in a circle of spurting cocks crackled through his mind.

"Well, then, be right back!" Rebecca spun quickly, parting the wrap skirt and giving both men a good look at her toned, tanned legs. She stood a moment in the hall and looked at her reflection in a three part mirror, noticing that Mr. Barrett had sat down next to Andrew again, instead of going back into the store to shop for his own wife. She wondered what the two men were talking about.

"You were about to explain to me that you don't think your girlfriend would ever do those things?" It was asked as a question, but again Mr. Barrett continued as though he had no interest in the answer. "I didn't believe my wife would either, but then we discovered a secret technique. It let us live out our deepest fantasies together, without guilt or jealousy." Andrew leaned forward eagerly. Mr. Barrett knew what the answer would be before he asked the question. "Are you interested?"

"Yes," Andrew blurted out, hoping not to mess up the opportunity by seeming too impatient.

"Good. This is a technique that allows one partner to completely fulfill to the fantasies of the other, by giving up all control." Mr. Barrett let that linger a moment. "As long as you love each other, and you trust her and she trusts you, it will work and you'll experience pleasure and satisfaction that most couples can only dream about."

"How does it work?"

"I can't tell you how, at least not at first. Would you like to try it now?"

Andrew's cock was throbbing, and still uncomfortably bent in his boxers and slacks. "Yes. I mean, here...?" He saw Rebecca finishing up in front of the mirror and heading to the fitting room.

"Well, I think we can put Rebecca under your control, for a while, here. Would that be okay?"

Andrew could only nod. He was hoping he could use the control to get Rebecca to show off for him, and for Mr. Barrett. He'd always dreamed about exposing her, breaking down her modesty and reserve.

"Okay, quickly, before she changes, tell her you want to see that same outfit again. Tell her it's because you want to see it with a new pair of shoes."

"Hey babe?" the young man called out, "don't take that outfit off yet. I want you to try some shoes with it, okay?"

Rebecca had taken off the skirt but had been having trouble with the knot on the shirt anyway, "Okay."

"I think I know just the pair." Andrew sorted through the bags and retrieved a pair of natural brown leather high heels. He stood up with the shoes and Mr. Barrett touched his arm.

"Let me. By the time I come back here and sit down she'll be under your control. Think about what you'll want her to do. Since this is your first time...just be careful."

Andrew handed over the shoes and sat down as Mr. Barrett got up. His mind was racing with possibilities.

Rebecca was just tying the skirt again as she heard the older man approach.

"Excuse me, dear. Here are the shoes your fiancé wanted you to try on."

Rebecca slid the curtain open partway, and squinted at Mr. Barrett suspiciously. "Why didn't he bring them?"

"He told me you two were engaged, and I asked him if I could give your engagement ring an old family blessing for a long and happy marriage.

"Okay." She slid the curtain open and, taking the shoes with her right hand, extended her left to show the older gentleman her engagement ring. He gently spun the ring three times clockwise around her graceful finger and said, "As you love, so love grows in you. As love grows, so in you beauty grows, for love is the beauty of the soul."

She stared blankly back at him. He only had a few moments to work.

"You will do everything Andrew asks, quickly, happily and without hesitation. You will do it because you love him, and because you want to please him. You'll enjoy doing everything he asks, and because it makes him happy it will make you happy. The only boundaries are your virginity. You won't let any man, including your fiancé, vaginally or anally penetrate you until I personally give you permission. If you understand, just say 'Yes, Mr. Barrett.'"

"Yes, Mr. Barrett."

"Very good. Once you leave this store, you will no longer be bound to follow your fiancé's commands. After I say 'What a lovely ring,' you'll do as Andrew tells you, but won't remember why, or what I have just said. You'll wait here until I wave to you, and you'll be awake and alert, capable of your own decisions as long as they don't conflict with Andrew's, and have pleasant memories of everything you do here tonight. If you understand, just say 'Yes, Mr. Barrett.'"

"Yes, Mr. Barrett."

"What a lovely ring, Rebecca."

She smiled back at him naturally and without any indication of what had just occurred. "Thank you, Mr. Barrett."

He returned to the seat next to Andrew and spoke to him in a whisper. 'Remember, don't push it too far, not tonight."

"How does this work? Will she remember? Is she going to be like a zombie or something?"

"She's the same as she always was; she's just much more strongly motivated to do things that please you. And if she believes it will make you happy, it will excite her and make her happy too. That's what makes it powerful, and that's what makes it dangerous." Mr. Barrett looked at Andrew for a long moment. The young man was literally trembling with anticipation. "Are you ready?"


"Okay, good." The older gentleman raised his hand and waved at Rebecca.

Confidently she walked over to where the two sat, and as she reached her fiancé, she spun around quickly to show him the outfit. The wrap skirt spun wide, and showed a great deal of her legs to the appreciative audience.

"What do you think? Do you still like it?" She giggled with anticipation.

"I love it honey! That's a great outfit." Andrew paused. Mr. Barrett knew he was about to test his power and felt the tense anticipation of what the young man might do. "I really don't think that the bra works with the top, though."

"You're right, honey. I think when I wear this out I won't wear a bra with it."

"Why don't you take your bra off so I can see how it looks now?" Andrew's voice nearly cracked, he was so nervous.

"Okay," she said, turning toward the dressing room, "I'll be right back."

"No!" her fiancé interjected, a little too loudly. He toned it down as she stopped and turned back. "No, babe, just take it off here." This was the first test. The Rebecca he had dated for many months would have been mortified to comply. Andrew's heart pounded so hard he feared it was audible.

Rebecca smiled sweetly. "Sure, sweetie, no problem." The next few seconds ran in slow motion to Andrew as his fiancée reached inside her blouse, twisted the strapless lace undergarment so that the clasp was in the front, and smoothly took it off in front of the two men without hesitation, and without exposing anything more than the "V" of bare flesh in the opening of the blouse. She dropped the perfumed bra on Andrew's lap and smiled.

"What do you think? Still like it this way?" She cupped her breasts playfully on the outside of her top. The dark circles of her nipples were plainly visible through the cool white fabric.

"I like it a lot." Andrew was amazed at how relaxed she was about her body, especially in front of a man they had just met moments ago.

In the long pause that followed, Mr. Barrett sense the younger man was at a loss, as though he hadn't expected it to work and hadn't planned beyond the first step. "You should probably have her put the outfit through its paces...you know, check it in different circumstances other than just standing here looking so very pretty."

"Oh, right!" Andrew turned to Rebecca. "Why don't you try a few poses? Sit here on the arm of my chair, facing me and Mr. Barrett." He patted the cushioned arm of the heavy chair on the opposite side of the older man.

She did as she was told. In that position, with her legs together and sitting up, the skirt didn't open and the blouse didn't gape, though the fabric was pulled tight against her chest revealing the outline of her stiff nipples.

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